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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, dickgirls, dog sex, watersport, orgy.

    Then Sandy began to gently massage the still covert cock and started to shove it out of its sheath. Andy could already see the little red tip coming out of its bag. With her other hand Sandy pulled the sheath back and his knot came to sight which already had started to swell. With one hand behind the knot Sandy now grappled the gorgeous cock and gently fondled it with the fingertips of her other hand which she had lubed well in her mouth.

    Andy licked her lips - she was horny as hell and she was really looking forward to suck out this wonderful dick in her mouth. As to tease her even more, Sandy started to slowly lick along the shaft of the dog's penis. Furthermore she started to jerk the dick with skilful milking movements and already the first driblets of his lust-juice started to spray on Andy's face and her tits. She failed in catching them with her mouth.

    "Now may I, please?" she asked impatiently and was glad to get Sandy's permission. With her mouth wide open she welcomed the wonderful, squirting cock. She enclosed it with her soft lips and right away she started to suck it greedily. And although Sandy then stopped to milk him for now, he didn't stop to squirt precum into her mouth - it didn't even become less. It was just fabulous to feel Tina's dick inside her cunt while giving head to her four-legged darling and enjoying his juice.

    Sandy kneeled next to Max's rear and was just busy licking Max's balls when Tina pulled her cock out of Andy's wet pussy again.

    Sandy, quick, come here - I'm gonna shoot!" Sandy could barely turn around her head when the first load of sperm splattered onto her face. Quickly she put her lips over Tina's cock, insatiably swallowing the yummy cream. With hard jerking moves she got everything out of the girl's dick. She kept the last drops of sperm in her mouth, raised herself and gave them to Tina with a hot kiss.

    "Thanks, honey! Your sperm was great!" Sandy said to her with a smile and crawled back to Andy who was still pleasurably sucking Max's dick. But Sandy now had enough of just licking his balls. She wanted to have some dick herself. So she laid next to Andrea and started to lick along the glistening shaft again. Andy understood and turned the dick over to her seamlessly. But Sandy wasn't sucking the still squirting cock alone for a very long time.

    Soon both of them licked and sucked it alternately and they were also licking over each other's tongues, though by doing that, a lot of the dog's precum was spraying off target and spread on their faces. But of course they licked that off each other as well. Meanwhile Tina had pushed her cock back into Andy's cunt fucking her fiercely again. Her dick hadn't become limp after her heavy orgasm so she continued where she had stopped.

    And of course this soon had an obvious effect on Andy. Right in the middle of a deep kiss with Sandy, under a rain of dog-precum, Andy started to moan heavily. She shivered when another orgasm, triggered by Tina's fierce thrusts floated through her body. The orgasm was really strong. Andy couldn't prevent a lot of piss spraying out of her peehole straight up in the air. As soon as Tina noticed that, she pulled her dick out of Andy's hole - not without replacing it with two of her fingers to prolongate the orgasm - and let Andy's piss spray right into her face.

    "Wow, I didn't expect that," Tina said after Andy's orgasm had subsided and the stream of piss had stopped to flow. "But of course, thanks a lot for it. I hope you still got some left."

    "Of course, no problem - I managed to keep back quite a bit," Andy turned to Sandy and the dog-dick again. But Tina didn't shove her dick into Andy's cunt again. Instead she stood up.

    "Let me try something," she said. "If it works, it'll also be nice for you two."

    Andy and Sandy now were less paying attention to Max's dick, though they didn't really stop to lick it. Naturally, because of that even more of his precum was scattering around, but now they had become curious and they watched what Tina did now: She had gone back to the table where the sex-toys were. She returned with a condom and a tube of lube.

    "I'm curious if he's gonna like that," she said while slipping the condom over her cock and spreading a very big amount of lube on it.

    Andy now knew what Tina had in mind, Sandy didn't know immediately. Only when Tina got behind the dog's rear lowering her hips Sandy also understood what she was about to do.

    "You want to fuck him in the ass?" she asked.

    "Yes, of course," Tina replied. "Zeus likes that and I think Max will like it, too. Besides, he's gonna cum a lot more then if you go on sucking him well."

    But Sandy left his cock to Andy for a moment. That was something she wanted to see. With her hands Tina held Max's tail up and put some of the lube onto his anus. Then she guided the tip of her penis to the tiny hole and started to push it in very slowly and carefully. She closely observed his reactions. At least he didn't seem to mind so she shoved her dick farther inside - still very slowly and carefully. Millimeter for millimeter her cock disappeared in his asshole. Max started to twitch a bit, but still he showed no sign of discomfort. Rather the opposite, his already heavy panting got even heavier and when she let her cock glide out again he even pushed against it. When she penetrated him again she already did faster and the next time even more until she found an adequate fucking rhythm.

    "See, he likes it!" she said.

    "Indeed!" Sandra replied. "No doubt! Just like me, hihi," she added when she joined Andy again, who in the meantime had started to fiercely suck his cock. She definitely didn't want to miss this superorgasm of Max. And it didn't take long until they realized that this orgasm was right on its way, because more and more precum was squirting out of it. Andy also started to milk him with her hand behind his knot again. The two girls were taking turns with licking and sucking again. Their faces got soaked with rapidly growing amounts of precum, they almost couldn't keep up with licking it off each other now. Andy was still heavily milking him and Max suddenly twitched hard when Tina had shoved her cock into his ass as far as possible.

    "Now, he cums!" Andy was barely able to say before he went off. The amount of sperm that was gushing out of the tip of Max's cock splattering onto the faces of the two girls was tremendous. You could almost think he was pissing. But that was not the case. It was warm dog semen which squirted in torrents into the greedily opened mouths of the two girls. There wasn't the slightest sign that it was going to stop soon. And Tina was supporting that very well, because she let her cock plugged in his ass and stimulated him with rotating movements of her hips. She bent a bit forward to be able to see a little better what was going on below Max's belly.

    Andy and Sandy were just kissing lavishly under the rain of sperm which was pouring on them. But like every rain, this one also finally ceased - with every squirt the amount got less now, until at the end just a few single drops fell down from the glistening red penis tip. Andy released Max's dick from her grip and Tina took hers out of his asshole. For a brief moment his cock dangled above the still heavily kissing women, then Max went away completely satisfied. And what a sight was presented to Tina now: the both girls were soaking wet of dog sperm since they deliberately had messed themselves up with it.

    After all they did have enough of it to squirt around. Face, hair, breasts, belly - everywhere little puddles and drops of it, sparkling in the sunlight were to be seen. It really did look as someone had pissed all-over them. When Tina sat down, both of them looked up.

    "Now look at you both, you little bitches!" she said grinning. "You're completely messed up with doggy-sperm - soaking wet from tip to toe!"

    "So, how is it? Do you wanna help us cleaning it up again?" Andy asked impishly lifting her eyebrows twice.

    Tina laughed. "Yeah, I guess I'll have to deal with this mess."

    First she slurped the sperm out of Sandy's bellybutton, where quite an amount of it had gathered. Then, when she bent over Sandy to slurp Andy's bellybutton out as well, she messed herself up with dog semen, too, since she wasn't really bending OVER her, but more letting her body SLIP over Sandy's wet belly - which she did deliberately of course.

    "Now look what you have done now!" Sandy said, who of course had noticed that. "Now you're all messy, too. I thought you were gonna clean US. Instead you mess up YOURSELF."

    "Yes, but like that it's a lot more fun." Tina replied with a big smile and rubbed her body even more against theirs. "Like the best massage-oil."

    Finally the whole thing ended up in all three girls kissing, caressing and licking each other.

    "Man, that was great!" Sandy said when, a little bit later, all three of them were lying on their backs on the floor tiles. "I wouldn't have thought that it was possible that Max was able to squirt such amounts of cum."

    "Yeah, that was really awesome," Andy added.

    "Well, there's nothing better than a good massage of the prostate," Tina noted smiling. "No difference with our four-legged darlings at all." Then she turned over onto her belly and supported herself with her arms. "But do you guys know what? I'd fancy having a big sturdy cock in my pussy as well."

    She called for Zeus who immediately came to her wagging his tail and licked her face. "Well, my boy, wouldn't you want to fuck my cunt a bit now?" And already she was on all fours, having her back hunched down. Twice she smacked her ass-cheeks with her hand. "Come on, time to mount, my loverboy."

    Skillfully the Great Dane grabbed the hips of his partner with his forelegs and searched for the entrance with his already totally hard stinger. Sandra and Andrea helped him to find the right hole and already his hot prick spiked Tina's sobbing wet hot cunt. Tina moaned out loud. Immediately he started to fuck her hard. Her body trembled under every blow and her cock, which was quite limp now smacked hard onto her belly every time Zeus thrust his cock into her. Sandy fetched two small pillows to put them under Tina's knees.

    "For these two you gotta do something for me in return now," Sandy said while laying down in front of Tina with her legs spread widely apart. With both her hands she pulled her wet cuntlips apart. Tina now had the wonderful pink flesh of Sandy's cunt right below her face. What a beautiful invitation for her. It was her pleasure to dig her tongue deep into this beautifully smelling cave and one moment later she could taste Sandy's emerging sex-juices. Sandy caressed her own belly with her now free hands and let them wander up her body. She pushed her tits up to her mouth to lick her own highly erect nipples while enjoying Tina's tongue playing around deep inside her pussy.

    And of course Andy wasn't just watching (though it certainly was worth being watched). She sat down next to Tina and started to caress Tina's back with one hand and with her other hand she fondled her tits which were dangling in the rhythm of Zeus's thrusts. Then she laid herself under Tina's upper body and for a short moment she watched Tina's limp cock swaying to and fro even more than her tits. Then she took one of her nipples between her lips and started sucking it ferociously.

    Tina's own movements became calmer now, but not because Zeus was getting slower, just because she was countering him a bit more. She did that because she noticed that Andy's fingers were moving along her belly towards her cock - and of course also to intensify the force of Zeus's thrusts. Thereby his cock was going a lot deeper into her and she already sensed a tickle inside her cunt. She wasn't very far away from a vaginal orgasm now. She wouldn't shoot her load then of course as her dick wasn't even completely hard yet. But that was going to be changed very soon because Andy now let her hand glide over Zeus's forelegs which were tightly clasped around Tina's belly, and then beyond them to Tina's cock. With tender fingers she started to caress it.

    Once more she circled around Tina's rock-hard nipple with the tip of her tongue and then slipped a bit to the right to completely turn her attention to Tina's dick. It still wasn't hard. She grabbed it and thereby had an open view onto Tina's pussy at the root of the penis. She took another moment to watch. This time it was Zeus's dick she was looking at which he drove into Tina's dripping wet hole again and again.

    With an unbelievable speed the red glistening dog penis went in and out and his balls were dangling above her. She licked over her lips. She would have loved to snuggle his balls with her mouth now but naturally she didn't want to disturb him. A little shiver went through her body. It was time to bring her attention to Tina's dick which had already become a little harder in her hand. She pulled back its foreskin completely to uncover its glans which was beginning to get firm and shiny. Then she enclosed her hand around the shaft. She could feel the blood flowing into it. Tina's cock started to pulsate in her hand and fine veins began to emerge on it.

    Suddenly Tina jerked heavily. A fierce orgasm was spreading from her cunt through her whole body. But as expected she didn't squirt her load yet, apart from one tiny drop of precum which Andy immediately licked off of the cock's piss-hole. Shaken by her orgasm Tina didn't notice that. She also didn't notice that Zeus's cock, stimulated by the quivering muscles on the inside of her pussy, had also started to produce precum. But it was much, much more than just a single drop.

    Like a firehose the dog-cock shot it into Tina's cave. Indeed that wasn't noticed by Tina right away, but it was very well noticed by Andy since it took only moments until Zeus's ejaculate, mixed with Tina's juice, was pouring out of her pussy and running along the shaft of her cock. The first drops dripped onto Andy's lips. She licked them up. It really was time now to taste this cock, even more so as it was so beautifully flavored now. She licked on it and she could clearly taste the flavor of Zeus's precum since the amount of it was considerably larger than the amount of Tina's cuntjuices.

    Of course she enjoyed this wonderful taste. That's why at first she only continued to lick it instead of swallowing it completely and suck on it. Of course Andy was getting hornier as well so she moved her left hand to her pussy and let one finger glide through her wet slit. Then she started to rub her clit by which her own juices began to flow again. It didn't take long until that was noticed by someone who had an excellent sense of smell.

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    Jul 17 2009 21:35

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    what an adventure the girls had

    Dec 9 2013 11:53
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