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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, watersport, lesbians.

    Three days after her "ride out" with Andrea and Lucifer, Sandra was on her way to Andrea in her car. Today the promised party with Max, Andy's Doberman, was about to happen. Sandra was looking forward to it so much and she hoped everything would go well. Suddenly she thought about her first experience with Max.

    She had been together with Andrea for 3 months then. It was her first relationship with a woman and Andrea had introduced her to a lot of new varieties of sex. For example she had shown her how much fun is sex with urinating games. And then came that special day....

    Everything came to her mind again. She remembered how excited she was when she stood on Andy's door and rang the bell.

    She knew that on this very day she would experience something new again. New game, new levels of pleasure. Andy had spoken very mysterious again on the phone. The door opened.

    "Hi Sandy, come in."

    She entered her girlfriend's apartment and was also happily greeted by Max as always.

    "Hallo Max. How are you, fella? You're very excited today, aren't you! What's the matter?" Sandra hadn't noticed Andy's smiling face that day.

    "And we have something very special in mind again today, right?" Sandy asked.

    "Surprise, surprise!" Andy said and put her tongue in Sandy's mouth. Of course Sandy replied to this passionate kiss.

    "I drank a lot before. I hope that fits into your plans," she said to Andrea.

    "Of course, a full bladder is never wrong. Mine is filled well, too," Andy grinned at her. "But that's not the main event today."

    "I can't wait to know what you got today. I was thinking about it during the whole ride, but I couldn't figure it out. As you sounded when you invited me it must be something very special," she said while she removed her coat.

    "Wow, hot outfit," was the only thing Andy was able to say at this sight. Under her coat, all Sandy wore were her black lace lingerie: black bra, black silky stockings and a black slip. "But we don't wanna have this," Andy said and took of the slip.

    Under it Sandy's bare shaven slit came to view. Andy couldn't resist and went along the pink slit with her tongue. When she penetrated the odorous cunt of her friend a little deeper, she could already taste the strong flavor of her juices.

    "We're pretty horny already, aren't we?" she asked

    "I'm simply looking forward to you and the things you've prepared for me. I bet you're as horny as I am. And under this long dress you're surely naked, aren't you?"

    "Wrong guess!" Andy lifted her dress and Sandy could see the lingerie Andy wore today. It was exactly the same as hers, only Andy's were white.

    "Left out the slip, huh?"

    "As always!"

    They went to the bedroom. The bed was protected with a cover of latex as it mostly was. After Andrea got off her dress they hugged and kissed each other passionately. Tightly embracing each other they laid down on the bed. They began caressing each other everywhere. Sandra took off her bra and lay on her back. Andy understood and started to snuggle the already rock hard nipples with her tongue.

    Sandy pushed Andrea's bra aside to free her breasts. She started to stimulate her nipples with her fingers. She pressed them softly together between her thumb and forefinger. Andy liked that, and she let Sandy know by moaning softly. Andy buried her head between the huge tits of her girlfriend.

    She wanted to feel Sandy's lips on her body so she rolled over a little and lay on her side. Sandy sucked her nipples and began to snuggle her belly with her lips while Andy gently caressed her back. Sandy had her tongue in her bellybutton when Andy laid herself on her back. Sandy felt her hands on her ass and her pussy.

    "Come on, get on top of me, I want to eat your cunt now," Andrea said.

    Sandra did so and began herself to play with the her girlfriend's pussy. Soon both of them started to moan. Sandy sucked on Andy's clit while Andy stuck her tongue in her cunthole. The room was filled with the smell of their wet cunts.

    But suddenly Andy had another salty taste in her mouth. Obviously Sandy began to pee. Just a little at first, drop by drop, but then she let go. Greedily Andrea drank every drop of this tasty golden liquid and then she herself started to pee.

    That was what Sandra was waiting for. But as she was lying on her girlfriend's stomach she failed to drink all of it. Besides that, Andy squirted quite hard. Sandy's face and her hair got well soaked in piss. She looked up. The piss was dripping from her head.

    "That was so wonderful. I love you so much, honey," she said.

    "I love you, too. I never had such a lovely relationship. You're the love of my life," Andy answered with a smile on her face. Now she noticed how wet Sandy was.

    "You're quite wet, girl," Andy said. "Was it good?"

    "Delicious! What about mine?"

    "Fantastic, I swallowed it all!" She grinned.

    "Well, I would have done so, too, but I wasn't able to swallow it all, as you can imagine."

    "Just a joke, you look fantastic drenched in my piss."

    Sandy looked around. On the bedside table there was the double-dildo. She rolled off Andrea.

    "And what do you have in mind now?" Andy asked.

    Instead of answering Sandy took the dildo, shoved it first into her mouth to wet it (although it surely wasn't necessary) and began to rub Andy's clit with its tip. Andrea got up, turned around, kneeled on the bed and raised her ass towards Sandy. Sandy shoved the rubber dick into the wet cunt and kneeled on the bed in the opposite direction, ass on ass. Andy helped her inserting it into her hole and then they began to fuck each other rhythmically.

    "Oh yes, that's great. Fuck me," Andy screamed.

    "Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it!" Sandy was like she was in trance. Their butts smacked together again and again. They made each other more and more horny. They fucked each other faster and faster and it wasn't long when they came together. Exhausted they sagged onto the bed.

    Sandy lay on Andy's side and kissed her.

    "Now I've waited long enough. What is the surprise?" she asked.

    "Just one little moment," she said. "Get up, please and help me to remove the latex cover from the bed. Otherwise it'll be damaged." Then she left the bedroom and returned with Max.

    "What do you have in mind for him? Is he meant to watch?" Sandy asked with astonishment.

    "No, you are meant to watch now!" Andrea replied, sat on the bed and commanded Max to climb the bed, too.

    Sandra didn't understand, but she waited patiently for the things that were about to come.

    She had never seen her girlfriend's dog so excited. The situation was a bit weird to her. Andy, naked in the bed where they just had hot sex and with her the dog. She still didn't realize what it was all about.

    Andy laid back, spread her legs and put two fingers into her cunt. She took them out and held them under Max's nose. Immediately he began to lick her fingers. Andy guided him with her fingers to her cunt. Of course Max understood at once and began to lick Andy's pussy with his rough tongue. Max would have done that without Andy's guidance. That was but a little show for Sandy.

    Sandy sat there with wide opened eyes. She couldn't believe what she was just seeing. This horny slut let a Doberman lick her cunt. A moment ago she had done exactly the same. Max didn't stop. That she could understand very well. Her girlfriend's pussy tasted simply wonderful. Sandy could see Andy was ready. Andy came on the dog's mouth.

    "Did you like the look of that?" Andy asked still breathing heavily.

    "To be honest, I don't know what to say!" Sandy replied.

    "You can't let an animal lick your pussy, can you!"

    "Oh, yes I can! And you can, too. Or don't you want to?"

    Sandy was a bit startled after that invitation. She was not sure.

    "I don't know. That's so kinky!"

    "Exactly!" Andy grinned. "Come on, give it a try. You won't regret."

    "OK, you convinced me, I'll try it. But if I don't like it we'll stop it right away. Agreed?"

    "Don't worry about stopping, you're gonna like it. Max is an expert."

    Sandy laid down where Andy had laid. Max was barely stoppable. Because Sandy didn't immediately spread her legs he made his own way to her cunt. Only when his cold snout touched her hot pussy she spread her legs because of the shock.

    "Ouh, that is cold!" she could just say before a pleasing shiver went down her spine when Max began to lick her.

    "Still cold?" Andy wanted to know, but her girlfriend just answered by shaking her head, which was also because she was so horny.

    "Wow, I'm getting my pussy eaten by a dog and a I insanely enjoy it." Sandy thought. She was on the edge of an orgasm. She screamed when she came. The cunt juices flooded her pussy. Max swallowed it all. He obviously couldn't get enough of it. Andy drew him back; she wanted to taste this pussy together with Max's taste in it.

    "And now I want to have sex with you again, Andy!" Sandra said, but Andy refused.

    "And what about poor little Max? We can't make him horny and then send him away!" she said.

    At that moment Sandy noticed the tip of Max's dick had come out of its sheath, in which it normally was hidden.

    "Then what will you do now?" Sandy couldn't believe what she thought what Andy had in mind.

    "OK, look what I do now."

    Andy caressed Max's fur and approached his genitals in rotating movements. He understood and lay on his back and presented his still pretty hidden dick. Now Sandy could see his balls, too, but she had no time to look at them any longer. She rather watched Andy, who began to stroke the sheath in which almost his whole cock was still hidden. Nearly instantly there was a reaction. The cock slowly protruded out of its sheath and quickly got bigger and thicker.

    Since then Sandy had never seen a dog's penis. It was blazing red and she could make out thin blue veins on it. Andy's moves became heavier. She started to rub both the sheath the dick itself. Obviously Max enjoyed that, he didn't move at all. He just kept panting heavier and heavier.

    "You want to jack him off, right?" Sandra asked. "That'd be all," she said to herself when she heard Andy say "Yes, for now I'll do just that."

    Would she probably go beyond jerking? Sandy was not sure if this thought should frighten her or make her horny. But she realized this scene made her horny.

    "Come on over, help me. It's still not fully out!" Andy took Sandy's hand and guided her to Max's cock.

    "Just stroke it gently, you'll enjoy it, you'll see."

    Sandy touched the sheath under which she could feel his dick. Like she was electrified she drew back her hand, but she touched it again right away. She could feel the enormous size of this dick under the sheath. She began to stroke it softly and she wanted to touch his dick directly but she couldn't.

    "C'mon, do it, touch it!" Andy was like reading her thoughts.

    Sandy worked up her courage to do it. She touched the pulsating penis with her fingers. It was hot and not as wet as she had thought. She tightened her grip and began to rub it.

    "At last. That feels good, doesn't it?" Andy asked and started to caress Max's balls.

    "Yes, it feels great. So big and fat. And so hot!"

    "Wait till you see how big it gets. Look what's coming out of the sheath now."

    On the base of his cock a knot had grown, that made its way out of the sheath now.

    "What's that?" Sandra asked surprised, while continuing to rub his dick.

    "This makes his dick getting stuck in the pussy of his bitch after he squirted his semen into her. So his sperm cannot leak out of her pussy. This increases the chance that she's getting pregnant."

    "Oh that's useful, didn't know that. Will he squirt soon now?"

    "I hope he won't. He still has much to do before that."

    "What do you mean with that?" So she really wanted to go further than jacking him off.

    Instead of answering, Andy showed what she meant. She lowered her head, opened her mouth and touched the side of the dick with her tongue. Saucer-eyed, Sandy retreated her hand. Letting a dog suck your cunt is one thing, but to give him a blowjob, to lick his dick, to even take it in your mouth, that was something completely different. You just can't do that. You can't give an animal a blowjob. But while watching her girlfriend licking the pulsating dog with such a pleasure, she wasn't so sure anymore.

    "How does it taste at all?" she asked shyly. But she already knew her answer.

    "Try it."

    Sandy's pussy was getting wet thinking about that.

    "Why not," she thought. "I'll just do it. It can't be so wrong. After all Andy does it, too, and certainly not the first time. In the end she would even fuck him."

    She leaned forward and opened her mouth. Andy had ceased licking the penis. Sandy closed her eyes and touched it with the tip of her tongue. This contact electrified her even more. It was like a bolt had struck in her tongue. But this time she did not retreat. She licked along the shaft and noticed, that Andy was coming back. Again she heard the heavy panting from Max, who was still lying there calmly.

    Andy now put her lips over the tip of his dick and began to suck it. She could already taste the first drops of precum. She swallowed the dick a little further into her mouth so Sandy had to let it go.

    "You were right. That's fucking horny. I'd like to really suck it now. Can I take it into my mouth now and suck it good?"

    Andy looked up and smiled. "Now she caught fire," she thought and watched Andy licking the tip of Max's dick.

    "What is that? Tastes so salty!"

    "That's precum. Humans also have that, only dogs have more of it. That's a pre-ejaculate without sperm cells. Tastes good, doesn't it?"

    Indeed Sandra liked the taste of it.

    "I'm going down on him and for that matter I can also swallow his jizz," Sandy thought and took the dick in her mouth. She began to suck it. She got so horny that her cunt started to drip. She could taste more and more of the salty fluids. But Sandy told her to stop.

    "Or else he's going to shoot right now, and that's not what we want, do we?"

    "So you really gonna let him fuck you? Isn't that certainly going a bit too far?" But in fact she wasn't actually serious this time. She wanted it herself. She needed something in her hole, and if it should be a doggy-dick then let it be a doggy-dick.

    "And how does that work now?"

    "First of all Max has to calm down and then I'm gonna let him fuck my pussy, just the way dogs doing it - doggie style." She grinned at her. "After that, it's your turn. You certainly want to fuck him, don't you?"

    "I think you know that." Sandy also grinned. She had gotten rid of all doubts.

    After some time, Max had calmed down and his penis was already getting limp.

    "Time to fuck!" Andy shouted.

    She knelt down on the bed on all fours. She presented her buttock to Max. Max understood immediately, his dick grew hard again and he mounted his mistress from behind. His cock found its destination very quickly. He missed it only a few times. His dick immediately bored itself deeply in Andy's hole. That was what she needed now.

    Sandy watched this excitedly, she was getting more and more horny. She could hardly wait to get this red dog dick in her own hole. She didn't miss a single motion.

    Max was fucking like a champion. He thrust his hard prick into Andy so fast that it was hardly to be seen. Andy shivered under his hard thrusts. He actually pushed her away; she had to hold on the headboard of the bed. It wasn't long before Andy was cumming. Her orgasm was so hard that she had to piss. Seeing this, Sandy almost came herself.

    "If you don't let him into my cunt right now I'm going to cum by myself. I need this cock now!" she said impatiently.

    The time Andy needed to get rid of Max's dick seemed to last an eternity. But finally she managed it. Max didn't realize what was going on. He didn't immediately stop humping. Where was the pussy? He wanted to fuck.

    "Yes, come on quickly. Down on all fours exactly where I was. Hurry!"

    She didn't have to say that twice. Quickly she was in position when Max already was behind her. At once he mounted her. But he was too excited to find his aim. He almost stuck his dick into her asshole one time.

    "We come to that a little later," Andy thought and guided his penis into its destination. He penetrated her. It was awesome. The thick hot dog-penis filled her whole cunt. But he was barely inside her as he was almost fully out again. But instantly he was back again. Max was a fucking machine indeed. You couldn't describe in another way what Max was doing. And he was well trained.

    Not a single time did his cock popped out of the soaking wet hole. Just the opposite. He penetrated her deeper and deeper. She could feel his knot hammering on the entrance of her pussy but it didn't get in. Sandy was ready. She screamed when she had the strongest orgasm she ever had until this moment. She also wasn't able to stop some splashes of piss but she shut the floodgates before to much of it was wasted. She noticed Andy wanted to get the dog off her.

    "No, don't do it!" she screamed. "I have to fuck more. I want to come again."

    "OK," Andy thought. "Then he's gonna squirt inside her. We only have to be quick to get something of his sperm directly from the source. Afterwards I can drink her cunt empty. That's all mine then." So she let him go. Suddenly she heard a startled scream from her girlfriend.

    "What's the matter? Are you all right?"

    "Yes... I'm... OK... I hope! He just pushed... the knot... inside me. I... was just... surprised! Oh, yeeeeeeees!" Sandy gasped in excitement.

    She seemed to enjoy it, since her cunt was well lubricated. Max wasn't humping so fast anymore but now he was very deep inside her. Suddenly she felt his cock contracting a little. The next moment a load of hot dog semen flooded her cunt. Almost the same moment she came once more. This time she didn't resist when Sandy got Max off her back. The knot popped out of her hole and she rolled over on her back.

    "Quick, close your legs. Don't let it flow out. And open your mouth!"

    Max was still squirting. He spread his sperm all over the bed although Andy was very quick. She turned Max around and bent his cock back through his legs. He made two steps backwards and now his sperm landed in Sandy's wide opened mouth. When Andy sat aside her girlfriend to get some squirts of the dog's cum Sandy demanded to get back the cock.

    "That's mine now. You handle my pussy or else the stuff will actually flow out of my cunt." She opened her legs and right away the white juice began to run out of her hole.

    Quickly Andy returned the cock back to her and licked the pussy before one drip was wasted on the bed. She sucked the pussy all empty. Sandy did the same with Max's cock. Unfortunately the flow of sperm was coming to an end but she didn't stop until she had the last drip of it. She felt that she was about to cum again because of the taste of the sperm and Andy's mouth- work.

    She let Max go who jumped off the bed, lay down and licked his dick. Andy continued sucking although there was no more sperm left. But Sandy's juices began to run again. Of those she couldn't get enough also. Sandy came again. This time she pissed on Andy's face on purpose, who was surprised only for a split second and she greedily swallowed the warm golden rain right away. Exhausted Sandy laid back. She was breathing heavily.

    "How was it?" Andy asked smirking.

    "How do you think it was? That was the fucking best fuck of my life. I'm sorry, Andy, it was truly the best."

    "You don't have to be sorry for that. As a matter of fact I love fucking dogs, too, as you know now. A dog's cock simply is something very special."

    "We'll have to repeat this very soon. Did you notice, that when he was trying to penetrate me the first time, he almost put his dick into my ass. Couldn't we try that next time?"

    "Now you even have those ideas yourself. That is exactly what I had in mind. Look forward to it."

    The girls lay in the wholly messed up bed embracing and caressing each other. Cuddling after sex is such a beautiful thing.

    "But tell me," Sandy said. "When you bent back his dick.

    Doesn't that hurt him?"

    "No, dogs usually do that when they fuck a bitch. After dogs have cum, the knot stays inside for quite a while to prevent the sperm from leaking out. They are linked together. That can last for over an hour and that would be very uncomfortable for both of them, if the male dog would be forced to stay on the bitch's back. And for that, Mother Nature made it possible that the cock can be bent over like that. That's it."

    "And why didn't we get stuck together?"

    "Because a dog's cunt is much tighter than yours and you've been way too wet. But sometimes it works. I've done it often."

    "Ah. What a pity. I would have liked to try that." Sandy laughed.


    So that was her first time with a dog. Sandy's cunt was tingling at the thought of it.

    Fortunately she was almost there. Just one turn, and there was Andy's house. She parked the car, opened the garden door and climbed the stairs to the front door. Her hand was trembling when she rang.

    Andy opened the door. She wore her maid-dress of latex. It was a black mini with a white pinner, black stockings also made of latex which ended up in high heels. She also wore black gloves and a white cap. She wore her hair in a bun. Sandy also wore her latex outfit. It was a bodysuit made of semi transparent orange latex. It went up to her neck and it had only one additional opening. It just left her cunt and her asshole uncovered. She also wore her hair as a bun.

    "Come on in!" Andy had adjusted the temperature in her house to fit her outfit and the temperature outside. Indeed Sandy was heavily sweating under her suit, which was of course intended. But it was really a pleasure to enter Andy's cool house. Then she noticed Max on the other end of the lobby. He hadn't greeted her, instead of that he stood in front of his water bowl and drank.

    "As you can see I have made arrangements again. What would we do without our Tina?" Andy said and grinned.

    When Sandy approached him, Max finally stopped drinking and came to her wagging his tail. He rose up to her and licked her face. Sandy opened her mouth and returned this "welcome kiss".

    "Well, little fella, then you're going to piss like hell today, aren't you?" she said to him. "Because I want to have a lot of your pee and I hope it is as good as Lucifer's." Already her pussy began dripping. Max of course noticed that and the next moment she could feel his wet tongue on her slit. She opened her legs and pulled her cunt-lips apart. Now he could lick her clit, too.

    "Well, pretty horny we are, aren't we?" Andrea came to her and kissed her lavishly. She started to massage Sandy's tits. Andy sucked on her nipples when Sandy already came in Max's mouth. Her cunt actually spilled over. Max liked that, he loved cunt juice. And he knew its meaning; his cock already had left its sheath. Sandy went down on her knees and Max let her alone. But instead of recovering, Sandy took her hand under Andy's skirt and stuck two fingers in her hole.

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    Good story . Translated from German good work . If possible translate more such horny stories for people like us. Thanks

    Jul 23 2008 07:25
    Sehr gute Geschichte,hoffentlich gibt es eine Fortsetzung

    Sep 24 2008 15:44
    Hi great story and looking forwared to your next one ok .

    Oct 3 2012 14:05
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