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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gay, oral.

    The best thing about living by yourself in the suburbs of a city, is that you have all the varied amenities of a city, with plenty of quiet roads, dark alleys, and gardens to melt into – which serve my sexual leanings very well! If I explain to you a little about myself and exactly what my sexuality is, perhaps you'll understand more fully?

    My name is Adrian Cooper, I'm 27, single, 5ft 6in tall, and weigh 10-stone (140lbs).

    Although I'm very slightly built, nature has been very kind to me by giving me a perfectly formed 7in cock that has no trouble in getting rock-hard at the slightest stimulation. Couple that with balls that supply a large amount of thick and creamy cum and the ability to repeatedly come 4 or 5 times a night in rapid succession, you'll understand why I feel okay with my small build!

    In fact it was because of my petite size, that I chose several years ago to take an intensive course of female hormones, which have produced not only my rounded and very feminine figure, but also a beautiful pair of very firm 34b tits that are topped with large, dark and erectile nipples! And when I tell you that I also have dark shoulder-length hair, it'll come as no surprise when I tell you that I live most of my life as a woman – only looking and acting like a normal guy when I'm at work.

    I don't know whether it's the hormones or just my natural sexual drive, but when I sit down of an evening at my dressing table and apply my makeup to change from me as Adrian into me as Lucy, I feel incredibly horny! My cock instantly becomes erect and literally drips pre-cum onto the carpet as I choose which of my sexy undies to wear from my considerable collection – the lewd pictures running through my mind of me performing some of the more outlandish and perverted things I've done in the past as Lucy – things I still love to do as often as possible!

    I frequently visit the places used by other bi guys – car parks, public toilets with glory-holes, pick-up bars and public parks, always whilst dressed as a woman!

    Sometimes I dress as a 'normal' woman, and sometimes as an utter tart – depending on where I'm going and how horny I'm feeling. Whichever way, I never wear panties or the dreaded tights, and I always wear sexy undies underneath my top clothes.

    When I'm dressed as a woman I like to call myself Lucy, and sometimes wear one of my numerous wigs if I want to change my hairstyle or colour. Of course my close friends and neighbours don't know of my dual- personality or sexual orientation, which is probably best, because I don't think they'd accept me as 'Lucy' in their neighbourhood if they did! And whilst they don't actually know me as Lucy, quite a few have in fact met me as Lucy! There are four married men on my avenue for example, that regularly meet 'Lucy, the sex- starved trannie whore' – and one of their wives as well! Neither of that couple happen to know the other is regularly seeing me for sex, and I aim to keep it that way!

    So, now you know a little about me but certainly not all about me – I'll reveal some of that later on and perhaps really shock you – or, maybe I'll remind you of the last time when you did exactly the same thing?


    It was 7.30 as I sat at my dressing table and applied some more eye-shadow to my already heavily made-up eyes. John Adams liked me to look 'tarty' for him when we met each week in the park toilets for a good fucking, and loved it when I spread my legs wide to expose my suspender-framed cock to him before he dived between my legs and sucked on my knob-end! I know him as a neighbour called Peter Tompkins, chairman of the local golf-club – but because he always contacts me for our meetings on my mobile, he doesn't know who I actually am, or that I know him personally!

    That scenario is the same for the other three guys who phone me for a fuck whenever they're feeling randy, all using false names and none realising that they're phoning someone that actually knows them, and lives a hundred yards or so from their homes!

    I once had a little fun with John – sorry... Peter, when I brought up the subject of gay guys whilst talking to him as he mowed his front lawn when I was passing his house. There'd been something on the television about a well-known celebrity being gay and seeing this other guy in public, so it was a topical subject.

    "D'you know something Adrian? I can't understand what pleasure a man gets out of screwing with another man!" he stated as he cut his grass, "Thank God I'm normal!"

    "Hmmm, I agree with you Peter – and what about the ones that dress up as women and let guys fuck them?" I replied, trying hard to suppress a laugh!

    "Mmmm, they should be hung up by their balls!" he replied quickly, "Fucking perverts!" This is the same guy that was squatting in front of me only the evening before in the park toilets, as I tossed myself off into his mouth! And once I'd come, he turned me round and gave me a good fucking – filling me with his cum as he moaned repeatedly and caressed my suspender-framed ass! But I digress...

    Finally satisfied with my makeup, I took down my heated rollers and brushed my hair before giving it a light spraying to keep it in place – a girl has to have pride in her appearance, even if she is going out just to get a good fucking in some public toilets!

    And in keeping with my 'tarty' theme, I decided to wear a black lacy ½ cup bra and matching suspender-belt with my black lace-top nylons under a short pleated skirt and red satin blouse – the pleated skirt being so short that it showed a good portion of my lacy stocking-tops as soon as I moved to walk! This didn't matter though, because I usually wore a short lightweight raincoat over everything, the hem of which reached just above my knees, so that when the coat was held closed with the belt tied round my slim waist, nothing showed – but once the belt was undone and the coat was allowed to fall open......... everything showed!

    A little more lipstick and I was ready!

    I made my way out of the back door and walked down the garden path to the entrance of the secure compound where I kept my car. Once inside, I drove to the exit and stopped to swipe my smart-card through the electronic sensor that lowered the ramps which barred my exit. The light on the sensor consol turned to green and I drove out onto the road – nobody on the avenue having seen me leave or how I was dressed.

    Five minutes later I parked up at the park gates and got out of the car, then walked into the park and along the dimly-lit path – a route I take several times a week to the public toilets, even when I'm not meeting John!

    I use these quite a lot and meet guys there for sex – loads of gay or bi guy using them to meet other guys because the police have been told to keep a low profile there.

    Apparently, the head of the police in the city knows what goes on there and is willing to let it continue, because it keeps 'unwanted bad behaviour' off the streets and in a place where they don't cause a nuisance – a little like the German and Dutch Police do with the prostitute problem and 'red-light' districts they have in their countries.

    It works quite well actually and the other toilets in town are patrolled regularly – but woe betide anyone found messing about in them by the police!

    I rounded the bend in the path and could just make out the dim lights of the toilet block in the distance, and the figure of John, sitting on a bench and waiting for me.

    Since the first time I'd met him, we'd agreed that I was to walk right past him and carry on to the toilets, then he would follow behind and meet me inside.

    In an act of sheer devilment and to give me a tremendous thrill of my own, I usually undid my raincoat and quickly wanked myself to full hardness before I reached him.

    This meant that when I walked past him, my cock was jutting up lewdly from between my nylon-clad thighs and pushing the hem of my skirt right up, so's he got a good look at what he'd be sucking on in a few minutes time! It also gave me the chance to satisfy one of my 'kinks' that I mentioned earlier – that of exposing my near-naked undie-clad body in a public place!

    Many times I actually take my coat right off and walk along the path wearing nothing but my undies – my rigid cock jutting out and swaying from side to side, slapping my nylon-clad thighs as I walk along.

    After a very good night, when I've been fucked several times and sucked loads of guys off, I've frequently stood in the middle of the path on my way home and blatantly tossed myself off – swallowing my own cum as the cum from my many recent fuckings oozes out of my still gaping ass and runs down my nylon-clad thighs!

    I hoped that tonight would be one of those nights as I neared John and felt a little tickle run through my belly as I allowed my coat to fall open – him turning to look at me approaching him as he heard my heels 'clip-clopping' on the path. His eyes were riveted on my jutting cock as I passed him and continued down to the toilets, me entering the end stall and removing my coat in readiness for the arrival of my date!

    I sat down on the seat, undid my blouse and pulled it open and slowly wanked my rigid cock as the door swung open and John stepped inside – him breathing heavily!

    "Christ Lucy, you looked fucking sexy as you walked past me on the path just then!" he whispered hoarsely, "C'mon! Come and toss yourself off into my mouth and then let me give you a right good fucking – you sexy fucking bitch, you!"

    "Mmmm, there's nothing I'd like better, John!" I cooed as I stood up and directed my knob-end at his mouth, "I can't wait to feel your cock jerking and throbbing as you're spurting your cum deep inside me!"

    By now his pants were round his ankles and his cock was in his hand as he greedily sucked on my knob-end and my fist slid rapidly back and forth along my shaft!

    "D'you want me to pull out and come in your open mouth when I'm coming, or just come inside it so you can suck all of my cum down?" I gasped.

    "Inside!" he mumbled, his mouth full of my rigid cock.

    "Okay!" I breathed heavily, "I'm nearly there now my darling!"

    A few more strokes and I could feel my orgasm rapidly building and my cum rising!

    "Now, John!" I gasped, "I'm coming!"

    He moaned long and loud as my thick and creamy cum blasted into his suctioning mouth, him gulping it down as he reached up between my semi-splayed thighs and rapidly finger-fucked my tight ass until I'd stopped spurting and slowed to a stop!

    "Mmmm, that was good, Lucy!" he said as he pulled off my cock, "Now turn round and bend over – I'm gonna fuck your ass for you!"

    I did as he said, quickly bending over with my hands on the seat, legs widespread, and pushing my ass back towards him! A moment later I felt him easing his cock into my ass and then reaching up to cup each of my tits in his hands. I pushed back harder as he slowly slid inside me, him pulling himself all the way into me by using my tits!

    "Fuck me, John!" I breathed as he started sliding in and out of my ass, "Fuck your cock into my ass and fill me up with your beautiful cum!"

    "Oh yes Lucy, I will!" he gasped as he got up speed and his thighs slapped against mine, "And it won't take long!"

    True to his word, about 20 seconds later he gasped that he was coming, so I pushed back really hard onto his pounding cock and felt it jerking and throbbing deep inside my guts as he spurted his hot and sticky load into me and finally dropped onto my back – gasping for breath!

    "Christ, you're a great fuck, Lucy!" he gasped, "I'm really glad we met!"

    "Mmmm, me too!" I replied, "You've a great cock, John!"

    He slowly slid out of me and I spun round to suck him clean before he pulled up his pants, thanked me, then left. So I lit up a ciggy and laid back on the wall, my knees still wide open and my cock slowly losing it's hardness.

    Having finished my ciggy a few minutes later, I stood up and walked out of the stall to see if there was anyone else about, my tits and suspender-framed cock totally exposed as I stood in the doorway and scanned the dark outside.

    Seeing nobody around, I wandered back inside and entered the stall again, sitting down and lighting up another ciggy. Halfway through I heard the sound of footsteps entering the toilets and the sound of the door of the stall next to me being closed.

    I slowly wanked my semi-hard cock and waited for developments from the stall next to me. Nothing happened for a few moments, then there was some scuffling and I saw a large black cock being pushed through the glory-hole in the partition!

    I quickly reached forward and sucked the massive dark knob-end into my mouth, then slid my lips up and down the thick shaft and sucked!

    After a minute of me sucking this gorgeous cock, it went from hard to rigid – the thick veins standing out on the shaft and the knob-end becoming swollen and more defined.

    I longed to have this magnificent cock sticking deep in my ass, and unable to resist any longer, I pulled off it!

    "If you want to come in here, we can put your cock somewhere else!" I told the guy in the next stall, "Somewhere where it belongs!"

    The cock slowly slid from view and I heard the door of the stall being opened before my own swung back to reveal a massive black guy standing there with his large fist wrapped round the huge black monster-cock that was jutting out in front of him!

    "Oh yeah!" I breathed as if I was in a trance, "Come to Momma!"

    I tore my eyes away from the erotic sight of that massive black cock, and turned round to 'assume the position' – the guy dropping his pants and moving forward before nudging his knob-end up against my still partly-dilated asshole!

    "I haven't any condoms, so d'you want me to pull out before I come, or can I spurt my cum into you?" he asked me in a deep voice.

    "Oooo, leave it inside me, please!" I begged him, "I want fucking to the end and to feel it throbbing deep inside my guts when you start spurting your cum!"

    Having had the all clear, he slowly eased his massive bulk into my ass, stretching my sphincter-muscles to their utmost as I pushed myself back onto it so's it nestled deep inside me and his balls were pressed hard up against my quivering thighs!

    "Oh yeah!" I gasped as my ass stretched to accommodate the tremendous bulk, "Now fuck me slowly until I'm fully open, and then fuck the ass off me!"

    "You tell me when!" he replied, "And then I'll fill this cute white ass of yours!"

    It felt like I'd something like a tree-trunk sticking in my ass as he held onto my hips and slowly slid his massive cock in and out of me, him speeding up as I told him I could feel my ass opening up for him and taking his cock's massive girth!

    "Ahhh, you're taking it all now, girlie!" he said, pulling it all the way out of me and then pushing it all the way back inside, "What's it like being a black man's whore?"

    "Beautiful!" I gasped, "This whore thinks your black cock's fucking beautiful!"

    "Mmmm, just wait till I come and fill this tight ass of yours with my thick and creamy spunk!" he told me, "I'm gonna fill your cute ass with a full load of my hot cum, until it overflows and runs down your skinny little thighs!"

    "Oh yessssssssss!" I hissed, "And then I'll suck your cock clean for you!"

    "My! You really are a horny bitch!" he replied, "A horny white cum-slut!"

    My body rocked back and forth as he impaled my ass on his pistoning cock and he grunted in time with every thrust into me, his massive hands now reaching under me and clawing at my exposed tits!

    "Fuck meeeeeeee, you bastard!" I hissed as his balls slapped faster against the back of my thighs, "Spurt your cum deep inside me and fill me!"

    "I'm gonna come!" he gasped, gripping my tits harder and squeezing them as he pounded into me, "Christ, I'm nearly there!"

    A moment later he drove his rigid cock into me really deeply, repeating his deep and powerful thrusts several times and groaning! I felt his cock throbbing strongly and then felt a delicious 'wet' feeling spreading deep inside my belly as his cum started to spurt powerfully inside me and liberally coat the walls of my ass!

    "Take it, you fucking bitch!" he hissed, "Take my cum in your fucking tight ass!"

    I was totally unprepared for what happened next...

    He let out a roar, then cupped both of my tits and suddenly pulled me upwards and backwards, lifting my hands off the toilet seat as he straightened his legs, stood upright, and then leant backwards! He held me against his body and I was literally impaled on his spurting cock as my feet left the floor and dangled uselessly beneath me so's the only thing keeping me from dropping down, was his rigid cock that was wedged firmly in my ass, impaling me and spewing it's heavy load of cum into me!

    I instinctively wrapped my legs round the back of his and looked down to see my suspender-framed cock dripping with pre-cum between my nylon-clad thighs!

    With me still suspended in mid-air and totally impaled on his still throbbing cock, he shuffled round and faced the door, then slowly lowered me down as he sank down and sat back onto the toilet seat!

    Only then did I realise that my legs were still entwined with his, so I lowered them down till my feet contacted the floor! This gave me only a slight respite, because he leant right back but kept hold of my tits – pulling me back with him so's I was actually lying on top of his supine frame – his massive cock still impaling me totally and throbbing as hard as ever, deep inside my guts!

    It was about ten seconds later when he let out a long sigh and released his hold on my tits, his cock now softening and the throbbing slowly ceasing!

    "You sure are a great fuck, girlie!" he said finally, "How did you like Oscar's cock filling your tight ass with it's cum? Did you like being hung-up on my cock by me?"

    "Christ, did I?" I replied truthfully, "It was fucking great – really great!"

    "Mmmm, that's old Oscar's specialty!" he replied, "And you just wait till I pull out and see how much cum there is inside you – that's another of Oscar's specialties!"

    "Mmmm, I'll check that out – when I get off you and suck your cock clean for you!" I replied, "That's one of Lucy's specialties!"

    He started laughing, his semi-hard cock shaking deep inside my cum-filled ass and making my tits jiggle before he pushed me upright so's I was sitting up.

    "Okay my horny bitch! Let me see you licking my cum off my cock!" he said, "And if you're real good at it, I might let you suck me off as well!"

    Instantly looking forward to another mouthful of cum, I slowly raised myself up off his semi-hard cock and turned round to face him – my legs wobbly and very unsteady from the tremendous fuck I'd just had!

    I bent forward and was just about to close my lips over his cum-smeared cock, when I felt some of his cum running down the inside of my thigh! I quickly placed my hand over my gaping ass and lowered my head – slurping noisily on his cum-coated cock until it was completely clean and glistened in the dim light! Only then did I squat down slightly and slide my hand from my ass before cupping it between my splayed nylon-clad thighs to catch his cum as it drained from my gaping cum-filled ass!

    When he saw me catching a thick and heavy load of his cum in my hand, then lifting up to my mouth and letting it slide inside before swallowing the lot, he took hold of his cock and started to wank himself furiously!

    I repeated the actions several more times – squatting in front of him with my suspenders stretched taut and pulling away from my thighs – catching a heavy load of his viscous cum as it drained out of my gaping ass, then slowly raising my hand to my mouth and tipping the gooey contents into it, before swallowing every drop!

    "You horny fucking bitch!" he gasped as he watched me drinking his cum, "You're gonna get some more to drink before long!"

    "Mmmm, I fucking hope so!" I smiled, holding my hand above my upturned face as I let a thick and viscous string of his cum dangle over my open mouth before it broke under it's own weight to fall onto my tongue before I swallowed it, "I really do!"

    His fist slid swiftly up and down his thick shaft and his breathing rapidly increased as he watched me lewdly transferring the glutinous contents of my ass into my mouth.

    "I'm getting near!" he gasped suddenly, "Come down here and get your fucking mouth round my knob-end – quick!"

    As I bent forward to do as he said, he let out a moan as his body arched upwards and his bulbous knob-end slid straight into my open mouth – a thick and heavy shot of cum immediately spurting into it!

    "Suck it, you horny mother-fucker! Suck it!" he gasped as jet after jet of thick cum shot from his knob-end, "Oh YES!"

    I sucked hard on the thick pulsating shaft in my mouth and swallowed every drop before he fell back and laid there – pulling his cock from my mouth and gasping for breath, a few weak spurts of cum now oozing from his knob-end and trickling down his thickly veined shaft! Without being told, I bent forward again and licked the dribbles of cum from his softening cock before kissing it and standing up again.

    "We gotta meet again girlie!" he gasped finally, "You're something else – fer sure!"

    I took his mobile phone number before he left, to make sure we did!


    It's turned out that I now see Oscar every week – sometimes two or three times, and he's the only guy I've ever invited back to my place. The added bonus is that he frequently brings different women round for both of us to fuck and – amongst other things, I get to suck them out after he's fucked them!

    Word must've gotten round about what we do when he brings them back here, because they all want to come back with him! You'd be surprised how turned-on girls get with watching a guy fucking another guy that's dressed in women's undies – most either joining in or lying back and wanking themselves whilst watching us!


    It was nearly half an hour later, as I was lying back and idly wanking myself, when someone else came into the toilets, them going into the stall next to mine. A moment or two later I saw my door slowly opening and then saw two guys standing there with their rigid cocks in their hands!

    "Can you take two at the same time?" one asked me.

    "I can – if it's one at either end!" I replied, "But I think we'd be better outside somewhere! There's not enough room in here – I've tried it before!"

    "Okay!" the other one said, "You show us somewhere then!"

    I stood up and walked out of the toilets, my high-heels 'clip-clopping' on the tiled floor, and then led them over to a large elm tree.

    "We're okay here!" I told them as I stopped under the spreading branches, "Nobody can see us under these branches – unless they come up really close!"

    "Have you got a condom, Gary?" one then asked the other.

    "You don't need to use one for my sake!" I told him, "But if you want to, it's okay!"

    "Well, I'd rather not, actually!" he grinned, as he dropped his jeans and stood out of them, "I was just thinking that you might want me to?"

    "And I'll not need one – if I'm coming in your mouth!" the other said.

    "I like swallowing cum – not chewing latex!" I smiled at him as I got down on all fours and waited for them to get in position, "Right guys.... I'm all yours!"

    "Is it alright for me to come inside you?" the guy behind me asked.

    "Mmmm, I'm counting on it!" I replied, just as the other knelt in front of me and rubbed his knob-end all round my face!

    "Fuck me! Even in this light your ass looks fucking sexy! So rounded and feminine!" the one behind me breathed, "If I hadn't seen your cock in the bogs just now, I would've sworn you really were a woman!"

    "Mmmm, then fuck me as though I was one!" I cooed back at him, "And when you've both finished with me, I hope you'll think that I felt like one as well!"

    They both pushed forward as one, one sinking all the way into my ass, and the other into my mouth, before they started fucking into me!

    "Oooo yessssssss!" the one fucking me hissed, "You've an ass just like a tight cunt!"

    "And she's giving me a great blow-job!" the other told his mate, as I sucked and slurped noisily on his hard cock.

    The guy behind me seemed to be in no rush to come – fucking into me slowly and then deliberately grinding his cock in really deep as he pushed forward and rotated his hips, so's his knob-end moved around inside my ass!

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    All I can say is ooooooooh yessssssss,and if you change her name from Lucy to Lola you have me, in my younger years,or not too many years ago.I still enjoy sucking cocks for the lovely cum they give to me,and the joys I still get when I get my sphincter worked on,and filled with cock cream.A beautiful story bi the way.

    May 10 2006 17:47
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