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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, domination, fisting, watersport, lesbians.

    After arriving at Denise's house Ambyr hugged her tightly as they finally met. Ambyr kissed Denise deeply and oh it felt so good, she felt Denise rub her body against hers and rubbed her hands on her sexy ass. Oh! Ambyr had thought of this for so long, she knew Denise would take her and let her pleasure her forever.

    Ambyr was pretty tired from the drive so she asked to lie down for awhile and Denise showed her to a room, Ambyr took off her clothes and Denise watched her getting hotter by the second. Ambyr told Denise to lay with her and cuddle together, as she knew she would like that. So Ambyr got down to her pink panty and got in bed slipping under the covers, Denise undressed and slid in next to her putting her leg through Ambyr's and holding her tight.

    Ambyr snuggled tightly on Denise and smelled her hair and skin, it smelled so wonderful she just floated in the clouds lying next to her. Denise though wasn't tired and slipped her hand down to Ambyr's panty and rubbed her pussy through the satiny material, Ambyr started moaning softly and opened her legs more so Denise could have easier access. Denise slipped her hand inside Ambyr's panty and rubbed between her wet lips and circled her little clit now growing harder. Ambyr pushed her hips against her hand and moaned into her ear while she slid her hand down to Denise's panty and felt her juiciness. Denise moaned and smiled at Ambyr telling her to get down and lick her, she then laid back and Ambyr started sliding down her sexy body licking her hard cute pink nipples and sucking them deeply.

    Kissing her way down her belly and licking in her belly button Ambyr felt Denise's hands on her head pushing her harder down to where she wanted her. Ambyr slid down more and smelled the pungent scent of dog sex; she was intimately familiar with it of course. Ambyr was right between Denise's legs and rubbing her face on Denise's soaking panty she sucked from it and savored the mix of Denise's cum and her dogs. She sucked at her panty for awhile and pushed her tongue on her lips through the material while Denise moaned and humped on her face. Ambyr slid the panty down and licked deep into her hole sucking more cum out of it, she loved every second of this as Denise tasted better than any other girl she had been with and with the added smell of dog sex it was so good she licked furiously.

    Denise told Ambyr to lie on her back and Denise climbed over her and humped hard on her mouth moaning and grabbing the headboard with one hand and pulling Ambyr's hair with the other. Denise was enjoying this greatly especially because Ambyr was so young and looked like a little schoolgirl she was burning with lust for her. She rode harder on her sucking mouth and felt her cum flowing she screamed out and humped hard, pulling hair and moaning while the rush of cum filled Ambyr's waiting mouth. Ambyr loved it and gulped and swallowed it all down milking her hole and tasting dog cum that had been deep inside her pussy.

    Denise slowed down and slid off and licked Ambyr's face clean and cuddled again with her and they slept for a few hours, Ambyr felt so good cuddled in Denise's sexy arms and loved her so much. She couldn't wait to experience Riley with her, as she knew that would be coming very soon. Denise had to see another woman take her dog and wanted it to be Ambyr, she had a little naughty plan thought up as to how she was going to make that happen. Denise smiled naughtily and snuggled closer to her sexy little girlfriend. After a few hours of snuggling and cuddling Denise woke up and kissed Ambyr's ear whispering her awake and licking her neck. Ambyr moaned and rubbed her body against her friend and loved the feel of Denise's tongue licking her ear and neck. Ambyr got up and kissed Denise, Denise then told her that now she wanted Ambyr to be with Riley. Ambyr felt excitement run through her body and was a little nervous as Riley was a big dog.

    Denise got up and went to get something when she came back she was carrying a leash with a leather collar, Denise told Ambyr to sit up and she did. Denise wrapped the collar round her neck and buckled it tightly, she told Ambyr to get down like a doggie. Ambyr did getting immediately wet, she was totally naked and Denise pulled her by the leash to the door Ambyr crawled behind her like a good little bitch.

    Denise led her out to her bedroom, which was a lot bigger and Ambyr saw Riley lying down by her bed. When they Denise came in with Ambyr on the leash Riley got up and quickly came over and smelled Ambyr all over. He licked her face and went to her rear and snuffled between her legs licking and tasting her pussy, Ambyr was soaking wet and pushed back to feel his tongue better. Riley tried to mount right there but Denise pulled him away. Denise then led Ambyr to the couch in the room and sat down holding the leash still; she pulled Ambyr until she was between her legs close to her wet pussy. Denise told Ambyr to whine for Riley and she started whining and wiggling her ass, Riley came right over next to her.

    Ambyr went underneath him some and smelled his cock; it was already pretty big still in the sheath, bigger than her Riley's was. Ambyr licked at the tip and it came out and she licked and sucked the tip hearing Riley whine a little and pushed it into her mouth a little more. Ambyr went back a little and sniffed his huge cum filled balls and sucked them a little, Riley's cock was poking out of the sheath now, thick and red. Denise told Ambyr that was enough and to whine more and push her ass against Riley so he would mount. Ambyr did as she was told and Riley mounted swiftly, Ambyr felt his cum squirt onto her ass and run down her crack wetting her pussy for his penetration. Ambyr was a little scared but knew she had to take him because Denise wanted to see her take it. She felt the tip of his cock go right to her tight hole as he was getting trained on where to insert his cock.

    Denise looked back and saw Riley's throbbing red cock come out of the sheath and watched as the tip slipped into her tight wet hole, she knew Ambyr was scared but it didn't matter as she was going to do it whether she wanted or not. Ambyr was her slut now and she was going to be Riley's new bitch as well.

    Denise watched as Riley's blood gorged cock poked in and he stepped forward and thrust it all the way. In a flash she saw his whole cock then he was balls deep his rear covering Ambyr's little ass from view, hips pounding so hard. He was riding her full speed thrusting all over her ass but never coming out enough to see his cock, Denise was delighted knowing that Ambyr was feeling his huge cock swell deep inside her and loved thinking how it must hurt her pounding in her shallow pussy. Ambyr started screaming like crazy and pushing back on him to go deeper and screaming while he rode her like a little bitch that she was.

    Denise got down quickly to see behind and saw his balls smacking her clit with every thrust and saw the knot was fully swelled inside and stuck in her. When he pulled back it pushed her pussy out and Denise saw how huge it was when it stretched her lips out. She got back up and grabbed Ambyr's hair pulling her little bitch down to her pussy so she could scream all she wanted while licking her drenched pussy. She watched as Riley still pounded and felt a little sorry for little Ambyr but she was so hot that she wanted her to suffer, just like she did when Riley rode her. She sat back and pulled Ambyr's hair hard making her scream a little more, pulled her head and held it to her pussy grinding it in her face while Riley pounded her and made her scream over and over. Denise was just feeling so bad and hot hearing Ambyr's screams and knowing she couldn't do anything to stop Riley, she watched as he slowed down and stayed on top pumping cum in her. After about 15 minutes he pulled out of her with a sucking pop and Denise went around and sucked his cum out of her loose pussy, god it tasted so good. She was bleeding a little because Riley's cock was so big and deep in her, but that made Denise want to dominate her more. She got an evil smile and yanked Ambyr up by the leash and pulled her to the bed pushing her on it, Ambyr moaned and begged Denise to be rough with her.

    Denise climbed over her and straddled her cute face, she had to pee and Ambyr was going to drink it. Ambyr opened her mouth like a good slut and Denise relaxed and let her pee flow, it splashed right into her mouth spraying fast and hot. Ambyr gulped and swallowed mouthful after mouthful till Denise was done, then she let Ambyr lick her lips clean. Denise kissed her mouth tasting her pee in it and asked Ambyr if she liked that. Ambyr said oh yes! And begged for more, anything to please you Denise, I only want you to control me. Well that made Denise even wilder and she shoved her fingers into her loose cum filled pussy, shoving hard and rough while digging her nails into Ambyr's belly to hold her. Ambyr started screaming again and humping her hips on Denise's hand when her hand slipped inside up to the wrist. Denise went wild and shoved her arm inside till she felt her hand hit the bottom she then started fucking her so hard all the way out and back in. Ambyr was bucking and screaming like crazy, screaming that she wanted more.

    Denise cried out and shoved her arm in and out faster then she put it all the way in and punched against her cervix, god she was so turned on by Ambyr's screams she wanted to hurt her so bad knowing that was what Ambyr wanted. Suddenly Ambyr exploded and washed Denise's arm with hot juice squirting out so forcefully it almost pushed her arm out. Denise fucked her faster loving the slick juiciness from her orgasm, she sucked round her arm and bit on her clit while Ambyr screamed and came again. Denise finally pulled her arm out and licked Ambyr's gaping wide hole, she was so loose now Denise could see straight inside her. Ambyr was moaning and begging Denise for more, but Denise knew she had to settle down, as she didn't want to hurt Ambyr too much. She still had another week with her that she could use her. So Denise pulled Ambyr under the covers and snuggled her close her arm still covered in cum and blood from Ambyr's pussy, she had Ambyr lick it clean and kissed her tenderly as they cuddled to sleep.

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    Punctuation and grammer are horrible but the story is pretty good.

    Oct 13 2009 03:41
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