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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians.

    Hi, I have to tell someone about what happened to me, I just can't keep it to myself any longer.

    I went over to a friends house, actually I barely knew her, I met the night before at a party. Her name is Alyssa, we talked at the party and she seemed very nice! She's older than me, about 25 and very pretty. She's about 5'-7", 120 lbs., big 37D tits, slim 27 waist, and hips of about 35. Her hair is long and auburn color, with pale blue eyes.

    Anyway,... she invited me over the next day to come and swim at her house. I arrived there about 2:00 pm and she was excited to see me! I was stunned by what she was wearing, a top that could hardly hold her big breast's and a skin tight bicylcling shorts (spandex). I had to admit I could hardly keep my eyes off those tits and firm ass!

    She asked me to come into her Living Room and have a seat for a minute so she could change into her swimsuit, (I wanted to go with her and help!). I walked into the Living Room and was instantly greeted by three dogs. Two little schnozzers (sp?) and a Great Dane. The two little ones kept running around my feet and the room, while the Dane just kept trying to sniff my crotch! I kept pushing him away, but he was relentless!

    Alyssa came out into the room and shued the dogs away and apologized, "They don't bite, they like to lick, but they don't bite" she said. "I don't get many visitor's, and the dogs get excited when I do". "Are you ready for a swim?" she said. "Sure" I said, as I'm staring at her tit's! "This way...".

    We went through a study area, or library,... her house was big! We went outside through a large glass door and onto a fieldstone deck. The pool was about average, but it was densely landscaped so no one could see it from outside the yard.

    I followed her into the pool,... it was nice! very warm and refreshing! We swam for a few minutes, and then she turned to me and said "usually I skinny dip in my pool", "have you ever skinny dipped?" she said. "No", "never,... yet". "Do you want to try it?..." she said. "No one can see us". So I said "sure, I'd love to try it!"

    We swam to one corner of the pool and started to slip off our suits. I took the bottoms off first, same as she did. And then started to take off my top when she said "damn,... hook is stuck!" "Can you help me with it dear?" I reached over to help as she turned around, I used both hands and finally got it loose! I wanted to reach around to her front in the worst way and grab with both hands! "Thanks" she said, "let me help you". She turned around and I saw those big, beautiful tits! Her nipples were sticking out about a 1/2 inch! She must have noticed me admiring her breast's, she asked "Do you like those?" "Yes!" I said, as I slowly lifted a hand to caress one. "UMmmm" she said, "lets have a look at yours too". She unhooked my top from the front and slowly, with both hands, pushed it away, rubbing my tiny breasts all the way across! "Gawd!" I said. I tilted my head way back and pushed my chest towards her. She lowered down to lick my nipple, "very nice!", "I want to chew on your nipples awhile,... ok?" she said. "Yes, please do!" I was gasping for air!

    She licked all around my left nipple, then she lightly bit the end! I almost came right then and there!!! She asked me if I had ever done anything with another girl before? I told her, yes, with a couple of friends from school. "High school girls huh?", "I'm going to give you a taste of a woman!" "Would you like that?" she said. "Yes, please! Let me taste!"...

    "Let's go inside to my little playhouse, ok?" she said. "Ok" as I followed her in... She led me into a room, it was dimmly lit, but I could see she had a table thing, and some small dildo's laying on some shelf's. There was a big, fluffy pillow on the floor, it was about 10' in diameter. She asked me to lay down on it, on my back. She got at my head end and leaned over my face to start sucking on my nipples again! Her large, firm breasts hanging over my face, I flicked my tongue out and got a nipple! "Ummm!" I said, as she started to nibble harder and faster! I reached up with both hands and grabbed both her tits! I smooshed them together to get both nipples close. Then I started sucking and nibbling as much as I could! It was hard to concentrate, she was going wild on my little nips! I was getting wet and could hardly control myself!

    Alyssa started to climb down my body, licking and kissing me all the way down! I was trying to do the same, but was wreathing with pleasure! She got down between my legs and started to gently stroke my pussy lips. She put her head down and softly licked once. "UMMMmmmmmm!", "Your as sweet as candy!" she said. I was on the verge of cumming all over her tongue, when she bit my clit! HARD! "OUCH!" I screamed! she said "let me make it feel better!" as she sucked my clitty deep into her mouth! "OHHHHhhhh!" I was cumming and she knew it!! She sucked harder, and put two fingers in my pussy. Rocking her fingers in and out of me, making me cum more and HARDER!!!! I was throwing my head side to side,... trying to take a lick of her sopping pussy!

    After about ten minutes of merciless finger fucking and clitty sucking, she let me come down from my orgasm.

    "I'd like to tie you down, and really make you cum!", "Til you pass out!" she said. "How about it?" I was in no state of mind to argue, and I've always fantasized about a woman using me in such a way.

    She told me to get up and then lay down on this short padded bench. The bench was only a few inches off the floor and was about 12" wide and long enough to lay down it's length. There were bars that came out from the sides, with straps. I laid down and she told me to position my ass towards the end of the bench. She started to tie my hands to some bars that extended to the side of my head. She then softly lifted one leg up and pushed it towards my head and out to my side, securing it there to another bar. Then she secured my other leg. There I was arms and hands tied near my head and my knees pulled up and back to my elbows. My pussy and ass totally exposed for her whim! I was beginning to feel a little nervous, I couldn't move, hardly move my hips from side to side!

    She asked me if I was comfortable and then gave me a long, deep kiss on my pussy! I was getting wet again! "I have to go get a couple of little toys I think you might like." "I'll be right back,... don't go anywhere!" as she laughed and walked out the door.

    When she left, she left the door open.... The dog's came prancing in like they had been anxiously waiting outside! They stopped momentarily and looked at me, all tied down and exposed! I thought to myself about that Dane sniffing me earlier and wondered if he was going to try it again!?! Just then, the two little dogs came running around me, one on either side, and started licking my nipples and tits all over!! "No!" I said, but to no good! They kept licking and licking, my nipples were getting hard as rocks! Just then I noticed that BIG Great Dane come walking over towards me. He's going to lick my pussy!!! He got right between my legs and looked at me, then he quickly started to lick my whole pussy up!!

    I Gasped!!!, two dogs licking my nipples and this big one using my pussy as a feeder! His long, thick tongue licking wildly at my pussy! I couldn't believe myself, I WAS CUMMING!! The more I came! The more and deeper he licked! His tongue was entering me about three inches with every stroke! my pussy was opening up to him, wanting more tongue with each lick! He licked and I could feel that thick tongue going deeper and deeper each time, he was pressing his nose against my crotch! Burying his tongue deeper and deeper!! It must of been in six inches now!!! My whole pussy was being eaten from the inside out! I kept cumming and cumming! The more I came the more he licked! he wanted my juice's and he was getting them!!!!

    I was wreathing back and forth, I couldn't move except my head. I kept looking at these dog's biting my nipples and lapping my pussy.

    Alyssa came back into the room,... "I told you they like to lick!" "Do you want me to make them stop?" she said. "NO!" I screamed! "But please, you have to fuck me!" "Fuck me now!!"

    Alyssa got down along side her Dane, as he continued to lap me up, and said "maybe I'll give you something to remember". She started to rub her Dane softly, moving her hand down under him... She lightly rubbed his balls, as I looked on with the horro of what she was planning! "No" I said, "please don't let him fuck me too!" She ignored me and continued to rub his balls and his slick cock. His cock was starting to get hard, he continued to lap away at me. The other two dogs had moved away from me and started to lick Alyssa's pussy. The Dane's cock was getting HUGE!!! It was almost 9" long and thick on the end! Alyssa knelt down under him and gave it a little lick. He whimpered a little but continued to lick my drenched pussy! "He's ready!" she said, "are you?" I couldn't speak, I was lost in another orgasm!

    "FUCK HER!" she said, and the Dane lifted his head up and started to move over the top of me. I was terrified but so dizzy from cumming I couldn't resist if I wanted to! He positioned himself over my upturned pussy. Alyssa gently guided his big, red dog shaft into my waiting pussy. He whimpered again and started to push into me! I could fell the huge head sinking deeper and deeper into me, splitting my pussy apart! He kept sinking and sinking! his huge cock was never ending! I felt his huge, furry black balls coming down on my ass! "STAY!" Alyssa yelled! The Dane stopped! His whole cock buried deep in me, his balls smashed against my ass! "Look at your cunt!" she said to me, "You little slut!"

    "Do you want him to fuck you now!?!?" "Yes, YES PLEASE!" I said. "That's what I thought" she said. "But,... no!" Then she grabbed his balls and gave them a firm squeeze! He started bucking hard on me and I could feel his jizz blowing out the end of his cock! deep in me! It flooded me! and I cried out "NO!!!" "Please don't!!" "I have to be fucked! please!!!!"

    The Dane finished emptying himself into me, and then Alyssa sucked out what little must have been left from his cock.

    "Now, it's my turn to fuck you!" She stood up and I could see she was holding a BIG strap-on cock! It was at least 10" long, as thick as my forearm and black as coal! She sent the dogs into the other room as she strapped that huge reamer to her hips. Alyssa pushed a button on the wall, and the bench began to lift me up. It lifted me up to about her hips and stopped. "Now, lets see you beg for more,..." "NO! PLEASE, I CAN"T TAKE SUCH A BIG THING!" "sure you can..." she said softly, "you just have to be in the right position!" She pressed another button, and the bench started to bend in the middle,... My back was being forced to arch upward, head and ass going down. My legs were being spread further apart! "That should do nicely." she said. My pussy was spread wide open, dripping dog cum and my own down the bench!

    Alyssa slowly started to rub the head of that big black dildo around my pussy lips. My hips moving slightly in rythm... She guided the tip into me, applying a little pressure, the head pushes past the opening! She pulls back slightly to savor the sigth of my tight pussy tugging not to let it back out! She twist's it slightly and I moan. She starts to push more of it into me, It's so big and thick, I start cumming and can't stop! My pussy is aching for it! I want to feel it all inside me! She starts pushing more and more into me, never withdrawling, inch by inch, I can feel it sinking deeper and deeper! I'm cumming uncontrollably!! Trying to lift my head to see how much is in! It just keeps cumming in me, deeper and deeper! Finally, I feel the big black molded balls pressing against my ass! She pauses for a moment, and then starts to pull it out again! It's taking my whole insides with it!! I"M cumming! Again and again! harder and harder! She pulls almost all the way out, and then slides it back into me to the balls! I'm dizzy with fucking! She starts fucking me faster, sliding deep into me and then quickly pulling out again! Deep and out, deep and out!!! over and over again! I can't stand it!! I"M CUMMING OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!

    Suddenly, I found myself off the bench, with a silk blanket over me.... I must have passed out! She had mercy on me and got me off her bench. Moments later, she came into the room, completely dressed and ready to go to work. She told me I had been out for about an hour!! I was still undressed, but cleaned up and perfumed. She told me I could let myself out whenever I wanted. I laid there for a while and wondered if all this had just been a dream!??

    When I got up, put my clothes on and headed for the door, I noticed a gift wrapped package by the door. It said "To: Tina,... my sweet". I took it and went home.

    After I got home, I went to my room and opened my gift,... inside was the HUGE, BLACK DILDO, still dripping with my cum and dog cum! I damn near cum again!!!

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    I loved this story. I came 3 times while reading this!!

    Jan 18 2008 02:00
    Awesome story.........I had an experience very similar to this but it was with my girlfriend, her sister, her 14 year old daughter and my big Lab......How about an encore.......I love young first time beasty stories because I first came when I was 11 thanks to my first sex dog........

    Nov 13 2008 04:03
    Hot, hot hot! Thank you, Tina! ;)

    Nov 19 2008 13:06
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