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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couples.

    I discovered sex with my male black lab, Jake, quite by accident.

    I had been introduced to sucking cocks at an early age. I only had experience with two other guys, one in my pre-teen years and one in mid-teens. But I was also attracted to girls, and as was the normal way of things I ended up marrying. But I often fantasized about sucking another man's cock. Not much chance of that ever happening with a wife and family around, but the idea was always good for jerk off fantasies.

    One day while bathing my adventurous dog I noticed his cock peeking out of his furry sheath. This gave me an idea - and a raging hard on. One thing lead to another and I ended up sucking my first cock in a long time, and my first dog cock. It wasn't quite the same as a man's, but Jake enjoyed it and so did I. And I didn't have to worry about Jake telling everyone in town.

    I became more adventurous and Jake became more used to the idea of making it with his master. One day while we had the house to ourselves I allowed Jake to mount me and I got a fucking I'll never forget. I had never gotten that far with any guy, so it was another first for Jake and me too.

    Jake is always eager to lick my cock and ass hole. He quite agile with his tongue, licking and surrounding my cock head with it. And he never seems to get his fill of jizz. When he licks my ass hole his tongue goes deep inside and kind of licks around in there. This never fails to arouse me, no matter how many times he's brought me off.

    I'm an early riser and I like to read the morning paper before the rest of the family awakens. I'll be sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and Jake will begin nuzzling my crotch. I accommodate him by allowing my cock and balls to slip out of the fly of my boxers. He goes wild lapping and slurping at his favorite breakfast.

    As the pre-cum oozes from my cock he begins to concentrate his attention there. Before long he's lapping at jet after jet of warm jizz. He never misses a drop. Unfortunately I can't return the favor until we're alone again, and that might not be until the weekend. But he doesn't complain, and comes back for more every morning.

    One Saturday after doing the yard work in the hot sun, I came into the house intending to take a shower and relax. The family was gone for the day and it was just Jake and I at home. I was so beat from working in the sun that I got a cool drink and lay down on the floor in the den to rest before my shower. Jake came over and lay down beside me. I was stroking his black fur when I noticed his cock begin to appear.

    "What's the matter boy. You feeling horny?"

    He stirred, then got to his feet and nudged me so that I was lying on my back. He walked over and licked my face a few times. Then he moved further so that he was straddling my head with his back legs. His cock was right there in my face and it was growing longer. He lowered himself so that his cock could enter my mouth and he started humping, fucking my mouth.

    This was a new trick, but I wasn't one to deny an old friend. I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, trying to keep up with his pistoning strokes. I had to grab his knot so that it wouldn't bang into my teeth, and to prevent him from trying to cram it into my mouth.

    This went on for a while, then Jake let out a low moan and I felt him cum in great squirts. I swallowed every bit of it and continued to suck until he grew soft and his cock plopped out of my mouth.

    Well Jake was satisfied, but I certainly wasn't. I was hard as a rock and need some relief, but I didn't want to waste it by jerking off right then. I let Jake relax in the corner for a while. I knew he would be ready to go soon, so I decided to take a shower and try to calm down.

    After my shower, which didn't do much to reduce my hard on or relieve my aching balls, I called Jake into the bedroom. As soon as he saw my cock he dove for it, lapping like his life depended upon it. I pushed him away and starting rubbing his cock, which was growing again. Then I bent over the edge of the bed presenting my ass to him.

    He continued to lap away with that wonderful tongue, bathing my cock and balls and finally concentrating on my ass. He tongue fucked my ass and got nice as loose and lubed with saliva. When he was ready he mounted me and drove his cock full length in one stroke into my hole. He was soon pounding away for all he was worth. I felt his knot enter me just before it had expanded to its full girth, which was about the size of a tennis ball.

    I could feel his cock pulsing and squirting inside. His knot was putting pressure on my prostate gland and it wasn't long before I was shooting jizz all over the place. We remained tied for quite a while, and as usual I came twice more before he was through.

    I've never been fucked by another man, but I can't imagine it would be as good as Jake.

    One evening, after the kids were in bed, the wife and I were having sex. She was on her back with her legs in the air and I was standing along side the bed. I was fucking her in long slow strokes and she was nearing her orgasm. I guess the sounds and smells must have aroused Jake, because the first I was aware of him was when I felt his cold nose on the back of my leg. He raised his head and sniffed at my balls and then gave them a swipe with his tongue.

    I thought, "Oh, oh this is going to be interesting."

    He started licking my balls and the part of my cock not buried in my wife's pussy. He must have liked the taste because then started lapping at the juices leaking down the crack of her ass. She stiffened her body at the foreign sensation, but didn't react otherwise, at first. He was really going at it, and I can only assume he was giving her ass the same tongue fucking he had done to me before.

    She started squirming and fucking back into my thrusts like a woman possessed. She was moaning and growling - this I'd never heard before. Her orgasms were coming one after another and I could feel the contractions of her pussy on my cock. It wasn't long before I shot my load into her and my cock softened and was squeezed out her cunt by one of her contractions. But she was through yet and neither was Jake.

    I stood there watching as Jake dove at her cunt that was gushing a mixture of jizz and pussy juice. He was having difficulty staying on target as she thrashed about in a continuous wave of orgasm. When she could take no more she pushed Jake away and pulled herself further onto the bed and out of his reach.

    It was sometime before she could speak. When she finally caught her breath she asked, "when did he start doing that?" I feigned ignorance and said this was the first I knew of it. She moved to the floor and hugged the dog. "Oh Jake you naughty boy, you shouldn't do that. But it was wonderful". I knew then that I would be sharing Jake's attentions. But I didn't want my wife to know that.

    One afternoon, about a week later, I stopped by the house on my lunch to pick up some papers that I had neglected to take to the office with me that morning. I went to my office in the basement and retrieved the papers. I went upstairs to check in with the wife and explain why I was home in the middle of the day when I heard muffled sounds coming from the second floor.

    I went up there and realized the sounds were coming from the master bedroom. I eased open the door and there was my wife lying naked on the bed. Jake was between her legs giving her one of his expert tongue jobs. She was moaning and urging him on. Her hands were pulling on the nipples of her tits. I knew she was very near an orgasm.

    I pushed open the door and said, "Are we having fun?"

    She jumped and screamed, pushing Jake away from her. When she realized it was me and not some intruder her fear level diminished but she was still mortified that she had been discovered.

    "Don't worry honey, it's only me," I said. "I see that you have discovered a new way to pass the boring afternoons. It's O.K., at least it's not the mailman I've caught you with."

    She still didn't know what to say. She just sat there staring in disbelief, and trying to cover her nakedness. "Look, you've scared poor Jake. Why don't you reassure him and let him know that he didn't do anything bad."

    Still she sat there. So I went over to her and kissed her a long wet kiss and she began to relax. I moved her over to the edge of the bed where I had found her, still kissing her to get her to relax. Then I stood up and called Jake over. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and began fucking them in and out. The squishing sound of her sopping pussy brought Jake closer and he began licking her cunt in earnest.

    She was propped up on her elbows looking at me and Jake, but not for long. She tossed her head back as Jake worked over her outer and inner pussy. Then she lay back down and started humping her hips to meet his tongue.

    As I turned to leave the room I said over my shoulder, "Your Jake has urges too. I hope you're not going to leave him frustrated after you've had your fun."

    She raised her head up and said, "You mean...?"

    I said, "Whatever you want babe, but I want to hear the details when I come home." Then I left for work.

    More to follow...

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    i found this to be a good story[ horny] wish i could get my girl to do it. thanks. xx

    Dec 26 2009 14:26
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