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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, lesbians, incest, dogsex.

    Max lay on the bed sprawled out in his usual manner when he knew that sex was eminent. My daughter Nikki, naked, sat on the bed near him and I was also naked as I moved near to my hot little girl.

    Nikki was a cute eighteen year old blonde that was growing up to be a real hottie. The boys were already calling her and trying to fuck her. But she put them off. She liked to masturbate and I watched her on several occasions as she pulled and twisted her tiny clit to orgasm. I taught her well. I wanted her to be self sufficient and not depend on men for anything. That also meant sex.

    I sat next to her feeling her lovely body press to mine. Her small luscious breasts were firm and excited as her tiny nipples swelled to eraser tips. I made sure that her pussy though already sparse was shaved clean and I saw how pouty those vaginal lips became as her excitement grew. Her tiny clit poked out from its hood like a mini cock ready for play.

    I had prepared her for this moment. That's why she was so excited. Every day for a month we sat at the computer looking at hot sex sites showing young girls doing all sorts of unimaginable things to get an orgasm. We would be naked. Her on my lap as we both viewed the sites. I could feel her twist in pleasure at each new site, each hot picture or movie.

    Her favorites were the animal sites where girls fucked and sucked dogs and horses. Each time she would have me go to them and get so excited at watching the girls have sex. I would kiss her ear and neck. Play with her nipples and slowly slide my hand to her very wet cunt and rub her engorged clit till she came hard on my bare legs.

    Tonight would be so very different. I bought a dog named Max who was specially trained. Trained to have sex with girls. Nikki looked at Max with lustful eyes and I knew she was ready to fuck. I began to show her how to pull Max's furry pouch back to reveal his bright red cock. She took over and soon Max was breathing fast as his doggie cock grew to over eight inches. Nikki was also breathing quickly all excited from getting Max hard.

    I told her to suck his cock like the girls did in the movies we watched together. She obviously paid very close attention for she took him carefully into her small mouth and began to suck him in and out. She rubbed his balls carefully making Max groan. I watched in amazement as she took all of him inside her mouth.

    I wanted to make sure that she was completely ready and began to rub her pussy while she sucked Max. I began to slide a finger inside her already lubricated cunt feeling her tight vaginal walls squeeze my finger as it moved in and out of her. She was tight but no longer a virgin.

    A week past I made sure to take that as well. She got so excited during one of our masturbation sessions that automatically I began to push my finger inside her farther than usual breaking her hymen and sending her into a orgasm orgy late into the night. She loved what I was doing to her and soon I had three fingers deep inside her hot little pussy that was squirting cum like crazy.

    Now I was doing the same thing again, stretching her as wide as possible because I knew that Max was large and I didn't want her hurt from his quick hard fucking. Plus I knew that he would want to get his large knot into that hot cunt. So I continued my fucking making her groan in pleasure and soon an orgasm making her wet and really slippery for Max.

    I had her get on all fours raising her ass high and legs spread wide and open. I led Max to her. He smelled her pussy and quickly maneuvered himself onto her back. His body was pressed against hers his forepaws wrapped around her tiny center. Nikki, her eyes just slits, her mouth open in such unabashed lust waited to feel his cock in her. I grasped his large cock and guided it into her pussy.

    Immediately Max began to drive his cock into her tight cunt. She almost fell forward with his thrusts but managed to stay on all fours. His cock quickly slid halfway into her tight wet hole and he rammed harder to get it all in. I reached under my daughter to rub and twist her tiny clit and she cried out in pleasure. I could see up close that Max almost had his entire cock inside her.

    Like lightning his cock flew in and out of her. His knot banging against her outer labia trying to get in. Nikki cried out in orgasm and I could see her squirting around the bright red doggie cock making it even easier for Max to drive forward faster and harder.

    Soon his knot pushed past her vaginal lips to drive deep into her and Nikki cried out in pain. But soon after felt Max cumming over and over inside her filling her with hot doggie cum. She then had another even larger orgasm.

    I went to her and began to kiss her hard our tongues twirling and slipping in and out of our mouths. I slid my tongue down her neck to her pointy nipples taking one into my mouth sucking it. Max was imbedded inside her and he wasn't done spurting his cum inside her.

    Nikki began to push herself back against him trying to engage further fucking loving the full feeling he was giving her. But soon Max pulled out with a wet plop letting a waterfall of cum drip out of Nikki.

    I grabbed her and rolled her on top of me feeling her tiny body on mine and kissed her hotly. Feeling the cum drip on me as well. We stayed like that for and hour just making out and planning our next fuck session.

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    really good want to hear more

    Oct 30 2008 19:32
    Oh I liked it xxx

    Aug 13 2009 11:00
    I was the first to have a dog in me an after that I taught each of my sister how to enjoy large dogs.

    Dec 17 2010 22:37
    This my favoret story it always gets me off.

    Jul 23 2011 20:17
    Hi a great story & very hot & i wish i was there to watch & to join in with the 3 of you & it had me cumin such a story & is there a part 2 to it please .

    Nov 24 2011 17:49
    dobra prica-daj nastavak.

    Feb 9 2012 04:10
    Very hot! My mom had our dog king take my virginity. It hurt like hell at first but now i am and will remain a total dog slut. They are the only real cocks I will allow in my pussy.

    Mar 30 2012 13:12
    This is so depraved...but hot, hot, hot!

    May 22 2013 16:24

    Sep 16 2016 22:27
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