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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast, rape, voyeur, bisexual, orgy.

    In my dealings as a property buyer, I was bound to make a few enemies.

    Buying run-down houses and plots of land from people that were 'down on their luck' before reselling them at a profit because of knowledge of the business and also certain inside information, ensured that I'd been very successful in my dealings with buying and selling properties and land.

    Usually, I'd offer the barest minimum to the vendors and give them ready money before holding the property or land and later selling - mainly to companies for industrial or re-housing uses. And it was because of my runaway successes, that I decided to try my luck in the lucrative American market - having been told by an American business associate (that owed me quite a sum of money), of a plot of land in Alabama that already held 500 houses.

    He'd informed me of this well-placed plot of land, adding that he knew the head of the company that owned it, and also knew that he'd a serious cash-flow problem.

    He then 'baited the hook' by telling me that if I'd agree to freezing the interest on the money he owed me, he'd be able to give me some 'interesting information' about the plot to really make it worth my while. We agreed on a deal for me to freeze the interest and he hinted at a figure that the company presently owning the land, would agree upon. The figure was far below market value for land in that area and it seemed to be a good investment, so I told him that I was indeed interested.

    He then told me that he knew from some friends of his, of a development company that was looking for a large plot of land to build a shopping-mall in that same area. His friends had wanted to approach the company that presently owned the land, to buy it from them and instantly re-sell it to this development company - but they couldn't raise the money. To cut a long story short, I had the money, bought the land, then resold it to the development company and made a very fat profit.

    The previous owner was a guy called Ruben Connor, and he was furious when he found out that I'd instantly re-sold the land for nearly twice what I'd given him for it, and he threatened me with all sorts of things - swearing to get even with me - no matter how long it took. I tried to explain to Mr Connor that I'd done nothing wrong, and was only guilty of good business practices - trying to calm him down by even inviting him to the evening dance at my forthcoming wedding. The wedding was going to take place in Alabama just over a month later - my fianc‚e already over there and busy making arrangements for our wedding.

    Connor declined my invitation and venomously reminded me that he'd get even with me for 'cheating' him out of the true value of the land.

    I laughed off his threats or retribution, and concentrated instead on the preparations to my forthcoming marriage - not fully appreciating Connor's obsession for revenge.


    Six weeks later I was married to Linda, a girl I'd known for 15 years since meeting her one night at a dance in my home town. We'd been seeing each other on a regular basis since our mid-teens and had fallen madly in love - us finally deciding to get married once we'd established each of our careers. For the honeymoon, we'd decide to stop a few days at the local 'Quality Inn International' before driving down to tour Florida and the keys for a week, finally stopping another week in the Bahamas and then flying back to England and our new home.

    To help the reader visualise my new wife, let me describe her as best I can.

    She's 30 years old - 2 years younger than me, stands quite tall at 5ft 9in, weighs just over 9 stones (130 lbs), and has a shapely hourglass figure with a beautiful pair of well-rounded and very firm tits (36b- 24-34), each crowned with well developed and erectile nipples. She has a beautiful face, with sparkling blue eyes and full lips that conceal a wide and sensuous smile, it being perfectly framed by the long, dark brown hair that cascades over her shoulders to end in an inward turning flick, ending just below her shoulders. Her hips are small and smooth with legs and thighs so long, that they appear to finish under her armpits!

    These are accentuated by her very slim waist and flat stomach, which lead down to what I think is one of her best assets - an extremely hairy cunt. Unless she shaves and trims it regularly, her pubic hair grows down the inside of each thigh and up across her belly to her navel like a spider's web, a real turn-on in my eyes. As it is, she keeps it in check by trimming it slightly so's it resembles a dark, lush and verdant, hairy welcome-mat to the entrance of her cunt - clipping the thick mass of hairs along her slit to reveal and expose her cunt-lips and clitty-hood.

    As well as having a body to die for, Linda is extremely broadminded and is willing to push the boundaries of her sexuality to the maximum with me, in spite of her very limited experiences of other men - me being her one and only lover.

    Unlike other girls of her age, she'd 'kept herself chaste for the right man' during her teens, her deciding one evening that the man was to be me. She was 17 when she gave me her virginity - and although a late starter - she's made up for it ever since by fulfilling my every desire in bed, us both sucking and fucking each other in every way possible. She often mentions her first ever fuck, and tells me that because I'd taken my time and treated her properly, it was an exciting and rewarding experience for her and helped to cement our relationship together.

    Neither of us have been with anyone else since that night, and our only mention of anyone else is when she asks me about some of the girls I'd fucked before her and what I did with them. As I relate some of my experiences to her, she lies on the bed and spreads her long legs wide apart before feverishly wanking herself and coming intensely, her copious cunt-juices flooding from her for me to lick up and in doing so, sustaining her usually powerful and long-lasting orgasm.

    That's the way it'd been with us for all of our time together - until our honeymoon!

    Now, as a direct result of what happened on our honeymoon, we're both bisexual and have many partners - both of us now fucking with anything that moves as we push the boundaries of our sexuality even further than we thought possible.

    Having related the long and somewhat tedious background of our lives together, I will now reveal just what happened on our honeymoon, and how it brought about such a drastic change in both of our sex-lives.


    Second day of our marriage, in our hotel room.

    "Christ, you make me feel fucking hot!" Linda breathed as she slid up and down on my rigid cock, her cunt-lips trailing along my thick shaft as she straddled my hips and raised and lowered herself onto it, "My cunt's actually itching for you."

    "What you need is some of that magic lotion of mine, squirting deep inside to relieve the irritation." I smiled, "That'll fix it for you my darling."

    "Do you mean that sticky stuff that you like to clean out of me with your tongue after you've spurted it into me?" she cooed, "Mmmm, I'd love to have some of that."

    Taking in the vision in front of me right now, I knew it wouldn't be long before Linda would indeed be having some of that magic lotion - lots of it!

    She was facing me as she straddled my hips with her knees, her black front-fastening 1/2 cup bra undone and hanging loosely on her shoulders, totally exposing her firm tits and erect nipples. Meanwhile, her matching suspenders were stretched tight over her nylon-clad thighs and perfectly framing her furry cunt, her cunt- lips plainly visible as they stretched round the girth of my half-inserted cock.

    As I watched, she smiled and slowly sat down on my rigid cock, impaling herself on it and grunting softly as it disappeared into her cunt before she slowly rotated her hips and made my knob-end rub against her cervix. Then she slowly raised herself up again until my cock was almost pulling out of her clinging cunt, before she sank down and repeated the process again and again.

    "You like?" she breathed softly, humping her hips back and forth several times and kneading her erect nipples between her fingers and thumbs before stirring her cunt with my cock again, "You like your wife to fuck herself on your beautiful cock?"

    "Oh yes." I smiled, "I like, I like very much - very much indeed!"

    Her tongue darted between her red lips as she then reached down with her hand and pushed one finger in alongside my invading cock, pulling it out and offering it to me.

    "Taste me." she whispered, "Taste your new wife's cunt- juice."

    "Mmmm." I groaned, tasting the honey-like sweetness of her cunt-juices on my tongue and drinking in the musky perfume, "It's like you my darling - beautiful."

    "You always say the right things my darling." she smiled, "And do them as well."

    She dropped to her hands and sensuously kissed me on the lips, her hair cascading over my cheeks as she slowly started raising and lowering her hips, speeding up and tightening the muscles of her already tight cunt.

    My hands moved to her over-sensitive nipples and she gasped against my face as I rolled them between my fingers and thumbs - something I'd found in the past that was guaranteed to accelerate and increase her building orgasm. Faster and faster her hips bounced up and down, her hairy twat now smashing against my pubes and my knob-end butting up against her cervix, so deep inside her clinging cunt.

    "Fuck me, you gorgeous bastard!" she whispered urgently, "Come deep inside me and fill my cunt with your thick and creamy cum! I'm getting very near!"

    "I'm very near as well, my darling." I gasped, my own orgasm building rapidly and now only seconds away, "Oh God, let me lick you out afterwards - please!"

    "Oh I will!" she gasped, our pubes now slapping together noisily as she increased the speed and ferocity of her bouncing hips, my cock ramming deep inside her as the first spurt of my cum blasted against her cunt-walls, "You know I will! I... OHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH..."

    She slammed herself down onto my throbbing cock, thrusting her hips forward and impaling herself on me as her orgasm hit her, my cock jerking and spurting deep inside her convulsing cunt, filling it with my hot and sticky cum.

    Her nails dug into my shoulders and her body went rigid as her orgasm raced through her body, smashing against her nerve-endings and sending her cunt-muscles into a series of powerful spasms, such was the intensity of it.

    "GOD, I FUCKING LOVE YOU!" she croaked through clenched teeth, her knees tightly gripping my hips as she dropped down and savagely humped her cunt against my spurting cock then wrapped her arms around my neck, "OH, MY GODDDDD!"

    I quickly took her thrashing head in my hands and brutally pulled her onto my lips, mashing them against mine as our tongues found each other's and fought with each other in our now combined mouths.

    Gradually, her orgasm subsided and she remained bending over me, both of us fighting for breath as the sweat from her chin and nipples splashed onto my heaving body. After waiting a few minutes, she slowly pushed herself upright and placed her finger over her dilated cunt-lips as she pulled off my cum-coated cock.

    Then she shuffled up my body until her nylon-clad thighs were either side of my face.

    "Suck me." she whispered sexily, removing her finger and parting her lush growth of pubic-hair to allow my cum to ooze from between her cunt-lips, "Lick my cunt out and make me come again."

    Without waiting for an answer, she lowered herself down onto my face, her fingertips brushing my nose as she started wanking herself and I slurped on the escaping cream that was draining from her cunt. Faster and faster she frigged her clitty, humping her hips forward in a series of sharp jabs and tightening her cunt- muscles to squeeze the cocktail of our cum into my waiting mouth.

    A mixture her sticky cunt-juices and my thick and viscous cum suddenly spluttered from her cunt and was propelled forcibly into my mouth as she audibly strained her cunt-muscles, then relaxed them only to strain them again.

    "Suck me, you fucking twat! she hissed through gritted teeth, "I'm nearly coming!"

    I gripped her waist and pulled her cunt down onto my face with such force, her splayed cunt-lips slithered round my mouth and formed a tight seal so's her inner cunt-lips pushed up against my gums.

    She suddenly stopped frigging and threw her head back, letting out a strangulated 'animal-type' cry from deep in her throat as her second orgasm blasted through her body. I immediately moved my lips upwards to suck on her erect and very sensitive clitty, cunt-juices and cum now literally flooding from her gaping cunt.

    "YEEEEESSSSSSS!" she hissed, "OH YESSSSSSSS!!!!!"

    Her head dropped forward again and she moaned again as I felt the insides of her thighs trembling against my head, her nervous system going haywire.

    What happened next took me completely by surprise. She reached forward and clutched my head, pulling it hard against her oozing cunt - and then slowly started to piss in my mouth! There wasn't much, but at least a mouthful. She then seemed to relax and lowered my head back onto the pillow, smiling down at me as thick strands of our cum stretched between us, joining my lips and her cunt together.

    I craned my neck and licked the sticky strings off her cunt-lips before she slid down my body and laid beside me, both of us then drifting off to sleep.


    "What d'you think of these, Davey?" Linda asked as she came in from the bathroom wearing a beautiful red and black 1/2 cup, front-fastening lacy bra and matching lacy suspender-belt, with black lace-top nylons, "I thought about wearing them under my dark blue button-up cotton dress. D'you think these be alright for tonight?"

    "We're only going for dinner." I smiled, "Unless you're gonna do a striptease for the customers and save me paying the bill?"

    "You know I'd never show my body to anybody but you - I meant for afterwards." she cooed, "I thought we could go for a little drive and maybe have some fun in the car or down some deserted track somewhere?"

    "After seeing you wearing those, you just try and stop me, my darling." I grinned, "C'mon, let's have dinner and then go for a drive."

    "Okay." she smiled, "Won't be long."

    Five minutes later we were going through the door to a restaurant down the road.

    "So. You'd like us to go for a little drive to some quiet place later on?" I asked her as the waiter left with our order, "And what exactly would you want us to do when we finally got to this quiet place?"

    "Mmmm, I'm sure you could think of something to occupy the time." Linda grinned mischievously, "If it was somewhere with a small river or lake, we could maybe go for a swim before lying on the bank and then..."

    "And then?" I asked.

    "Maybe you could... fuck me, and fill my cunt with cum?" she replied softly, her foot sliding up my leg and between my thighs undercover of the tablecloth.

    "I love it when you 'talk dirty' to me, my darling." I said, "You know how much it turns me on to hear you talk like that."

    "Mmmm, I can tell." she laughed, her toes now reaching right under the table and sliding over my erection and rubbing it to full hardness.

    Before she'd time to bring things to a sticky conclusion, the waiter brought our meal and wine. The meal was great, and we sipped our brandy's for a few minutes before I called for the bill, the waiter coming over straight away.

    I paid with my card and we left the restaurant holding hands as we walked across the gloomy car-park to our rented car, stopping to hold each other close and kissing for a moment before I unlocked the door and opened it for her. As I watched he sliding into her seat, the word suddenly started spinning and then went black.


    The next thing I remember was a nagging ache in my neck as I tried to open and focus my eyes. Gradually, I became aware that I was sitting down and I instinctively tried to stand up, only to find that I couldn't move. Fearing I'd suffered some sort of seizure or something, I sat still and waited until my senses started working again. I still couldn't comprehend what had happened, but as I looked around I became aware that I was in some sort of dimly lit warehouse or something, and that I was totally naked. Then I looked down to see I was tied up with my hands behind me and my legs spread wide apart in a sitting position, on something resembling a garden bench.

    My head continued to throb as I looked around and saw the figure of a woman that was sitting in a chair about 10 feet away from me.

    By the light of the 2 or 3 overhanging strip-lights, I could see that she was very beautiful and that she was dressed in a dark blue silk 'mandarin-style' dress. And because she sat with her knees crossed, the slit up one side of her dress clearly showed that she was wearing nylons.

    "What... what's happened? What am I doing here?" I asked her groggily.

    "He's awake!" she called to someone in the darkness, instead of answering me.

    I heard footsteps off to my left and turned to see someone walking out of the gloom.

    "Ah, Davey. Welcome back to the world of the living." the male voice said.

    I suddenly recognised the guy standing before me - it was Ruben Connor!

    "Where am I? What've you done with Linda?" I asked him.

    "One thing at a time, my friend." he beamed, "Linda's quite alright - for the moment. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your evening dance Davey, I don't like crowds of people around me you see. So I thought I'd spend some quality time with you and Linda in a more... 'intimate' setting."

    "What d'you want, Connor?" I asked him, tugging in vain at the ropes around my wrists and widespread ankles, "And why am I tied up like this?"

    "Oh, so many questions." he replied, "I want revenge Davey, pure and simple.

    You cheated me out of a lot of money with that land deal, and now it's time for me to have my revenge for the money you owe me. And you're tied up to stop you leaving the little show that I've prepared for you, before it's finished. Oh, I forgot to mention the entertainment I've laid on for you tonight - how remiss of me. You'll like it Davey, especially when you see who the star of the show is."

    He snapped his fingers and I heard some movement in the shadows to my left. To my horror, I then saw Linda being helped out of the shadows towards Connor by two muscle-bound black guys. They were holding her up by her arms and she seemed to be either drunk or drugged because she was unsteady on her feet and swaying from side to side. Once they'd reached Connor, he leaned over towards her and blatantly kissed her passionately on the lips - Linda seemingly being unable to stop him.

    "You bastard!" I screamed, "Take your filthy hands off my wife!"

    "Temper, temper." he smiled again, "Don't worry, Linda's going to be the star of our little show tonight and she'll be well looked after - very well looked after."

    I felt a really sick feeling deep inside my stomach as I heard what he said - fearing the worst and what might happen to my darling wife.

    "What d'you want off me Connor, more money?" I spat, "Okay, I'll give you some more! What about an extra... $500,000? Now let us both go!"

    "$500,000? Oh no, no, no, Davey." he replied.

    "Alright, $1,000,000!" I shouted, "That's the extra I got for the land!"

    "I don't want your money Davey. I want my revenge - I want my nemesis." he smiled, "When we made that deal, you fully intended to deprive me of that extra money and permanently hurt me. So I think it's only fair that I permanently hurt you as well. If I'd to take your money, the chances are that you'd cheat some other poor bastard and make good the extra money you'd given me without even feeling it.

    And in a few months, you'd have forgotten all about it. Oh no Davey boy, I want to hurt you by doing something to you that you'll never forget - something that'll stick in your mind forever - in spite of all your money. Now, can you guess what I've got in mind, Davey? Perhaps this might give you an idea?"

    He moved over to Linda and calmly undid the top buttons of her dress, stopping when he reached her waist. Then he slowly pulled the top of her dress apart to reveal her red and black lacy 1/2 cup bra, my darling wife's nipples now exposed to his eyes.

    "Stop it you fucking bastard!" I screamed, straining at the ropes that held me so securely, "Okay, I'll do anything - anything you want, only leave my wife alone!"

    "Too late." he replied, leaning forward and cupping Linda's left tit with his hand before sucking her nipple into his mouth, "And yes Davey, you're gonna do what I want. You're both gonna do exactly what I want - whether you like it or not!

    You, Davey... you're going to mainly just sit back and watch - but Linda... well, Linda's going to take a more... 'active' part in tonight's proceedings."

    "I'm gonna go straight to the police and tell them everything when we get out of here, you bastard!" I screamed, "You'll be fucking locked up for a long time!"

    "Somehow, I don't think you will, Davey." he replied, "You see, there are several more guys in that office over there - all waiting for me to call them out. And none of these guys that I've hired for tonight's show, have met each other before tonight and therefore can't incriminate each other. That leaves them free and able to wander the streets - to carry out any instructions I may have given them. Now if I find myself being questioned by the police about tonight, one of my instructions to several of these guys... might be to go and look you and Linda up in your new home.

    As you can see Davey, they're very well-built and they're perfectly able to take care of themselves - or anybody else for that matter.

    Now if they'd to act on my instructions and had to pay you a visit at your house or your offices in England, who knows what they might get up to before flying back home? They might make a point of meeting Linda first and then coming round to your office for you. And how would you be able to resist their invitation to go for a little drive with them - knowing they were at home with your wife? No, you're not going to say anything Davey. You keep your mouth shut about tonight, and you'll be back home with no more trouble from me. But if one word of this gets out, sometime - perhaps not straight away, you'll get a knock at the door and find that it'll be a few of my friends that are with us tonight - and they won't be coming to just say hello. They'll be the last callers you and Linda will ever see."

    "You'd... actually murder us?" I asked him unbelievably.

    "What would I have to lose?" he said, "I'd be locked up for a long time anyway and dead men - or women, don't tell tales. Anyway, it'd be your word against mine. My wife will swear I've been with her all night. There'll be no DNA evidence of tonight because you don't know where this building is - or even if it's in the same city.

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