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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gay, oral.

    The guy in my mouth had suddenly noticed my exposed tits, and so he felt underneath me and rolled my erect nipples around between his fingers and thumbs!

    "Fucking hell! She's got nipples that are sticking out hard like a woman's, as well!" Gary told his mate, "And lovely firm tits!"

    I moaned softly on his cock and wiggled my ass to show them how much I was enjoying them – the guy in my ass then starting to fuck me somewhat harder and faster, as he held onto my suspender-belt as though it were part of a saddle!

    "Christ, this is good!" he hissed, now slamming into me so's his balls slapped against my nylon-clad thighs, "What a great ride you are!"

    "You near to coming?" Gary suddenly gasped, "I'm gonna come, any second!"

    "Yeah, I'm nearly there as well!" he gasped back, then said to me, "How would you like both of us to come at the same time?"

    "Mmmmmmmmm Mmmm!" I groaned loudly, my mouth crammed full of cock.

    A moment later I tasted the familiar salty tang of cum on my tongue, as the one in my mouth spurted is load into my mouth!

    The guy fucking my ass saw his mate was obviously coming, and instantly followed suit – stabbing his cock into me with each powerful spurt of his cum!

    As soon as they'd finished coming they both sat back, gasping for breath and leaving me kneeling there with my ass in the air as I swallowed the last of the guy's cum!

    "Fucking hell! What a fantastic fuck!" the guy behind finally gasped, "And you were right – it felt exactly as though you were a real woman and I was fucking your cunt!"

    "Thank you!" I smiled as I rolled onto my back and laid there with my knees splayed and bent, "That's the greatest compliment you could've paid me!"

    "And you sucked me off exactly like a woman would've as well!" the other added, "Where the hell did you learn to do it like that?"

    "Practice!" I smiled smugly, "Years of practice!"

    They thanked me and left me lying there – my cock, tits and ass, totally exposed!

    After rolling onto my back and having a well earned ciggy, I decided to make my way back home – even though I was still feeling as horny as hell!

    As I set off across the grass I started thinking of the great time I'd had with Oscar, and before I'd taken a dozen steps, my cock was jutting up from my nylon-clad thighs and pushing up the front of my skirt!

    "What the hell?" I thought.

    I quickly stripped down to my undies, put my blouse and skirt in my bag and hooked my coat over my arm before I set off along the path for the park gates, wearing nothing but my undone lacy black ½ cup bra, matching suspender-belt, lace-top nylons and high-heeled shoes – my rigid cock, firm tits, erect nipples totally exposed!

    With each step I took I thought about Oscar and grew more horny – so horny in fact, that I stopped right under a lamp, dropped my bag and coat onto the ground, and laid back against the lamppost before spreading my nylon-clad thighs wide and blatantly wanking myself – not giving a damn if anyone walked by and caught me!

    As my orgasm hit me and my body repeatedly spasmed, I pushed my hips forward and spurted my jetting cum high into the air, my thick and heavy load landing in a series of 'splats' on the path – and accompanied by several loads of cum, spluttering from my still gaping ass!

    I remained leaning against the post for some minutes, the steam rising from my perspiring body and watery cum running freely from my ass, my cock hanging limply between my nylon-clad thighs and me slowly caressing my tits, before starting off once more for the park gates! As I got into the car and started the engine, I checked in my bag that I'd still gotten Oscar's phone-number and set off for home, determined that I'd ring him soon to arrange for another great fucking!

    Five minutes later I was swiping my card to get into the secure compound.

    By now it was 1.00am – way past bedtime in the suburbs. So I got out of the car without bothering to get dressed and walked towards my garden gate. Just as I reached it, I saw something moving in the undergrowth! My eyes strained to see what it was and then I realised that it was only a dog! I opened the gate as quietly as I could and closed it behind me, but the dog heard me and looked up, wagging his tail.

    "Hi, mutt!" I said in a half-whisper, "What are you after – some food?"

    This made it wag it's tail even harder, so I knew it wasn't vicious or anything.

    I squatted down and held out my hand – the dog moving out so's it was bathed in the moonlight that flooded half of the garden. It was then that I could see that it was a large mutt of doubtful parentage, with some obvious Labrador connection.

    My heart missed a beat as it slowly ambled over to where I was squatting so's I could see that dangling between it's hind-legs was a large furry sheath!

    D'you remember that earlier on, I mentioned that I'd reveal more about myself and what I liked doing – and that perhaps it'd really shock you? Well now's the time to explain that the second-most favourite I love doing – to be fucked by a dog!

    Ever since seeing a dog fucking and tying with a bitch down an alley at the age of about twelve, I've had this fascination of being fucked by them!

    I remember that on that particular day I rushed home and wanked myself silly as I imagined that I was a bitch and that a dog was ramming his cock up inside my ass!

    This didn't actually happen until I was in my mid- teens, whilst I was walking through the woods one evening. It was approaching autumn and still quite warm at nights, so I'd decided to go for a stroll down by the river. To cut a long story short, I was taking a shortcut from one path to another in order to get home quicker, and this meant that I'd to scramble through some trees and bushes. I sat down for a moment's rest and was surprised when a large black dog walked right up and stopped in front of me!

    Being a sex-mad youth who's hormones and desires were racing around my body with no release other than a twice-daily wank, I was really intrigued by the large furry sheath that dangled down between the dog's hind- legs – remembering with building excitement the sight of the two dogs I'd seen fucking a few years earlier, and how I'd wished that I was the lucky bitch he was fucking!

    With this in mind I quickly unzipped my jeans and took out my rapidly stiffening cock before reaching out and gently taking hold of the dog's cock as well!

    My intention was that I could toss myself off whilst actually feeling this dog's cock, and imagine him actually fucking me with it!

    With one fist working overtime, I slowly slid my other one back and forth along the dog's sheath, pushing it back to expose about three inches of his pointed pink cock!

    I felt his cock swell a little, and moved my hand back and forth some more, making the dog arch his back and start to hump the air with his cock! He then turned toward me and tried to wrap his fore-paws round my leg – humping the air really hard now and spraying my exposed cock with his pre-cum! It suddenly dawned on me that this was my perfect opportunity to have my long- standing craving satisfied, and to have my first-ever dog-fuck!

    So I quickly slipped my jeans off and got on all fours – the position I'd seen the bitch in before the dog mounted her in the alley so very long ago!

    The dog immediately jumped up on my back and wrapped his fore-paws tightly around my midriff, then began frantically stabbing his spitting cock at my rear-end and wetting it through! Several times I felt his pointed cock hitting my ass-cheeks, but wildly missing the mark – the mark I so desperately wanted him to hit – my asshole!

    So I reached down between my thighs and caught hold of his thrusting cock, guiding the tip at my puckered asshole.

    The moment he felt his cock enter the warmth of my ass he quickly stepped forward and literally lunged his cock into me – sinking it's full length into my ass before rapidly pulling it nearly all of the way out again, only to thrust it's entire length back inside me once more! He was dancing around on his hind-legs and stabbing his pointed spitting cock into my ass really fast now, but I remember feeling how thin it felt inside me, and then feeling a little disappointed by the whole thing!

    As I'm sure you will have realised, my disappointment was to be very short-lived!

    He wasn't sliding in and out of me now, instead he was pushing his haunches hard against my thighs and keeping his cock well buried deep inside my ass, all the time stabbing forwards, with very little backward actions.

    It was then that I felt his cock starting to rapidly thicken and lengthen, soon becoming more than a little uncomfortable as it's increasing bulk stretched my ass- walls!

    Still he pounded into me, his cock thickening all the time, with his pre-cum escaping from my ass and running down my thighs! Then I felt his knot!

    I thought his cock had grown thick and bulky, but it was nothing to how his knot felt as it steadily swelled larger and larger until I thought I was in real trouble, and that it was going to damage me, or even rip my ass open!

    I didn't know then what I know now, and was therefore starting to panic as I felt his knot actually starting to give me some pain! It was then that he slowed down to a stop and rested on my back, panting loudly in my ear with his swollen cock and massive knot firmly wedged deep inside my young ass!

    I wrongly assumed his knot was going to keep on swelling, and felt a great relief when he stopped thrusting and then felt my ass actually opening up, to accommodate his knot's massive bulk! The fears and pains rapidly subsided and I was in heaven! My ass was totally filled with this fantastic cock and knot – and I was loving every fucking inch of it's immense size and bulk!

    In order to keep myself upright during the dog's frantic assault on my ass, I'd had to place both hands on the ground, and it was as I felt his beautiful cock and knot strongly pulsating and throbbing deep inside my overstuffed ass – spurting his cum deep inside me, that I felt myself suddenly start to come!

    My cum spurted powerfully from my jerking cock onto the dead leaves and twigs beneath me, tightly contracting my ass-muscles and making him thrust even further into me – all this actually happening without me even touching my rigid cock!

    Him pushing even deeper into me had two immediate results, the pain and dull ache in my guts and ass disappeared completely – to be replaced with a feeling of immense well-being, and rivers of his cum oozed past his massive knot and out of my ass, to run freely down my thighs! I was to find out in later years that it also made my nylons stick to the insides of my thighs as well!

    During what seemed like the two hours he remained locked inside my ass, I made myself a promise – that I'd definitely be doing this again – as often as possible!

    From many more recent experiences, I now know we were actually knotted for about forty minutes or so, during which time he'd slipped off my back and thrown one leg over me so's we were now tied together butt-to-butt!

    It was then that I leaned my lesson of trying to stop a dog doing that, and to keep him on top of you – the reason being, that he'll try to pull out of you before his knot has fully gone down – and it fucking hurts like hell when he does!

    This is what happened to me on this occasion, and I thought he'd torn my ass off!

    It was only with subsequent reading on the matter, did I find out that if you keep him facing the same way as you, or if you've a partner with you that can hold him still and not let him pull away from you, his knot will shrink back to it's normal size and simply 'plop' out of your ass with no pain – accompanied by a flood of cum!


    If what you've just read excites you, and you're seriously thinking about trying it with your own dog, let me give you one or two tips!

    Get down on your hands and knees – the most natural position for a dog to fuck you properly – and don't forget a couple of towels to kneel on – you'll need them!

    Hold your fingers in front of his knot as he fucks into you so you experience just the massive size of his cock in your ass for the first few times – that'll get you used to how fast he'll fuck into you and how large he'll get! You'll still have the beautiful feeling of him filling you up with his cum, with none of the discomfort!

    Use a dildo in your ass before you let a dog fuck you and knot with you for the first few times – it'll open your ass up for his knot and make it much more comfortable!

    If you do let him knot with you and are getting concerned with how big his knot is growing, don't panic – calm yourself down and try to push back at him – yes, back onto his cock! His knot will then push further inside you – where your inner-ass can expand much more easily, relieving most or all of any discomfort.

    Be prepared to be knotted for at least 20 - 30 minutes – until his knot goes down!

    You won't need any KY gel – the dog will supply everything you need for a fantastic fuck – apart from the mop and bucket you'll need afterwards – and you will!

    Now he's fucked you, why not suck him off when he pulls out? If you're like me, you'll still be feeling as horny as hell, and you can simply lie back with his cock in your mouth whilst tossing yourself off – he won't walk away! Dog-cum has a sort of 'metallic' taste, it's more watery and tastes far less strong or salty than human cum.

    Finally, don't pick a Great Dane for your first fuck! They've got a cock and knot the size of a bus – if you do, try explaining to the guys down at the A&E department how your ass came to be in the condition it's in! (The cock on it's own is okay though!)

    Anyway, enough of the lecture on doggy-fucking, back to what happened to me in my garden with this new-found mutt...


    With my cock rapidly jerking to a full erection I reached out and took hold of his furry sheath – the dog not complaining or pulling away!

    I slowly slid it's sheath back and forth a few times and felt it's cock start to thicken slightly – the dog still not objecting to what I was doing. So I carried on and wanked him some more until three or four inches of his pointed pink cock was poking out!

    Then I stopped and let go to see how he'd react? All he did was to look round and then look back at me, so I started wanking him some more and saw him humping his back upwards as he began to 'fuck' my hand! Once more I let go, only to find him pawing my knee and whining softly – obviously wanting me to continue!

    So I wanked him again and kept on until his knot slid fully out of his sheath, before stopping once more. This time he was more persistent and stooped down between my nylon-clad thighs to lick my cock – his tail wagging furiously and him then trying to mount my leg! He was obviously getting aroused, so I turned round and got on all fours to see if he was aroused enough to actually mount me?

    At first, all he did was to furiously lick my gaping ass – in itself a terrifically arousing and sensual experience, but not the experience I wanted! Then he made one or two half-hearted attempts to mount me before resuming his assault with his tongue, on the river of cum that was now running from my ass!

    Only when he attempted to mount me again did I reach back between my thighs and take hold of his half- exposed cock as it spat his pre-cum over my ass-cheeks!

    And it was only when he felt the pressure of my closed hand on his exposed cock, did he start to thrust forward and seriously try to mount me – his fore-paws quickly coming up and wrapping themselves tightly round my waist! As I'd done so many times before with the countless other dogs I'd been fucked by, I guided the pointed tip of his spurting cock directly at my leaking ass and then felt him hit home!

    The split-second he felt his cock slide part-way inside me, he stepped forward and rammed it into me as hard and as deeply as he could – his dew-claws scratching my sides and digging right into me!

    He was now thrusting madly into my ass and dancing around between my legs as his cock fucked into me, it now both lengthening and thickening with every powerful and rapid thrust into me! He seemed so intent on fucking his rapidly swelling cock into me as deeply as he could, he actually tried to climb on top of me with his hind-legs!

    I could already feel his swelling know repeatedly sliding in and out of me, and knew from experience that if I wanted him to successfully 'tie' with me, I'd to reach behind his knot and make sure I kept it inside me until it'd swollen to such a size that he couldn't pull it out of me – either by accident or on purpose!

    This made him fuck into me a lot more deeply, and as he felt himself becoming locked inside me, he changed his fucking actions from those of rapid thrusts in and out, to those of a more deep stabbing kind – forcing himself into me as deeply as he could!

    By now he was panting loudly into my right ear and thrusting into me with all his might – both his cock and knot by now having swollen to a massive size – so massive that I knew we were knotted and that I could safely let go of him without him pulling out of me!

    As I knelt there on all fours and took his full weight, I could feel his cock swelling to truly massive proportions inside me, and could actually feel it jerking with every spurt of cum it shot deep inside my bowels!

    But that wasn't the only thing I could feel! The main feeling of size inside me, was the increasing bulk of his already massive knot!

    It already felt absolutely huge, and I could feel it pulsating and growing even larger as he thrust his massive weapon into my already overstuffed ass! It was growing more uncomfortable by the second – stretching the inner walls of my ass to their utmost, and I wondered if I'd seriously 'bitten off more than I could chew' this time?

    I could feel that the rubbery tip of his now massive cock was already pushing up against the restrictions of my upper ass, but also knew from past experiences that there was nothing to do other than push my ass back onto his massive cock and knot, so's it slid that little bit further inside me!

    Gritting my teeth, I pushed my hips back at his powerful thrusts, and felt some slight relief as his knot slid that little bit more inside my ass!

    It was then that he slowed to a stop and simply rested on top of me, panting madly with his truly massively swollen cock and knot wedged firmly in my ass – jerking powerfully and filing me with his massive amount of cum! It was only then that I felt my tortured ass dilating and stretching sufficiently to accommodate his massive bulk, and the deep 'griping pains' in my ass and belly start to slowly ease and diminish!

    I was coming close to an orgasm as the discomfort eased, and then felt the beautiful feeling of being totally fucked and totally filled by this magnificent cock that I now had so firmly wedged, deep inside my ass!

    Knowing he was now as huge as he'd get, I slowly dropped down to my elbows and folded my arms across my tits to hold onto his fore-paws. This meant that he couldn't slide off to one side and turn round so's we were butt-to-butt! It also made him thrust forward once or twice more, as he released his grip on me and now stood with his fore-paws on the grass.

    Again I felt some 'griping pains' deep in my ass and belly, but they quickly eased, and I settled down to feel him spurting his cum deep inside me for the next thirty minutes or so before he'd start to shrink so's he could pull out of me!

    I knew he was still spurting deep inside me, because I could feel his massively bloated cock rhythmically jerking as it spat out his cum into me, and I could also feel the rapidly cooling river of doggy-cum that was seeping past his massive knot and oozing out of my asshole to run down the inside of both thighs so's I was actually kneeling in a pool of cum on the grass!

    We stayed like that – us knotted together, with me on all fours and him standing over me, pumping his cum into me so's it overflowed from my ass – for half an hour or so, and then he started to stir, moving about and becoming decidedly restless! It was then that I reached back between my cum-soaked nylon-clad thighs and held him firmly behind his knot – the back part of which I could now plainly feel pushing against my fingers as it stretched my ass wide-open, and he readied himself to pull out of me!

    And by now, I could also feel that although it was still enormous – his knot had shrunk considerably, and knew that when he finally pulled out I wouldn't be treated to any excessive or unbearable pain – unlike the first time a dog had pulled out of me!

    He was growing more restless by the second and I knew he was going to try to pull out, so I readied myself and before I quite knew what'd happened, he pulled from me!

    There was only a fleeting stab of pain as his knot stretched my ass fully open, and then a river of cum literally flooded from me before I rolled over and laid on my back, my fingers still clutching him behind his knot and holding it firmly in my hand!

    He was perfectly content to remain standing there – his still massive purple and red cock and knot dangling down between his hind-legs and repeatedly jerking upwards as it continued to spurt his seemingly never- ending cum onto the grass!

    So I quickly shuffled across and under him, and directed the tip of his spurting cock at my face – his cum splashing all over it before I opened my mouth wide and directed the powerful spurts straight into it!

    The tip of his cock was now actually inside my open mouth, and I took the luxury of letting go for a few seconds, to feel his cock banging against my lips as it jerked and spat the never-ending river of cum into it!

    I then took hold of him and closed my lips around the spongy shaft, sliding them up and down it as I gulped down his cum as one of my hands dropped to my rigid cock!

    I furiously tossed myself off and came violently after only thirty seconds or so, my cum shooting into the air and landing on my exposed belly and tits with a loud splat!

    Only then did I let go of his still jerking cock and lie there on the grass with it in my open mouth – the dog making no move to walk away for over a minute or so!

    As I laid there on the grass with my guts gurgling madly and my ass draining cum, the dog simply wandered off and left me to have another wank so's I went into the house covered in cum, feeling thoroughly satisfied and more than well-fucked!

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    All I can say is ooooooooh yessssssss,and if you change her name from Lucy to Lola you have me, in my younger years,or not too many years ago.I still enjoy sucking cocks for the lovely cum they give to me,and the joys I still get when I get my sphincter worked on,and filled with cock cream.A beautiful story bi the way.

    May 10 2006 17:47
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