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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    "Don't you want to get naked as well, Tina?" Sandy asked.

    "All in time." Tina smiled and buried her head between Sandy's thighs. It took only seconds until Sandy climaxed and her cunt juices were pouring into Tina's greedy mouth. Tina was licking her very gently now. Sandy began to caress her own tits, while Tina slowly moved the tip of her tongue up along Sandy's slit and down again. Once in a while she pushed her tongue a little bit inside the tasty opening.

    Sandy loved this treatment but she tried to concentrate on her girlfriend's actions again. Now that her cunt was taken care of she was able to enjoy the show a lot more. When Andy came for the third time she released the quivering hot prick out of her grip. Sandy could exactly see how his knot was slowly making its way out of the glistening pussy of the woman she loved.

    "A big advantage of this position," Sandy thought and smiled.

    The moment the knot popped out of Andy's twat, a torrent of dog-sperm was gushing to the floor. Sandy would have nearly gotten up to lick it up, but she remained on the couch to continue enjoying the treatment of Tina's experienced tongue. Tina was now exploring the deeper areas of her cunt. She rotated her tongue along the tubular walls of her entrance, very slowly so Sandy wasn't going to climax instantly again.

    The Great Dane had pulled his penis completely out of Andy's hole now. Still he was spraying sperm and still his sperm was dribbling out of her cunthole.

    "Wow, you did a great job, you're such a good boy, my dear!" Andy said and smiled at him. Zeus responded by licking her face again and of course she returned this kiss either.

    "Another advantage of that chair, to be able to exchange a little tenderness after fucking." Sandy thought about how much such a device would cost and if they could even find some room for it in Andy's house.

    Andy noticed that Zeus's cock was still hard and he wasn't showing any signs that he wanted to leave her.

    "You still want some more?" Andy asked him. "Okay but this time the other entrance!" Again she grabbed his cock with one hand and with her other hand she pulled the opening in her catsuit a bit further down because her asshole was slightly covered by it. She positioned his dick on her rear entrance and shoved it into her asshole. Immediately Zeus began humping once more. Again and again he plunged his throbbing prick into her butt.

    In addition to that, Andy started to stimulate her clit (which was now nicely framed by one mesh of the net) with her fingers and began to moan quite noisily again. Zeus was already spraying precum once more, this time right into Andy's asshole. Tina was focusing on Sandy's clit now. She had enclosed the sensitive little passion-button with her soft lips and was lavishly sucking it. Furthermore she had entered her hole with a finger. Sandy wanted to cum again desperately and so she asked Tina to intensify her stimulation.

    "Put in more fingers, pleaaaase!" So Tina added her middlefinger but it still wasn't enough.

    "More, deeper, HARDER!" It got more and more difficult for Sandy to keep looking at Andy and Zeus but she didn't want to miss a thing. After Tina had added the third finger and Sandy still wanted more, she took all her fingers out, only to insert her whole hand into Sandy's slippery shivering pussy. Very slowly she pushed her hand deeper and deeper into Sandy's tunnel of lust while still sucking and swabbing her clit. That was too much for Sandy. She came in another giant orgasm. Tina took her hand out of Sandy's cunt and at the same moment all of Sandy's flood-gates were opening and a strong blast of piss left her pussy. Still trembled by her orgasm, she didn't even notice it at first. But then she startled and tried to stop it, but she succeeded only partially. She was able to reduce the flow, but the pee was still pouring out of her hole. But trying to stop it obviously wasn't necessary at all.

    "Why do you stop already?" Tina asked. "Please, go on! Or are you already finished?"

    Of course she wasn't. Sandy let go and pissed Tina all over her face who tried to swallow as much as possible. Just when Sandy had finished soaking Tina's face, Andrea got louder again when she climaxed another time while Zeus was pumping another load of cum into her bowels. Sandy looked back to her and Tina also turned around to be able to watch. And this time Andy wasn't able to restrain herself either. She also opened all her floodgates and sprayed golden piss on Zeus's belly while he still had his dick in her asshole.

    But then he took it out, dismounted her and went away to take a rest next to Max in the corner of the room. Andrea now let the piss squirt in a wide arc through the whole room. This time Sandy didn't stay on the couch. She couldn't miss out on this. She sat down to the floor in front of her girlfriend and drenched herself in hot piss from the bottom to the top. Andy tried to target her mouth, but this was only partly successful.

    Half of the floor of the surgery was now covered with a puddle of piss mixed with dog-sperm and Sandy sat right in the middle of this "mess", dripping wet. Small drops of pee were glistening on the beautifully tanned skin of Sandy's breasts. Her red bodysuit was completely soaked with her lover's champagne. Suddenly it came back to her mind that Tina was still clothed, so she turned around. Tina was still sitting on the couch.

    "And what about you?" Sandy asked temptingly and smiled. "Now we have to take care of you, don't we?"

    "I was hoping you'd say that!" Tina answered and got up.

    But now the biggest surprise was awaiting Sandy, because when Tina's Doctor's Coat slightly opened when she got up, Sandy saw a hard cock sticking out of the coat. Tina grinned when Sandy stood open-mouthed in front of her. She took off her coat. Under it she was naked except of her white stockings and white high heels. And then Sandy saw it. The "thing" she had seen was indeed a real penis but below it were no balls, yet a pussy!!!

    "Surprise!" Andy meanwhile had gotten up from the chair and stood behind her. "You're seeing right, she really does have a cock!"

    "But how...? And why..?" Sandy stammered.

    "I was born that way," Tina said. "Genetically I am a woman, nothing else, I just have some male parts. I have a penis instead of a clit and I have a prostate and testicles which are only inside my body. Thank god these glands don't produce any male hormones, instead all the more ejaculate and sperm. So I can cum like any man, in fact I can squirt quite hard. Besides, my sperm is infertile because my testicles are inside my body. But my female reproductive organs are fully functional, I can get pregnant like any woman."

    "Geeze, that's unbelievable," Sandy said. "And your parents left it like that? Normally they "correct" hermaphrodites to one of the genders, don't they?" Sandy was still astonished but curiosity slowly got the upper hand.

    "Yes, and I am still so thankful to my parents that they didn't do that to me. They wanted to let me decide and I chose to keep my dick. You can do nice things with a dick, you know. Wanna try?"

    Tina sat on the couch and Andrea sat next to her.

    "And, by the way, I don't consider myself as a hermaphrodite. I'm just a girl with a dick - a dickgirl." Tina grinned at Sandy.

    "Oh, that sounds nice - a dickgirl!"

    "Come on, help me, Sandy," Andy said. "Now we're going to coddle Tina."

    She grabbed Tina's still hard cock and began to rub it gently. Sandra took place on Tina's side herself and took over her dick. She bent down and put her lips over the shiny glans. Slowly the hot shaft was gliding into her mouth while Andy pressed her lips to Tina's who greedily opened her mouth and let the hot tongue of Andy enter it to meet her own one in a most passionate kiss. Tina slowly moved her pelvis to push her dick even deeper into Sandy's mouth. Then Sandy rose her head and moved her tongue up the rod back to the glans only to swallow it again. Tina and Andy were still kissing and now they started to caress each others bodies.

    Sandy sat on the floor below Tina and Tina lifted her feet up on the couch to open her legs some more. Without interrupting her blowjob Sandy started to move her fingertips along Tina's inner thighs making her way to the throbbing cunt below the tasty cock. Tina began to moan due to that treatment while Andy had brought her attention to Tina's tits and her erect nipples. Sandy only had Tina's glans in her mouth sucking on it when her fingers finally reached the soppy slit. Without more hesitation she put her middle finger into Tina's cunt.

    "Please, insert your whole hand, too!" Tina begged after only a few strokes of Sandy's finger. Sandy paused the blowjob for a moment to do what was requested. She formed a wedge with her fingers and let it slowly glide into Tina's cunt below the throbbing dick. After her hand had completely entered the hole, Sandy started to caress the inner walls of Tina's pussy. Tina moaned and Sandy shoved her hand still deeper into her while starting to lick the still rock-hard prick again. This time she moved her tongue down the whole length of the shaft and at the same time she massaged the glans with her "unoccupied" hand. Of course Tina wouldn't stand this treatment for much longer.

    "Yeaaah, I'm about to squirt, Sandy... Aaaaaaaahhhh," she shouted groaning. The same moment a giant load of hot sperm was shooting out of her cock between Sandy's fingers and splashed into Sandy's face. Immediately Sandy pulled out her hand from Tina's cunt and put her lips over the spraying glans again. Load after load was greedily swallowed by her. And even before the last drop of sperm had left the twitching rod, Sandy felt a warm rain pouring over her huge breasts and further down onto the still wet fabric of her bodysuit (it looked as it wouldn't get a chance to dry anymore).

    Tina had started to piss out of the peehole of her cunny while her dick was still oozing sperm. In an instant Sandy changed to the lower hole to let the warm, golden stream run into her mouth. Then Tina started to let the piss pour out of her dick as well, which was still hard and thus pointing directly to her own face. Of course that piss also hit Andy's face, who was kissing her again at this moment. At once Andy turned her face to the stream to drink this tasty liquid herself. Quickly she lowered her head to enclose the tip of Tina's dick with her lips. In Andy's mouth the cock finally went soft, but therefore the force of the stream got stronger.

    As much sperm Tina could shoot as much urine she was able to piss, so both Sandra and Andrea received enough of it. And because Sandy was so busy with drinking Tina's pee, she hadn't noticed that Zeus had approached and was sniffing her bum. Only when the Great Dane mounted her to tuck his big member into her wet cunthole at the very first stroke, she startled and the last drops of Tina's piss went down on the floor.

    "Now you finally do get Zeus's prick," Andy laughed.

    "I hope you don't mind that my dog was sneaking in from behind," Tina added smiling.

    But in fact it was very obvious that Sandy wouldn't mind at all. She just had taken Tina's cock back into her mouth and was sucking on it lavishly, whereby it was already beginning to get stiff again. At a distinctively strong thrust of Zeus she released it out of her mouth with a loud moan, only to dig her tongue into Tina's twat again a moment later. Due to this stimulation Tina's cock reached its full size and hardness once more. Tina slipped a little bit further down on the couch so that she was more lying on her back than sitting now.

    "Come on, Andy, sit on my cock," she invited Andrea. "I want it to go deep down into your hot cunt now."

    And of course Andy didn't need a second invitation.

    "Okay, let's ride!" Andy shouted and swung her left leg over Tina's body so that she was sitting on her with her back to Tina's face and her slit right above Sandy's face which was still buried between Tina's thighs. Andy guided the firm glans of Tina's prick to the entrance of her cunt. Heavily breathing Sandy raised her head and saw the shaft slowly disappearing in the hole of her girlfriend. Very gently Andy started to ride the dick.

    While the glistening piston was gliding in and out of Andrea's cunt right before her eyes, Sandra gently moved the very tip of her tongue from Tina's puffy cuntal lips over the length of her dick to Andy's clit and back again to Tina's slit. Zeus was still thrusting his cock into Sandy's pussy with a lot of force. And with every blow his knot powerfully hit her pussy which stimulated her clit. Sandy was licking the two pussies and the cock harder and harder. The combined female taste of both cunts was indeed marvelous and another taste was about to join them.

    Andy just had taken the whole length of Tina's prick into her hole once more when she felt a pleasant warmth spreading out inside her. Tina again had opened her floodgates and was pissing into her - to Sandy's joy, because naturally the piss was gushing out of Andy's cunt on each thrust and down the shaft of Tina's cock.

    "Well, do you like the taste of Tina's piss out of my pussy?" Andy asked her. "Wait a moment, more is coming right away!"

    Due to the delightful warm feeling inside her womb Andy relaxed herself and her golden juice splashed onto Sandra's face. Right at this moment the fat knot of Zeus's cock went inside her sopping wet cunt and it immediately started to squirt gooey hot cum into Sandy. Zeus really was a credit to his name. Like lightning the orgasm struck through Sandy's body while the mix of the two other girls' piss was pouring on her face and Zeus, who had turned over into the proper doggy knotting position - back to back - was pumping his sperm into her womb. Sandra was still treating Tina's cunt with her tongue.

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    Slurp! xoxo

    Jul 17 2009 21:35

    Sep 1 2009 09:59
    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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