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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians.

    I ring at your door, feeling nervously. How will you react, when I'm so suddenly at your place? Me, the chat partner you are expecting to be thousands of miles away? We know each other in this virtual world for a couple of months now, chatting for hours sometimes, every chat leaving me hot and wet, forcing me to go to my bed and masturbate until I finally fall exhausted to sleep having wild erotic dreams of things my mother not even dares to imagine. And now I'm here at your door, my heart beating in my throat, wishing I didn't make a mistake when I decided to visit you. I hear your steps approach the door, then it opens and I look at you.

    "Yes?" You look questioningly at me, no, you don't recognize me from the one picture I sent you months ago. I feel tears in my eyes as you look at me as a stranger, my hands tremble and the note I wrote to introduce myself slips from my fingers and falls on the floor. But then your mouth opens surprised, you whisper my name and I'm finally in your arms crying and trembling, my tears falling on your blouse, wetting your shoulder. God, I'm so incredibly relieved as I feel that I'm welcome!

    Hours later we are still in your living room, sitting side by side, me leaning against you, answering your questions by writing notes as fast as I can. Long ago we changed our drinks from coffee to wine and I feel so relaxed so at ease.I feel your hands touch me as you talk, holding me, caressing me until I can't stand it any more and I turn my head to offer you my open lips for a kiss. Your kiss feels so soft, so tender, yet so arousing, it brings me immediately to the same state of sexual arousal I always felt when we chatted on the internet. Our tongues dance around each other, our breath quickens as our hands start to explore warm bodies, to caress soft skin, removing cloths, finding hard, sensitive nipples.

    Finally you break the kiss, whispering in my ears "Do you want me to make your fantasies come true?" and I nod, taking your hand and let you guide me down to your basement where you open a dark heavy wooden door. I grab your hand harder as I look into your dungeon. I see your black leather riding crop hanging at a wall, the flogger to its side, and just to its right I recognize a short silver chain, connecting two adjustable nipple clamps. I admire your collection of butt plugs and dildos on the table at the wall and shiver as I step closer and let my hand touch the 3 gags hanging at the wall next to the whips, leaving the inflatable gag swinging slightly as I turn and stare at the hook on the ceiling, holding a pulley from which a strong rope with a hook hangs, dominating the room and removing any doubts for what you might have designed this room.

    I turn around and look at you. You look at me quietly, holding my gaze and I feel as if you'd be looking in my soul. I feel weak and at the same time so proud as I go slowly down on my knees in front of you and place my hands behind my back. You step closer and caress my cheeks, smiling down at me whispering "We need safewords dear. But how can we use safewords as you are mute?" I take my block and write on it. Then I throw the pencil out of the still open door and show you the note.

    No safewords.

    My hands tremble slightly as I show you this note, offering you my complete surrender. Again you look in my eyes for what seems to be an eternity. "Are you sure?" you ask me, caressing my face and I nod. "God, I'm afraid to hurt you," and I shake my head, my lips forming the word Please. Still you look at me and I feel so nervous, suddenly I'm afraid you might refuse my offer, now I only feel week and so vulnerable. As you turn and walk to the door, my heart jumps and then everything is ok as you close the door and turn back to me.

    "Don't move. Don't look." You walk around me, I feel your eyes on me as you are in my back and I realize you are enjoying the sight I offer you, kneeling with slightly spread knees on the floor with an open blouse, wearing my red g-string clinging to my already wet sex and my hands behind my heads, offering you myself as your slave to play with. You pull the blouse down my shoulders and than I feel you place two leather cuffs to my wrists and I hear the sound of the short chain that connects them.

    Then without any warning I hear the sound of a whip and its sharp hot pain bites in my back, making my jerk and scream, a sound that sounds almost like a barking dog. "I thought you were tougher!" I hear your amused voice and I blush ashamed, because I wasn't able to take the first bite of the whip without complain. I feel so embarrassed, because I know you are right, the strike you gave me wasn't hard at all, It was the simple surprise that caused me to scream and I wish so much I wouldn't be mute, so I'd be able to explain you why I screamed.

    Again I hear the whips sound, then I recognize the touch of a flogger, but this time I remain quiet, I not even jerk as you hit my back over and over with it, never whipping me so hard it would really hurt, but my back's skin feels warmer and hotter with every kiss of the leather bands. I hear you open a door, you are searching something behind my back and I fight my curiosity to look behind me, knowing it would only lead to a much more severe punishment than the floggers hot kisses.

    "Now lets get serious," I hear you telling me and then hold a long whip in front of my eyes. You let it dangle there and I stare at it, knowing how much pain this one can do! I shiver a you let the leather slide over my chest, over my beasts and I moan helplessly as you pull it once around my neck.

    Then you step back. Nothing. You give me time to anticipate your next blow, time to remember its hot exploding bite on the tender skin. Then I hear it whistle in the ear, the crack as it stretches in the air and I scream as it bites hot in my skin, stimulated nerves exploding, causing me to fall on the ground, but the sensation stays, its a hot, no cold pain. Cold? I hear you chuckle and realize you pressed an ice cube on my hot skin, just as you let the whip bite into empty air.

    "Gotcha!" you whisper in my ear and then your tongue caresses my ear, explores it, sending cold shivers down my spine, causing me to moan. Your hands glide over my body caressing me, cupping my breasts while your tongue in my ear is about to drive me crazy! I moan again, pressing my body against yours until I can't stand it any longer and reach with my cuffed hands out to touch you. But as I finally touch your body, you step back and leave me alone, kneeling on the floor of your basement.

    Then you come in front of me, you take the chain that connects my wrist cuffs and pull me down, connecting the chain with a hook on the floor. I feel you grab my ankles, pulling them a little back and outward and then you attach cuffs to my ankles too. Now I'm kneeling on the floor, my cuffs attached to hooks in the floor, my ass high in the air, an excited exotic slave of my lust. You place a low bank under my belly, supporting my body, but it also prevents me from moving too much. You kneel down in front of my and grab my chin.

    "Do you like it so far, my dear Paula?" you ask me, caressing my skin. I look at you and nod. "You know which fantasy of you brought us together, don't you." Again I nod. You kiss me, your tongue in my mouth, you suck on my lip, you bite it. "Don't move..."

    I hear you leave the room. Kneeling on the floor, I have no idea how much time passed, all I know is that I'm hot, that I want to be touched. Then I hear the door open. "Isn't she lovely?" Oh my god, you're not alone, you brought somebody with you!

    "Look at her firm ass, her lovely dark brown shaved lips. Mmmmm... I can almost smell her arousal here! But I'm sure you can, don't you?"

    I hear you move closer, and then something cold touches my sex. And then...

    I hold my breath as I realize what is touching me. Your dog. Your dogs nose is touching me! Something hot and rough glides over my skin, making me shiver. Oh my... he's licking me... Again his tongue licks my sex, it feels strange, but not bad, it is hot, rough, it's... I arch my back as I feel the tongue wiggle IN me, in my sex, deeper as any tongue before, licking, probing. I moan my animalistic sound of passion as the tongue moves in me. I hear you talking to the dog, but I don't pay attention what you are saying, it feels so good, this warm rough stimulation of my sex, making me ready, God, I am ready, I press back.

    Then you are in front of me, holding my chin again, lifting my face so I look at you. "Don't you love it dear?" I nod. "Don't you love the dog's tongue in you?" I close my eyes and nod, I'm almost there, almost.... I feel you pat my back with your hand and hear you say: "Mount doggie, mount her" I feel his weight on my back, his fur scratches my skin. Forelegs grab my waist, I feel him hump me, he moves fast, something hot and hard stabs against my asscheeks and I realize he is about to fuck me.

    I feel the tip of the cock between my lips and then he rams it IN!!!! No gentleness, he simply penetrates my sex and humps, his hot cock opening my sex, it feels so huge and he moves so fast, I'm unable to answer his rhythm, so I just lay on the bench, the animal fucking me, his cock burning me, pushing fucking. Its so big, so hot, it feels so good. The fur scratching my clit finally sets me off and I feel my sex convulse around the cock, milking it. I hear a howling scream break on the walls and realize its my voice I'm hearing but I don't care as he doesn't stop, he fucks me through my orgasm, he doesn't care I'm cumming, there is just this hot cock stabbing in my sex, moving, pushing, probing, burning my walls.

    I open my eyes and watch you sit in front of me watching me, your hand a blur between your jerking legs, your face a grimace and I see you cum right in front of me, masturbating while your dog fucks your slave. Something big bangs against my pussylips it feels as if somebody would try to push a hot potato in my sex. Trying to relax I push back, its the knot, god its the knot I always dreamed of banging against my cunt. He want to tie to me, oh my God, its so big, too big, I can't take that, I caaaaaa!!!!!

    And again your slave screams it strange screams, you watch me, stopped to masturbate as you are captured by the impression of watching two mating animals in heat. Having its knot finally in me, the dog stops to hump me and I feel his cock jerk in me, its tip jerking on my cervix, spraying his hot semen on it and my cunt milks his cock again? still? I'm lost in my world of lust, lost track about the climaxes wash over me as the knot pulses on my g spot.

    I realize the dog turned around so we are ass to ass now, but the cock is still in me, still spurting hot semen from time to time in me every splash seeming to trigger another small climax in my cunt. I feel wetness on my thighs and I'm not sure if its my juices or his, dripping from my sex that is no longer able to hold the juices in me. Long time ago I stopped screaming, my throat feels rough and dry.

    Finally he pulls and I feel the knot move and leave me, causing a deep moan to escape from my lips as I feel slippery juices run from my sex. Exhausted I lay on the bench, my legs and arms trembling. I turn my head, looking for you, but you have gone, I hear you doing something behind me.

    I feel the dogs tongue on my terribly sensitive sex and shake my head. Not again, its too rough, it hurts, Maria, take him away please I'm so sensitive. But you don't realize what happens, I try to scream but my throat is too dry, producing only creaking sounds. He happily laps our juices and despite the pain in my overstimulated sex I feel another climax approach. I know this one will be extreme as every climax is when I can't distinguish whether its pain or lust causing it.

    I feel you straddle my back, but I don't care, everything contracts down there, my belly, my sex, something soft wraps around my throat, my sex pulses, but I'm still not quite there, his tongue is in me again, something constricts my breath but I don't care, I'm almost there, almost, almost!

    You pull on the scarf you wrapped around my neck and pull back hard, forcing me to arch my back. My blood roars in my ears, my vision slowly gets purple and just as I realize that you're strangling me, my climax explodes in my cunt, I buck and convulse under you, my lungs burn but I don't care the climax seems not to end, my world has turned black but there is still the orgasm, some where, bending my body in its claws, I hear chains rattle as my body convulses, fighting for breath, riding the waves of my climax. I...

    I wake up in your arms, you're holding me, you look so confused, tears are running down your cheeks and I realize you are apologizing over and over again. I smile weakly, and make a writing sign and you hand me my block and the pencil. And with a trembling hand I write:

    Thank you my love...

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