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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, bondage, lesbians.

    I had just graduated from college in the spring; I was 22 and ready to conquer the world. I would travel Europe with two other college friends that summer, along the way discovering who I was and what the world out there held for me. I was 22, lesbian and ready.

    It was in the city of Berlin that I got what I had been waiting for, even if I didn’t know it at the time. I went out alone on our second night, to a club that I had heard about. It was known for its techno dance scene, and hot lesbian women. The club didn’t disappoint, it was dark inside, and loud, already thumping by the time I arrived.

    I was immediately befriended by a couple, an older woman in her mid thirties by the name of Katrin, and her younger partner, Fiona. We immediately struck up conversation at the quiet end of the club, how long I was in Berlin, where I was staying and if my friends were here too. I was attracted to and fascinated by this couple and the music and drinks were a strong aphrodisiac. We danced and drank, had conversations about my travel and sexuality, I didn’t realize I was getting drunk, quickly.

    Perhaps it was my youth speaking, or the alcohol, but I boasted of my sexual experience, telling the two in no way was I out of my league at the club, the party was just getting started, little did I know how prophetic that was. Katrin, definitely the top, asked me about what I liked, sexually, was I as innocent as I looked? I told her hell no, I try everything and anything; I was ready to party Berlin style!

    As she spoke of bondage and sex trios, my mind raced ahead and I started to openly flirt, the idea of a wild night with these two was getting me going. In the haze of the bar, I suddenly was feeling very drunk, like what hit me? I suspect now it was some drug they had slipped in my drink. When they suggested we go to their apartment for a break, I gladly jumped at the chance to be with them alone…I knew what going home with them meant. I don’t remember the ride to their home at all; at the time I just thought I was really drunk. The first memory I have is getting comfortable in their bedroom, Fiona helping me undress. In a flash, we were all naked and rolling on their bed, I was being pleasured by two hot women at once. As we proceeded to kiss and finger each other, in no particular order, I felt like they were more teasing me than trying to please me, but what hell, I was getting hornier by the second and was not in the mood to stop!

    I felt whatever inhibitions fall away, I was letting loose, the combination of dancing and drinks had me feeling that way, little did I know the date rape drug was coming on strong now. Katrin and Fiona spoke German to each other, I was able to only understand bits and pieces, but it didn’t matter to me, the sexual haze and frenzy was sweeping me up.

    When Katrin got out what looked like a chest of toys, my heart skipped a beat, inside were an assortment of dildos, vibrators and various sex toys. With a nod, Fiona quickly fastened strong fabric cuffs to my wrists and strangely, below my knees. Katrin could see my initial apprehension and just asked "You like?" I nodded yes….my heart racing. She told me that the pleasure was to be all mine now, if I let go they would give me a night to never forget. Katrin got out a dog collar for Fiona and fastened it around her neck, the two now knowingly laughing as they sensed my readiness.

    Fiona told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed, as I did she directed my hands back to my knees where I heard a click as the cuffs where snapped to the restraints around my knees. I realized how vulnerable I was as the cool air hit my wet sex, now opened up for them.

    They immediately took up where we had left off, Katrin in front of me with her legs opened, letting me greedily lick and suck at her while Fiona started to do the same to me from behind. Each time I got close to orgasm, Fiona abruptly stopped, and then having sucked Katrin to a strong orgasm, she joined Fiona, bringing the chest of toys. Fiona then came up and Katrin handed her a blindfold, which she put on me. All the time they reassured me, that it would only get better….I had to believe them as I was still reaching for my first orgasm.

    Through the haze of the alcohol and drug, I was aroused like never before. Katrin started with a small thin dildo, barely felt like a finger, she was using it inside me sliding it all the way in very deep and out again to linger along my labia. Teasing the entrance, making me push back as much as I could against the restraints to get the tip of it to penetrate me before she slid it in the hilt. Fiona asked for her turn, and Katrin gave her permission to take her place in front of me.

    I knew if I made her come, Katrin would let me come too. I began to feel the rhythm of their game; it was getting kinkier as Katrin asserted herself as the top, Fiona the bottom and me, the submissive sex slave. Katrin was teasing me to no end, each time I approached orgasm, she would cease all contact and just blow on my very hot, wet and swollen vulva. I was going out of my mind, having gone on for more than an hour now, I was beginning to ache for orgasm, a release from the relentless teasing and arousal of my sex.

    Having eaten Fiona like my life depended on it; I brought her to a very strong climax, sensing my own release was contingent on it. Being blindfolded concentrated my senses; I felt every fold and contour of her vulva in my mouth, as I felt every caress of Katrin’s fingers on my sex as she expertly skinned back the hood of my clitoris to reveal the turgid shaft and glans.

    Katrin was now talking in German to Fiona, I was too far gone to care, my impending orgasm like a huge dark cloud ready to rain. Fiona moved to my side, I felt her hands on my breasts and nipples; the tingle of electricity shooting from my clit to nipple was instant.

    I realized then how swollen my nipples had become in that position, my breast hung heavily and the nipples now swollen full buds. I could feel the juice from my pussy now dripping down my inner thighs, any more and I would surely pass out from frustration. Katrin got off the bed and left and then Fiona started to reassure me, relax and enjoy this, don’t fight it; if I surrender to it I will feel more pleasure than ever. "The dog is trained and knows what to do." Dog!!??? What dog!?? My mind was racing as a tinge of panic started deep in my chest.

    I heard the door open and the sound of nails clicking on the floor as Katrin lead the dog in. The blindfolds heightened every sense; I felt the breath of the dog on my ass as Katrin let him sniff my exposed vagina. He immediately started to lap and lick, Katrin and Fiona coaxing him on, which he didn’t need. I was tense, my extreme need for release being balanced by my fear of what was about to happen. I had been licked before; the summer I spent at my relatives in upper Michigan when I was 13 was my first and only experience with a dog. It was only one summer and never went further than getting licked.

    This was nothing like that innocent summer, the dog was attacking my pussy, licking from my ass to clit and his tongue lapping deep into my vagina, tasting the juice as it came out. I felt my arousal piercing the fear, a strange feeling of confusion in my drug and alcohol clouded brain. If this kept up just a few more precious moments I would finally be able to come.

    Katrin’s voice brought me back; she announced, "He is ready."

    I knew what this meant; I didn’t have to be told they were going to let the dog mount. I pleaded, "No, no please, don’t do this," but I was not in a position do deny the dog, Katrin or Fiona. I didn’t know what kind of dog it was, but the instant he jumped up on my back I realized how big and strong he was. I didn’t know or care what breed he was, but his strength and urgency were evident as he immediately gripped my hips with is front paws.

    I felt his fur along my back as he stepped closer; I felt the tip of his sheath seeking my opening. As I felt him hunch, the tip of his penis made contact with entrance of my vagina. He immediately thrust, this time his penis tip thrust into my anus. Perhaps it was fear, instinct or desire, I knew I had to make a choice that instant. As he drew back for another jab, I shifted my hips and let my vulva pout out.

    As he thrust forward, his penis penetrated me, just an inch, but he could feel the heat and immediately started to hump. I felt Katrin’s hand as she helped guide him in, the dog increasing his pace as each time he was able to sink his penis in deeper. Katrin said, "Ahh yes, it's in, now relax and help him knot." My head was beginning to spin, the sensations overwhelming me.

    I was furiously clenching down trying to keep him from penetrating me, but I felt his claws on my hips, gripping me tightly as he drove in even harder. Fiona sensed my fear, and told me to relax; fighting it would only make it more difficult. But Katrin was willing to let me fight it, she knew it would only make my surrender to it that much stronger. The dog was humping rapidly, his pace increasing as he drove his cock deeper.

    His cock felt skinny, but long, the size did not scare me as much as the thought of getting bred like this, hands and legs bound, at his mercy. It was too late to try to fight him penetrating me, he was already in and deep, as soon as I stopped resisting, I felt the dog loosen his death grip on my hips just a bit, but his claws were still digging into the soft flesh just above my hip bones. I became aware of two things…his weight on my back as he supported himself on his rear legs, and the swelling of his penis as it was fully extended from his sheath now, inside me.

    Katrin must have been watching the mating as she told Fiona to come around and watch, leaving my aching full nipples tense and hanging. I felt his cock swelling, the girth expanding inside as he humped away, each thrust driving deeper still by only a fraction. They were talking excitedly in German now, I didn’t understand anything, my head and heart were saying no, but my body was starting to succumb to the sensations in my pussy.

    Katrin said, "Look, his knot!" and it didn’t register but I felt the swelling at the base of his organ. His penis was still swelling and I felt this bulb at my entrance on every stroke. Soon it was going in and out, it the bulb swelling on each stroke. I didn’t know anything about the knot as I do now, but I did know instinctually that it was getting so big it was about to get stuck. As a woman, you just know that.

    It was then that the dog bore down and shortened his strokes, the bulb not being pulled from my entrance, but being pushed as deeply in me as was possible. I felt two sets of hands on my ass and vulva as Katrin and Fiona felt the knot begin to tie within. Within a minute the bulb swelled and completely knotted, the dog pulled once to test the tie and then slowly pushed in to seat the knot within me. It was then that I felt the sensations I had been fighting overcome me as a huge orgasm began to rise up from my vagina.

    I felt my stomach and legs contract as the contractions in my vagina spread out to my uterus and down to my thighs. It was so strong I actually lost myself, perhaps on the verge of passing out. As I came to, I heard a faint ringing in my ears as the last contractions centered back to my vaginal opening. I realized I was milking the cock of the dog, instinctually. Katrin spoke, "See it is good, you have to let him mate you now you are tied to him, there is no rushing."

    I felt full of his cock, the swelling of the knot from the inside was now pushing his tip even deeper, and I felt it making contact with my cervix. The dog was not humping or thrusting at all, just a steady push as I felt a hot wetness inside, he was beginning to ejaculate. It was then that I completely surrendered to it, knowing he was knotted and mated, our genitals knotted together and him starting to come inside me. I eased back into his insistent push and felt his knot seat past the muscles of my vaginal entrance.

    I became acutely aware of his penis tip, the pointed end which was seeking the center of my cervix. Katrin started to coach me, telling me what he dog was doing and what I should be feeling. I felt another orgasm approaching and with Katrin and Fiona’s hands; I came again, this time just as hard but maintaining consciousness.

    I felt the pressure the knot was exerting on my g-spot and how the stretch from within created a strong tension on my clit. The knot rested on my g-spot, a small push from him or a slight jerk of my hips would move it right across the center of it, making me contract my vaginal entrance and causing a few involuntary spasms in my stomach.

    Katrin told me that with each orgasm I had, the uterus would ‘tent’ and the cervix would allow the pointed tip of his cock to position itself at its entrance and with any luck, he would fill my uterus with his sperm. It became apparent to me that the dog was coming in cycles, a set of sharp thrusts then forceful pushing and then the feeling of his hot seed hitting the back of my uterus.

    As it happened, I started to have an orgasm at the very end of the cycle as I anticipated his ejaculation as the intensity built. So his orgasm would lead to mine, the gripping and contracting of my spasming cunt muscles would milk his organ and start into motion the next cycle.

    Just as I was beginning to get used to being mated this way, I felt the dog shift his weight to one side and quickly as if climbing forward over me, got one rear leg off the ground and was trying to step over my back. I felt a hand quickly push my butt down and the dog stepped over and started to turn fully. As he did this, I felt his penis rotate even while it was tied, the knot grudgingly turning over as he went ass to ass with me.

    In this position, I felt the stretch even more as the dog tested the tie by pulling vigorously against me, tugging my vulva outward as his knot was still very swollen. I felt the total surrender to him then, as I knew he was mating me as he would a bitch, coating my ovaries just as he would a female dog in heat.

    Katrin took interest in the dog now; I felt her hands between us, fondling his testicles. She told me that when a dog comes, he shoots from one testicle then the other, over and over till they are both drained. She said his balls still felt heavy so he was not done yet, it had been over twenty minutes now, and it wasn’t even close to being done.

    My head was spinning, the drugs and alcohol still so strong I wasn’t totally aware or in control. My protests were a distant memory as I felt another orgasm rising, the dog more intent to pull, pull then push into me as he came. Fiona moved her hand to my lower abdomen, and when she pushed I could feel the pressure inside from the come that was filling my uterus, sloshing around. Katrin was fingering my anus, showing Fiona how it winked as my orgasms contracted and spasmed my sphincter muscles.

    I had lost count of how many orgasms I had, I knew why they had teased and aroused me so earlier. I felt his knot; it was bigger than ever, not only swollen but wide, the width that made my knees weak as it stretched me from inside, like I never before.

    Katrin knew the dog was nearing the end, she held his testicles in the loose skin of the sack as it hung between us. The dog was testing the tie with some urgency, Fiona was telling me to grip it as tight as I could so he wouldn’t pull away too early. I was reeling by now, as my orgasms were blending into a series of extended contractions, less intense but lasting longer. The whole time I had been actively milking his cock, as if my own instinct betrayed my stated resistance.

    I don’t know how long I had been tied with him, but it may have been 45 minutes or more at this point. Katrin was talking to Fiona in German again, I felt the dogs jets slowing dramatically, though still hot, the cum seemed to be thicker and now forming a seal over my cervix, not jetting right into my uterus. In a blink, a sudden tug and the dog pulled free, his knot having shrunk enough but still very large. There was an audible pop as it uncorked and then I felt the rush of come as it freely flowed out of my gaping pussy.

    I think Fiona was holding a bowl under me collecting the fluid as I heard it dripping and splattering as it collected in the bowl. I was light headed and still blindfolded, I don’t know what Katrin and Fiona did with the come they collected from me, but I can guess.

    After pulling free, it felt like my pussy was on fire, the stretch from the knot pulling free was making my vulva burn fiercely. Katrin blew on it again and I felt the dogs tongue once again on me. He licked me clean and continued till there wasn’t any of our juices’ coming out. I came again weakly, over stimulated and cummed out. I passed out as Fiona started taking off the restraints.


    I awoke outside the youth hostel when it was still dark, and made it back to my room, my friends fast asleep and unknowing of my wild night out. I was still hazy, it wasn’t a dream but it seems like it could have been. I didn’t know if I had been drugged or not, it wasn’t just the drinks at the club that made me feel like that. I slept till 3 in the afternoon, and awoke with a terrible hangover.

    As I stripped to take a shower, my panties were sodden with cum and more continued to drip out of me over the next day, so much so that I had to wear a sanitary pad for fear of leaking through and showing.

    I felt that I had been raped and drugged, but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it, I knew in my core what had happened and at the very center of it, I had not only learned a lesson, but discovered something about myself. I fought the guilt, the confusion, anger and questions for two years.

    Three years ago I got a very male golden retriever/lab mix and for the last year and half have been actively rediscovering and learning.

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