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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    Andy had increased her fucking speed a lot and her nice firm tits were bouncing under the net of her catsuit. And just when Andrea climaxed once more, Tina had an orgasm herself. But she didn't squirt yet. The orgasm had been triggered by Sandy's tongue in her pussy and it hadn't reached her cock yet. But the twitching muscles of the inner walls of Andrea's pussy were literally milking the rock-hard cock which was on the edge of squirting a lot of its creamy, white liquid. But before that happened, Tina withdrew her cock out of Andy's palpitating pussy and concentrated very hard to avoid the cumshot.

    "Why did you pull it out?" Andrea asked breathing heavily.

    "I still want to fuck your girlfriend and when I shot another load right now I can't continue immediately," she replied not less breathless.

    Meanwhile Sandy had slipped to the floor and, breathing as heavy as the other two, only with her ass still risen up in the air, she was laying in the puddle of urine, which was by now covering almost the whole floor of the room. And the knot of Zeus's cock was still inside her cunt tying her with his rear.

    "But first we have to free her," Andy laughed. After Tina had gotten rid of her white High Heels, both the girls sat down on the floor next to Sandy and helped her to turn on her back. And still the giant red dog-penis was stuck inside her hole. But when Sandy spread her legs apart as much as she could, they were able to slowly pull out the knot without hurting Zeus or Sandy. When the knot finally popped out, a flood of sperm was gushing out of Sandy's widened cunthole. Andy reacted quickly and sealed it with her lips to suck the tasty dog sperm out of her girlfriend's hot pussy.

    "Still able to continue?" Andrea asked after she had swallowed all the dog sperm which she had been able to get out of Sandy. "Tina would like to fuck you now, she was holding back and didn't squirt to keep her member hard."

    "Of course I am!" Sandy said and added with a grin, "as long as I don't have to get up!" Her hair was soaking wet as she was laying in the middle of the puddle. And of course the final few dry spots of her underwear on her back were now gone as well.

    "Okay, then I'll come in now. I'm gonna squirt all my cream into your little pussy," Tina said.

    Sandy spread her legs again and Tina sat down between them. The whole room was smelling of pure sex - and piss of course, which was kind of the same for the girls. With her hand Tina guided the tip of her cock to Sandra's entrance and just laid down on her then. The whole length of her prick slid into the hole and Sandy was moaning out loud. Supporting herself on her underarms Tina slowly began to fuck Sandy's hot flesh. Soon she increased speed and on every thrust of Tina's dick Sandy moaned.

    "Yeah, fuck her well, Tina!" Andy was sitting next to them and watched. "And, how is it getting fucked by a woman with a real dick that's not made of plastic?"

    "Woooonderfuuull, yeeeees!" she was literally screaming these words. "This... is so... greeeaaat! Oh yeeeeeeees!"

    Apparently due to all this fucking, Max also got horny again. Andy's Doberman had already left his place on the blanket. Now he was standing behind the two girls. Tina's ass was obviously inviting him, because he came nearer and sniffed on it. Then he opened his mouth, let his pink tongue glide over Tina's asshole and licked it passionately.

    "I think he wants to fuck you, Tina. Shall I let him?" Andy asked.

    "Yes, let him do it. But then we have to get something to support Sandy's rear or else mine is not high enough."

    Andrea fetched one of the big cushions from the sofa and Tina took her dick out of Sandy's pussy. Sandy lifted her butt a bit and Andy put the cushion, which immediately got piss-soaked, underneath her butt. Tina put her cock back into Sandy, but she was moving very, very slowly so that Max was able to mount her. Andrea helped her darling doing that properly and guided his cock to Tina's rear entrance.

    As soon as she let go he thrust it into the puckered hole. Tina passed this move on and likewise thrust her prick deeply into Sandy's cunt. Andy took care that Max's cock wasn't sliding out again, but after a few strokes Tina found the proper rhythm. With quick yet hard thrusts she drove her prick into the hot hole again and again and was fucked in the ass by Max in the same manner. And Andrea already had to piss again.

    "All the nice piss got soaked up by the cushion! Okay, let me handle this!" she said.

    She stood next to the trio, opened her pussy with her fingers and started to piss on Tina's back in direction of Max's snout. Max began to slurp his lady's piss immediately, but of course most of it was running down Tina's back, over Sandy's sides and down to the floor. When she had finally emptied her bladder, Andy got down and joined Max licking her piss from Tina's back which lead seamless into a long and passionate kiss with her dog.

    It didn't take long until Max started to pump his cum into Tina's butt and when Tina felt that, she wasn't able to restrain herself any longer and exploded into Sandy's cunt which was literally flooded with Tina's cum. And that of course made Sandy cum. Her twitching cunt was milking the cum out of Tina's hard rod. Then, while her dick was squirting the last shots of sperm into Sandy, Tina laid heavily breathing and exhausted on Sandy, whose pussy was still twitching due to the ongoing orgasm. Max slowly pulled his cock out of Tina's asshole.

    It was still squirting quite hard. Andy crawled over to him and bent his cock through his hind legs. First she let him squirt all over her face, then she opened her mouth to catch the dog-cum with her tongue and finally she put his cock into her mouth to swallow all the rest of what was shooting out of it. With her hand behind the knot she milked every last drop out of Max's dick. After he had stopped squirting she slowly let his cock slide out of her mouth.

    Satisfied Max went back to the blanket in the corner - which was one of the last dry places on the floor of the room, by the way - and laid down next to Zeus. Tina, whose dick was still inside Sandy's pussy, slowly started to recover and rolled to the side, off of Sandy's body. And when her semi-hard dick left Sandy's cunt, a big load of Tina's sperm was pouring out of it.

    Andrea quickly went down next to her girlfriend into the puddle of urine to swallow all the cum from the floor which of course had already mixed with all the pee. Then Andy opened Sandy's crack with her fingers and put her mouth at the odoriferous hole. Sandy noticed that and squeezed Tina's cum out of her pussy. Mixed with her juices, Tina's cream was flowing out of Sandy again right into Andy's greedy mouth.

    Then Andy put her tongue deep into the sweet hole to lick out the rest of the lovely white juice. After that she laid down on her back between Tina and Sandy and gave a passionate kiss to her lover Sandy, who could still taste the mixture of sperm and cunt-juice in Andy's mouth. Then Andy moved over to Tina and kissed her as well. Sandy bent over Andy to kiss Tina and the whole thing ended with a lovely three-way-kiss with all three tongues licking and sucking each other.

    "Wow, what a fuck!" Sandy said when finally all three of them were lying on their backs again. "And what a mess!" she added laughing.

    "Successful surprise, I would say," Andrea replied.

    "I'd say so! Tina is a real master in handling her 'tools'!" Sandy said. "Could it be, that you can control out of which hole you're pissing, Tina?"

    Tina grinned at her. "Yes, I can. I can pee either out of my pussy or out of my dick or even out of both holes at the same time."

    "Cool, and how do you do that?"

    "I don't know, how do you lift your arm? I just do it."

    The girls were chatting for quite some time while they helped Tina to clean the practice, because you could hardly let a cleaner into that room as it was.

    Sandy wanted to know a lot about Tina. It turned out that Tina was only working as a vet out of love to the animals. Actually she didn't need to work, because she had inherited so much money from her parents, that she didn't even know how to spend it all...

    Sandy was going to see that with her own eyes in a few minutes, because Andrea just turned to a little road with a sign that said "Private Road".

    "So Sandy, you really have to be prepared for something quite amazing," Andy said. "Though you do already know that Tina's got a lotta money and that she has built her own little realm here. But it's really amazing out here!"

    After a few minutes they came to a gate which was the entrance to an enormously large fenced area. Above the gate there was a big sign that said: "T.I.N.A.S Ranch".

    "So what does that mean?" Sandy asked. "I mean, what are the dots in Tina's name for?"

    "That's some sort of joke of Tina. It's an abbreviation. It stands for "The Incredibly Naughty Animal-Sex Ranch", naughty indeed, isn't it? Hehe!" Sandy wasn't able to refrain from grinning.

    After they passed the gate Andy stopped.

    And now we both get undressed completely. We're gonna go to Tina naked," Andy said. They were already sparsely clothed, because it still was quite warm. So after getting rid of the bikini-bras and Hotpants they had worn, they drove for another good 20 minutes by a wonderfully looking grove and an inviting little lake with a nice sandy beach, until they finally reached Tina's "farmhouse" which was in the middle of a beautifully laid out park. They had already been awaited by an also totally nude Tina. Sandy was delighted by the sight of Tina's dick hanging out from her puffy cuntlips, dangling between her thighs.

    "Hello, you two! - Oh sorry, Max - you three!" she corrected herself when Andrea's Doberman was greeting her vehemently by jumping on her and licking her face. "I was desperately waiting for you. I guess it's best, if you instantly come with me to the pool. You do already wear your bathing clothes, don't you? Hihi!" Tina called for Zeus who immediately came out of the main entrance of the building and joyfully ran over to them. Like Max had greeted Tina before, the two girls were greeted by Tina's Great Dane.

    "Oh my god, it seems you're already quite hot, my boy," Sandy said to him rubbing his cheeks.

    Tina led them through the leafy courtyard of the mansion to a passage, through which they reached the pool area. Already impressed alone by the sight of the mansion and the attached stables, Sandy stood there open mouthed. What she saw now was a real eye-opener. There was a large pool facility, which consisted of three levels of terraced pools which were connected to each other with broad and short slides, over which the water from the upper pool was pouring into the lower one. The pools were inserted into the natural hills, into which all the buildings of the mansion had been built. From a high artificial rock-wall a waterfall was pouring into the lowest pool as well. Furthermore a long waterslide tube ended in that pool. The pool in the middle provided an entrance into a grotto that was built into the rock wall. And in the middle of the uppermost pool there was a structure that looked like a large mushroom. Water was pouring from it into the pool. The lowest pool was linked to another pool on the same level through a channel.

    That pool was equipped with several diving platforms and boards. Via a bridge across the small channel you could go to the area between the pools. On that area there were several palm trees and other plants. And several Jacuzzis as well as a bar which was connected to the pool on the middle level. So that bar was as well a pool-bar for that pool, because the counter was exactly the same height as the surface of the pool. And finally there were a lot of big white chaise lounges, benches and round tables with stools under parasols.

    "Impressing, isn't it?" Andrea asked. "Wait until you see all the other stuff here on the ranch. For example Tina also has an indoor pool - of course not as big as this, but therefore it has a great sauna area. Fantastic during wintertime!"

    Just as they crossed the bridge, two beautiful young girls, who were also naked, served three glasses of champagne at the bar.

    Tina introduced her employees when they reached the bar: "That's Lea and Kim, two of my girls. As you can see today everybody is clothed the same here, hihi," she smiled at Sandy. "You'll eventually meet all of them. But for now, they will let us alone. I'm sure they'll have a lot of fun with each other as well," Tina said with a wink in the eye. The two girls grinned and kissed each other lavishly.

    "Wow, what's going on here?" Sandy said.

    "Yes, it really is great here, isn't it?" Andy said. "Tina has a very special relationship with her five employees, who are by the way all female."

    Tina handed them their glasses. "Well, let's propose a toast first then! To the upcoming weekend!"

    "To the upcoming weekend!"

    Sandy almost spat out the first sip as it was a little salty and not as cold as she had expected. Indeed it tasted a little like pee.

    These are my welcome drinks for my most special guests - Champagne mixed with "the other champagne"." Tina smiled when she saw Sandy's slightly perplexed face. "Just freshly prepared by Lea and Kim!"

    Sandy took another sip of the tasty drink and of course this time she enjoyed it very much.

    "And if you want some more, we've got more than enough of it here" Without prior warning Tina grabbed her dick and pissed right into the face of Sandy, who just had sat down on one of the lounges. Of course Sandy was a bit startled by that, but not for long.

    "Hey, you bitch! Couldn't you have warned me?" Sandy laughed. "You made me all wet, see?"

    She opened her mouth and let Tina's golden water run down her throat. Andy sat down next to Sandra and started to lick her nipples, which already were rock-hard.

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    Jul 17 2009 21:35

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    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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