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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians, voyeur.

    It was a very nice morning today and Sonya and I were outside working in the yard. The sun was filltered by the trees which now had enough leaves to make some shade however the brilliant streams that did find the tiny openings cascated down onto us. Sonya was dressed in a pair of daisy dukes and a very small tank top that allowed her 44DD breast to billow out of. Each time I looked at her I could see the creamy white skin as it rose and fell with each breath she took and also noticed the nice firm bottoms of her taught ass as she knelt there planting new flowers. As I watched my beautiful wife work my cock began to stir with a desire to move behind her, rip the crotch out of those pants and ram my cock deep into her wet pussy. As my passion grew and before I could react a voice came from across the cyclone fence that seperated our property from the neighbors yard. I looked up at the same time my wife did and saw "B" our new neighbor.

    We had met her and her two teenage sons and daughter the week before as they moved in. I recalled helping them unload the huge U-Haul truck and place the furniture and appliances in various rooms of the house. I also recalled carrying one of "B's" drawers from her chest of drawers that had been removed so it would not be as heavy to carry. I smiled with this recollection because the drawer I had carried was full of lengerie and some of it was pure sensual. Again my cock started to stir as I looked back at my wife's upturned ass and her huge breasts swaying below her chest. I then glanced over to where B stood and heard my wife say, why don't you come over and we can sit and talk. You can imagine how my heart sank when B said, "I would love to." I was hoping to drag my wife into the house, barn, garage or even behind a bush and fuck her silly. However these plans had to be put on hold.

    Sonya asked me to go into the house and get a pitcher, ice and some tea and bring it out to the gazebo. I frowned but did as asked. When I returned outside I saw my Sonya and B talking as they sat in the cool shade of the gazebo. I took the tray with the tea to them and told my wife that I was going to try and get some more plants in the ground before it got to hot. My wife smiled saying, "Ok honey, are you sure you want to leave us two women alone?" I noticed the sultry tone in Sonya's voice and answered "Yes darlin, as tempting as it is, I am already fantasing about you two, so lets not make it harder." I allowed my voice to drag out hard and this was noticed by B as she squirmed in her seat. Now I knew for sure that Sonya had every intention of seducing this hot sexy new neighbor.

    I returned to the flower bed which was a few feet away from the gazebo and positioned myself so I could watch the action between the two women and still look like I was actively working. I heard Sonya and B's voices however could not make out what they were saying. After a few more minutes I noticed B beginning to shift her weight around as if uncomfortable. I also looked over at my wife and noticed her nipples sticking out and her right index and middle finger pinching the nipple on right breast. B's eyes were fixed on Sonya's hand as it continued to pinch that hard nipple. Sonya also continued to talk to B and B gently began to bob her head up and down as if agreeing with Sonya. I do not know how long this went on but my wife never stopped other than to play with her other nipple and even dip a hand down into the leg opening of her shorts and then lick her fingers clean.

    All the while B continued to watch Sonya's hands as they pinched and probed her body and these actions were having the desired effect on B. B's breathing was now somewhat ragged and her chest was heaving up and down as her lungs tried to expand more and more as she sucked in deep breaths of oxygen. Finally I heard a low gutteral moan escape B's mouth and Sonya took this as a cue that it was time to react. Sonya reached over and pinched B's nipple and offered her the middle finger of her left hand as she pulled it from her pussy. B opened her mouth as she felt Sonya's fingers pinch her right nipple hard and then she snapped her mouth shut as she felt the invasion of her oral cavity by Sonya's cum coated finger. B did not pull away from Sonya, but instead allowed her taste buds to savor the woman cum that coated Sonya's finger. Sonya turned to me and smiled, nodding her head towards the garage. I smiled back at her knowing that she intended to have King and Bosco fuck this hot new woman before she left for the day.

    I moved slowly toward the garage not wanting to alarm B and turned to watch as Sonya now pulled B's right breast free from her top. B's breasts were big for her size but not as big as Sonya's. I later found out that B is 5'2" tall and has size 40D breasts and the rest of her measurements are 24, 36. Talk about an hour glass

    Now I stood mezmerized as I watched my wife move around the table and suck B's nipple into her mouth. Sonya even cut her eyes up at me to see if I was watching and I could see a sly smile crease the corner of her lips as she sucked B's nipple harder and noticed B wince in a little pain as more of her breast disappeared into Sonya's sucking mouth. I then moved quickly to the garage door, opened it and grabbed King and Bosco as they came out. I did not want them bounding over to Sonya and B before Sonya was ready.

    Now I stood there watching as Sonya's right hand slipped down into the legband of B's shorts. It was obvious that B moaned as she felt the contact of Sonya's finger with her own pussy but she did not appear to resist Sonya's seduction. Sonya's hand was not stoking up and down and I knew that she had found B's clit and was working it over like a guitar string. B's head was now laid back as Sonya continued to suck hard on B's nipple and finger her pussy. Suddenly I heard B moan loudly saying, "I'm cumming, please don't stop." Sonya pulled her mouth from B's tit and said, "I have no intention of stopping until I taste that sweet pussy and clean it up for you. With that she lowered her head back to B's nipple and sucked harder. B again winced in pain but did not ask for mercy, but instead pushed her tit harder into Sonya's sucking mouth.

    Slowly and stealthly I moved toward the gazebo along with Bosco and King. We were not within a few feet of the gazebo when I heard Sonya say, raise your ass up so I can pull these shorts down. B did as instructed and I knew now that Sonya had her where she wanted her. After a few more moments I saw Sonya slide her own shorts down and sit on the edge of the table telling B, "Here bitch, suck my cunt for me." Sonya also said, "Get on all fours like the hot bitch you are." B looked up at Sonya as if questioning her and Sonya said, "Look bitch, I told you to get on your hands and knees like the bitch you are and suck my pussy." This tim B did as Sonya said, playing the role of the submissive little bitch she had become under the direction of my beautiful wife.

    Once B was on her hands and knees Sonya pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. Sonya leaned back spreading her legs, pulling the lips of her pussy open for B to see the sweet pink inner folds of her womanly pussy. B moaned and stared at the pussy that awaited her and Sonya reached out and grasped B by the hair and pulled her to her sex. B moaned and sputtered as Sonya now ground her pussy into B's face. B was hesitant to lick Sonya's pussy but after a few short moments it became obvious that she was not only licking Sonya's pussy but she was devouring it.

    Sonya now had her head back as her breathing changed and her huge breasts bounced on her chest. She briefly looked over at me and signaled for me to bring King and Bosco to the gazebo. I smiled as I guided both of these hot horny beasts to the gazebo knowing that they would both soon be filling our new neighbors hot tight pussy, ass and maybe even her mouth. Once behind B King wasted no time in sniffing the sweet mark of B's upturned ass. His long thick tongue slipped between the crack of her ass and the unsuspecting contact startled B. She started to pull away from Sonya's dripping cuntal passage but was pulled back by Sonya who still had a firm grip on B's hair.

    King now licked B's cuntal opening without any regard or sensativity. All he wanted was for his animal desires and passion to be fullfilled and he knew that he would be mounting this stranger and driving his long scarlet dog spear into her. Sonya now spoke, "B, you will soon feel some pressure on your back, do not be alarmed, it will be King mounting you to fuck you and tie with you." I could see the panic in B's body as it tensed up but then Sonya said, "I will be kneeling beside you after Kingis inside you, taking Bosco up my wet cunt too." This statement seemed to calm B down some however it was obvious that she was not prepared for what was about to come.

    King now moved up onto B's taught back and I helped guide his cock to the entrance to her sex. B looked up at Sonya who said, "It will be ok and you will love it after a little bit." King felt the tip of his cock touch the hot opening of B's pussy and lunged forward on his powerful hips. B's head jerked free from Sonya's pussy and she screamed as the huge dog cock ripped her pussy wider than it had been since she gave birth to her last child. Sonya now released the grip on B's hair and moved beside her friend on the gazebo floor. Sonya too was kneeling and I moved Bosco behind her. Now the two womem were being fucked by our two loving beasts. Sonya would tell B it would ok if she relaxed and let King drive his cock into her until he came. B looked at Sonya and smiled knowing that Sonya was telling her the truth but she still had a hard time relaxing but watched Sonya relax as Bosco fucked into her.

    After several minutes I watched as Bosco's knot moved beyond his hairy sheath and into Sonya's wet dripping pussy. Sonya now grunted as Bosco knotted with her and she knew that she could not pull away until Bosco completed his cum and his knot shrunk enough to pull free on its own. Sonya now moved closer to B and began to whisper to her, telling her it was going to ok. Sonya asked her, "Do you like that hard cock pushing deeper into than any man has ever been before." B could only nod her head in affirmation. Sonya now reached under B's pussy and felt for Kings cock. She looked up at me as she desribed what she felt. She said, "His knot is out and ready to enter this hot sexy womans pussy." Sonya then felt Bosco pull free of her own pussy and quickly laid on her back, slid under B's body and began to suck on her friends clt. Sonya only paused long enough to say, "Lick my cunt you bitch, your kings new bitch and I want him to fill your pussy like Bosco did mine." You will lick Bosco's cum out of me or I will take King away and leave you crazy, needing something to fill that huge void." B did as instructed and lowered her head to Sonyas pussy, lapping at it like a kitten drinking milk from a bowl. Sonya now moaned as her own tongue and lips moved back to B's clit and sucked it like a small cock. King continued to fuck into B's pussy without mercy and soon his knot was inside her. B's turned her head as she felt the intense pressure of that huge ball being shoved into her tight pussy. Once Kings knot was inside B he began to hump in a different pattern. His motions were slower but deeper and now B had lost contro. B rode out wave afer wave of orgams that she did not know existed in her body. Afte approximatly 20 minutes of being tied together Kings cock now plopped out and an copius amount of doggie cum and B's cum dripped down onto Sonya's face and into her awaiting mouth. B now collapsed onto Sonya's body and the two women rolled over into a side to side 69. Sonya and B cleaned each other up with their tongues. Once they were both satisfied Sonya looked up saying, "B, is that your daughter over their with one of her brothers cocks in her mouth and the other in her pussy." B turned her head saying, "Like mother like daugher." Sonya and B chuckled for several moments after that, agreeing that this will become a daily ritual for them so they can get better acquainted.

    Also for all you readers, little did Sonya know, but our daughter was also watching and playing with herself as well. I will save this for a later story because I know that B's two sons and daughter and Christina, our daugher will all be involved in a pet sex episode in the very near future.

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    please tell what happens with the rest of the family

    Jul 2 2007 15:05
    I would love to be included in your story.

    Slutty Sherri

    Jul 4 2007 17:06
    oooooooohhhhhhhh I liked that.
    viv xxxxxxx

    Jul 7 2007 15:35
    Great start....cant wait for the next chapter

    Aug 2 2007 00:56
    very hot ,,keep'em cummin

    Jun 28 2010 18:46
    Hi very hot & looking forwared to your next story ok !!

    May 18 2013 18:15
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