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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, malebeast, horsesex.

    The Stallion

    "Good mornin', Stack," Frank greeted friendly, stroking the stallion's flank.

    Stack knew that caress and he knew what would follow.

    Frank and Stack were the ideal team. Once, he had been a successful rider. Together with his faithful racehorse, he used to win race after race. But then, the stallion got older, had to give up the sport and became a stud-horse in demand.

    He took his reins and led him to another stable with the waiting mare. She was in heat, Stack smelled.

    Her tail removed, when he bent down his head to lick her pulsating vulva. The mare trembled desirously.

    Stack did not hesitate, but mounted her as every mate before. That was his absolute fulfillment: The more he mated, the more he loved his present lifetask.

    In a climax of excitement and enjoyment, he came; lots of semen streamed into the mare, that reached her orgasm as well.

    Stack's first work was done, he and Frank returned to his stable. Thereupon, the stallion expected him to leave, but it occurred differently.

    He remained and restarted stroking him. Tenderly, his human friend began at his front, moved on to his back; there he stopped.

    Stack, enjoying his massage, irritated, but he held still, awaiting for more.

    A new stimulation: He felt Frank's warm hands touching his big balls. The man made him erect his cock once again, and while one hand kept on kneading his scrotum, the other one gently masturbated his respectable penis. The stimulated stallion was ecstatic, and he recognized, who was caressing him; he loved him.

    Halfway to a new climax, his cock was inserted into a pleasurable organ. A new mate?

    No. It was Frank's rectum, however, Stack set to move his dick forth and back. It was heavenly: He was neighing, his partner groaning, and both came to an overwhelming orgasm.

    But not enough, Frank stood up, walked back toward Stack's rear, lifted his tail and penetrated him.

    What a sensation! His anus had been stimulated never before, and then, a human penis was rubbing his bowels stronger and stronger, till Stack came for the third time.

    Definitely, it was the best day of his life.

    Merry Mary

    Marry was a merry mare. Living on a stud, she had all she needed.

    That day, Frank, her rider, entered her stable to brush her. She loved being fondled by that hard, hairy thing and his delicate hands.

    As always, he stroke her front, her flank, her rear. There, however, he changed his action and stuck his one arm into her vagina., his other one into her anus.

    A completely new, exciting feeling overcame her. Both muscular arms massaged the inner walls of her cervix and her rectum, giving her a couple of powerful orgasms.

    When his two limbs retired from her guts, she was still quietly benumbed by her outstanding sensation. The human, though, went on caressing her by rubbing his erect penis against her sensitive clit.

    Once again, a tremendous orgasm rushed though the aroused mare. Unfortunately, that was the only time Frank loved her in such a manner, although Mary stayed grateful for her whole life.

    Two Stallions

    Rick heard Frank entering. The tall stallion was curried and led into another stable, to another stallion. Frank left the two stallions alone, not anticipating, what they were going to do.

    Stack was smaller and younger than the big Rick, and he was afraid of him. Rick took advantage of their loneliness, snuggling to his companion provocatively.

    That one misunderstood his stimulation and evaded. Rick, though, made clear his purpose, lowered his head, licked Stack's sheath. Quickly, his penis erected.

    Rick, the gay horse, continued sucking, while his own cock stiffened quickly. To his fellow's surprise, he started mating him.

    After a first pain, he enjoyed the pleasure of Rick's love stick, massaging the inside of his rectum. When Rick came to orgasm and shot his seeds into him, Stack came as well in the best climax, he had ever had.

    It was the beginning of a lifelong friendship.


    As every day, Frank came into Stack's stable. That day, though, another man was accompanying him. He was tall, stout, black and a zoo.

    They opened the gate and let out the black stallion. Stack did not know the strangely-smelling human, so he sniffed at him curiously.

    Suddenly, he felt Frank's warm hands grasping his touchy balls. Stack got excited. How long had he been longing for such a contact again.

    While Frank was squeezing his remarkable testicles softly, Bruce rubbed his sheath, enhancing the stallion's arousal enormously. When he started sucking his round glans, Frank stuck one of his oiled hands into his muscular anus. That drove him crazy; Stack neighed in ecstasy.

    The nimble hand, winding and turning within his gut, as well as the skillful tongue, encircling his respectable penis, gave him his life's most intense climax. Stack's balls were pumping his creamy semen orgasmically out of his cock into Bruce's mouth.

    Bruce, the Breeder

    Bruce, Frank's boyfriend, began his day's work. The big, tall, black guy was a breeder and worked on a breeding farm nearby Pueblo, Colorado. He hated the hard business, but as a born zoogay, he loved the desirable animals a lot more.

    Milking his nineteen heady cows, Bruce passed his favorite specimen. Maggie was standing in her tight pen with her backside turned toward him. Albeit she raised her thin tail, offering him her pink pussy, he used to do his job on the principle "business before pleasure." While he was caring for the other ones, she enjoyed the milking machine's hoses sucking her touchy teats.

    When time was over, the warm-hearted breeder came back, put off the cold objects, kneeled down next to her. Nervously, Maggie tried to turn round her head to watch what he was doing, though, the metal bars surrounding her prevented her.

    In return, an arousing sensation shot through her whole body: Bruce's wet mouth had encompassed her teat, started sucking intensely. He repeated that caress with each of them before turning away from her erected udder.

    His hands massaged her back with strong kneading, moving on to Maggie's rear. She held still expectantly. Instead of fondling her cunt and bringing her to orgasm instantaneously, Bruce rolled up his sleeves and stuck his arm right into her soft ass.

    In almost each other's view, winding one's limb inside a cattle's shitty rectum is disgusting, not in his. To him, it was just the best way to make her horny. Maggie truly got so excited that she jetted hot piss into his face, the expression of her readiness.

    He was as ready as her, pulled out his dirty arm and pushed his clean one into her cute vagina that commenced contracting immediately. Maggie mooed in satisfaction.

    A male voice shouted from outside, "Bruce, are you there?"

    "I'm here, George. Wait a moment!"

    He hastily washed his arms and hurried to his awaiting client who was bringing his breeding bull. Bruce recognized at first glance he was a potential partner.

    Initially, however, the bull had to mate Maggie. During their short copulation, the requiring man wanted to know who he was going to have sex with. He looked through his papers: "Tony: breeding number 79."

    Tony had hardly fertilized his first mate, as his second one already guided his still steel-hard penis into another slimy organ, perceptibly more slippery than the last one too. He set to jerk instinctively till he came into the untiring human. They climaxed together.

    To the Limit

    That midday, Frank returned from his trip to Albuquerque.

    Bruce was already expecting him; he welcomed, "How do you do, darlin'? I'm so happy that you're back. Your horses're alright. C'mon, I wanna show you somethin'."

    Before Frank was able to respond, his boyfriend dragged him to Stack's stable.

    Impatiently, Bruce unlocked it and introduced, "Ever since I made love with your stately stallion for the first time, I'd been mad for him, but finally, durin' your absence, I took every chance to approach him, and now watch out!"

    To Frank's astonishment, he got undressed, lubricated his asshole, masturbated the black stallion's prick till appearing and stuck it right into his anus.

    "Frank," Bruce moaned, "massage his backside!"

    He did so, and abruptly, his fellow screamed out, "Yeah, that's it!"

    Frank did not comprehend Bruce's ecstasy; Stack neighed wildly.

    After their mutual orgasm, the stallion retired his relaxing dick while his mate stood up and turned round to Frank who flabbergastedly stared at his swollen belly.

    "What's that?" he startled.

    "My stomach full of Stack's precious pee. It's really easy; all you've to do is makin' him drink as much as he can, then wait till his bladder's filled, stimulate him to empty it into your butt, and you get an overwhelmin' enema."

    Frank understood.

    "However, here's the highlight", Bruce kept on, inserted his whole forearm into the stallion's rectum, withdrew it, rubbed in his body from top to toe with horse shit. Following, he bent over, squirting quarts of dark-yellow piss out of his arse against his partner's jeans.

    "Ugh!" Frank retched.

    His dirty lover laughed, "What's up, weaklin'? This's your turn."

    Frank did not believe his ears.

    "What shall I do?"

    "Do it for me!" Bruce requested.

    Doing him that favor, Frank kneeled down, gripped his stallion's hanging cock and commenced licking off his urine that tasted bitter, filthy, detestable. He felt sick; a little more and he would have vomited.

    "It's delicious, isn't it? Once tried his shit, you..."

    "No, Bruce," Frank refused, "I've had enough. Lemme in peace with your scat games."

    His friend saw he had gone too far.

    "Forgive me!"

    His friend pardoned him.

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    That is so hot i've always wanted to try that.
    I almost exploded when i read this!

    Jul 21 2008 04:59
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