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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast.

    Hi. I've been reading bestiality stories for some time now, and really enjoy them. I have decided to add my own story. It's a description of my own experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

    As a boy, around 10 years old, I enjoyed watching nature shows on T.V. much more than the typical sitcoms. I especially liked it when they would show the animals mating! I was so amazed watching the horses and elephants with their huge dicks. It really turned me on to watch them humping doggy style, or horsy style as it was!

    At night I would often fantasize about a girl getting done by a horse. Actually, in the fantasy I was the girl. It really turned me on. Later we had a female dog that would hump my leg. For some reason I got down on my hands and knees and she mounted me and humped at me like she was a boy dog. I guess getting spayed kind of confused her! Anyway, it really turned me on getting humped like a little bitch!

    As a young teenager, I was experimenting with different things finding my sexuality. I decided pretty early that being with a man would be too yucky; but I enjoyed playing with my ass. (Even this has some problems. I really hate shit. I hate pooping, wiping my ass, the sight of it, the smell - all of it!) I remembered, as a boy, seeing our Labrador's dick sticking out of its sheath when he got excited. Unfortunately, he died before I got much older. Around this time I had a dream about getting fucked in the ass by a German Shepherd! I was so turned on! As soon as I woke up and processed the dream, I jerked off to a great orgasm! I was hooked from then on. I think I was about 14.

    Time went on and I never forgot that dream. I was always looking for a way to fulfill it.

    A Dream Becomes Reality

    When I was 18, I was at my uncle's house out in the country. He has a lot of property and several dogs. One particular visit, he had a new male Labrador retriever who was about 10 months old. The dog's name was Fred, and was very friendly. We played a bit and he would follow me around the property. I decided to find out how playful he was! I found a secluded place and got down on my knees to play with him. We roughed around a bit, and I could tell that his play had changed a bit. He seemed more excited. So, I got down on all fours and pushed him with my shoulder. He pranced around a second, got behind me and mounted me! His forearms were wrapped around my waist and he humped me a couple of times and jumped off! I knew I had found what I was looking for!

    I didn't really have the opportunity to get naked and let him do me. Besides, I figured he was kind of young and may not be up to going all the way. So I waited for a better opportunity.

    A couple of months later, I went to spend the weekend at my Uncle's place. I arranged to stay at an old camp house about a mile away from the main house with Fred, to keep me company. I remember being so excited! I also remember Fred being very excited too! He knew what I wanted! He wanted it too! Wow!

    I got settled in and turned my attention to Fred. He started getting all excited as I pulled my clothes off and was bouncing all around me. I remember hearing him panting real heavy and his claws clicking on the floor. I sat on the edge of the bed and he jabbed his cold nose into my crotch, licking and sniffing my dick and balls. That was so exciting, feeling his nose and tongue on me, and feeling how excited he was. I slid off the bed to the floor and on to my knees. He hopped up a little, put his front legs around me and snuffled my ears and neck, driving me crazy. He got down and I bent over a little, he turned to my ass and started licking and sniffing me. I bent over more and he stuck his cold nose into the crack of my ass. He started licking my asshole, alternating between little licks and big swipes of his wet tongue.

    I remember the thrill as he mounted me, his claws on my sides, his coarse fur on my back, and his woodsy dog smell. He humped at me a few times and jumped off. But, he was very excited and grabbed me again. I turned my ass to him and I felt the fur of his sheath against my ass a few times. That was really exciting! He did this several times, with me turning to present my ass to him. It felt like I was spinning around in circles. I guess it was both of our inexperience and excitement.

    A few mounts later, I felt his wet doggy dick slide up the crack of my ass. He humped me several times like that. He figured that wasn't right and hopped off. Then he mounted me again and I felt his slim wet dick touch my asshole. He then jabbed at it a couple of times, each time poking in just a little. Then he adjusted his feet and pushed his slippery dick up my ass! He stroked it in me quite a few times, then, he pulled out! I could have had him fuck me for hours!

    I turned my ass to him again and he mounted me and stuck his dick right in and fucked me for about a minute! I was in heaven! His dick felt so good sliding in and out of my ass. I loved feeling his strong arms around my waist, his claws digging into me every once and while. I loved hearing him panting above me. I could feel his fur on my back and his warm belly on my ass; his was chin on the back of my neck and his cold metal collar on my back. He slowed his stroking down and hopped off of me, taking his wonderful dick with him.

    He sat on the floor panting, and licked his dick a few times. I guess he was resting from this new activity and taking it all in.

    I was sitting on the floor when he got up from his short break. He came over to me and was snuffling my ear and neck causing me to turn from him a little. He took that opportunity and mounted me on my side. I saw his dick poking out of his sheath. It was only about three-quarters of an inch in diameter, about as big around as my forefinger, there was about 2 inches sticking out. I knew there was more, because I could see more in his sheath. I also knew I had several inches in my ass; I could feel his hard pubic bone banging me. I wasn't concerned about the size, I would have liked it to be bigger, but it felt great so I was happy.

    He decided to try another angle and hopped off. I turned my ass to him again and he mounted me, thrusting his dick at asshole. He missed a lot, but he eventually hit the mark and moved in for another minute long fuck session.

    This went on for what seemed like hours. We would turn around and around, him mounting me and trying to get his dick in my ass. Sometimes he would get it in, and others he would get frustrated, get off, and try again. We eventually got tired and fell asleep on a twin size bed.

    I spent the next day exploring the property with Fred. He was always nearby. I could tell that he was waiting for an opportunity to fuck me again, I was looking forward to it.

    During the day, I didn't feel comfortable with him fucking me because I did not want to get caught.

    The evening finally rolled around. I got my clothes off for him and he immediately started to mount me. I had decided earlier that I wanted to suck his dick. So, I ducked under him towards his dick. He grabbed me around the chest and started humping at my face! I saw his slender pink dick poking out at me, so, I wrapped my lips around it! He suddenly stuck into the back of my mouth! I wasn't ready for his eagerness, so I got out from under him. Looking back, I wish I would have been a little more brave about it. I could have held his dick in my hand to prevent him from sticking his dick down my throat. Oh well.

    After I got out from under him, he grabbed me from behind and started humping at my ass. His dick was poking at my ass, but missing the target. I tried to move around a little to give him a better shot. I gave him the angle he needed and he stuck his dick right up my ass! He gripped me tightly around the waist and banged my ass for a few minutes. I could feel his dick sliding up and down in my ass; it felt so good! I lived hearing him panting above me. I could feel his pubic bone banging into my ass, I knew he was all the way in.

    He finished up with me and hopped off. It was then that I saw his dick all the way out. It was about 5" long and about 3/4" to 1" in diameter. I remember thinking that it wasn't very big around and not as good looking as I thought it would be. I was surprised how red it was. I can only guess that since he was only a year old, that his knot wasn't really working yet. At the time I didn't know anything about it, so I didn't know it wasn't showing! I also did not have any cum leaking out of my ass, I figured he was still kind of young.

    He seemed pretty content to only fuck me once that evening. I was pretty tired from the day, so it was OK with me.

    The next day, I kept looking for a good place to let Fred fuck me; but I never found a place I was comfortable with. So the weekend ended and I had to go home. I was really looking forward to my next visit!

    More Opportunities

    About a month after my first real experience I got to spend another weekend at my Uncle's place. This time was a little different because I had my own truck, a Chevy Suburban. The truck turned out to be a great opportunity. I arrived at my Uncle's house and said hello. It was already dark, so I told them I was going to set up my things. Fred was really excited to see me, and hopped into the truck. He was really panting hard and making a little bit of noise. As we got closer to the camp, he started licking and snuffling my ear and neck. Once he even tried to mount me as I was driving!

    We got to the camp, which was quite dark, and I parked among the trees. Fred and I crawled over the seat and moved to the back. Fred was really panting a lot and kept pawing at me as if to say "Come on, hurry! I want to fuck!"

    There wasn't much room, but I managed to wiggle out of my pants pretty quickly. I was expecting Fred to mess around a little, and I was looking forward to him licking my asshole. To my surprise, as soon as I bent over, he mounted me. Then, I was even more surprised when I felt him jam his dick right up my ass! I was expecting him to poke around a little, but his aim was right on! He fucked me for about a minute and got off. So, we turned around and he mounted me again and stuck his dick right up my ass again! Man, his aim was getting good! We fucked for about 10 minutes. He decided he had enough, relaxed on the floor of the truck for a minute. I decided I had better get Fred back home.

    As I was preparing to leave, I was talking to and looking at Fred. I noticed how he seemed to have developed a little more. He was standing on the back seat with his dick hanging down, as I watched, I saw a drop of clear liquid drip off his dick onto the seat. I thought maybe it was some cum, but I didn't feel any leaking out of my ass at the time.

    When I got back to my uncle's house, I asked if I could take Fred with me again. He said it was OK, so I knew I was going to have a good time that night!

    We got back to the camp, and Fred immediately started grabbing me, trying to hump me. I got out of my clothes again and he mounted me, digging his claws into my sides. I felt his wet dick poking at my asshole, then felt it push in. He fucked me for a minute or so and hopped off.

    He started licking and sniffing me all over. He quickly worked his way down to my hard, fat, 6" cock. He licked a few times with his big tongue; it felt so good! Then, to my surprise, he took it in his mouth! I was afraid he might bite me, but he didn't. It looked kind of scary seeing my dick in his mouth with all those white teeth! Then he turned around and presented his ass to me! I realized he wanted me to fuck him in the ass!

    I really wasn't interested in sticking my dick in a dog's ass. It just seemed different to me. It's still kind of hard to explain. Besides, I knew my dick was dry, and I didn't have any lubrication. I went ahead and pushed my dick against his ass, but it was too dry. He seemed to get the idea that it wasn't going to work, and went back to licking my dick.

    After a little bit I got him mount me again and fuck my ass some more. After that he was getting tired, and we decided to get some sleep.

    The next morning, we set out to check out the property some more. I was riding a three-wheeler around slow enough so that Fred could easily keep up. We did this for a while and then headed back to the camp to see if he wanted to fuck me again.

    We were accompanied by a smaller dog named Lucky. Lucky seemed pretty interested in being with us, so I didn't mind. Lucky, a boy, was smaller than Fred. His head was about as high as my knee, so I didn't think his cock would be as big as Fred's. Fred was apparently a dog who would fuck anything, because he kept going after Lucky. Lucky didn't want anything to do with it though!

    We got into the building and I started taking my clothes off. Fred would go back and forth between Lucky and me to see who was going to put out for him. I got down on my hands and knees, and Fred mounted me. He didn't try to stick his dick in me but got off right away. He ran over to Lucky and was promptly growled at. Then he came to me and started licking my asshole. After he had my ass good and slimy, he mounted me and worked his dick up my ass. As Fred was fucking me, I saw Lucky watching us! I was really surprised when I saw his dick poking out. It looked like it was bigger around that Fred's. I wanted to see if Lucky would fuck me too. But, I figured Fred would bet to wild and not let Lucky fuck his bitch.

    Fred fucked me for a good five minutes. Afterwards, he rested on my back for a minute or so. It was pretty neat to feel him breathing hard on top of me. I felt his dick slip out of my ass, and Fred got off of me to clean himself.

    Lucky seemed a little unsure of approaching me, so I didn't push it. I decided we should go, I was pretty worried about getting caught. As I sat down on the three-wheeler, I felt some pain deep in my ass. I smiled, because I knew it was from getting fucked by Fred.

    The weekend passed quickly, I didn't get near enough dog dick! I was looking forward to my next visit.

    The Knot

    The last time I got Fred to fuck me was quite memorable.

    I was doing some work for my Uncle, and would be there for about a week. It may have been a guilty conscience, but I think he may have been getting a little suspicious of Fred and me. He said he didn't want his dog to stay with me because Fred was not staying at his house. He was running around the neighborhood trying screw all the other dogs. I wonder where he got that from?

    On the second day, I got to get Fred to the camp. I took my clothes off and he started sniffling and licking me all over. He was really excited to see me and very horny. I got down on my hands and knees and he mounted me right away and started working his dick in me.

    After fucking me for a few minutes he got off and started nuzzling and licking me. He mounted me again and jammed his dick up my ass. He was fucking me pretty hard when it started to hurt inside. It felt like he had jabbed me kind of wrong inside. It kept on hurting a little more and I got scared. I pulled away from him quickly and that really hurt! I couldn't believe how it hurt! I was almost in tears and I was scared. Fred seemed to understand that something was wrong and didn't try to mount me, but stayed close. I was really panicking because it hurt and wouldn't stop. I felt like I really had to shit so I went to the bathroom to see what would happen. When I sat down and went, I saw a couple of drops of blood in the toilet.

    It gradually stopped hurting, and I relaxed and felt like I would be OK. I didn't let him fuck me for a few days after that, because I was afraid of getting hurt.

    I didn't realize for many years that Fred had tied with me and I ripped it out! Now, when I think about it, I get pretty turned on. I wish I would have known how Fred was equipped. I could have prepared for his knot or prevented it from getting in me (I think).

    Other Dogs

    For some time I didn't have any opportunity to be with another male dog. I was always looking for one but it is kind of difficult to find somebody with a male dog willing to let you have sex with!

    I did find an old dog that tried to hump me; I felt the tip of his dick touch my ass. I guess he was too old; he lost interest pretty quickly.

    Many years later, a Dalmatian came around trying to get to my female dogs who were in heat. I was able to lure him into the garage and stroke his dick; but he was not interested in me! He wanted the girl dogs. Oh well.

    Shortly after the Dalmatian, a male Beagle came around. I got him into the garage also. I was able to jerk him off. I was amazed at his cock! It was pretty big for a little dog! I loved how hard his knot got. I tried to get him to fuck me, but he wasn't up to mounting a human.

    I got him on me by lying on my side and positioning him on top of me. I tried to get his dick in me, but he was so small I never could get him positioned right! I was so frustrated. But I did jerk him off several times; that was pretty cool.

    I'm always looking for an opportunity to get fucked by a dog. I like reading stories about guys and girls getting fucked by dogs. I really like the stories where the girls (or guys) get raped by the dog or where they can't get away and have to take the dog's dick.


    It's been about 12 years since I was with Fred. I can still feel Fred fucking my ass. I remember what it felt like when his knot was expanding in my ass; that turns me on. I like to jerk off remembering Fred on top of me humping me, digging his claws into my sides. I almost cum just thinking about the time in my truck when he jammed his dick up my ass so unexpectedly!

    When I was with Fred, I realized how he seemed to know what I wanted. It was like a real relationship. He seemed to know that licking my ears and neck turned me on. When he looked at me, he seemed to understand what was going on between us and what I wanted. I am amazed when I remember Fred taking my dick in his mouth and when he turned and offered his ass to me. I think Fred was really my mate or lover. I wish I could find another mate like Fred.

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    Thanks for the great stories Sckrewy. Dogs make the best lovers. Keep up the good work.

    Aug 24 2006 22:31
    Dogs do make the best lovers but you can't say that about all humans, for sure!

    Jun 18 2007 12:16
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