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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    Meanwhile Tina had laid back again as well. She also had her eyes closed because it wouldn't be long now until she would squirt, too - and she desperately wanted it now. The egg inside her cunt was vibrating on full power. Andy, who was about to cum another time as well, was moving up and down Tina's cock faster and faster now. With loud claps Andy's ass was hitting Tina's thighs over and over again. Andrea was on the brink of her own orgasm when she heard Tina scream: "Noooow! I'm cumming!"

    "Yeah, shoot it all into me!" Andy was barely able to yell before she felt that her own orgasm was coming. Load after load Tina squirted her sperm into Andy's twitching hole. And even when the fountains of semen inside Andy's pussy were ebbing, Tina's orgasm wasn't going away. The flesh of her pussy was still quivering under the blissful pulses of her climax and her cock was still twitching, embedded inside Andy's palpitating cunt-flesh. Several orgasms flooded through both of the girls.

    It was almost as if the waves of lust were going from the one to the other and back again. When it finally did cease Andy found herself bent over, with her upper body lying on Tina's breasts. Their sweaty wet bodies were tightly snuggling against each other. Tina's cock was, though not hard anymore, still inside her. They opened the eyes and kissed each other passionately. The vibro-egg wasn't working anymore. Tina had already switched it off with the remote control.

    Andy sat up and looked around. She searched for her dog. He was quenching his thirst on one of the prepared water-bowls. Of course Andy was happy about the Doberman refilling his stock again. When he was done drinking she called him.

    "Ma-ax!" Immediately he looked to her and wagged his tail. "Come here, my boy!"

    Happily he ran to her and right away he started to lick the face of his lady while she was petting his head. Tina who still laid on the floor with Andy sitting on her, began to stroke his chest and slowly she let her hand wander down to his belly. And of course this had some effect because naturally Max knew exactly what it meant when somebody was caressing him like that - especially when this somebody was Andy, Sandy or Tina.

    His cock began to slide out of its sheath again. In the meantime Andy had moved her hand down to his belly, too. Both of them noticed how horny he already was again - naturally, as the only thing he had done before was drenching his ladies in piss. But now he wanted more. He showed that unmistakably by doing light humps with his hips whenever Tina's or Andy's hand touched his dick - how small this touch ever was.

    "So, d'you wanna give him a blowjob?" Andrea asked and after Tina of course had answered affirmatively, she added: "Wait, I'll turn him around so it's gonna be easier." Then, without standing up (Tina's cock, though limp now was still buried inside her crotch) she turned him so, that his dick which had completely left its sheath was hanging directly above Tina and his rear was turned to herself. Tina had to lift her head just a little bit to be able to let her tongue glide over the tip of the inviting dog-penis. Max wasn't moving his hips anymore. Very calmly he enjoyed the sensation of Tina's warm, wet tongue on his member. The first drops of precum already flew over this tongue right into Tina's mouth.

    With one hand Tina grabbed his cock now and lifted her head a bit more to fully enclose the tip of his dick with her soft lips. Max started to pant heavily when Tina was slowly shoving her lips over his dick taking it deep inside her mouth. With increasing pressure the precum left his penis so that it soon went from dripping to squirting. Tina was heavily sucking his dick and caressed it tenderly with her fingers. But she didn't clasp him yet to milk him above his swelling knot. And Andy hadn't been remaining inactive. His balls laid in her hands and she kissed them.

    Then she let her tongue glide softly over their surface. She opened her lips, took one of them into her mouth and sucked on it carefully. Of course she treated the other one with just the same attention. Gently she kept it between her lips and let the tip of her tongue fly over its surface. Her hands moved from the dog's balls to his penis-sheath tenderly stroking the soft fur that covered it.

    When she began to massage his sheath harder she could feel the twitching channel inside it through which more and more tasty precum was being pumped into Tina's mouth. It was a really big amount of the dog's fluids already which was literally sucked out of his cock by Tina with obvious joy. And she was still not jerking him behind his knot! From time to time Tina took the squirting cock out of her mouth, closed her eyes and let Max's juices squirt all over her face. It didn't take long until it was totally stained with dog-precum. Imagine how horny Andy got when she saw the juices of her four-legged lover distribute over the face of her friend Tina. She desperately wanted to fuck again now, so she asked Tina:

    "Do you think your dick is ready for another ride? What about a little fuck in the ass? I'll suck it hard again!"

    "You're welcome!" was the only thing Tina said yet before she put her lips over the hot dog cock again. Enough of his tasty sex-juices haven't ended up in her mouth. And Andrea got a lot of sex-juices as well for the moment because meanwhile Tina's cock had slid out of her. A lot of the Sperm which Tina had shot into her cunt had flown out and was spreading on Tina's lap now. This way Andy had all the more fun to lick Tina's dick, although of course a lot of the sperm had gone astray on the floor tiles. Andy removed the vibrator from Tina's cunt just to let two of her fingers dive into it right away.

    With the support of her skillful fingers in Tina's steaming hot hole it didn't take long until Andy had a long hard cock in her mouth again. She took a little of the lube which lay on the little table next to the collection of vibrators and dildos and put it plentifully on Tina's dick. Then she straddled her again and placed Tina's glans on the entrance of her asshole. Slowly she let the slippery cock glide into her back entrance.

    Tina moaned quietly without taking Max's dick out of her mouth. She was still "operating" very gently and slowly because she wanted to suck his dick and enjoy his lust-dribbles as long as possible without him actually shooting his real semen because then it would be over again for the moment. Andy had lubricated Tina's dick very well - accordantly fast and furious she was riding on it. And with one hand she simultaneously jerked her cunt.

    In total ecstasy she rubbed her clit and so another orgasm was on its way. Her bladder also had been filled enough again in the meantime. She would open her floodgates as soon as the climax would reach her. Nothing is better than a simultaneous piss to increase the intensity of an orgasm. More and more fierce she drove Tina's cock into her asshole and faster and faster she was rubbing her clit. Andy's whole body was trembling when she finally came. The same moment her piss started to squirt out from the tiny hole in her cunt. And because she didn't stop jacking off, her urine sprayed over Tina's whole upper body.

    Max who had watched Andy all the time turned around now to taste the delicious liquid which his lover was spraying on the body of the girl that had his cock in her mouth at the moment. Of course Tina had realized what kind of liquid was spreading on her body and so she naturally knew why Max was moving now. So she released his dick out of her mouth and concentrated on her own dick which was massaged by Andy's twitching sphincter.

    After the heaviest waves of her orgasm had gone by, Andy noticed Max as well and of course she knew what he wanted now. She slightly narrowed the slit of her pisshole by pulling her clit up a little. This way she squirted her piss directly into Max's muzzle. And he was greedily slurping as much as he could and when the stream was getting weak he lowered his head to drink the urine which was still dribbling from Andrea's cunt. When the fountain had ran dry he started to lick the pee from Tina's belly while Andy began to ride on Tina's cock again (she had stopped during her orgasm).

    "Before you go on, what about a change of position?" Tina suggested. "You lay down on your back and I continue to fuck you. I wanna enter your pussy once more. And this way you can also suck your darling's cock again."

    So Andy dismounted Tina's lap and laid down on the floor. Before she went on Tina fetched a pad from one of the lounges and put it under Andrea's rear. First she kneeled beside her because she wanted to please her orally before actually fucking her. Of course she did not do it just for Andy's pleasure but also for herself because she naturally loved the taste of Andy's cunt.

    Max was now standing above Andy, however he actually was more looking in Tina's direction. His dick wasn't squirting anymore and it also wasn't very stiff anymore. Partly it had disappeared back into its sheath again. But of course this was quickly reversed when Andy started to fondle his cock again.

    When she finally put it back on her lips it was wonderfully big and hard once more. But before she swallowed it into her mouth she circled around its pointy tip with her tongue and sucked on it. But she couldn't do that very long. She wanted to have his whole splendor in her mouth and so she lifted her head a little more and shoved it in. Tina stopped eating Andy's pussy and sat between her spread legs. She grabbed her dick and straightforwardly she inserted it into the fervent hole of this beautiful cunt.

    At first she let her dick glide in and out of it very slowly. At the same time she started to rub Sandy's clit with her fingers since at the moment Andy wasn't able to do that herself because she used both her hands for Max. With one hand she held his cock in position and with the other she caressed his balls. Andy enjoyed it so much to have her bestial sweetheart's cock in her mouth. She could already taste the slightly salty flavor of his precum again.

    So after he had started to dribble again she took his dick out of her mouth from time to time, laid back her head and let the liquid drop slowly into her mouth. It wasn't very much yet, but she enjoyed every single drop of it. Tina now increased her speed a little. She had put Andy's legs onto her shoulders and thereby she had tightened the entrance of her pussy. At the same time she had lifted Andy's rear a little bit by doing that and so she could poke more comfortable. She raised the speed of her thrusts more and more now.

    "Oh, yeees! That's sooo good!" Andy said moaning after she had taken Max's dick out of her mouth once more. And it wasn't just dribbling anymore. Strong squirts of the clear liquid were jetting onto her face now. "You're fucking almost as fast as our four-legged darlings!" And with that Max's cock disappeared back in her mouth again. The flow of precum got stronger and stronger as Andy was milking him harder and harder behind his knot.

    She wanted the full load in her mouth. And indeed - she felt his cock contracting a little within her mouth. Then his whole body started to tremble and already his sperm started to shoot into her mouth like piss. Load after load of the delicious dog-semen was flowing down her throat. And Andy herself was about to cum another time as well. Of course that wasn't very surprising considering how fiercely she was fucked by Tina.

    Tina also realized that it wouldn't take long for Andy anymore now because Andy was moaning really heavy now. When the orgasm caught Andy's body Tina stopped humping. For one moment she kept her cock deep inside Andy and then she started to piss inside Andy's cunt which was trembling from the orgasm that rolled through her whole body. And of course this orgasm got even better due to the cozy warmth which was spreading within her lust-grotto now. But when Andy's orgasm slowly ceased Tina took Andy's legs off her shoulders, pulled her still pissing cock out of Andy's steaming hot hole and pissed onto her belly and her lovely apple-breasts.

    "That's the "revenge" for pissing on me!" Tina said laughing.

    With her piss-stream Tina also repeatedly hit Max's dick which was hanging above Andy's tits now, because Andy had released it out of her mouth during her orgasm. Andrea's Doberman had slightly moved, because now that he had shot his jizz and Andy had stopped sucking his dick, he was naturally very interested in Tina's urine on Andy's belly.

    With obvious pleasure he licked the delicious fluid from the belly of his lady who just opened her eyes again after her orgasm and her gaze fell on his balls dangling above her face. So before she put her lips around his still hard cock again she took care of his bulging testicles. She just had one of them in her mouth sucking on it when Tina's piss hit her face. Tina had narrowed the opening of her peehole with one finger and so she managed to shoot past Max's dick to hit his balls and thereby Andy's face as well. Andy opened her mouth and let the piss flow from Max's balls right into it.

    In the meantime the knot on the penis of Tina's Great Dane inside Sandy's pussy had started to shrink and he wanted to pull his dick out of her now. But she seized his cock with one hand to keep it in her pussy. Zeus immediately understood that she wanted him to stay inside and stopped trying to withdraw from her. He stayed nicely still which was good since Sandy still wanted him to piss into her.

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    Slurp! xoxo

    Jul 17 2009 21:35

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    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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