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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians.

    Simply put, Virginia wanted to fuck. She didn't care who or where just as long as she got some hot male sausage to stuff into her aching pussy. "A girl can only go so long without riding the big shaft," she thought, "and I've gone about as far as I want to go."

    It had not been all that long. Only yesterday she had screwed the mail boy down in the basement of the building she worked in, and last night Ralph had pumped her cunt full of cum before he had to hurry off and catch the red-eye to Chicago. "But, fuck, yesterday was then and today is now and I need some dick bad." she moaned.

    The tall, slender brunette stretched languorously and swung her long, shapely legs off the bed. She momentarily eyed the vibrating dildo laying on the nightstand and was tempted to give herself a quickie-fix with the psuedo-cock.

    "Fuck, no." she muttered. "I need more than a chunk of rubber to satisfy me right now. No need trying that thing; I'd be horny again in ten minutes."

    She stood up and paced across the bedroom to the closet. Before sliding back the mirrored door, though, she paused to look at her image. Her high-cheekboned face framed a pair of smoldering sexy dark eyes, a finely chiseled nose, and a pair of voluptuously pouty lips. Her long coal black hair cascaded across her shoulders and caressed a pair of large mounds, perfectly accented by dark aureole and half-inch long perpetually erect nipples.

    Below, her flat belly descended smoothly into an enticing pair of firmly toned hips that curved smoothly into the black patch of hair that formed a perfect triangle over her pronounced mons then flanked her large, always swollen cuntlips.

    "Fucking bitch!" she snarled at the glass image as she opened the closet door. "You'd think someone with a hot bod like yours would be surrounded by hard-dicked studs just dieing to slam some good hard meat to you."

    She selected a thin black silk dress to put on and, raising her arms over her head, felt the sensuous fabric ripple down across her otherwise naked body.

    With a few tugs and pulls, she straightened the garment out, stepped into a pair of matching high heel pumps, and turned to cross the bedroom and go into the living room of her small apartment.

    She walked over to the bar and was about to turn the telephone bell back on when she noticed that the message lamp was glowing on her answering machine. "Goddamit, you better be a hot and ready hunk." she threatened the machine as she punched the playback button.

    "Hi, sweety!" the mechanically reproduced voice chirped. "It's me. I need a big, big favor from you. My ever- lovin' brother left his dog with me to dog-sit over the weekend, and I got this invite to a beach party this afternoon and, well, would you really, really mind too awfully much taking care of the mutt for a few hours?"

    Virginia pushed the erase button and pouted. "Why couldn't you leave me your brother instead of his flea- bitten dawg?" she asked the now silent machine.

    Just as she turned away from the machine and started into the kitchen to get some juice, the doorbell rang. "Hi, sweety. I hope you got my message and I hope it's alright?" her friend Nancy said as she blustered into the room, followed by a large brown German Shepherd.

    "Too late to say no now, I'm sure." Virginia grinned at her friend. "Just kidding. No, I don't mind. Not doing a fucking thing this afternoon, anyway." she sighed before continuing "Because, I don't have a thing to fuck."

    "What's the matter, doll? Oh, that's right. Lover-boy Ralphy is in Chicago. Poor baybee. Anyway, this is Bobo. Bobo, I want you to meet Ginny. She's going to take care of you this afternoon. Now you mind your manners and don't get in her way, you hear? Or I'll bop your ears off when I get back." Nancy knelt on the floor and roughed the dog's head and neck for a second, then turned to Virginia.

    "He's already been fed, so don't let him tell you otherwise. Well, I better run. Thanks again, Sweety."

    The apartment door slammed shut behind Nancy, and Virginia was left alone with the dog. "She-it, Bobo. Look's like it's just you and me." She flopped down on the sofa, picked up an old magazine, and started leafing through it.

    Bobo trotted over to where she was seated and rested his head on the cushion next to her, looking up with big, sad eyes. "So, you are as lonesome as me, huh, boy?" She scratched the dog's head. "Maybe we ought to go out and find you a girlfriend and me a boyfriend. That would take our minds off our woes, now wouldn't it?"

    Continuing to pet the dog, she thumbed through the magazine, hardly noticing the articles and pictures as she impatiently flipped the pages. Bobo responded to this attention by putting his front paws up on the sofa while standing on his back legs. "Moving in, huh, boy?" she chuckled as she scruffed his furry neck.

    Turning back to the magazine, she kept petting the dog. Unconsciously, she moved her hand down to his side and under his belly where her fingers instinctively started probing at the fur covered cock-pouch hanging between his rear haunches.

    This went on for several minutes when, to her surprise, she felt the unmistakable feel of stiff cockmeat. Bobo's cock, growing hard under her inadvertent manipulation, was rapidly sliding out of its protective pocket. "Ho, boy! Sorry about that!" she exclaimed as she yanked her hand away.

    Brought out of her daydreaming state, Virginia tossed the magazine aside, got up, and walked into the bedroom. "Don't know why I'm wearing this," she muttered as she glanced in the mirror. "No need getting it all mussed up loafing around the apartment." Crossing her arms around her waist, she lifted the silk dress up over her head and dropped it onto the bed.

    Just as she was about to step out of her high heels, Virginia heard a commotion outside her bedroom window. Curious as to what might be happening, she walked over to peek out. At the last moment she realized that she was stark naked, so she dropped to her hands and knees so she could look out without being seen.

    It was just some kids playing in the alley, and she was about to get up and find some jeans to put on when Bobo pranced into the room looking for her. His long dog cock, aroused by her manipulation, was almost dragging the floor. Spotting the girl crouched on the floor, he bounded over to her, mounted her backside, and started humping, vainly trying to find a hole that would give his hard prick some relief.

    Surprised, Virginia tried to push the dog away, but his front legs had clamped around her waist and he was too strong to be easily moved. As she twisted to try to get more leverage, she felt his heated meat bang against her thigh, and her pussy stated trembling with a sudden urgency. "Oh, fuck, he's turning me on!" she cried as she felt the first drops of her lubricating fuck-juices oozing from her cunt.

    For a few more frantic moments, she tried to get the dog off of her, but the more she struggled, the more firmly he clamped his front legs around her, and the more turned on she became. Giving up, or rather giving in, to her stirred up lust; Virginia reached down between her legs and groped for the flailing dog cock. "Well, boy. Looks like you and I both need a hot fuck, so why not?"

    Finding the throbbing, slippery piece of dog meat, she wrapped her long fingers around it and tried to guide the thrusting shaft up to her cunt. "Hold on, boy. Hold on, will you? Be still a minute and you can have all the pussy you want."

    Finally, after several futile attempts, she was able to push the hot cockhead between her pussylips Either Bobo reacted instinctively, or he had been well trained by someone. No matter which one, once he found his cockhead inside her the big German Shepherd knew what to do next. Thrusting his rear haunches forward, he drove the long, wet, pink doggy dick into the girl's sex tunnel. Once it was firmly implanted in her, he started hammering her cunt hard and furious.

    For a short time, Virginia felt pangs of reluctance at being subjected to such an unnatural act, but as she heard the spongy squishing of her pussy as the dogmeat repeatedly penetrated her, and as she felt the stimulating friction his prick was creating, she totally succumbed to the animal's fucking motions.

    "Oh, yeah! Shove it to me, big boy. Fuck that dick to me!" she gasped.

    Almost immediately she stated cumming, and the explosive climaxes continued one after the other, causing her whole body to shake under the dog's unyielding onslaught.

    "Fuck me fuck me fuck meeeee!" she cried.

    Just as she thought she was going to collapse from her consuming orgasms, it happened; first she felt the almost violent spewing of dog-cum into her ravished cunt, then she felt the big knot swelling up right behind Bobo's cockhead.

    The knot grew larger and larger until it exceeded the size of her hole. They were locked together. The dog, his energy spent, dropped his front legs to the floor, but his long cock was still firmly embedded in Genny. She tried to push him out, but the German Shepherd growled menacingly.

    "Whoh there, boy. You leave that dick in me just as long as you want to." she said, trying to soothe the dog.

    As if things weren't bad enough already, she heard a noise at the front door, a key being jiggled in the door lock, followed by the chirping voice of her girlfriend. "Hey, sweetie. You here? Anybody home?"

    The voice grew louder as Nancy walked through the living room. "Where are you? Are you... Oh, my gawd!"

    Virginia turned her head and saw the girl standing in the doorway, her eyes wide as saucers and her mouth gaping open in stunned shock. Finally able to speak again, Nancy gasped "Oh my gawd. I don't believe... What on Earth are you...? What's going on here? Oh, my gawd, I've never..."

    In total panic, Virginia shrilled, "Shut up and help me. Please! Can't you see I have a problem here?"

    For a long minute Nancy just stared at her friend, finding it hard to comprehend what she was seeing. "Well," she finally managed to say, a note of hysteria in her voice. "I can't believe what I am seeing. What on Earth?... What ever possessed you?...." Tears started streaming from her eyes, and she turned to run to the front door.

    "She-it! I can't let her leave like that." Virginia thought. "If she starts blabbering to someone else about this..." With one last effort, she tried to free herself from the fuck-knot. Fortunately, the dog's swollen knob had started to shrink, and she was finally able to pull the long pink shaft out of her cunt.

    She dashed to the door, getting there before the hysterical Nancy. Flattening her back against it, she begged "Wait, Wait. Let me explain!"

    "Explain what?" Nancy shrieked. "Explain how I found my best friend fuck, fucking a, a dog?"

    "Nancy, I can explain. It's not... Just give me a chance." Virginia pleaded. Her mind was racing, trying to figure out what to do next; how to control the damage.

    Nancy started sobbing, and Virginia instinctively reached out to hug and comfort her. "There, there, baby. Just settle down a minute."

    As upset as she was, Nancy had a very strong reaction as her friend embraced her. She had long had a deep but secret lust for the beautiful brunette, and had on occasion fingered herself off while fantasizing a lesbian affair between the two.

    She was not herself a lesbian, and she was certain that Virginia wasn't either, so she had never dared reveal these fantasies. Now, with Virginia's sultry, naked body pressed against her, Nancy felt her knees growing weak.

    Virginia saw the fleeting gleam of lust in Nancy's eyes, and it was the clue she needed. "Damn, might as well go for it," she thought. "Can't make matters any worse than they are." She pulled the shorter girl more tightly to her.

    Nancy, still sobbing, her breath coming in gasping heaves, rested her head on Virginia's shoulder. She was totally confused. One part of her was still repulsed by what she had witnessed, but another, stronger part was feeling strangely warm. She was only vaguely aware of it when Virginia's hand started unbuttoning her dress, and of the garment falling away from her body.

    Virginia led her friend back into the bedroom. Standing next to the bed, she found Nancy's mouth with hers, and pushed her tongue between the other girl's trembling lips, tasting the saltiness of the tears that had run down across her cheeks. She had never been in a BI or lesbian scene before, but as her own pussy started to moisten, she realized it was not at all unpleasant.

    She continued to explore Nancy's mouth with her inquisitive tongue as she unsnapped her friend's bra and tossed it aside, then hooked her fingers in the waistband of the delicate bikini panties and pulled them down. Finally stripping her naked, she lowered the dazed woman to the bed and stretched out beside her.

    Nancy was responding to the hot French kiss with some tongue of her own and soon both girls' tongues were twisting and tangling with each other. Virginia's hand had cupped one of Nancy's pert breasts, and she was softly but firmly kneading the sensuous globe.

    Having forgotten all about the dog, but Bobo, raising his head, sniffed the musky aroma of cunt juice. He saw the two girls entwined on the bed and bounded across the room, anxious for more of the treatment he had so recently had.

    Leaping up on the bed, he spotted Nancy's wet, naked pussy and dived for it, pushing his wet nuzzle and long tongue right into the hairy patch between her legs.

    Shocked by the sudden attack, Nancy tried to rise up, but was pinned to the bed by her unwitting partner who was not yet fully aware of what the German Shepherd was doing.

    This delay was all Bobo needed. He crawled up on the helpless girls body and stabbed his still hard dog prick at the exposed cunt just as Virginia was sliding her hand down toward it.

    She was momentarily caught off guard when her fingers found the long, pink, slippery shaft, but she quickly recovered and took advantage of Bobo's timely intrusion. She pried Nancy's cuntlips apart and then guided the hard pole to its target. The dog knew what to do next, and in an instant had rammed the full length of his big dog dick into her hot wet pussy.

    Just as Virginia had discovered earlier, Nancy found herself totally enjoying the doggy fuck. Protesting no longer, she allowed the animal to take her yearning cunt while her friend continued to fondle her hot, squirming body.

    Later, after the German Shepherd had shot a load of sticky dog cum into Nancy, and after the girl had screamed her way through climax after climax, Virginia got up and pushed the reluctant dog out of the bedroom. Shutting the door on him, she turned back to the waiting girl on the bed.

    "You and I have some business to finish, sweetheart," she said huskily as she climbed onto a willing Nancy.

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    I loved this story. I wish I could have been there to also enjoy Bobo

    Jan 28 2007 18:47
    really loved this story

    Aug 19 2008 01:40
    great I also wished I was there to and enjoy the party

    Oct 31 2008 19:39
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