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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, lesbians.

    This is one of my beast tales; I hope you enjoy it and be warned it is highly graphic and descriptive, please enjoy, it is copyrighted but feel free to print for your reading leisure.

    Ambyr went over to Alexia's house and knocked on the door, Alexia opened it and smiled, grabbing Ambyr and pulling her into a tight hug.

    Ambyr held her tight and kissed her deeply, swirling her tongue all over inside her hot mouth. Alexia felt her panties get wetter instantly now that her slut was here in her arms, she was thinking about how nasty they would soon be getting.

    Alexia broke the kiss and took Ambyr's hand and led her to the bedroom. Ambyr gladly followed and looked at Alexia's sexy ass as she walked.

    Alexia had on tight jeans with the top unbuttoned and a little bit of her sexy royal blue panties showing and a half shirt that showed her yummy belly. Ambyr had on a tiny skirt with a baby blue panties underneath and a tight lycra top; the skirt was black and the shirt white. Her hard nipples poked through the material, as she didn't have a bra on underneath.

    Alexia grabbed her tight and ran her hands over her nipples twisting them through the shirt as they poked out far enough to get her fingers on them. She twisted them hard until her slut cried out and begged for more. Alexia's panties was getting sopping wet hearing her slut moan and grab her tight ass.

    She told Ambyr to get on her knees and then she unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled out of them. She sat on the bed and lifted her cute foot and Ambyr grabbed it sucking all over it. Licking her toes and sucking them deeply, looking at her friend.

    Alexia slid her hand in her panties and rubbed deeply watching Ambyr suck and lick her feet, god how she loved having her personal slut. Alexia spread her legs open wide and grabbed Ambyr's hair yanking her to her soaking crotch. Ambyr smelled her sex deeply and rubbed her face in her panties roughly, soaking her face. She sucked right on her lips and sucked the panties into her mouth, loving the taste of Alexia's sex and dog cum mixed together. Alexia stood and pulled her panties off and told Ambyr to get on the bed. Ambyr stripped naked and got on lying down while Alexia straddled her friend's sexy wet face.

    Ambyr pulled her down to her hungry mouth and started licking and sucking all over her pussy. Sucking her hard clit and burying her nose in her bush. Alexia slid back and forth on Ambyr's face humping hard and roughly. Ambyr licked her whole crotch from clit to her tight butt, her tongue pushing deep into her butt while her nose buried itself in her wet sopping pussy. Her juice filling her nose with Alexia's yummy scent. She licked harder feeling Alexia pull and yank her hair humping harder.

    Moaning and crying out from Ambyr's sucking and licking she started squirting cum. Alexia yanked her hair making Ambyr cry out and ground her pussy on her slut's mouth. She let her pee flow out too, as it felt so good to just release everything. Ambyr gulped thirstily and sucked and slurped under her. Gulping and swallowing pee and cum like a good bitch. She kept swallowing and milking her hole until Alexia finally slid off with a satisfied moan and covered Ambyr with her body kissing and lapping her face clean. Alexia said how wonderful Ambyr made her feel and kissed her harder tasting her cum and pee in her mouth.

    Alexia's doggy came in the room and whined smelling the sex scent that filled the room from the 2 sluts in the bed. Ambyr got doggie style on the bed and called him, he jumped on the bed and immediately started lapping her crotch licking her butt and pussy deeply. Alexia sat back and watched as her dog mounted Ambyr and started thrusting hard against her hips. She watched his throbbing dog cock, red and hard, slip into her slut's hole. Ambyr moaned and pushed back her hips humping like a bitch, he stepped forward covering her hips and thrust all the way in.

    Ambyr screamed and grabbed the pillow tighter her ass hiked in the air while doggy pounded her tight hole. Alexia was wiping the sweat from her friend's face as she took the hard fucking from her dog, happy that Ambyr was satisfying her doggy. She slid underneath watching his cock pumping inside her, her belly was moving from the huge cock inside her and her pussy was being pushed out on the backstroke from the massive knot stuck inside. God Ambyr was such a slut just like her it felt good seeing her body over her humping and crying, getting fucked like the bitch she was.

    Cum started dripping out from her hole and Alexia quickly lapped it up licking the base of her dog's cock whenever it showed. Ambyr was screaming louder as the cock must have been hitting her uterus and stretching her tight hole so much. Alexia smiled and lapped her friend's clit while she took the rough dog fucking. Ambyr started squirting cum, spraying out around the fat throbbing knot filling her hole; Alexia lapped as much as she could while the dog's balls pounded her head as she licked. She got back in front of Ambyr and watched her friend cry and scream as she got fucked so roughly.

    Alexia grabbed Ambyr's hair and yanked her to her soaking pussy, holding her screaming mouth to her crotch and relaxed watching her dog pound her fast and hard. Ambyr started peeing from cumming so hard and Alexia happily watched her pee run down her legs and soak her bed, god Ambyr was such a bitch and oh how she loved seeing her get dog fucked. Soon her doggy slowed down and stayed on top, panting hard and pumping cum. Ambyr moaned and looked at Alexia saying how hot her belly was getting from the cum pumping into her.

    Alexia moaned and rubbed her friend's belly and felt the huge dog cock inside pulsing, squirting thick cum into her womb. Holding her tight while she was filled with cum from the throbbing huge cock deep inside her. She wiped the sweat off her forehead again and kissed her, hearing her little cries of pain from being stretched so wide. Alexia was very happy that her dog took Ambyr so roughly.

    After about 15 minutes he slid out with a sucking pop and Alexia quickly sucked her hole and gulped the cum that poured out. Ambyr collapsed on to Alexia's face and pushed cum out for her, feeling her gulp and swallow it down. Finally she slid off and cuddled with her naughty girlfriend and kissed her, telling her bad that hurt but how she would do it anytime Alexia wanted.

    Alexia smiled knowing her slut would take anything she wanted to do to her anyway and kissed her deeply, running her fingers through her sweat slicked hair. Ambyr snuggled tightly against her and started getting sleepy; Alexia let her rest thinking of what she was going to do later and smiled naughtily.

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    great story & looking forwared to ur next one ok .

    Oct 3 2012 05:14
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