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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians.

    I guess this story really began more than 25 years ago. I am a 42 year old, happily married woman. I do not consider myself as BI sexual, although I have experienced that. I am also not "in love" with my dog. I do have sex with him. Sex with a dog is simply another avenue for me. A very erotic avenue. I said that this began more than 25 years ago because that was when my first experience with a dog began. As a teen I masturbated a lot. More than most of the girls I knew would admit to anyway. My father had a German shorthaired pointer named Max. One day, when I was home alone and playing with myself, Max came over to me and licked me. I was shocked, but God I did love the feeling. From that day on I got old Max to be my helper and it was not long before I let him mount me. That went on for about two years. I am not sure how or when or why it stopped. But for years I never thought about doing anything with a dog.

    My husband is a hunter and about 6 years ago he just had to have a dog. He bought Drake, a good-sized black lab. I think Labrador retrievers are, in general, a very affectionate breed. Drake is not an exception.

    I feed Drake every morning and my husband cleans the kennel at night when he get home. I guess the person who gives a dog food and water and a little affection is like a dog God. He's always happy to see me in the morning. One day, about three years ago, when I went out to feed him I just had a robe on. When I opened the gate he stuck his nose in to my crotch. Later that morning, as I drank my coffee, I let my mind wander to thoughts of Max. All I could think about that morning was Drake and by lunchtime I decided to bring him in to the house.

    I remembered a few things I learned with Max. First, they have nails; you need a sweatshirt. Second, it is important that they learn that they can only play with you in one place. Max knew it was my bedroom and for Drake it was going to be the den.

    Drake was not sure what was going on when I brought him into the den. It was a room he had never been in before. I closed the door and sat down and petted him for a while. Wanting to assure him everything was OK. As I sat there, petting him, I moved one hand under him and touched the sheath. I touched him all over his tummy and back to his balls. That did not bother him, although it had my juices started.

    After a few minutes of getting him adjusted, I stood up, and took off my slacks and panties. I sat on the edge of the couch and fingered my pussy, then held my hand out to his nose. He sniffed and then licked my fingers. I told him "good boy," then I spread my legs and patted my pussy. Again, he sniffed and one little lick. God, how good their tongues are. I kept patting my pussy and he would lick a little more, but not what I was hoping for. I could see that it would take a bit of training, and I wanted him in my body.

    His penis was sticking out of the sheath an inch or so. Funny how they look like a tube of lipstick. I got on the floor and tried to get my face under him but he kept moving away. I wanted to taste that K9 cum again, but he kept moving away from me. I was crawling around on the floor trying to get at it. It was almost like he was teasing me. That went on for about 10 minutes. I was on all fours, somewhat disappointed, when all of a sudden he came up behind me and jumped up on my back. He missed the target the first time and got off of me. I kept saying good boy good boy and patting my butt. He began to circle me and I could see that he was getting excited. After about the third time he walked around me he jumped up on me again. This time I was ready. I reached between my legs and guided the tip of his penis in to me. It seemed like about two humps and he was in me, his knot growing. It is so much bigger than Max's knot. I am not sure of everything that happened for the next few minutes. I was lost in a submissive orgasm.

    Unless you have done this, you can't begin to understand why I enjoy K9 sex. For me it is the feel of that furry body on my back, the pain of the knot, the throbbing I feel as they pump all of that cum in to me, and the submission to an animal. Yes, there is some pain when you get the knot. Yes, you can feel their cock throb with each squirt of cum. And yes, they cum a lot more than men. No, I don't fuck him everyday. In fact I would guess that Drake and I play about once a month. Also the fact that a dog is using you. Trust me, when they are done, they could not care less if you have had enough. I have had people on line ask me how I can use an animal like that and I tell them that it is the other way around.

    Now for the next part of the story.

    About a year ago my husband got a call from a dog breeder. The breeder heard that Drake was a good hunting dog and had a bitch that she wanted to breed. She offered cash or a puppy for Drake's services. He took the money. Anyway he asked me if I would take Drake out to her kennel so she could see him. At that point all she knew was what others had told her.

    The next day I loaded Drake into the Explorer and drove over to meet this lady. Her name is Jean and is 44 years old. She lives outside of town and has a very nice kennel. She took me through it and showed me the bitch that she wanted Drake for. The place was very clean and well maintained. She was impressed with Drake but wanted to check everything about him. She put him upon a table and measured his head, height, length, weight, feet everything. With a very sheepish look on her face she said, "I'd really like to know how high his sperm count is." I didn't know that anyone counted. She went on to tell me that if the count not high enough the breeding may not work and she'd have another 6 months to wait. I shrugged my shoulders and told her to do whatever she needed as long as it didn't hurt Drake. She smiled and told me that she was going to hand ejaculate him, and that I could leave the room or stay. (Like I had not seen his cum before) I told to go ahead and do it. Truth is wanted to see if he acted any different with her.

    She used what looked like a cone shaped soft latex sleeve. He was up on the table so we could see everything. I have to admit that I was both turned and jealous watching her play with his cock. A few minutes in to it she said something about the size of his knot. I have no idea why, but I said, "I know it's big." She looked at me and then there was silence. I thought to myself, "Stupid."

    She finished and checked it under a microscope and found it was a very good sample. We put Drake back into the car and went to her office to get some paper work for my husband.

    As I was about to leave she asked me to sit down for a second. She looked at me and said that she wanted to ask a question but was somewhat scared to ask. At that point I thought she might report me to the humane society. She kind of stumbled over her words but finally said, "I think you and I have a common interest." She told me that she has lots of dogs come to her for boarding but that I was only the second person who knew about their dogs knot. I wasn't ready to admit that Drake fucks me but I was relieved that she was not calling the cops. Then she said something about how some women truly love dogs. I asked her if she had ever done more than give them a hand job. She smiled, got up and unlocked a door to what I thought was a closet. I looked in and saw a room about 8 X 8 with small platform in the center. The platform was about 24 inches high and was carpeted and there were two small kneeling benches. One about three inches high and the other about 5 inches. She looked at me and told me that the room is completely sound proof and she has the only key. Then she smiled at me and asked if I would let her play with Drake. The thought of being with someone else, of watching, was very exciting. I couldn't get to the car fast enough. When I got back she was naked in the little room. She locked the door and I suggested that she have a top on because of his nails. That's when she told me that she lives alone so no one will see the scratches and in fact she like them. She had me put Drake on the platform and she was on the floor. She began to lick him. Not just his cock. All over his underside. He was not even sticking out a bit but there was a small, white discharge that the tip of his sheath. She licked it off of him and I heard a moan come out of her.

    Then she started talking dirty. As she licked him she kept asking if he was going to bitch fuck her. Her pussy was completely shaved and she had one hand on her clit. She was so into him that I think she forgot that I was even there. Kept saying things like "you want some lady pussy Drake," "going to stretch my pussy with that nice big knot baby."

    Then she got from under him and knelt on the floor. She had one hand between her legs and was rubbing her pussy so hard I thought she was going to cum right then. She looked at me and said, "Take your pants off Linda, I want to eat your pussy while your dog fucks me." At that point I think you could have seen the wet spot through my slacks. I waited for Drake to get behind and mount her. I wanted to feel her pussy with that dog dick in her. She was dripping and moaning. He was humping her fast. Then I walked around in front of her and took off my slacks and panties. I stood there and spread my legs a bit and reached down and opened the lips of my pussy. I wanted her to see how wet I was. She was holding Drake on her and looking up at me with her tongue sticking out. It was like she was begging for my pussy. I turned my back, spread my legs and moved back to her. I felt my butt against her face and her tongue licking not only my pussy but my also my asshole. Then I turned and sat on the platform so that she could suck my clit. She was eating me and I looked at Drake and asked him how he liked the new cunt. When I said cunt she went wild. Buried her face in my crotch and licked even faster. I found her hot word. So I began using the "c" word every way I could think of. Cuntsucker, eat my cunt, suck my cunt, fuck your cunt. I have no idea why that word makes her cum so much.

    When Drake was done he popped out of her and she got upon the platform and lay down next to me. She was as spent as Drake. I leaned over and pushed one leg aside and looked at that smooth pussy. I could see some of Drake's cum leak out of her and I just had to taste it. I pushed her legs way up and wide and I made one long lick from her butt to the top. Then I spread the lips and got my tongue in as deep as I could. That was my first taste of dog cum from a pussy. I wanted to make her cum, and taste Drake. I licked her for a long time. She had one orgasm after another. God, I loved sucking that hairless pussy. Jean's pussy was the first one I have licked since I was a very young teen experimenting. We spent another hour or so together that day, and have had many erotic times since. Every once in a while Jean will call to tell me about a dog that is staying with her and as often as possible I get out there to see the new boy.

    Oh, by the way, that night my husband asked me what I thought of the woman at the kennel. I just told him that she was kind of nice. What, he has to know everything?

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