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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, asian, orgy, 1st, lesbians.

    The diary is about her life as a student at University of Texas. The diary started when 24 year old So Ching first arrived in Austin...

    On her first day after arriving So Ching was trying to shake off the effects of jet lag and adjust to the strange customs of this unfamiliar place. She was a graduate student, enrolled at the university. She had always worked hard on her studies and was one of the top students in her class while an undergraduate student in Hong Kong.

    She visited the Student Housing Office where she was assigned an efficiency apartment to be shared with another female graduate student. When she arrived at her new apartment she met her roommate, Lisa, an American woman about the same age. Lisa had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very light complexion. She greeted So Ching with a big smile. "Hi, I'm Lisa. Guess we're roommates!"

    "Yes, I am glad to meet you," replied So Ching, smiling, "My name is So Ching."

    The two touched hands briefly. Lisa was struck by So Ching's exotic beauty. She was a lovely girl with dark, almond shaped eyes and shoulder length black hair. She has pale color soft n smooth skin. Her skin had a creamy yellow tone to it. Like most Chinese girls, she had a slender body. Her tits were small but her ass was nice and round. Lisa noticed that So Ching also had a pair of nice, shapely legs.

    Lisa showed So Ching around the small apartment, its living room, kitchenette, and the bedroom the two would be sharing.

    So Ching unpacked her belongings as the two women talked. She hadn't known many American women before but she rather liked this one. Lisa was tall, at 5 foot 9, and very outgoing while So Ching was smaller, at just under 5 foot 3, very slender, weighing 95 pounds, shy and soft spoken. So Ching couldn't help but notice the large breasts on Lisa, which contrasted with the petite 32A breasts she had.

    Early that evening, So Ching could hardly keep her eyes open. Her body told her it was very late at night. She went to bed and immediately fell asleep.

    At 2 AM her eyes popped open. She knew it was jet lag but what could she do? She needed to adjust to the new time zone. So Ching looked around her bedroom. The large window let in the moonlight and her eyes had adjusted well. She saw Lisa laying in bed, tossing around as if she too could not sleep. She thought of speaking to Lisa, then thought the better of it. Lisa might be asleep and she didn't want to wake her.

    After a few minutes, So Ching was shocked to watch as Lisa tossed off her covers and reached one hand to her own right breast while her other hand moved down between her legs.

    Lisa was wearing a blue babydoll nightie and had pulled the top of it up, exposing a pair of large full breasts. Her nipples appeared to be pale pink in color and were very erect. So Ching almost gasped as she saw Lisa pull down her frilly panties, exposing a very lush growth of blonde pubic hair and was now naked from the waist down.

    Lisa had her right hand between her legs and was moving it slowly. A minute later, Lisa retrieved a long, rod- shaped object from her bed stand and twisted the end of if, after which So Ching heard a faint buzzing sound. She was amazed to see Lisa move that rod on top of her pubic mound and then position it so that the top of it seemed to be touching her vagina. Then she saw Lisa suddenly thrust the thing deep into her hole! So Ching was a virgin who had lived a strict, sheltered life. She had never seen anything like this before!

    Suddenly So Ching felt something she had felt a few times before. She felt a dull ache in the area of her genitals. It was something she dreaded. She still remembered the time when she was 17 and taking a math examination in class. For some reason she felt a heady, warm, and tingly feeling that was overwhelming. She couldn't concentrate, feeling electric currents blowing through her body to her clit and vagina. She did poorly on the exam. When she got up, she discovered a wet spot on the seat of her chair.

    She had that same feeling now as she watched Lisa move that thing in and out of her hole. Lisa had her eyes closed with a look of intense concentration on her face as she arched her back and thrust her hips into the air. Lisa was breathing heavily now. She was massaging her breasts and enjoying the sensations. Lisa started moving her legs alternately apart and together, thrusting her hips forward each time she shoved that thing in and out. After a few minutes of this, Lisa started to thrash around on her bed. So Ching was feeling wet inside and out, and hesitantly pressed a finger against her aching clit, sending sensations through her body as Lisa stopped thrashing and lay still, breathing heavily. So Ching couldn't sleep after that. She hated how her body felt after intense arousal, the congestion in her aching pussy, and feeling a little sick to her stomach from sexual frustration.

    The next morning, So Ching took a shower, leaving the bathroom door unlocked. She was shocked when Lisa suddenly walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet. "You don't mind if use the toilet a minute do you?" Lisa asked. So Ching was very uncomfortable to expose her body to someone else, so she covered her breasts and pubic area with her hands. Lisa talked nonchalantly while So Ching heard Lisa peeing into the toilet.

    Later, So Ching dressed in the closet. She was embarrassed to have Lisa see her naked body. As she emerged, Lisa laughed, "Coming out of the closet, I see!" Lisa was standing in her underwear -- just bra and panties. So Ching watched Lisa intently, admiring her slender body and full breasts.

    That night So Ching again could not sleep well. She kept waiting and looking for Lisa to masturbate. Lisa didn't disappoint her either. Just after 4 AM, So Ching heard the now familiar buzz sound. She watched as Lisa masturbated with her vibrator. Again So Ching became sexually aroused watching her roommate and again she was frustrated, laying in bed nervously sweating and lubing, suffering cramps, while Lisa drifted to sleep, blissfully content after several delicious orgasms.

    This day after Lisa left for her morning class, So Ching looked in Lisa's bed stand and found Lisa's vibrator. It was soft, slick, and rubbery and was shaped just like a large erect penis. So Ching twisted the end of it and it started vibrating. She tried touching the vibrator to her face and neck and it gave her a nice sensation.

    She decided to be very naughty, and took the vibrator over to her bed and laid back on her bed. She was clothed with a skirt and blouse but she stripped off all of her clothes. She now was completely naked and felt terribly lewd being naked. She touched the humming vibrator to her breasts and felt a nice sensation as her nipples became erect. Then she moved it down between her legs so that it was against her pussy. The sensations were incredible! It was too much for her to bear, so she pulled it away for a while, then started slowly rubbing her pussy with it.

    Suddenly, Lisa barged in saying "I forgot my..." and her voice trailed off when she saw So Ching laying on her bed, her eyes closed in a rapture, a vibrator between her legs.

    So Ching squealed and curled up in embarrassment. Lisa was becoming turned on at the sight of this lovely naked Oriental girl who was obviously highly aroused. She said, "So Ching, look at me!" So Ching shyly turned around to watch Lisa slowly strip. "I am not ashamed of my body, and you shouldn't be ashamed of yours." After Lisa removed her panties she sat on the bed next to So Ching.

    Lisa said, "It is OK to masturbate. Go ahead and I'll masturbate too!" So Ching was too embarrassed to even move, so Lisa put her arms around her and held her close. So Ching was intrigued by Lisa's breasts and said "My breast are so small. I wish I have big breasts like yours."

    Lisa smiled and replied, "But you have lovely breasts. You have nice big nipples and their dark brown color are so sexy. I love your hard nipples." She touched So Ching's breasts and rubbed her erect brown nipples. Lisa kissed So Ching's cheek and said, "Your skin is so soft and smooth, your dark brown nipples are so big and long! MMM! I wanna kiss that."

    She lean over to So Ching's breasts and suck her whole right tiny Chinese breast in her American mouth and her tongue massaging and playing the long nipple. This made So Ching moan loud and held Lisa head tight which her hand and pressed hard against her tiny pale color skin breasts. So Ching reached out and touched Lisa's big breasts and pink nipples.

    "I have never seen an oriental pussy before! I want to see your pussy -- open your legs!" Lisa told So Ching. So Ching obediently opened her legs and Lisa put her head between So Ching's thighs.

    Lisa admired So Ching's straight long black and silky pubic hair, pulling some between her fingers as she said "MMM! I thought Chinese pussy goes sideway, but it is not. Oriental pussy still looks different though. I see you have black pussy hair. Your pussy hair so long and straight. Mine is pretty curly."

    So Ching felt Lisa's warm breath on her cunt. Lisa put the vibrator on So Ching's clit, making So Ching gasp in pleasure. "Ooohh!" she moaned.

    Lisa moved the vibrator to the opening of So Ching's vagina and was starting to push it inside when So Ching opened her eyes and cried out, "No no, you must not!"

    Lisa said, "Don't tell me you are still a virgin!" So Ching shook her head yes. "Well," replied Lisa, "There's more than one way to skin a cat!"

    So Ching was about to ask Lisa what she meant when Lisa started licking So Ching's pussy while rubbing her clitoris with the vibrator. Then she wet her index finger and gently and deliberately placed her mouth on top of the hood of her clitoris as her finger touched the opening of So Ching's vagina and slowly moved down from her cunt along the skin below it.

    Lisa could feel with her finger the bottom of the cleft of So Ching's butt and knew her anus was just beyond. She moved her wet finger on top of So Ching's anus and felt its slight pucker. As Lisa's mouth gently and slowly sucked on the clitoris, her tongue stroking it, she rubbed a finger over So Ching's anus and moved her finger tip just inside of it where the young woman clenched it with the powerful muscles of her sphincter and let out a loud groan. So Ching's body was thrashing around now and she was breathing deeply.

    So Ching was on the verge of her first orgasm ever. She cried out, "Lick harder please - harder... harder!" Lisa licked and sucked on So Ching's cunt while pressing hard with the vibrator on So Ching's clitoris. So Ching screamed out loud when the first orgasm of her life overtook her.

    At this point, Lisa wanted some relief so she showed So Ching how to eat her pussy and the two women got into a 69 position with Lisa on top. So Ching eagerly extend her hot Chinese tongue to message Lisa's clit while Lisa was eating the long black silky haired Chinese fortune cookie. This brought both of them to loud orgasms.

    Afterwards, they held each other close. So Ching said, "I have never felt these things before. It is so wonderful! I want you to teach me all things sexual! Teach me everything!"

    Lisa invited So Ching to her parent's ranch for the weekend. They left Friday afternoon. On their way there, the two stopped at a clothing outlet so they could do some shopping.

    Lisa got So Ching to buy halter tops that showed off her long and big brown nipples. So Ching also bought some tight mini skirts, black fishnet stockings, garter belts, and high heels. So Ching had never dressed like that before but wanted to try it.

    At the ranch, the two young women shared Lisa's bedroom. They got up late the morning after arriving at the ranch, having spent much of the night having sex. Lisa told So Ching to wear her halter top, mini skirt, fishnet stockings, garter belt, and high heels. Lisa was going to introduce So Ching to some interesting guys.

    The two packed a picnic lunch and walked into the woods with two of Lisa's Black Lab named Dave and John.

    When they found a beautiful clearing, they spread out a blanket on the grass and sat down for lunch. After eating, Lisa told So Ching, "I'm going to have some fun!" She brought John over to their blanket.

    Lisa suddenly pulled up her skirt and pulled off her panties. She exposed her blond pussy to John and spread some honey on her wet pussy. John sniffed at her sweet cunt and started licking it. So Ching gasped in shock as she watched John's long tongue penetrate deep into Lisa's pussy again and again. Lisa thrust her hips in the air and let out a soft groan from the wonderful feelings produced by John's tongue lashing.

    So Ching noticed that a red thing was poking out of the sheath under John's belly. It was shiny and angry looking. Lisa got up on her hands and knees. John climbed up on her back and started thrusting his hips. Lisa cried out, "Oooohhh!!" when John's penis entered her pussy.

    The sight of this was making So Ching horny, so she started playing with her big brown nipples and pulsing clit. John was now tied with Lisa and she was rapidly building to her first orgasm. Lisa was feeling the beautifully excruciating pleasure of orgasm with a large dog knot in her pussy and felt it again and again as she stayed tied with John, feeling his penis pump her hot cunt full of his cum.

    After a long while, John pulled out of Lisa with a 'pop' sound. Lisa let the cum loaded in her pussy drain into her cupped hands as she said, "John and Dave are my boyfriends. John here took my cherry several years ago." Lisa poured the cum over So Ching's breasts and pussy. So Ching laid on her back as Lisa brought Dave over to So Ching, who was slowly stroking her clit through the fabric of her panties.

    Dave put his nozzle in So Ching's crotch. So Ching was startled by this and tried to get up. Lisa told her, "That's alright, relax -- it will feel good. Just sit back and I will help Dave to make you happy." Dave smelled the cum on So Ching's halter top and licked her small 32A pale color breasts and big dark brown nipples through her top. Her long Chinese nipples were so aroused they looked like two big pegs that wanted to break through her top. Lisa said, "Darling take off your top and skirt!"

    So Ching roll her halter top over her lovely head and pull her mini skirt down. She only had on her black fishnet stockings, black garter belt and 4" platform high heels. She laid back on the blanket and spread her legs. So Ching's both hands were messaging her own small pale color soft skin breasts and pinching her big dark brown Chinese nipples with her red painted nails fingers. She let Lisa's fingers spread open her long black haired tight pussy. Lisa said, "So Ching, your nasty oriental pussy is so hairy and your long black silky cunt hair is blocking Dave's hot tongue to your Chinese fortune cookie!" Lisa pull her long black pussy hair up toward to her belly button and spread her brownish rose red cunt lips to give Dave's long hot tongue better access to her cunt. Lisa said, "Oh! You are so wet! Your juices have made your cunt hair sopping wet. Do you want Dave to lick your pussy?"

    "Yes, I want him taste me!"

    "Then open your nasty long black corn silky haired pussy with both your Chinese fucking hands for him." Lisa told So Ching.

    Dave licked So Ching's blacked-haired pussy. Dave licked it constantly, bringing her to the verge of orgasm. So Ching rubbed Dave's head lovingly.

    She looked down between her legs and saw Dave's tongue spread her Asian pussy and lick her red beam Chinese clit. She groaned loudly as she orgasmed.

    "Dave likes you -- do you like him?" asked Lisa.

    "Yes, very much!"

    "Do you want him to be your boyfriend and take your cherry?"

    "Oh! He make me feel so good. I don't know! Is it gonna hurt?" replied So Ching.

    Don't worry! Trust me it is so fun and lovely Lisa said while she was sucking So Ching's lovely tiny breasts and long nipples.

    So Ching looked down and saw Dave eagerly eating her lovely black-haired Chinese pussy. She also saw his big red pointed tip puppy- making tool was ready. As a traditional Chinese girl, she remembered her mother taught her must return favour to the one who treat her nice. She worry that she had made Dave so horny if she did not help him out. Dave must be very sad.

    I wanna be Dave's first Chinese girl friend to help him out! I hope he would remember that he is the one to take my cherry! So Ching said.

    "OK, get up on your hands and knees, darling."

    So Ching got into position and said, "Dave my darling, please take my cherry with your big doggie cock! My tight virgin Chinese pussy is waiting for you to take."

    Lisa helped Dave mount So Ching. His strong front paws held tightly around her slim waist while his warm dick rubbed against her creamy oriental ass. So Ching panted, "Lisa, put that doggie cock inside my tight Chinese virgin pussy!" Lisa held Dave's red pointy cock against So Ching's long black haired virgin fuck hole.

    Lisa said, "Are you sure you want to have a dog take your cherry, So Ching?"

    "Yes, yes! I wanna be the first Chinese girl to be deflowered by a dog in Texas! Do it before I change my mind" cried So Ching. Dave found her wet cunt hole and drove his red cock inside China, savagely ripping apart So Ching's hymen.

    "Eeeiiiiggghhh!! It hurts! Please get it off me!" screamed the girl, as she felt a sharp pain. So Ching kept moving and tried to get Dave's strong black furry body off her slim sexy pale color Chinese body. But Dave continued thrusting and his big red doggie cock in and out the long black haired bleeding Chinese cunt like piston. Dave held So Ching so tight like a breeding bitch. So Ching felt like a little tiny breasts Chinese breeding bitch herself and the pain quickly was replaced by blissful pleasure.

    Lisa squealed, "Oh! He is in!" So Ching look at you! It looks so sexy! A slim pale color smooth soft skin Chinese girl down on 4's and mount by a big black furry doggie! Look at his big red doggie cock in and out your tight long black haired Chinese cunt MMM! so hot!

    "Dave took my cherry. He is so big!" So Ching thought to herself. But how could she let a dog take her cherry? As a traditional Chinese girl, she should lose her virginity to her husband. She was afraid no man would want her now that she had been fucked by a dog. But now -- she didn't care! The dog's long, rigid cock felt so nice inside her throbbing cunt. The doggie cock made her so hot and wet -- she didn't care anymore. She just closed her eyes to enjoy her first fuck. She offered her whole petite body to her first lover, let him to enjoy her tender lovely pale color Chinese body!

    Dave felt his cock being milked by the tight long black silky straight haired cunt he was fucking. It was the tightest cunt he had ever fucked, much tighter than that of his mistress.

    "Do you like fucking dogs, So Ching?"

    "Yes I love it!" So Ching gasped, panting from excitement.

    "Then tell him you love it, tell him to fuck harder and faster!"

    "Oh! Dave, darling, I love the way you fuck. I 'm Cumming! Fuck faster... fuck harder... fuck deeper... The harder you fuck the harder I cum! "

    Tell me Black mixes with Yellow make white cum!

    Yes, Black-Lab Dave mixes with yellow Chinese So Ching will make a lot of white Chinese-Lab love juicy! So Ching moan sexy! Dave seemed to understand her encouragement and So Ching felt him fucking her harder and deeper. His dick was nine inches long and pretty wide. His red dog cock was buried deep inside this Chinese cunt and he was thrusting like a jackhammer.

    The sight of this was getting Lisa excited. She started talking really dirty to So Ching. "You fucking Chinese dog fucking slut, you are so fucking wet!"

    Lisa cried, "You are Dave's bitch! China bitch! Chinese dog fucking whore!! Dave is about to cum! His lovely knot is growing inside your Chinese fuck hole."

    "Dave, I am your China bitch, you fuck me so hard so deep! MMM! I love you Dave! please cum inside my Chinese pussy," You make me feel so sexy so complete to have your big black furry body mount on top my pale color Chinese body! You are so black so strong so animal! But I am so pale so soft so oriental! We are bringing the doggie and Chinese world together!" panted So Ching, "Give me my first load of hot sperm inside my Chinese womb -- impregnate me with doggie semen! I love having your big knot deep in my tight pussy! Seal my pussy with your knot. Let my womb hold all your doggie cum. Let two of us become one! Let me have your Chinese puppies!" Lisa ! tell me you want me to have Dave's mix-bred Chinese-Lab puppies!

    Lisa said Yes, Have a litter of fucking cross breed Chinese-lab puppies! Oriental-Lab puppies with Chinese features! Slant-eyed, long black silky hair with pale color skin!"

    Dave fucked her fast and hard, his knot deep inside the fuck hole. So Ching panted, "Ahhhhh! It is in! He is knotting me! Oh! he knots me like a bitch! I am his 32A oriental breeding bitch! Lisa! Does my knotted Chinese pussy looks sexier? Lisa said" Black haired yellow Chinese cunt and red doggie cock are the best combinations! Oh! He is cumming! He is shooting his sperm!" So Ching felt Dave shot all his potent semen in her Chinese womb while they were tied together.

    During the tie, Lisa kept sucking So Ching's nipples and fingered her red beam Chinese clit.

    "Oh! I have my first load of male sperm in my womb! I feel his seed swimming in my womb. Now -- I am a woman! I am falling in love with Dave!" So Ching put Lisa's hand on her flat Asian belly and Lisa felt Dave was unloading his doggie making juicy inside So Ching's womb! There was only one thing in Dave's mind--- to impregnate this petite pale color soft skin human bitch!

    After about half an hour, Dave pulled his cock out of the black-haired Chinese pussy with a 'plop' sound. A huge load of woman and doggie love juice started gushing out of this dog fucked oriental cunt like a waterfall. Lisa sucked all the juice from the hot red fuck hole and tight brown Chinese cuntlips.

    Lisa and So Ching held each other tenderly. They kissed and So Ching could taste her cum and that of the dog in Lisa's mouth.

    "Oh Lisa," So Ching sighed, "That was so wonderful. I love the pleasure of forbidden sex! Please teach me more!"

    On Sunday, Lisa told So Ching they were going to do some special things. So Ching put on a cheongsam, which is a traditional Chinese one-piece dress with a long slit on the side up to her thigh to show off her nice long legs.

    She wore no panties under her dress, only stockings, garter belt, and high heels. They went to a horse stall. There were some small ponies in the stalls.

    Lisa brought out a black pony. "His name is Blackie. I want you to be his wife, do you want him to be your husband?" Lisa asked So Ching.

    "Yes, he is beautiful!" replied her friend.

    "OK then, Blackie is your fiancé'," announced Lisa.

    Lisa gave So Ching a small basin with water and a towel. "Wash your fiancé's cock!" So Ching washed him. "Lick and suck his cock." She licked along its shaft and sucked on the head.

    Lisa showed So Ching how to stroke the big, erect cock, while sucking the head of it. Lisa said, "Stroke it you Chinese horse whore, stroke that big black cock!"

    So Ching stroked up and down the shaft as Blackie became more and more excited. Soon So Ching felt his penis throbbing. She said, "It is throbbing!

    My fiancé' is about to come!"

    Just then, Blackie's cum started gushing out. A huge quantity was squirting in every direction, all over both women.

    "That was so wonderful!" So Ching cried. "That horse came really hard!"

    The two women then licked the frothy, delicious pony cum off of each other's bodies, then got into a 69 position to bring each other to one final orgasm before heading back to the ranch house.

    I read on and on until I came to an entry in the diary so bizarre, so perverted, so depraved that I was almost unable to read it. But I felt compelled to...

    One weekend in October, Lisa invited So Ching to her parent's ranch again.

    She told So Ching she had some special plans for So Ching -- marital plans!

    Saturday afternoon was a warm, sunny day with a cool breeze -- a perfect day for outdoor fun at a ranch in east Texas.

    Lisa had So Ching wear her cheongsam. So Ching wore no panties under it, only stockings, garter belt, and high heels.

    Lisa told So Ching, "You must be dressed appropriately for the ceremony that will take place."

    So Ching asked, "What do you mean?"

    "You are getting married! It is a wedding ceremony between you and your fiancé' Blackie. Dave is best man and John is the ring-bearer. I am bringing a video camera to film the whole thing."

    So Ching looked amazed at what she was being told, but she had learned long before that Lisa always knew what she was doing.

    The two women brought the dogs, John and Dave, with them to the stables. The dogs barked in excitement and ran in circles, perhaps anticipating the fun the group was about to have.

    So Ching stood next to Blackie through the brief ceremony that Lisa captured on tape.

    "So Ching, will you have this big black beautiful pony, Blackie, as your unlawfully wedded husband?"

    "I do!" replied So Ching.

    "Blackie, will you have So Ching as your wife?"

    Blackie whinnied and nodded his head yes.

    "I pronounce you horse and wife! Now, let the festivities begin!"

    Lisa said, "These dogs would like to celebrate the wedding!" She positioned John behind So Ching. Shortly, John sniffed at So Ching's cunt and started licking it. Then, John's red penis started to stick out of his sheath while

    Lisa applied lots of KY-Liquid to So Ching's cross- shaped virgin anus, massaging her fingers in and out of it to dilate the tight hole for John.

    Lisa guided John forward and let him mount So Ching's back. John started thrusting his hips and Lisa positioned him so that the penis found and started to penetrate So Ching's waiting anus.

    So Ching gasped and instinctively clasped her sphincter shut, permitting only the tip of John's pointed penis to penetrate into her poop chute. John kept trying to thrust his penis into So Ching, while Lisa told her, "Relax and let him in. Pretend you are shitting that thing out of you."

    So Ching opened her anus just as John thrust sharply forward, driving his 9 inch penis 5 inches into her. "Oh, it is so deep... so deep!" grunted So Ching.

    "Let him all the way in!" Lisa commanded. So Ching now felt the dog's penis move into her entirely except for the knot.

    "Better keep that knot out of you or your butt might tear," Lisa warned So Ching. So Ching put two fingers between the knot and her anus to keep it out as John rapidly thrust in and out of her butt.

    "Oh, it hurts!" So Ching squealed, cringing.

    "Relax and accept it," Lisa advised.

    So Ching relaxed as best she could and the pain diminished, being replaced by intense pleasure. Now John's knot was large enough to prevent it from entering So Ching's ass, so So Ching moved her fingers to massage her own clit.

    Meanwhile, Lisa positioned Dave in front of So Ching and fondled his sheath to coax his penis out of it. Dave soon had his long red doggie dick pointing at So Ching's mouth. "Open your mouth for Dave!" Lisa ordered.

    So Ching complied, and Dave started thrusting his penis into her mouth. The tip started hitting the back of So Ching's mouth. "Relax your throat, don't gag!" Lisa told So Ching. So Ching was now able to accept most of Dave's penis into her mouth and she let Dave fuck her mouth.

    Lisa started filming the whole thing as Dave rammed his penis into So Ching's mouth and John rammed into her butt. Lisa did a close-up of So Ching's no-longer- virgin butt being violated. Some creamy brown juice made a circle around the base of John's penis, next to his knot.

    In a while, John started giving So Ching a doggie cum enema as he shot a large amount of cum deep inside her rectum. At the same time, So Ching detected a change in the flavor of Dave's cum, it tasted much richer as his penis started shooting semen down So Ching's throat. She rubbed her clitoris rapidly, and her hips started thrusting as she surrendered to the sweet relief of an orgasm.

    Lisa stopped filming and said, "So Ching, you seem to be pretty wet for your wedding. Are you ready to consummate your marriage with Blackie?"

    "Oh yes!"

    Lisa had So Ching move to a bench. "Is the beautiful little Oriental slut ready to get fucked by her horse husband?"

    "Oh yes, I can't wait!" I wanna be his Chinese filly "You China bitch, you are so fucking wet already! Now, get on the bench!"

    Lisa prepared a bench for So Ching to fuck the pony. So Ching took off her dress, and now only had her stockings, belt, and heels on. She lay on her back on the bench and spread her legs, exposing her tight, black-haired Chinese pussy to Blackie. Lisa brought Blackie over to the bench. So Ching opened her sexy light brown cunt lips with her two hands. Lisa filmed So Ching get ready to take Blackie's huge penis. Lisa held the black cock against the wet Asian pussy with one hand.

    "Help my horse husband to fuck my tight pussy!" Flexing her black stocking legs, So Ching rubbed her slit up and down the pony's cock as if to pry herself open for it. When she pushed back, the black cock head disappeared into her long black haired Chinese pussy.

    So Ching moaned in pain, "He is so big!" Blackie realized he had just invaded a human mare, and the tightest pussy of man-kind is Chinese pussy. He began to buck. He tried to get more of his cock into the China bitch's cunt. Every time he pushed into her cunt his dick pushed her brown cunt lips open and put great pressure on her sensitive flesh inside. Every time he pulled back all her inner cunt flesh seemed to be pulling out. So Ching thought to herself, 'This isn't really happening. I just can't be fucking a horse. A few weeks ago I was a virgin!'

    She looked down between her black stocking legs and saw the black pony's cock moving in and out of her wet black-haired tight cunt. She can even see his giant cock pop her flat belly up and the shape of the pony cock appear on her sexy belly. This made her even wetter. "Oh this is so fucking great. Fuck me Blackie! More! Fuck me! I love your black cock. Fuck me. Fuck your tiny 32A breasted Chinese filly."

    Lisa said, "Keep talking to your husband! You are the Chinese horse whore wife now. Fuck him deeper!"

    "Yes Lisa. I am the little Chinese horse whore. I'm fucking his big cock. He's going to fill me up with his hot white sperm. I'll make him cum into my warm tight little black haired Chinese cunt." Lisa please pull all my long black silky straight pussy hair toward my belly button so you can have a clear shoot on my black horse stuffed Chinese pussy!

    Lisa used one hand to pull the long black silky pussy hair up.

    So Ching was so excited! Her stocking legs were straight up, her black platform high heels were holding against each side of the horse. So Ching's tight cunt was adjusting to accommodate the giant cock, After fucking for a few minutes, So Ching was getting about 10 to 12 inches of the pony's cock into her cunt.

    Lisa said, "Blackie is about to cum! You Chinese horse fucking slut, make your horse husband cum!"

    So Ching replied, "Yes Blackie, come inside your Chinese wife's cunt! Please cum inside your flat- chested Chinese filly."

    Lisa asked, "Do you love horse cock?"

    "Yes, my pussy and I both love this animal's cock."

    Lisa said, "Do you want to have Blackie's baby? Do you want him to impregnate you?" "Yes! My lovely Chinese womb needs animal sperm to impregnate it. Blackie, give me your sperm. I want to have your child. Your child is the mixed product from you and me! Chinese n horse! I want to have a mixed Chinese-horse baby! Impregnate me with your horse's sperm. I will breast-feed our Chinese-horse baby with my tiny 32A breasts and half inch long dark brown nipples!" Lisa please sucks my breasts and nipples now have a little drill now!

    So Ching continued, "I want to show our baby to my parents in Hong Kong. Oh, they will love their mixed Chinese horse grandchild!" as an orgasm overtook her. Now So Ching had orgasm after orgasm. Her cunt milked the pony's cock.

    All of the sudden Blackie whinnied loudly and had a huge orgasm, shooting his sperm forcefully into So Ching's hot Chinese womb. When she felt his giant penis spasm and felt the big gooey mess leaking out of her she realized she just made a horse cum. This triggered yet another intense orgasm in her.

    When So Ching finished coming, Lisa stopped filming and pulled Blackie out of her long black haired well fucked pussy. Lisa said "You fucking slut! You nasty cunt! You fucking china filly! You really made a horse come in you. You love it don't you? Look at your black-haired Chinese cunt! It is wide open and I can see up into you. Your pussy walls are coated in frothy, creamy horse cum. Oh, a huge load of cum is leaking out from your cunt. Let me taste this Chinese and horse love juicy!"

    Lisa put her mouth on So Ching's cunt and licked and sucked her cunt clean.

    I saw a different side of So Ching based on this diary. We will be MUCH more sexually adventurous from now on. So Ching and I have some things to discuss and I have a movie I want to watch!

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    very hot story. you should definitely continue it

    Aug 14 2007 12:56
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