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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, malebeast, watersport.

    I have a friend, Danny, with whom I share some pretty strange interests and we decided to visit a friend who lives in Napa last week. This friend, I'll call him Mark, owns a working farm which has horses, cows, chickens, goats and sheep as well as a faithful dog.

    Danny, Mark and I have played games together for quite awhile. Danny came over Saturday night and we had a session of pretty vanilla sex. In the morning we had some light water play: I pissed my morning's piss in his mouth and he pissed in mine. We sucked and fucked and then had breakfast (nude) before staring. Although we both needed to do so, we avoiding crapping. After a big breakfast, we got ready to go.

    While it might have been fun driving my van in the nude, cops tend to frown on that sort of thing, so I put a large cloth diaper on Danny and he put one on me. Then on came the plastic pants and then our clothing. Danny is much smaller than I am, so he took a smaller diaper. Since Danny doesn't drive, I drove the van. On the way to Napa, I drank coffee from a large thermos, Danny drank hot chocolate (which he prefers) and we talked about what we wanted to do that day. Since neither of us had taken our morning shit that morning, we used the trip up as a means of emptying our guts into the diapers, farting, pissing and shitting along the way, a planned treat for Mark and a source of fun for ourselves.

    Once we got to Napa, our dipes were pretty full of shit and wet from the piss that the coffee and hot chocolate had induced. We were both pretty stinky when we pulled into Mark's place. He had fun with us in the barn for about an hour, but I won't go into that with you. After we all cleaned up, we began our play with the animals.

    Mark is a certified breeder and has a lot of equipment and supplies which add to the fun of our games. In particular, he has some animal hormones which stimulate them sexually. We began our play with the goats. Mark rubbed a small amount of this hormone mixture on each of our pubes. Then he brought a male goat into the barn. I don't know if you've ever smelled a male goat when it's randy, but imagine what piss smells like when it has sat around for three days, wash a dead skunk in that piss and then you've got an idea of how bad a randy billy goat can smell. This fellow got wind of the hormone almost at once and scampered over to where we stood and began nosing our crotches.

    Mark was stroking his furry cock sheath and he erected almost immediately. Goat cocks aren't too big, about the size of a man's, but they are strange shaped. They usually are fiery red and don't have a glans. The tip tapers to a blunt point which at this time was moist and drooling. Danny dived under the goat and slurped the pizzle into his mouth. Danny is an incorrigible sex fiend. That's why I like him so much.

    I watched while he sucked all of the goat into his mouth, including the fur cock sheath. The animal was starting to hunch his legs and move like he was trying to mount some non-existent female. Danny began swallowing and by the smell in the barn, I could tell that he was swallowing goat jissum. He pulled the peg from his mouth and let the last bits of goat sperm spatter his face and hair. I loved the way the translucent glob looked in Danny's red hair.

    Danny went back down on the goat to get him hard again (animals have a much greater capacity for rerun than humans). Mark brought another male goat in and for the next fifteen minutes, the three of us each got fucked by them. As I said, goat cocks aren't much different in size from men's, but I love the feel of their soft furry bellies rubbing against my back as they mount me. I think goats are my favorite animals to be fucked by. Unlike Danny, though, I'm not crazy about the taste of their semen. WAY TOO STRONG AND NASTY TASTING. None of us had cum at that point so we retired to the hen house.

    If you think it's cruel to fuck chickens (as I did when I first tried at age 13) then consider how big an egg is in comparison to your hard cock. You just have to be careful not to go in too far. You also don't have to mind getting chicken shit on you since it rubs off onto your penis while you're fucking the hen. I started and then Mark went next. Danny was last. After the chickens we waited awhile and then Danny announced he was horny and wanted to fuck again. This time we went outside to where Mark keeps his pigs and Danny alternated between fucking me and the sow. I was preparing for what I knew was going to be our finale that day: one of Mark's ponies.

    Danny has a pretty big cock and after the goat fucking I'd taken, he was stretching me more. After he finished his pig fuck, we went back into the barn. Mark brought one of his ponies over, rubbed hormone mixture on my face and had the pony nuzzle me. (Ponies are not young horses. This guy was fully grown and stands about twelve hands at the shoulder.) He is one I've played with many times and he loves our games. I moved along side of him and began stroking his cock. As it began to peek from inside the sheath, I slipped under the beast and began licking it. It pushed out quickly and I spent several minutes licking it all the way up one side and down the other. Horse cocks are spatula shaped and too big to fit in ones mouth but I could get the tip in and sucked my four-legged friend's piss slit. Mark was massaging his belly and at one point Danny lifted the beasts tail up. The pony has been trained to use these signals to start urinating, which he did on signal.

    The strong horse piss poured from the prick with such force that I could only take a couple of mouthfuls before I had to pull my mouth away from the pizzle. I drenched myself in the flow and as he was slowing it down, replaced my mouth on the spewing hole, drinking the last cup or so of bitter, somewhat salty urine. When I'd finished my drink, Mark brought over a contraption he had had built especially for use with his ponies. It is a table on wheels which allows a person to be under the pony at the right height to receive the horse's advances. I slipped out from under the pony and lay down on my belly on the padded table. Danny greased my ass well, gradually getting each one of his fingers in my asshole until he had all five in. Once he was able to get his fist in, he pulled it out and Mark brought the pony over me and the two of them guided the hard prick into my ass.

    It is like being fucked by a fire engine. The only bad part about animal sex is that is ends so quickly. When I had been fucked twice by this pony, they removed it from over me and Danny got behind me and slurped his tongue around inside my rectum. It was easy slurping since my hole was stretched so wide. When he was done, his face was streaked with animal cum and some of my shit. He had such a sweet smile. I took that pony twice and another one one more time. After the fucking from the second pony, Danny and Mark gave it the signal to piss.

    This time, my gut and not my mouth was filled by horse piss. In the position I was in, I had no choice but to accept the hot animal piss. Once the animal finished and his peg shriveled back into its sheath, Danny dove for my hole and drank the filthy horse piss as it poured, unstaunched from my hole.

    I had to wear diapers that night, too, since after the abuse my asshole had taken, there was no way I could hold my shit in. The three of us played up in Mark's house before going to bed. But that's a whole other story of piss, shit and sex.

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