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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gangbang, bisexual, dog sex, monkey sex.

    Maria struggled harder still when the huge dog's forepaws wrapped themselves around her slim waist. She knew what was about to happen and she didn't want that at all.

    The Doberman kept shuffling himself closer with each hump that he made. Finally its cockhead began bumping against Maria's ass. Julie had to pull her face away from the young woman's pussy to avoid being hit by the dog's energetic humping.

    Maria was crying openly now. She could feel the dog's hard penis hitting her buttock and knew that it wouldn't be long before he entered her vagina. She wanted nothing to do with Julie's pulsing vagina now. For Julie that was regrettable, but she was sure that the young housekeeper would return to her once the dog found its mark.

    John was enjoying this performance so much that he stepped behind his young actress wife and shoved his hard cock inside of her. They proceeded with a doggy fuck as they watched their Maria's introduction.

    Finally Brutus found his mark and buried his long hard cock in Maria's pussy. He had a nice penis. Over twelve inches and quite wide. Julie was also admiring his knotty knob. She could still remember the first time that a dog had tied with her. It seemed so long ago now.

    "Oooowww!" Maria cried out. "Please. Don't let... don't let him do this to me. Take him... take it out, please!"

    "I can't do that sweetheart," Julie tried to console her. "Just relax and you'll enjoy it so much more."

    "I won't!" Maria cried out. "This is disgusting. It... it isn't even natural."

    "Dearie," Julie countered. "There is nothing more natural than having your pussy filled with a hard cock. You should know all about that. What with Miles and all."

    Maria was shocked to learn that she had been caught fucking with one of the guest of the house, two actually now that Julie Moran was included. She realized that this could be grounds for her dismissal. She thought that this woman was insinuating blackmail on her. But she would learn better only at a later date.

    Julie also realized Maria's mistake in analyzing the situation. But she wasn't about to let it go to waste.

    "Now," the ET reporter told her. "You'll do as you're told or else."

    Maria bent her head down in defeat. She knew that she was beaten. If she wanted to keep her job then she'll have to obey this bitch, no matter what was asked of her.

    "Very well," Maria conceded.

    "Now get that sweet mouth of yours," Julie ordered. "Back on my pussy. I'm hot and I need some release."

    Maria obeyed and lowered her head back down. She resumed her sucking and licking of the brunette's pussy.

    Meanwhile, Brutus was driving his cock at a furious pace. Until now, Maria had remained oblivious to the dog's assault. She was too angry and scared to let its penetration hit her as yet.

    But as soon as she began to relax while eating out the famous reporter, her pussy was sending signals to her brain that was triggering her first bestial orgasm.

    "Oooooh!" Julie heard the girl exclaim.

    But she never stopped licking out her pussy. Julie had a front row seat to the dog's rape of her pussy. Giving her enough time to get used to the dog's fucking, Julie then lifted her head up and began nibbling on her clit as the large Doberman continued fucking the helpless Maria.

    By now she had resigned herself completely to the bestial attack. John, Bo and Julie could see that the housekeeper was now undulating her back. She could no longer control the urges that this fucking was giving her. The action of her back was so that she could hump against the dog's forward thrust. She now realized that she wanted all of that cock inside of her. She was now actively participating in her rape.

    But Julie wasn't satisfied yet. She wanted to see that large doggy knot tie with the beautiful girl. With that in mind, she reached up and grasped the dog's cock and helped it in pushing deeper in Maria's cunt.

    Maria could now feel the large knot humping against her pussylips. At first she thought that it might be the Doberman's balls hitting her. But that notion soon disappeared as she felt her pussylips being spread wider with each push.

    Julie kept on pushing the dog's knot into the young housekeeper's pussy. She could see that some headway was being made as her pussy lips were beginning to wrap themselves around the huge bulb.

    "Oh! My! God!" Maria was yelling. "That feels so... so weird."

    "It gets better, sweetie," Julie told her.

    With one final shove Brutus' knot broke through.

    "Aieee!" Maria screamed, closing her eyes in ecstasy.

    Upon hearing Maria's scream, Miles burst out of his room and shoved the other guestroom's doors wide open. The sight that greeted him made his cock stir back to life. He smiled down at his Maria as he saw her with the Doberman's cock shoved in her beautiful pussy.

    But what he really enjoyed seeing was Julie Moran's exposed pussy under Maria's face.

    When Maria opened here eyes again, the first thing that she saw was Miles at the door. She turned her face away in shame.

    'How could he love me after this?' She was asking herself.

    But then she felt his soft hands turn her head to him and his lips against hers. She could feel his tongue licking Julie's female juices from her mouth and lips. She smiled while still kissing her lover.

    Miles pulled himself away so that he could taste Julie's cum first hand. He buried his face in her crotch and proceeded to lick her clean.

    Julie was now convinced that Maria was fully cooperative now. The energy that the housekeeper, or so she thought, was putting into her lapping was telling her so. She began to buck her hips up to meet the licking tongue.

    All the while she continued licking the Doberman's and Maria's tied sex. She would especially concentrate her efforts on Maria's clit.

    Maria was now experiencing multiple orgasms. The dog's prick and Julie's licking was driving her out of her mind.

    "Oh yesss," Maria said aloud.

    "Wha... what?!?" It dawned then on Julie that it wasn't Maria's lips on her pussy.

    How could it have been? The lips never left her when she heard the dark skinned beauty shout her latest cry of passion.

    Julie tried to peer down to her pussy to see who was there with them. But she found herself with the tables turned on her. Just as she had prevented Maria from discovering the presence of the dog earlier, she was now unable to see who was ravishing her now.

    Finally, Miles pulled his face away from the beautiful reporter. He lifted himself up and presented his already hard cock to Maria's face. She gratefully took it into her mouth and sucked it for a few strokes. Then she pulled it out and guided to Julie Moran's cunt.

    Both Miles and she had the same idea.

    With one mighty lunge, Miles drove his full length into the brunette's pussy.

    "Oh yess," they heard Julie cry out. "Fuck it to me. Get it deeper. Do it harder."

    Miles was only too happy to oblige. She pounded his hips forward. With each thrust her tits would jiggle slightly.

    "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Julie would grunt, while trying to maintain her mouth on Maria's clit as the Doberman continued fucking the Cherokee housekeeper.

    "Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!" Maria would be doing the same with each powerful thrust of Brutus.

    Suddenly, Miles pulled out of Julie's pussy.

    "No don't pull it out," she cried out. "I need it. Put it back inside, please."

    Miles smiled as he lifted her legs up and back. He then instructed Maria to place her arms to the back of Julie's legs. She did as instructed. Now Julie's legs were bent back to her head, being held there by the housekeeper's arms. This raised her buttock higher in the air, giving Miles a clear passage to her asshole.

    He aimed his slick cock at the entrance of her sphincter and began pushing in.

    "Aiiiieee!" Julie yelled aloud in pleasure.

    Miles kept shoving more of his cock into her butt. Then he placed a hand to Maria's head and pushed her face down to Julie's now upturned pussy. Maria smiled as she caught on to her lover's intentions. She buried her face in the ET reporter's pussy and began to suck her out, while the dog kept on fucking her own pussy.

    "Oh yesssss," Julie exclaimed. "That feels so good. Keep fucking my butt. Keep licking my pussy. God you two are good together."

    Back in the master bedroom, John and Bo were in their second round of fucking as they now watched Julie being victimized by her intended target. Bo called Buster over so that she could suck his mighty cock as she continued watching the action on the close-circuit TV.

    Miles was fucking harder into Julie's ass as he watched Maria licking the reporter's clit with earnest. Just then Buster began howling. A clear sign that he was cumming.

    "Yeowl!" Maria yelled as she felt the hot fluid shooting in her pussy. "Damn, that feels nice."

    She was fucking harder against the dog, trying to get more of his cock inside of her vagina. Julie was beneath as some of the dog's jism was escaping past her pussylips. She lifted her head and hunted each escaping drop.

    The dog came and came some more. Maria was amazed at how much cum the dog could shoot. Knowing that the Doberman was emptying its balls in his Maria was enough to get Miles over the edge. His own balls tightened and he began emptying himself in Julie's ass. Who in turn exploded in her own orgasm.

    The whole scene played out as a sexual domino set. One orgasm was triggering the next.

    Finally exhausted, the four lovers disentangled themselves and collapsed in a heap on Julie's bed. Brutus just sauntered out of the room to lick his aching dick in the hallway.

    Part Sixteen


    John and Bo Derek were ecstatic at the outcome of their beautiful Cherokee housekeeper's, Maria, introduction to animal sex. It had turned out even better than they had planned.

    They had convinced their guest, Entertainment Tonight reporter Julie Moran, to orchestrate a doggy rape. Much the same way that Bo had done to her almost a year earlier. Things were going quite well.

    Then Miles O'Keefe, Bo's co-star in the movie 'Tarzan', bolted through the door and the table was turned on Julie. She new became the rape victim while Miles and Maria took control of the scene.

    But in the end the main goal had been accomplished. Maria was now as hooked to doggy dick as Julie and she were. Now the Dereks could proceed to the next phase of her plans for the weekend. Tomorrow she would reveal a special surprise to Julie and Maria.

    Miles slept through the night in Julie's guestroom with the two naked woman on either side of him. Both woman wrapped a leg over his as they slept with their breasts crushed against his muscular chest. A man couldn't dream of a better situation than this.

    The next morning everyone met on the patio for breakfast. Maria did her job as expected while Julie kept playing footsie with Miles under the table.

    Bo tapped one of the glasses to get everybody's attention.

    "Excuse me everyone," she said. "You too Maria."

    Maria stopped what she was doing to hear what her mistress had to say.

    "John and I have prepared a special surprise for you all," she continued. "After breakfast, we're all going to the lake cabin. That is where the surprise is."

    Everyone's curiosity was peeked by this announcement. Especially Maria. She wasn't usually included in her bosses entertainment. She just couldn't figure out what might be awaiting them at the cabin.

    When everyone had finished with breakfast they were all lead to the stables where five horses were waiting for them. They all climbed their mounts and headed off to the lake, with four of the dogs following along.

    Maria looked down at the dogs with a smile. The memory of the previous night still fresh in her mind. She was hoping for some free time with the dogs from now on. That is if she could sneak it by the Dereks attention. She couldn't imagine being able to keep her present employment if she was ever caught.

    The five of them arrived at the lakeside cabin after about fifteen minutes of riding. They all got down from the horses and walked, chatting towards the cabin.

    Miles immediately took note of the changes since the last time the Dereks had brought him there. Gone were the furniture. In its stead was a giant monkey bar arrangement that took over the whole main room. He soon understood why this was done. Out of one of the backrooms came strutting out with its hairy arms raised high, one of the orangutans from the 'Tarzan' set.

    He and the Dereks smiled wickedly as the same idea was now being shared by them.

    "Julie. Maria," Bo began. "This is Bongo. He has two brothers with him here also. Jim-Bob and Gonzo."

    At hearing their names the other two apes sauntered into the giant playroom.

    Julie and Maria had a confused look in their eyes. They couldn't see where this was going as yet

    "Boys," Bo spoke to the apes. "Why don't you go say hello to my friends."

    John and Miles stepped back in anticipation of what would happen. Meanwhile Julie and Maria just smiled at the cute monkeys. They didn't seem concerned at the big apes approach..

    Bongo, the bigger of the three, was nearing the petite Maria. While his two brothers, Jim-Bob and Gonzo approached Julie.

    When the simians got close enough to them, both women tried petting them in a friendly manner. The great apes smiled up at them, with that ape smile of theirs.

    "They seem friendly enough," Julie said to Bo.

    "Yes," Maria agreed. "Very friendly."

    "When did you get them?" Julie asked her movie star friend.

    "Oh, we purchased them after the movie," John shot back. "These are the ones from the set."

    "I thought that they looked familiar," Julie laughed, as she kept rubbing her hand in Gonzo's wild hairy head.

    Then, without warning, the apes jumped into action. John and Bo had spent the last month training them for this. Those powerful simian hands grabbed a hold of the two women's garment and literally ripped it off their startled body.

    Julie and Maria were stunned as they tried pulling away from the, suddenly, savage beasts. They stood there before the great apes in their underwear only, with only a few tatters of their clothing hanging on them.

    The jungle apes weren't done yet. As they grabbed hold of the their wrist with their hands, they used their prehensile feet to rip what little remained of the helpless women. Within seconds both Julie and Maria found themselves naked before the muscular animals.

    Bo, John and Miles looked on intently as the two beautiful women struggled to free themselves from the grasp of the three apes. They also noticed that the beasts were getting aroused with each passing second.

    Bongo was the first to take the initiative. His long, thick tongue found and began exploring Maria's vaginal tunnel.

    "Ooooh!" She gasped as she felt that squirming tongue digging into her pussy.

    Julie watched, mesmerized, at the dexterity of the orangutan's tongue on the young housekeeper. She looked back at her captors and noticed their pink cocks peeking out of their groin. She struggled harder still.

    Then Jim-Bob inserted his tongue in her, just like Maria, while Gonzo's apish lips wrapped themselves around her right breast. She could only close her eyes as she absorbed to good feeling that they were giving her.

    The apes would vary their 'foreplay' with the two women. They would insert their long fingers in them, either their pussy or their ass. They would be constantly suckling on their tits, concentrating on their now hard nipples.

    Meanwhile, on the sideline, Bo was being fucked furiously by Miles and her husband as the three followed the progress of the apes on their companions.

    Julie and Maria were now screaming in ecstasy as they were being hit by one orgasm after another.

    Finally the time came for the next stage of this sexplay. Bongo flipped Maria around so that his cock was now at the entrance of her tight young pussy. With one mighty thrust, he drove half of his twelve inches inside of her.

    "Aiiiiieeeee!" Maria screamed just before she passed out from the shock.

    Bongo didn't care, he kept humping into her now limp body. She was being supported by his large hands that wrapped around her thin waist.

    Julie could only watch in concern as the unconscious housekeeper was getting reamed by the great ape. She could only imagine what that must be like. But she wouldn't have to wait long.

    Following their brethren's lead, Gonzo and Jim-Bob turned Julie over to her hands and knees. She found herself facing Jim-Bob's large cock, as she felt Gonzo poking at her backside with his. She didn't know what to do. She knew that struggling with these muscular animals would be fruitless. Yet she wasn't sure that she could handle their bestial lovemaking.

    But the situation was out of her control. Not bothering to wait for a sign from her, both apes shoved their cocks in her at opposing ends.

    "Guurrlll!" The observers heard Julie gurgle as Jim-Bob's cock stuffed her mouth.

    John and Miles increased their fucking tempo into Bo as the threesome continued to watch the ape rape of the two beautiful woman.

    Julie was struggling to breath on the outstroke of the monkey in her mouth. While her pussy was still trying to get used to the power of Gonzo's fuck thrust. She knew now why Maria passed out from her ordeal. But this double fucking that she was enduring was keeping her too focused on the two simian cocks thrusting into her body.

    Jim-Bob's grip was around her chest and was constantly rubbing her hard nipples. While his buddy grasped her by the waist. Both animals were thrusting as hard as they could. Julie had to urgently relax her throat muscles before she would choke on the powerful cock.

    Maria was finally coming out of her unconscious state. Her body was beginning to hump back against Bongo even before she was fully awakened. When her eyes fluttered open, there was a look of ecstasy in them.

    While unconscious, her body had given her numerous orgasms. Though she hadn't experienced them first hand, the aftermath still bathed her.

    "Oh god! Yesss!" Maria cried out. "Fuck me monkey. Fuck me good and hard."

    Julie joined in the housekeeper's outcry. The two women were in chorus as the apes fucked them harder than any man ever had before.

    "Yess!" They both shouted in unison. "Fuck, fuck me good. God this feels so nice."

    For fifteen minutes the three apes continued to rape their penises into the women. Miles, John and Bo noticed the apes ball sack tightening, a sure sign that they were about to blow.

    A few minutes later, Maria and Julie could feel the powerful jet of simian cum flooding their pussies. Seconds after that Julie's mouth was also receiving its promised load. So fast was it shooting in her that Julie couldn't hold it all. Cum began spurting past her clenching lips down her chin.

    When the great apes were done, they simply released their 'mates' and trudged off to a corner to rest.

    Julie and Maria slumped to the ground exhausted. Their chests heaving as they tried to regain their composure.

    Maria was the first to move. Miles and the Dereks watched intently as the housekeeper crawled over to the ET reporter and proceeded to lick the monkey cum off of the brunette's face. Once that was done she kissed her deeply sending her tongue to gather still more.

    Miles got up and walked over to the exhausted women. He grabbed Maria by the waist and positioned her over Julie Moran's body in the 69 position.

    As soon as they saw each other's cum filled pussy, they buried their faces into each other and cleaned themselves out of the simian semen. They loved the taste of it. In fact, they couldn't get enough of it.

    The three observers in the monkey playroom, Miles, John Derek and his wife Bo, smiled with satisfaction at the two women's compliance to the apes love making. They knew that they were now to be willing participants in anything that they decide to indulge in.

    This is when Miles walked over to the door and opened it, allowing the four dogs that had accompanied them to enter. They were Bo's favorites, Bud, Dodger, Bruiser and Buster. Their noses immediately began sniffing the air. The smell of sex was flooding the room.

    Needless to say it didn't take them long to locate the two exhausted girls in the corner. They all bolted to them and buried their doggy tongues in their blood engorged pussies. They were trying desperately to get to the last remnants of the Ouran-Outangs cum that the two women couldn't reach.

    Meanwhile the three apes watched dispassionately the action around their mates. As the women's pussy began exuding fresh cum, their cocks were slowly reviving, as were John and Miles.

    All of this didn't go unnoticed the ignored Bo Derek. Who would have thought that her pussy would be ignored in the middle of an orgy, bestial or otherwise.

    Unable to stand it any longer, Bo rushed forward and took Gonzo in hand. She guided him to the center of the room and began to suck on his cock while on her hands and knees.

    Buster noticed his mistress' position and trotted over to mount her immediately. Bo gurgled in pleasure as the two cocks fucked into her from her animal lovers.

    John and Miles looked at each other and moved in on the two other women.

    John would finally have his shot at Maria, while Miles pulled Julie Moran to her feet.

    The young actor lay himself on the floor and guided her cunt to his stiff cock. She settled on it with pleasure. Once she had bottomed out on him, she began to hump him by lifting herself up and down on his groin.

    John meanwhile, was getting his own cock sucked by his young housekeeper. She took his whole rod in her mouth, and even tried to insert his balls past her tight lips.

    The dogs didn't feel like being left out. They rushed the three couples and found their own spot.

    Bud found Maria's vacant pussy and fucked his vibrating cock in that target.

    "Ungh!" John heard her cry out, as he watched the large German Shepherd mount her.

    Julie noticed the Derek's large St-Bernard, Bruiser, approaching her. He was heading behind her. She knew where he wanted to put that monster cock of his. He was planning on plunging it in her asshole. This concerned a bit, for she knew how thick it was, especially his knot.

    By this time Buster had managed to tie with Bo and was twisting around so has to be butt-to-butt with her. Once that was accomplished the last dog, Dodger, saw his opening. He leaped over the Doberman to land at his mistress' back and was humping furiously trying to find her asshole.

    The dogs had long learned how to accomplish such a feat from months of training/practice with their masters.

    Meanwhile, Bud had also tied with the petite Maria and had twisted around. Jim-Bob had seen how one of the dogs was fucking one of his mates in the wrong hole. He figured if that animal can do it, then so could he. He approached Maria and got on her tiny back. He found that he had to guide his cock to this hole, and he did so.

    The hairy ape fucked his twelve inch cock into the housekeeper and began to hump from her back. she was having a difficult time managing all the added weight on her back, but she held on.

    That left only one final participant. Bongo, the third ape. He approached the only vacant hole that he could see. Julie Moran's mouth. He lumbered over like a clown and grabbed her long brown hair roughly. Pulling her face up.

    "Aiiee!" Julie cried out. "What are you doing, you fucking ape?"

    Of course Bongo couldn't answer. At least not in words. He simply pointed one long finger to his cock. Julie was amazed that the ape could have learned to communicate his desires so rapidly.

    She smiled up at the hairy ape and lowered her face to its groin and began licking along the length of its simian cock.

    Miles had a front row view of the large cock disappearing in the ET reporter's mouth. He could clearly see her cheeks bulge outwards as more of Bongo's cock went inside of her.

    The bestial orgy was now complete.

    Maria was being gang-banged by her boss, John Derek, the German Shepherd Bud and the orangutan Jim-Bob.

    While John's wife, Bo, was being serviced by the orangutan Gonzo, her Doberman Buster and the second German Shepherd Dodger.

    And the final female of the group, ET reporter Julie Moran, had Miles O'Keefe fucking her hungry pussy, the Derek's St-Bernard fucking her ass, as she was actively sucking on the third simian, Bongo.

    They stayed at the lakeside cabin for the next two days and nights. Fucking anything with a cock in various combinations.

    Next time, Bo would have to introduce Julie to the horses. She was sure that her friend would enjoy it has much as she has.

    But that will have to be for another story.

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