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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    "I'm sorry, but that's it, girls," she said while she squeezed the last drops of urine out of her pussy and got off the lounge. She turned around and kissed Zeus on his snout who naturally began to lick her mouth right away. And of course Andy also brought her tongue into play immediately and started to lick his snout and his tongue.

    Then Andy noticed that Zeus's cock wasn't inside Sandy's pussy anymore. Instead it had disappeared into its sheath almost completely again. Apparently Sandy had released him during the "Golden Shower Kiss" and because he still had been busy with Andreas asshole he hadn't continued fucking again and so his cock had slid out of her. A lot of precum had flowed out and it still ran out of her in a small rill, dribbling into the little puddle of doggie-precum on the floor-tiles.

    "It seems you've lost something. Zeus's cock isn't in your pussy anymore," Andrea said to Sandra. "Shall I put it in again?"

    "Oh yes, please, honey!" she replied shortly interrupting her kiss with Tina. "A cock is just the right thing after this marvelous golden shower."

    So before Zeus would start to think about dismounting Sandy, Andy began to caress his cock-sheath and his balls while licking the rest of his precum from Sandy's slit. She pushed his cock out of its sheath and already she felt it was getting hard again. His knot which was just coming out of the sheath was also swelling up once more. And when he started with light humping movements again she turned her head, let the cock enter her mouth and let him fuck her mouth a few times. Already she could taste the salty flavor of the dog's ejaculate. But actually she had promised to stick the hot cock into Sandy's cunt again and so she hesitatingly released the squirting piston out of her mouth, put it on the entrance of Sandy's pink pussy and let go. Right with the very first thrust Zeus tucked his cock into her to its knot and Sandy moaned out loud.

    Suddenly Andrea noticed that Max also had come near again. In the meantime he had cleaned his dick which was now back hidden in its sheath. But he hadn't lost his interest for all that was going on there. Of course he smelled that there was still a lot of sex in the air. The sexual odors which were whirling around were irresistible. Especially one odor took his interest that moment: the one of the piss of his lady which was spread on the faces of the two other girls whose tongues were still unified in passionate kisses.

    Max began to lick the tasty piss from their faces and again and again his tongue met with the ones of the girls, combined to a wonderful triple-doggie-kiss. Naturally the girls enjoyed it a lot to return Max's licks with both of their tongues mingled together. Andy enjoyed the sight of that no less than the ones performing it. Already she had her hand on her crotch again. Her slit was yet again - or maybe still - dripping wet and while Max dunked his tongue deep into Sandy's mouth Andy did the same with a finger in her cunt, caressing the nipples of her sweet tits with her other hand at the same time.

    The thought of bringing Max's cock out of its sheath again crossed her mind for a short moment. But she decided to let him alone for now because she was hoping that, stimulated by the scent of her urine, he himself would piss - preferably directly on the faces of her two friends.

    And it seemed that her hope would come true. Max raised his head and looked at her. She smiled at him and nodded whereupon Max jumped onto the lounge. He positioned himself above the heads of Tina and Sandra who hadn't noticed that yet because they were still kissing each other with their eyes closed - and of course Sandy also had to concentrate on the strong thrusts of Zeus's cock inside her cunt. Max lifted his hind leg and started to pee. He aimed the stream exactly where Andy's piss had gone before. Surprised by the repeated Golden Shower they opened their eyes and interrupted their kiss.

    "Do you have a little more space for me?" Andy asked who already had put her head under Max's belly.

    "Of course we do," Tina replied and made a little room for her.

    Sandy turned her head upwards and opened her mouth so that the Doberman's golden stream of piss squirted directly into it. From both sides Tina and Andy were approaching this stream with their tongues until they met above Sandy's mouth. Then Sandy stuck out her tongue as well and the tongues of the girls met in a wonderful triple kiss - seasoned with dog-piss. And just a few moments after Max had begun to let it rain over them, Zeus's cock inside Sandy's pussy made her cum heavily which was noticed by Tina and Andy, too, of course. But they didn't interrupt their kiss when the shivers of the climax went through Sandy's body.

    They didn't really manage to drink a lot of the tasty yellow liquid, instead they got totally drenched in it, which was of course also very enjoyable. And the flow of urine didn't ever seem to stop. Within a very short time Max had become a very skillful Golden-Shower-pisser. Grabbing his cock with one hand, Andy started to distribute his piss on themselves even more. She let the piss spray in a large radius above them so they soon could lick each other clean all over.

    However when the pressure eventually ceased Andy raised her head and with her lips she enclosed the tip of Max's cock, which - stimulated by her hands - had come out of its sheath again and let the rest of the dog's urine pour down her throat. After she had sucked even the very last drops of piss out of the shiny red dick, she started to lick the little urine-drops from Tina's body who herself had begun to clean Sandy with her tongue. Max got off the lounge and took care of his cock and Andrea turned to Sandy, too.

    With the tip of her tongue she tenderly went over the face of her beloved partner and when she met with her lips they opened and their lips fused in a long, lustful and salty kiss. Sandy was laying on the lounge in total relaxation and enjoyed both of them licking her face, her neck and her tits while she was still being fucking very fiercely by the other dog of their horny quintet. This time Zeus didn't let himself being distracted by what the others did, because naturally he wasn't interested in the urine of another male dog in the same way as in the piss of the "bitches".

    And so he let his rod go in and out of Sandy's pussy with full force and fast as lightning. Of course due to this "triple treatment" of the girl's tongues and the hard cock of the horny Great Dane it didn't take long until her next orgasm was on its way. It started with a delightful tremble that was going through her body and when she exploded she moaned out loud.

    Zeus wasn't lowering speed to the least when she climaxed. Just the opposite - faster and faster he drove his cock into her and his knot was pounding against her pubis extending her orgasm almost to eternity. But finally, after her climax yet was ebbing away and her vaginal muscles stopped to massage his cock he lowered the speed a little again, but he didn't stop to fuck her. Sandy noticed that the two others were not licking her anymore. They sat on the floor next to the lounge and licked each other clean. But that wasn't bothering her because Zeus gave her enough attention. She closed her eyes and concentrated totally on the hard and hot bone that was going in and out of her cunt.

    Andrea had also become totally horny again and she also wanted to be fucked now. And so it was very suitable for her that Tina obviously had become equally horny again, because her cock was pointing upright to the sky. With soft pressure on her shoulder, Andy showed Tina, that she wanted her to lie down. Then she let her tongue glide down Tina's body until she reached her dick. She took it between two of her fingers and moved the tip of her tongue in circular movements up along the shaft to finally let it slip into her mouth. Tina moaned out loud, but after only a few moves up and down, Andy released the girl-cock out of her mouth.

    "What about a little ride?" and without waiting for the reply, she swung her leg over Tina's lap straddling onto her dick so that its whole length pierced her cunt. Tina groaned as her bulging glans slid through Andy's slippery wet tunnel of lust. Again and again Andy lifted her pelvis so that Tina's cock was going out of her cunt, but always shortly before it would slip out she sat down on it again and the hard cock drove itself deeply into her again. After a while she lowered the pace and started to fondle Tina's velvety soft breasts. She wetted her fingers with saliva and played with Tina's nipples in circular motions while she let her hips circle above Tina's pelvis in the same rhythm. Tina had closed her eyes now and she was clearly enjoying this treatment.

    Thus she didn't notice when Andy took a vibro-egg with a remote control from the little table that stood between her and Sandy's lounge. Andy bend down to Tina and kissed her tenderly on her mouth. Naturally Tina opened her lips immediately to return the kiss. Now Andy raised her rear a little bit and shoved one of her hands past Tina's dick between her thighs. Then she put the egg, which of course she had hidden in her hand, into Tina's wet cunt. Tina had already been asking herself what Andy had in mind and was now happily surprised.

    "Hey thanks, dear! You really know what's good," she said to Andy when she was rising up again.

    "Of course I do! But with that thing it's gonna be better for me as well!" Andy replied with a lovely smile on her face. She switched the egg on. Tina moaned out loud and likewise did Andy who immediately felt the vibrations which were transferred into her pussy via Tina's hard cock. For a while she just kept sitting still on Tina enjoying the tender vibrations and their effects on Tina's dick which got even harder and she felt it pulsate inside her crotch. Then she gave the remote control to Tina and started to ride on her dick again.

    While Andy was gaining speed again Tina enjoyed increasing and decreasing the intensity of the vibrations of the egg that worked inside her pussy. Most people would long have cum due to that treatment but Tina had herself well under control. Even when Andy climaxed Tina was able to restrain herself although she was sensing every twitch of Andy's cunt. After the orgasm had left her body Andy was sitting on her heavily breathing.

    "Wow, what a fucking great orgasm!" she said smiling. "And what about you? Don't you wanna squirt your cream into my cunt?"

    "Not yet. I want to go on fucking for a little while before I cum. I just love to have my dick inside you," Tina answered and put the remote control aside.

    Tina returned the favor of the wonderful tit-massage Andy had given her by starting to caress Andy's breasts. Intensifying her movements, Tina was now kneading Andrea's well-shaped tits with both her hands. Then her moves became more tenderly again. Slowly she caressed Andy's nipples with her fingers whereupon these nipples got even harder as they already were.

    Tina's hands went to Andy's back now and she pulled her gently down to herself while raising herself up a bit. So she was able to coddle the two breasts with her mouth while Andy was pleasing her cock inside her hot pussy by moving her hips around it in circles. Skillfully Tina played with her tongue around Andy's nipples and every now and then she took the sweet little nipples between her lips and started to suck them like a baby. And every time she did that Andy was moaning loud.

    In the meantime Sandy still enjoyed Zeus's heavy thrusts and in addition to that sensation she also used her fingers to stimulate her clit. Faster and faster she let her fingers fly over her little passion-button. The muscles inside her pussy were already working hard on the dog's dick again. And it didn't remain unaffected. Zeus's cock already squirted into Sandy's cunt. It was only precum yet but it was really a lot. Given the amount of liquid leaking out of Sandy's hole every time when Zeus withdrew his member out of it you could have thought that he was pissing into her. But of course he wasn't. That was his precum mixed with a lot of Sandy's own love-juices.

    "But wouldn't that be hot if he'd really piss into my cunny later," Sandy thought since of course she noticed very well with how much liquid she was being filled. "Maybe we can manage that!" Sandy smiled at that thought.

    But she didn't have time to think more about that idea now because that moment Zeus drove his knot into her hole. Sandy clasped Zeus's hip with her legs to push him even deeper into herself. Furthermore she rubbed her clit even harder to massage his cock with her cuntal walls even more, now that it was tied to her. And indeed, just a few moments later his semen shot out of his pulsating cock in such an amount that the precum seemed to be like a wee rill in comparison to these loads of sperm.

    Naturally thereby Sandy came as well. And she came hard! Never-ending waves of lust went through Sandy's shivering body and by that the dog's cock was milked even more. After her orgasm had become a bit weaker, though it still wasn't over, Sandy lifted her head, pulled Zeus's head a bit closer down to hers and licked over his snout whereupon of course he also started to lick her. Slowly she laid her head back on the lounge and Zeus followed her. He continued to lick her face while still pumping his hot jizz into her twat.

    Sandy enjoyed her face being licked by him without letting her own tongue rest for a second. When Sandy loosened the grip of her legs around his waist again he stopped licking her. He obviously wanted to turn now. With one hand she kept his cock inside her and with the other hand she helped him to get his leg over her belly. Then she laid back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the final squirts of sperm from the large dick of her Great Dane-lover.

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    Jul 17 2009 21:35

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    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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