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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, teens, oral, anal, toys, celebs.

    Chapter one

    The next summer after her experience at Marineland, Anna was back in Florida enjoying her time off from Tennis. After mating with dolphins and getting double teamed by Bill and Richard over at Marineland, she couldn't get over what happened that day. Her mind was often drifting away, thinking, fantasizing about that unique and strange experience even though at times, she wasn't sure if she liked it or not. It kind of scared her, but every time she thought about that day, passion was filling her loins. The famous tennis player had never told anyone, keeping that day to herself as so many things in her life was always so public, and besides, who could you tell!

    It was mid July, humid, and really hot...It was right after Wimbledon, and Anna was kind of missing playing tennis. The popular tennis girl was alone at home, with only a few "servants" that were almost all leaving now, as it was getting late in the afternoon on this steamy Sunday. Most of them had the remaining of the day off and the tennis star was getting kind of bored. Usually so busy with multiple photo shoots, publics appearances, endless promos and stuff, she had some free time on her hands. After thinking about it, she decided to go hit a few balls on the new courts she had built in her backyard. Anna really missed playing tennis, but was sick of the pressure and ridicule from the media. Inspired by the last tournament she watched on TV(Wimbledon), she decided to wear white for her practice session. Anna then went in her walkin closet, put on some white shorts, and a white sports bra with a white Tshirt. Looking at herself in the mirror, the sexy racket wielder noticed that she forgot to braid her hair; which she immediately started doing of course... The inspired tennis girl then went outside, and headed towards her private tennis courts.

    Exiting her home, she could feel the rush from the wave of heat piercing through her exposed skin as she went through the vale of torrid humid air. It was the end of the day and everything had been baking in the sun all afternoon. The wind was absent, giving you no chance to cool off, but perfect for playing tennis. Being born in cool Moscow Russia, Anna always really enjoyed the warmer climates... Grabbing her tennis racket, she paced on towards what she had in mind. Her machine that shots balls was already set up so all she needed to do is go get some balls in the utility shed. Back on the court, Anna began to do some warm up exercises with some mandatory stretching; especially paying attention to her lower back area as she was having problems with it the last few years. Just as she started, the stretching athlete waved high to the boy named Steve that was passing by on the lawn mower tractor.

    Steve was employed to do maintenance around the house, mainly yard stuff. He was only eighteen and was making good money working over at Miss Kournikova's estate saving up for his studies. And besides, which young eighteen year old kid wouldn't want to be over at her home! The famous tennis player continued on with some more stretching after doing a few laps around the court. Steve made sure he would pass by again as he couldn't get enough of watching her. Just as he passed by, Anna was bending over, arching her back, extending her hamstrings, showing off her great long toned athletic legs, and not to forget her great firm round ass. What a sight... The young man was totally dazed from watching the tennis star's beautiful silhouette contorting in all these revealing positions. He could already feel his heart beat stronger from watching her like this as suddenly, "VRAAAAACCK!!!!", his tractor hit something! All surprised, the famous tennis girl quickly turned around and looked at the poor boy. After examining the scene, she kind of guessed what happened and couldn't help but break out a cute little laugh.

    She looked at him and said: "Look where you're going there Steve, don't hurt yourself!", still giggling away. Steve was embarrassed and managed to poorly shout: "Sorry!", with a shy non confident voice. The tractor had hit a rock, stalled and wouldn't start again. Meanwhile, Anna began hitting some balls on the court, trying to get into the rhythm of things. The humiliated young man was trying to figure out what was wrong with the tractor while listening to her hitting balls. The poor teenager was having a real hard time concentrating on anything as he was still trying to recover from that embarrassing moment.

    After ten minutes, the warmed up tennis girl went over at the shooting machine to set it up on high. It was torridly hot outside and she was already sweating big time. Her little white Tshirt was already all drenched in sweat. The young voyeur was looking over as she was strutting a little closer by, noticing her nipples poking through the wet material. The hot and sweaty tennis girl gave him a look with her beautiful glancing blue/green eyes, and gave him a faint smile. Steve did nothing but stare... She then grabbed the bottom of her soaked Tshirt and took it off to get a little more comfortable in this 105 degrees heat. The young boy couldn't help but stare again, as she removed it in front of him. It was like in slow motion as he had anticipated and hoped for Anna to take that damn shirt off.

    He looked at the blonde tennis girl's beautiful shaped back covered in sweat as it was curving around while she pulled the fabric over her head to reveal a white sports bra, hugging tightly to her torso. Anna's perfect round behind was now more exposed as well, as it was no longer hidden by the loose baggy clothing apparel she had just removed. The famous tennis player has always been known for her terrific body, and especially for that nice and firm shaped little butt. The staring young man couldn't help watching her beautiful ass dance as she started to walk away, soliciting her toned thigh muscles on every footstep while heading back towards the end of the court to resume her hitting. Steve tried to snap out of it and tried to continue fixing the damn tractor.

    That broken thing was almost starting now but he was losing concentration again as he could hear his fantasy creature starting to grunt while she was beginning to hit the balls harder and harder on court. Failing to concentrate, the teenager looked up again, and watched as the energized tennis girl practiced her stuff. With Anna only wearing her sports bra now, Steve could just imagine the real shape of her breasts as they were firmly bouncing up and down between each hits. After gazing for little while, the peeping tom went back to business and tried to fix the damn tractor before he would start to get a hard on and get in trouble!

    After about forty minutes of this, the tennis girl took a break and opened up a big bottle of cold water to cool off. After taking a few sips, she put her head up, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and emptied it all over her. Steve watched as the sparkling liquid was trickling down her hair, face, mouth, and chest area, onwards to her belly and then bouncing off the edge of her shorts. The water and Steve's eyes were following every sexy curve of her body as the cold liquid came into contact with her hot skin making her nipples become real hard from the sudden coldness of the water. Anna shook her head from the shivering effect and blew a little water out her mouth as her lips had parted slightly from the enjoyment of the cooling sensation. With the sun low on the horizon behind her, he noticed the aura of moisture made up of water and sweat it had created, as the mist drizzled back over her body. Catching her breath, the soaked tennis girl took a towel off a chair, wiped her face and hung it on her shoulder and began walking over towards her lawn boy to see what was happening with his mowing machine.

    "Hey there Steve, is that thing broken or what?", asked the inquisitive tennis girl...

    Steve looked up(cause he was kneeling on the grass) at Anna standing beside him all covered in moisture, as his eyes went up her stunning athletic body, then stared at those beautiful bluegreen eyes that were looking at him. Even after sweating like this, the Russian tennis girl had the sweetest unique body odor which he could smell now cause, she was standing right next to him. From one to ten on the olfactory turnon scale, the one standing there was a twelve!

    "Hello! Anybody home?", said the smiling Anna, waving the bottle of water with her right hand in front of the dazed one's face...

    "Oh! Hum, well, I'm not sure if I found the problem or not... I think the blade is bent preventing the motor from starting up again... Or maybe a gear is broken inside or something, I'm not a real good mechanic. I just can't make it start again...I'm sorry if I broke..."

    "Don't worry about it, we'll have it fixed.", she replied, quickly cutting him off.

    The sweaty little Anna was about to turn away and looked back at him and asked: "Steve, are you good with massages? My masseuse isn't here and my back is killing me...", as she pressed her left hand against her hurting lower back..."Bah, no matter, leave that busted thing and follow me."

    She started to walk away as the easily persuaded young man quickly got up to follow her, while his heart began to race. "You know...", she said. "I think we're the only two people left here today." He didn't say a word as they went

    over by the pool area. "Go wash up your hands, I'll go get the massage table and stuff."

    "Okay...", replied the nervous Steve... Without delay, he quickly went inside towards the nearest sink to clean the dirt off his hands.

    Chapter two

    As he washed up, he started to splash some water on his face to calm down, thinking about him being at Anna Kournikova's estate now alone with her, about to give her a massage! He then wiped his face and walked back outside to see the blonde tennis star standing there. She had taken her shoes and socks off, untied her braid and made a quick pony tail. Seeing him coming back, she turned her back to him and removed her shorts and sports bra then laid down on the table hiding her breasts with one hand, face first. She was now wearing only some kind of white cotton victoria secret underwear. The young man tried to swallow, shaking from nervousness, as he glanced at Anna's golden body stretched out on a table before him. He was thinking, "Oh my god! She's so hot! This can't be happening! MUST NOT GET AROUSED!" Breaking his chain of thought, she turned her head towards him with a grin and said:

    "Come on handsome, don't be shy... I don't bite..."

    "Okay Miss Kournikova..", replied the nervous boy...

    "Steve, could you just call me Anna?... I'm sick of hearing Miss Kournikova all the time."

    "Okay Anna...", with a nervous laugh... That somewhat took away some tension off for Steve.

    The nervous young man got closer and after hesitating for a brief moment, laid his hands on her beautiful bare body and began rubbing the famous tennis player's naked back. Her skin felt so soft and so warm from hitting balls for near an hour on that hot evening. He was amazed how toned her athletic body felt as he started to work his thumbs in her back, then up her neck area...

    "Now that feels soooo gooood...", said the now submissive tennis star.

    The teenager couldn't believe he was giving Anna Kournikova a massage! Steve's hands slowly started to get the hang of it as he was getting a little more relaxed. He carefully paid attention to her hands & forearms, arms & shoulders, not needing any oil or lotion as her bare body was still wet from her little practice session. He could feel the tension all over her stiff warm body as he tried to ease the stress.

    "Could you do my lower back please? It's killing me...", asked the hurting tennis girl...


    He rubbed her beautiful soft skin as best he could while her back was beginning to dry out from all the intense stroking of her lovely curvaceous body.

    "Steve, I brought my bag over... There should be oil in there..."

    Opening the big Adidas bag, he started to look for a bottle or a tube of some kind. There was all kinds off stuff in there. His explorative hands then fell on a big long blue tube thing, kind of curved up. The intrigued young man paused for a moment, wondering what it could be... It was the dolphin dildo that Bill and Richard had sent Anna after the dolphin experience she had over at Marineland. The secretive tennis girl had kept it and became very fond of it as she was often fantasizing about that day. The tennis star often masturbated herself with that thing, sometimes even watching herself in the video they also sent her. This toy had a very particular way of caressing her insides making the tool very enjoyable. Before he could manage to guess what it was, Anna noticed him grabbing that sex thing...

    She quickly shouted:

    "NO!NO!NO! Not that zipper! Try the pocket in front!"

    "Oh I'm sorry..."

    "Don't worry about it sweetie...", as she giggled..."I just wanted you to open up the right pocket before you get lost in all my junk in there...", carefully trying to avoid the subject of the true identity of the foreign object...

    The searching young man finally found what he was looking for, opened the bottle, poured some massage oil in his hands and started to apply the lubricant on her back, resuming his work. The blushing tennis star began giggling again,

    thinking of what the poor kid had put his hands on just a minute ago. She was wondering if he knew what he had carelessly found. He looked at her a face and noticed that she was still smiling with a funny expression on her face.

    "What's so funny?", the curious boy asked...

    Anna laughed out again and replied: "Oh nothing... ha ha! Just thinking... You may continue your work master masseur...", still giggling...

    "Okaaaay...", he replied, not wanting to pry...

    She took a deep breath and tried to relax as he began massaging her back again. Steve then started to go down lower on Anna's back as she asked him to. His hands were now gliding over her stunning slippery body. It really felt good... Going up and down with long strokes, taking advantage of the slippery proprieties of the massage oil, he could hear his massage patient making faint vocal expressions as he applied a little more pressure on her muscular back features. She was clearly enjoying this and was beginning to relax...The young man kept looking at the tanned Russian's beautiful backside, noticing the little golden hairs on parts of her back glowing in the sunlight. The sun was setting, giving her body the most exotic color. Though, the mischievous tennis girl was still thinking about that dolphin dildo that was in her bag, mixed with the caressing of her bare body, it was making her have some horny thoughts but tried to keep herself under control.

    "Steve, could you go down lower please?...", the young man obliged as he observed her famous tattoo which he started to rub, then went down lower near the edge of her panty line. "Ow, oh, Aaah right there... ow...oh, that feels good...", as she squirmed around a little from the pain mixed with soothing relief...

    Just as she said that, the half aroused teenager couldn't help but get turned on more. Hearing the famous tennis star complain and moan like this was very thoughtprovoking, and slowly his member was dilating in his shorts. His eyes were glued to the compliant girl's body, reflecting the light of the setting sun, as he stroked the bends of her curved lower back area. Anna's head was turned on the same side of the table as he was, and she could clearly see his dick lengthening in his shorts. On this day, the famous tennis player didn't mind, in fact, she felt kind of flattered. Besides, it looked like a pretty nice erection too. While watching the bulge in his pants growing from the affluence of blood to his rising member, she couldn't help it but to get a little aroused herself. The observing tennis girl was having more dirty thoughts. Just the idea of watching a penis inflate from the aura of "her" sexual femininity, with a clear and obvious desire to copulate with her, was releasing hormones of the sex kind through her blood stream. She kept watching the boy's hard on getting bigger by the minute and then said:

    "While you're at it, could you do my legs as well?", trying to let go of this overcoming feeling...

    "Sure thing...", answering in a more confident voice...

    The stirred up young man's hands went up and down Anna's beautiful strong legs one by one finishing with her upper leg area. Steve could feel the firmness of her sturdy thighs, pressing his warm hands strongly, squeezing the blood and stress up her soft toned legs. As he was doing that, he had to part her legs a little and noticed that her white panties were a little wet right where her pussy was. He could clearly see the shape of her sex through the fabric as it hugged to her feminine parts. He wondered if it was from sweat or arousal, as the little thin underwear produced an amazing picturesque camel toe. Caressing her legs like that while looking at the defenseless girl's private parts turned him on even more. Her long athletic legs felt so good, so smooth yet unwavering to the touch. After a while, the half aroused tennis player put her hands down and lowered her underwear just a little.

    "My back still hurts...", said the instigative Anna ...

    Steve didn't say a word and went back near on the side of the front end of the massage table to get a good angle on her lower back area. He began to mix caressing and rubbing as his hands went over her tattoo again. He watched as her ass cheeks jiggled while he was rubbing her down. His hard on was now getting a lot bigger and Anna kept looking at it as she was starting to get turned on more and more herself... Her vocal expressions were almost with each rub now, almost like faint moans. Watching at her lowered underwear, young Steve could even see the beginning of her ass crack. Talk about a turn on! He stared at it as he was planning his next move. After a few minutes, without thinking, the courageous young man took his hands, went under the fabric and started to rub her round rear end. Much to his pleasure, the violated tennis girl didn't say a thing expect for her continued vocal pleasure expressions.

    While enjoying her little massage, Anna just curiously wanted to see how big and hard with desire his erection would get as she was willingly letting herself be fondled by a young eighteen year old horny teenager. Steve couldn't believe that he was grabbing Anna Kournikova's ass! And it felt sooo great! Her soft and silky behind felt so firm, so perfectly round... Doing this, her underwear was lifting up and he could see the blonde tennis star's bare buttocks. As the excited masseur continued fondling her gloriouslooking butt, he pulled on her ass cheeks and managed to see her ass hole which looked like it had never been used. At that point, Steve's dick was pointing high noon! He then went back to her lower back area then and back to her firm ass again, pushing her underwear off more and more each pass.

    The spying Anna kept observing the young boy's dick in his shorts completely inflated up to maximum now, as it was starting to throb on each one of his heartbeats. Some wild feeling had taken over her, demanding more as his very eyepleasing erection accidentally brushed against her tanned forearm. The contact of his hardened penis while having her ass grabbed made the temperature inside her tunnel of love increase to a boiling point. The juices had started to flow and her hidden erect nipples were trying to dig a hole through the vinyl material of the massage table.

    The sexually possessed tennis star then parted her legs a bit and started to squirm on the table, rising her fondled bum a little to give him a better angle. She was being aroused by his manipulations and long throbbing erection, declaring its sexual desire, still only a short distance from her face, while the young teenager kept grabbing and fondling her sensitive butt. Steve was getting sexually possessed himself, he wanted to see more. He continued on to what he was hoping for, and then there it was... As the underwear unstuck from her private parts, he finally saw Anna's glorious tightlooking pussy. On his eighth pass, he could clearly see her perfect pink little slit slightly covered with a little moisture as he pulled her underwear down right below the tennis star's ass cheeks. He felt like going there so bad but was still afraid of her reaction even though she didn't say anything now that her round behind was exposed. Keeping her vocal expressions of pleasure every other pass was all she did, or was it...

    All this time, she was still watching the horny teenager's throbbing penis only a few inches from her pouting lips, still unknowingly(to Steve) brushing against her approaching forearm, as she wanted to feel his manly hardness press against her flesh. The evidence of a little round wet spot in his shorts could easily be noticed. Running the little nails he had over the Russian tennis player's exposed buns, then going up her back, he observed the victim of his manipulations getting goose bumps all over. Noticing the physical reaction of his subject, he did it a few more times to try and tease the gorgeous young woman. He went back down to her voluptuous rear end, and grabbed it really firmly this time. As he squeezed her beautiful buttocks, he heard Anna express herself vocally: "Ooooooh....", as she began to breathe a little deeper... Steve's heart was really racing! Looking at her laid out on the table, breathing harder, with the elastic of her half pulled off panties being stretched by her powerful thighs, he was beginning to realize that the famous tennis star was really turned on!

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