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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    And again Zeus, who meanwhile had turned around again, was licking her face. He also liked the taste of his own piss - especially lapped from the body or face of his lover.

    "I guess, now you'd like someone to take care of your cock, hm?" Tina said after once more kissing him lavishly and pulled him closer to herself. She moved her right hand under his belly and started to play with his sheath. And already she saw the red tip of his cock coming out of it. "It's your turn next, just one little thing," saying that, she raised her body so she was again sitting on Sandy's face. She turned to her who was still playing with the now limp cock in her mouth: "Would you mind if I pee some more, Sandy?"

    Sandy opened her eyes, took Tina's dick out of her mouth and grinned. "Of course not, dear! I'd mind if you didn't! Give me everything you got left in there." One moment later the delicious liquid started to dribble out of the little piss-hole of her pussy. Sandy quickly pressed her lips on Tina's cunt and licked the little drops from the small opening. When the dribbles turned into a constant flow Tina started to let it pour from her dick as well to drench Sandy's face with it. Greedily Sandy swallowed the salty golden juice squirting from Tina's cunt into her mouth and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of warm piss covering her face. Her hair was already soaking wet while there was still a lot more to come.

    Zeus put his forelegs onto the lounge, facing Tina. He was obviously very aroused as his dick was already grown almost to its full size, now dangling between his hind legs.

    "Come up, Zeus," Tina said, lifted her dick and by reducing the size of her pisshole with her thumb she increased the pressure of the stream so she was able to hit his snout. "Drink my piss and lap it off Sandy's face, my dear boy." Following the thin stream Zeus jumped up on to the lounge and started to lick Tina's pissing glans after she had removed her thumb.

    Her dick was already becoming hard again which was of course also due to the fact that Sandy was sucking hard on her cunt. Sandy was just enjoying the last drops of Tina's pee when Andy removed the one end of the dildo out of her pussy - just to put the other end deeper into her ass and to bury her face into the crotch of her girlfriend. Max was no longer mounting her. Still tied within her pussy he had turned into the typical position rear on rear and now he was pumping his semen into her womb.

    Naturally Andy enjoyed this very much and she felt that a further climax wasn't very far away now - so she used her hand to speed things up a little. With rotating movements she rubbed her clit. It didn't need much till she came. During her climax the twitching muscles inside her vagina were milking out the last squirts of doggie-sperm out of Max's cock. She noticed that Sandy also must have been close to cum another time, because more and more pussy-juices were running out of her hole right into her mouth. And Tina was totally horny again, too. Her cock was already rock-hard once more, which was no surprise because Zeus was still intensely licking it while Sandy had her tongue deeply buried inside her pussy.

    Tina pulled Zeus's rear to herself and once again moved her hand under his belly where his cock was still out of its sheath. Gently she grasped his hot penis and started to caress it. Zeus stopped to lick her dick and turned to Sandy's pee-covered face. Sandy enjoyed the warm wet dog-tongue on her face and stopped licking on Tina's cunt for a moment to allow him to put his tongue into her mouth. She closed her lips and felt his tongue gliding along them out of her mouth.

    Then she opened her mouth again and once more he put it inside. She repeated this a few times before her tongue again disappeared between the puffy cuntal lips below the gorgeous cock. Slowly she moved the tip of her tongue back and forth along the slit while Tina's cunt-juices were running down along her tongue and into her mouth. They even started dropping on her face because it was so much. Tina began to breath heavier and Sandy noticed tiny jerks inside Tina's pussy. She was on the brink of another orgasm.

    "Yeees, Sandy, don't stop! Aaaahh" Tina moaned. "I'm gonna cum into your mouth.... Aaaaaahhh!"

    When she climaxed, her cock didn't squirt, though it was totally hard and erect. Her glans was smooth and still glistening from Zeus's saliva and if her dog still had licked it she would probably have squirted as well. So this time it was just a cuntal orgasm and the juices of her pussy were pouring into Sandy's mouth. But Sandy didn't manage to continue licking this dripping hole for very much longer because this moment Andy brought her to another orgasm with her skilled tongue and so Tina's juices spread all over Sandy's mouth when she had to stop concentrating on licking.

    "So, what now?" Tina asked. "Sandy didn't have a cock in her pussy yet and Zeus is eager to fuck! I guess that suits, doesn't it?" She grinned. "Or shall I..."

    "No, no, no, let me!" Sandy interrupted her. "I'm almost certain that you already did have Zeus's dick in your pussy, didn't you?" A big grin appeared on her face followed by her tongue licking Tina's juices from her smudgy lips.

    Tina blushed slightly. "Well, okay, but that was quite some time ago...!" And again a big grin on her face. "Actually that question wasn't serious, hehe! ...Well, then... how'd you like it? Missionary or doggie?"

    "Doggie this time - I want to look at him when he fucks me!"

    Tina dismounted Sandy. Her cock was still all hard and the juices ran out of her pussy and down along her legs.

    "She certainly would have loved to fuck him herself - what a great friend!" Sandra thought at this sight, which of course made her awfully hot again. She took her legs from Andy's shoulders and raised herself while Andy pulled the dildo out of her ass.

    "I'm really sorry, Darling, but I gotta leave you now!" Sandy said to Andy, who of course had to stay since she was still tied to Max. Sandy bent down and kissed her passionately. She clearly sensed the taste of her own juices in Andy's mouth.

    "But I'll be right next to you, see?" Sandy grinned and tried to get up but Andy held her back.

    "Just one moment!" Andy said and licked the rest of Tina's juices from her face followed by a little kiss on the cheek. "Okay, now you can go!"

    Sandy got up and laid down on the lounge next the other one. She bent her legs presenting the slit of her sweet pink pussy and the tiny hole of her ass. Tina sat down next to her and called Zeus which actually wasn't necessary since he was already standing next to them. He knew exactly that he was about to fuck now.

    "Come on, Zeus, or else I will shove MY dick into that magnificent, sweet, little pussy-hole!"

    Tina bent down and with her eyes closed she inhaled a deep breath through her nose to smell the wonderful odor of that sweet young pussy. She couldn't resist - she had to touch it with the tip of her tongue. Sandy moaned out loud even by this very tender touch. But Tina had barely caught the taste on her tongue when Zeus tongue was crossing her way. Naturally, Zeus also appreciated this great taste. But of course Tina enjoyed licking Sandy's cunt together with Zeus, too, because although she does it very often, french-kissing with her animal lovers always makes her especially horny. But it didn't take long until Zeus decided that he'd rather shove something else than his tongue into this hot hole.

    He put his forelegs onto the lounge and Tina got up and reached for Zeus's already completely erect penis. And immediately he started to hump her hand. He really was extremely crazy about fucking now. Sandy had put her legs back on the ground to be able to raise her pelvis so Zeus could easily penetrate her. Tina helped Sandy to find the right height and directed Zeus's dick to the entrance of her dripping wet cunt.

    When Zeus realized that his penis touched the pink lips that he had been lapping moments ago he pushed his hot spine into Sandy with all his power, making her scream out loud and lustfully. If Tina had not still held her butt she would have dropped down and Zeus dick would have slipped out of her again.

    But after a few thrusts she somewhat got herself under control again and Tina could release her. She collected some of the head-pads from the lounges and put them under her butt. So Sandy could now lie down relaxed and enjoy Zeus's powerful thrusts. She lifted her legs again and wrapped them around Zeus's back. By clutching him like that, she could prevent him from slipping out of her and she was able to push his dick deeper into her pussy if needed.

    "Then I guess I can leave you alone now?" Tina asked and realized that she had started to rub her cock unconsciously. "I'll go 'n see what Andy's doing." But of course she could clearly see, that Andy was still tied with Max.

    "Ahhhh! ...So, what is ...ohh... she doing?" Sandy asked under heavy breathing.

    "She still has a knot in her cunt!" Tina replied laughing.

    "But it won't be there for very much longer," Andy said. "It should come out any moment now. Come on over if you wanna have what he has filled me up with!" Andy grinned at Tina. "It oughta be a lot!"

    Of course Tina didn't need another invitation. She bent over Andy's back and with one hand she caressed Max's balls from below and with the other hand she massaged Andy's ass-cheeks. And in addition to that she started to treat these soft round cheeks with tender bites and lustful kisses. Finally her tongue also found its way along the cleavage between Andy's cheeks to her rosette. Again and again she let her tongue glide over it and from time to time she dipped the tip of her tongue a few millimeters into the tight little hole. Then a few times her tongue circled around the puckered hole again only to be dipped into it once more. She noticed the ever-growing horniness of Andy. Just like herself Andy loved these soft anal tongue-games. Suddenly she heard Andy scream: "Now! Its coming out, Aaaahhhhhhhhh!" A pleasant shiver was going through her body. She almost climaxed again.

    Tina raised her head and watched the fat pinkish knot of the canine cock as it was slowly getting pulled out of Andrea's cunt.

    "Always a great thing to watch!" she thought the very next moment when the knot finally popped out. A second later, after the shaft had left the hole, a big torrent of doggie-sperm was flooding Tina's face. She had been so quick that almost nothing of the precious salty liquid landed on the floor. But already the stream was becoming thinner and just a little rill was dribbling out of Andy's twat now. Tina lowered her head to catch these final drops with her tongue.

    "Max, your cream tastes wonderful," she said. "You're such a good boy."

    Suddenly another load splashed on her face.

    "Haha, there's still some of it inside," Andy laughed. "I just have to squeeze a little bit." Another stream left her hole - but this time it was going into Tina's wide opened mouth.

    Sandy who still enjoyed the fast thrusts of Zeus's cock, piped up: "If you got so much of it left - ohhhhhh" an extra deep blow made her groan. "Let me also try a few drops of it, pleaaase... Ahhhhhh - Will you make it to me without spilling the last remains?" Sandy had turned her head and looked at them with a big grin on her face.

    "Of course I will!" Andy strongly pinched her legs, turned around very slowly and got up even more slowly. With still a little wobbly legs she moved towards Sandy who was watching her full of pleasant anticipation. Zeus was still fucking Sandy very hard and she had already climaxed two times again. Andy shoved one hand between her crotch so she was able to kneel above her girlfriend's head. And it was already pouring out between her fingers. Far more than a few drops was still inside her. She took away her hand and let it go.

    Some of it was going down her inner thighs but the bigger part of it found its way into Sandy's open mouth. But Sandy had some trouble in concentrating on catching the falling dribbles because Zeus was pounding his knot against her pussy harder and harder.

    So Andy lowered herself a bit and was now literally sitting on her lover's face. Sandy sucked the last drops of doggie-semen out of the tasty cunt and after that, with her quick tongue she made sure that there were further juices to swallow. Andy's cuntal liquids were flooding her pussy again. But then another taste became a part of that cocktail - the wonderful taste of piss. Drop after drop of the lovely golden nectar left Andy's wee pisshole.

    "Oh yes, honey, give me your piss, oooohhhhhhhh." Sandra was moaning out loud - Zeus just had deeply pierced her cunt with his hot prick again. Because she wanted to concentrate on her girlfriend's cunt she grabbed Zeus cock with one hand behind the knot and kept him inside her keeping him from fucking her. Zeus understood quickly and stopped humping.

    Obviously he didn't have any objections against a little pause. Instead he found something else that drew his attention: Andy had lowered her upper body resting on her arms which had made her ass more accessible. Andy felt Zeus's wet tongue on her asshole and for one brief moment the drops of urine swelled to a little stream spraying on Sandy's face. But just a second later Andy had regained control and lowered the pressure again because she wanted to pee in her darling's mouth as long as possible. It was a wonderful sensation to feel Sandy's tongue on her pussy and the one of Zeus on her asshole at the same time.

    "Yes, Zeus my dear. Don't stop, lick my asshole!" she moaned.

    And of course Zeus wasn't even thinking about stopping. Just the opposite - he was increasing his efforts even more and started to shove his tongue into the tight puckered hole. Andy had adjusted her pissing rhythm to the licks of Zeus - whenever his tongue glided over the crack of her rear she released a little squirt of pee.

    "May I also have a little of your champagne?" Tina asked.

    "Of course, just lay down next to her," Andy said, got up a little and spread her legs even more to give Tina enough space to get under her as well.

    Tina laid down on the lounge on the opposite side of Sandy and shoved her head between Andy's thighs - lying there cheek to cheek with Sandy. Tina turned her head to Sandy's and licked over her pee-speckled cheek. Then Sandy turned her head as well and the tongues of them both met. Andy moved her hip a bit and raised the pressure so that she hit them both. She bent forward again to take a look at the two girls. And what a nice sight: two gorgeous girls lavishly kissing each other under a stream of her hot piss. And of course Sandy's lover was still licking her ass and now that she had bent down again she could also feel it inside her asshole again.

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    Jul 17 2009 21:35

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    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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