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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, watersport, lesbians.

    "You're pretty wet down there, too!" she said smiling when her head also disappeared under the skirt. She licked her friend's pussy which was, as always, smooth and soft.

    "Besides, Max obviously already had a piece of your cunt," she added.

    "Yes, he had." She grinned at her. "And I believe he wants to fuck now. Let's go to the kitchen. We have more room there."

    After the bed was so messed up after Sandy's first doggie lesson they had been looking for other places, although they still used the bed. Only it was hard work to get it cleaned up again. Besides, much more liquid was going to be spilled, so the kitchen was the proper room. Big enough and a floor easily to be cleaned.

    They had invented a little game. Both of them would get on all fours and rubbed their pussies with their hands to produce as much cunt juice as possible to lure Max who had to wait in the lobby. Then they would call him. He was a well educated dog. He only entered the kitchen when he was called. Then Max could make his choice who to fuck first. Sandy had hoped that they would do that game today again. She wanted to try something.

    "OK, can I call him now?" she asked.

    "Come on, fella!" Andy shouted instead of answering. Already Max appeared on the door. He knew what was going on and took his time. First he sniffed at Andy's and then at Sandy's cunt. At that moment Sandy started to pee. Max was amazed only for a short moment, but then he licked her piss hole and the piss splashed on his snout. But Sandy quickly stopped pissing and wiggled with her ass.

    "Enough pee, come on, mount me, put your dick inside my hole."

    "Her plan was successful. Max mounted her and started to fuck her.

    "Hey, that's not fair," Andy said outraged. "That is bribery."

    "Ahhhh, everything is allowed during war and fucking."

    Sandy moaned under Max's strong blows.

    "This could have easily gone wrong. What if he had pissed on you, stimulated by your pissing. Everything would have been wasted on your ass. I thought you want him to piss in your mouth, don't you?"

    "Yes, of course, de-fi-nitely, ohhhhhhhh! Fuck me, YES! HARDER! Max! Soooooo we we... ere lu...cky." Sandy hardly could say a word.

    "So you'll see what you'll get from that." Andrea went around the couple and sat on the kitchen chair right in front of Sandy. She lifted her legs up in the air and opened her cunt with her fingers. Sandy didn't notice at all. Her eyes were closed and all she could do was moaning and screaming of lust.

    "Here it comes." Andy opened all floodgates and splattered as strong as she could in Sandy's face. Shocked, she opened her eyes and her mouth. She almost gagged by Andy's pee and had to cough.

    "Bitch, what's this all about?" she screamed and had to cough again. But of course in fact she liked it, but unfortunately she wasn't able to swallow much of it. And it was really much; obviously Andy had had a full bladder. What a view for Andy when she had finished pissing. Her girlfriend lying in a giant yellow puddle of urine being fucked by Max. But Sandy didn't care at all, because she came in a giant orgasm. All her muscles relaxed and so she also emptied the rest of her bladder.

    Noticing this, Max withdrew his cock. A few seconds later it wouldn't have been so easy, because he already had pushed his knot into Sandy's pussy. He was already cumming. Quickly Andy got under him, sucked his cock and stroked it heavily. He completely unloaded into his mistress's mouth. Sandy was still totally exhausted. Breathing heavily she laid in both of their piss.

    "And now you had no sperm, horny bitch," Andy joked, but Sandy just grinned.

    "I believe I'm still gonna have some today. And you'll also have the opportunity to fuck him later today. Besides you surely have fucked him already this morning, right?"

    "OK, you're right. But I need it badly now. I'm so hot, I think I'm gonna cum as soon as I put something into my hole."

    "Oh, so perhaps a little Dildog will do. What about that? If you are really going to cum so easily he'll surely still be able to do that." Sandy already had gotten up and was now caressing Max's head. "Right, boy? We gonna do it one more time!"

    "Come on, or else I'm exploding." Andy already sat on the kitchen chair with her legs spread apart.

    "You're dripping!" Sandy giggled.

    "I just lay in a puddle of our piss, you remember? You're not really dry either!"

    "I wasn't talking about that." She grinned at her and put Max gently into position. She got her hand under his belly, grabbed his penis and bent his still stiff dick back through his legs. Max stood still, he knew what was about to happen and he knew it wouldn't take too long. Sandy shoved his penis into the really dripping hole of her girlfriend.

    "Ohhhhhhhh, gooooood. Fully in, deeper." Andy screamed of lust.

    Sandy had to move the dick in and out just a few times until Andy came.

    "You didn't promise too much. That was quick."

    Andy was puffing. That had been necessary. She glided down from the chair, Sandy laid herself besides her. She freed one of Andy's tits from its latex cover and kissed her nipples. Max licked his penis clean. Sandy kissed Andy on her mouth passionately. It was returned as passionately as it was given.

    "And what now?" Sandy asked innocently. Max had left the kitchen.

    "You know what now," Andrea replied.

    "Golden Shower a-la-Max, I hope," Sandy said. "But do you really think he's gonna pee now? Perhaps because it's all full of piss here? That he's gonna mark his territory?"

    "I don't think so. Eventually it's our piss. He wouldn't mind his bitches' pee in his territory. You've seen it when you pissed on him before, he didn't react. But I got something from Tina. That'll help."

    Andrea got up and went to the sink. There was in a water-bath a plastic bag with a yellow liquid in it.

    "That's urine of a dominant male dog. Tina especially put aside a urine-sample. Don't be afraid, the dog wasn't ill, the pee is OK. If we rub this on our skins, Max will hopefully try to spray us with his own urine to mark us."

    They got undressed because they wanted to feel it on their very skin. They rubbed their faces with the golden liquid. The urine had a very spicy scent. Sandy couldn't resist, she took a sip from the bag. It was really spicy and a little bitter, quite different from Lucifer's, but she liked it very much. Now she could hardly wait to drink Max's piss.

    "You were not able to wait, were you?" Andy said. "Tastes fantastic, doesn't it? But let's better keep up the rest in case we still need it. I don't want to defrost another whole bag."

    They didn't have to call for Max, he had already gotten the scent. Andy and Sandy already lay on their backs, head besides head, their legs were pointing away from each other. Max came along and sniffled at them. He hesitated.

    "What is it, boy?" Andy asked him. "Yes, do it. You can pee on us. Come on, boy."

    "Perhaps he understood, perhaps not. Anyhow he made his decision that it was not tolerable that both his bitches smelled like another dog. So he turned around and raised his leg.

    "Yes, piss!" They had lost all patience. Almost like in slow motion they saw the stream of urine which poured out of Max's cock into their faces. They opened their mouths and drank as fast as they were able to. Because of the medicine and because his bladder was so full, Max couldn't stop.

    They didn't have to guide the stream, Max himself took care that both of the girls got enough of his urine. Of course not all of it landed in the greedy mouths of the girls. Their faces, their hair and their upper bodies were also well sprayed on. But nevertheless both of them got to drink much enough. When it was over, Sandy licked even the last drip from Max's dick.

    Max left the girls, who were licking the piss from each others faces.

    "Mmh, that was horny. Why didn't we do that much earlier?" Sandy smiled contently.

    "You know I have discovered it myself recently."

    "Yes, you gotta tell me that. How did you get this idea?"

    "I'll tell you later. First let's clean up here and then have a shower."

    So 15 minutes later both of them stood under the shower, where, exceptionally, nothing was going on but caressing and kissing.

    Then they laid on the sofa in the living room and Andy started to tell.

    "Well, it was a few weeks ago after I had picked up Max at your home..."


    That day Andy was as horny like she hadn't been for a long time. She sat in her car on her way back home. She had been away on business for five days. She had just got back Max from Sandy, who had him with her during those five days. She had definitely taken advantage of that often enough.

    "Well Max, fucked a lot during the last five days, didn't you? Unfortunately me not at all." Her pussy was dripping at the thought of finally feeling Max's hard cock inside her again soon. Five days were clearly too long. But first she had to go for a walk around the block with him. Sandra had told her that this day she had been out with him just once in the morning. She had said she hadn't had the time to go for another walk with him in the afternoon.

    "Why didn't you have enough time, you little bitch?" She had asked her. "I hope he's still able to fuck... and to cum." They arrived at her house.

    "Just getting the luggage into the house." She carried her suitcase into the house, Max was following her. He sniffled at her cunt when she put it down. Of course he noticed how horny his mistress was.

    "Hey shouldn't we go out for a walk first?" Max put his head under her skirt. As usual she wasn't wearing a slip. Immediately the juices began to flow and Max thankfully licked them up.

    "OK, we go later."

    "She sat down on the sofa and opened her legs. Max fiercely licked across her pussy, his cock began to protrude out of its sheath.

    "Well, perhaps Sandy didn't exhaust you so much. Goooooood. Ahhhhhhhhhhh."

    Andy was already cumming. Of course she was jacking off during the past five days, and she also had her doggie- dick-dildo with her, but it just wasn't the same. She came so hardly that she pissed into her dog's mouth, who of course didn't mind at all. She knew he liked that, she already let her first dog Ben, a German Sheppard, drink her piss.

    "Good boy, and now fuck me, my horny lover. C'mon, shove your cock into my cunt. Yes, boy, do it! Come on, fuck, yes, come on! Fuuuuck!" She lifted her legs and rubbed her clit.

    Max got up on his hind legs and held himself up by standing on the sofa with his forelegs. Because he didn't find his target, Andy grabbed his penis and guided its tip to her hole. Max waited till she let go and made his first strike. He fucked her with fast thrusts. It wasn't long until she came again but she didn't want to stop. But she wanted to change position so he could penetrate her even deeper.

    Furthermore she wanted to feel his knot inside her. She held his dick on its knot and moved one of her legs. He understood and waited until she was in the "a tergo"- position. Andy let go and Max started to fuck her doggie style. She already was about to cum again when she felt he was shoving his knot into her cunt.

    She tried to hold back her orgasm. She wanted to cum together with him. She wanted to feel how he shoots his hot dog sperm into her and she wanted to cum at the same time. She wouldn't have to wait much longer. Surely there was already much precum in her womb but she wanted the full load. Max was humping faster and faster. She felt his cock was contracting inside her a little bit.

    "Yes, my boy, squirt everything inside me, I want your hot jizz. Squirt!"

    Max was pumping his sperm into her hole while she was cumming once more.

    "Oh, I hope I'm not too wet," she thought. She wanted to keep him inside until his knot would be smaller again. She loved it when she was linked with her darling like a bitch. And indeed, Max's dick was stuck inside her. As dogs generally do, he turned around so their butts were facing each other. Al he could do know was waiting. She enjoyed feeling his dick still inside her for some time.

    As it often happens she fell asleep with his dick in her pussy. As well, the travel had been quite stressful. She didn't have much sleep during the last five days. She also loves it to fall asleep while being knotted with Max, because when she awoke again she laid in a puddle of Max's sperm and her own juices, a delicious mixture. But when she woke up this time not much of it was left, Max also liked that mixture. He had swallowed most of it.

    She put two fingers into her cunt hoping some of Max's sperm was left inside, but she got disappointed. It was almost nothing.

    "Then I'll have to see, if Max still has something of it. If he wouldn't leave a bit for me, he has to return something of it to me." But where was he at all? She called him. He answered, he was in the lobby.

    "Oh, shit, we still wanted to go for a walk." Max stood in front of the front door and was wagging his tail.

    She looked on the watch. She was sleeping almost for two hours.

    "At once, Max, I'll just have to put on something else, I can't go out like that." Her skirt was soaking wet and crumpled. Apart from that she was only wearing her blouse on which some of the buttons had been ripped off. She went to the sleeping room, Max followed her. When she got undressed Max was getting exited again, his dick was to be seen again. Andy knew she should rather go out with him now; it really was about time when he stands in front of the door. She also knew he only was going to pee around this time.

    "So what, it'll surely be OK. I'll just give him a quick blowjob." And she was telling herself, that she couldn't go out with him having a stiffy. The people would perhaps have strange thoughts. Of course these were just false excuses, actually she only wanted his sperm. So she lay down on the floor in front of him.

    "Come on, Max, blowjob. Blowjooob, Max." Max knew what she meant and got himself above her. He was really horny. The first drops of precum already left the tip of his dick and landed in her mouth. She got up a little and took his cock into her mouth. She started to massage his balls with her free hand. She closed her eyes and sucked it like a baby sucks its mother's breast. She wanted to have her "milk". She could taste more and more of the tasty precum. She began stroking the dick ferociously. And then he came in her mouth. It was like heaven. She couldn't get enough of it.

    She didn't stop sucking, although nothing more came out of the cock. She didn't notice Max wanted to go away desperately. He now felt his full bladder again. He never had to pee so desperately like now, normally his mistress wasn't so sloppy at going out with him. But she didn't let him go, she didn't stop licking and sucking. Max wasn't able to hold it back anymore and a short burst of piss shot into Andrea's mouth. For a split second she thought he was cumming again, but she got it immediately. It was pee.

    Startled, she turned around and took the cock out of her mouth. But that was only the first shock, because in fact she liked the taste of it. She was also drinking Sandy's golden water, why not also Max's. He still wanted to get away. Apparently he was startled himself and was now afraid, that his mistress would be angry. But she tried to calm him down, because now she wanted more.

    "Calm down, my boy, no problem. Just the opposite. You've done well. You're my boy. Come on, go ahead. Let it go. Let me have it. You're my boy. Come on, pee for me."

    Max realized he hadn't made a mistake and wagged his tail again. But he didn't understand instantly, that he should continue to pee. So he tried to go away again. But Andy was holding him. She had gotten up to sit now.

    "No, don't go away. Pee here. Come on, Max. You did well, go ahead, my boy." She caressed his flank. His resistance was decreasing.

    "OK, let me try something, it has to work as full as your bladder apparently is." She began to massage his belly what caused a reaction right away. As soon as she had found the right spot, Max had no choice anymore. He let it go. A hot stream of doggie piss poured on her body. She lay down at once and guided the stream into her face. All her hair got wet.

    The stream was spreading so wide because of the high pressure. So she lifted her head again and embraced the tip of his cock with her lips so no single drop escaped her. Greedily she swallowed his piss. Only when no more drop was coming, she let him go. Max sat down and licked his cock. Andy was looking around her. What a mess. In the sleeping room she generally used a latex cover for golden shower games. But this had happened spontaneously.

    "Anyway, anytime again! This will get dry again. Thank god we were on the floor and not in the bed." She would have liked to lick the piss from her own body now.

    "Why are humans not as flexible as dogs?" she thought while she got up. Her hair was dripping. She fetched some towels and looked at Max who was laying on the bed now. He wagged his tail when she looked at him.

    "Now you're not in a hurry anymore, are you?

    Nevertheless we'll still go for a walk today, just let me have a shower before. Now I think I have enough time for that." She laughed.

    When the warm water of the shower flowed over her body she thought what had happened a few minutes ago. She got incredibly horny again. Thank god her shower head had a wonderful massage mode. Newly dressed again, she fetched Max's leash and called him.

    "Come on, boy, let's go."

    "Well, that's how it was. And on that walk I then had the idea that we could do that with Lucifer, too. After all a stallion should be able to piss a lot more."

    "How's that, you had the idea to fuck a horse that moment?"

    "No, that was already planned; just the piss-thing was added then. I had a conversation with Tina about it later and she gave me the urine forcing medicine for Lucifer. Besides that, she dispelled my last concerns about animal piss. She even was happy about that. She's in animal piss since long, she just didn't tell anybody. Imagine, she thought that was too much even for me."

    "Well, thought wrong, I guess." Sandy grinned. "And what now?" It was already dawning.

    "I think we also go for a walk with Max now. It is not, that he doesn't want to go out anymore only because he has peed here before."

    They got dressed in cushy summer-dresses just a small top and a mini, nothing more. It was still to warm outside to wear latex, although it would have been horny to walk outside in those latex dresses.

    They were wondering how few people were in the park on such a lovely summer evening, until they remembered today was the big "Summer Night Festival" on the fairground. But that wasn't important; they had had their own festival. They jaunted through the park arm in arm and enjoyed the delightful evening breeze. Max also enjoyed the walk. After a while (they hadn't met anybody for a good while) Sandy disengaged and walked a bit ahead.

    "Hey, where are you going?" Andy called after her. But she already could see it. Sandy was kneeling beside Max and held her hands under his belly. Max had lifted his leg and when he went on; Sandy moved her hands to her mouth and drank the draft of piss she had just collected.

    Andy laughed. "You'll never have enough, will you? Well, I did that, too, on the walk after. And also on later ones. Let me taste it, too."

    She kissed Sandy and licked her lips and her chin.

    "Me next, but we mustn't exaggerate, at last Max is peeing to mark his territory."

    From time to time the girls put their hands into the stream of piss when Max was lifting his leg and licked it all up.

    "Oh that's making me so fucking horny," Sandy said "I'd like to fuck him right now right here.

    "Let's do it then, nobody's here anyway."

    "Yes? Oh yeah, great. Me first. I'm almost cumming by myself anyway."

    Sandy sat down on all fours into the grass and Andy called Max who came to them wagging his tail. When he saw Sandy like that his dick instantly got semi-hard. The girls did the rest with their tongues. The tip of his dick still tasted a bit like pee.

    Max mounted Sandy from behind. Almost immediately he found the hole. But it was the "wrong" hole. He had put his cock into her asshole.

    "Oh wait, I'll get him outta there and put him into your pussy," Andrea said.

    "No, no, let him in," Sandy replied. Since Max almost had shoved his cock in her asshole during her first dog-fuck, she had done it this way quite often. She even wasn't sure what she liked more. The best was having Max's dick in her asshole and Andy's fist (or Andy's dog-dildo) in her cunt.

    "You better get beneath me, I think I'm gonna pee when I cum."

    Andy managed it just in time to lie down so she got Sandy's piss on her face. Sandy pulled the dick out of her asshole and rolled over. Andy got down on all fours and Max mounted her. Andy moved a little so she was able to "clean" the piss from Sandy's cunt with her tongue while Max was fucking her. It wasn't long until she also came.

    "Quick, he's also gonna squirt in a second!" Andy freed herself from Max, turned around and saw Sandy, in whose face Max's sperm was already scattering. So Sandy also had her portion of dog sperm today like she had predicted. Max went away and Andy licked his sperm from Sandy's face.

    "Hey, except for your wet hair everything's fine," Sandy noted when they were looking at each other in the light of the next streetlight. "We could still even go to the festival."

    "Why even? Let's go there. The hair will be dry soon and nobody will have the idea that we just fucked our dog, isn't it?

    "Not at all." Sandy grinned. "Wait a minute, one person might! Tina wanted to go there, too."

    They were about to have a joyful evening yet, both on the festival, where they indeed met Tina and also after it.

    That's the end of Part 2. The story will still continue. But, like I wrote last time, you'll again have to be really patient. But don't give up; there definitely will be further sequels.

    Thanks to everyone who send me his appreciation for my first story.

    By the way: Again sorry for any grammatical or orthography mistake I made. I'm not a native speaker and this story is a translation from the German original.

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    Good story . Translated from German good work . If possible translate more such horny stories for people like us. Thanks

    Jul 23 2008 07:25
    Sehr gute Geschichte,hoffentlich gibt es eine Fortsetzung

    Sep 24 2008 15:44
    Hi great story and looking forwared to your next one ok .

    Oct 3 2012 14:05
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