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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gangbang, bisexual, dog sex, monkey sex.

    Just about then, she could feel Bud getting his own second wind and start humping into her once again. This helped her in handling the horse cock in her mouth problem somewhat. But not enough for her not to panic at the predicament that she found herself in.

    Bo finally tasted a trickle of horse cum escaping its strawlike hole. Wanting to get this done with, she intensified her efforts at getting the stallion off. She also concentrated some effort at humping in unison with Bud.

    Once more she heard a loud snort from Geronimo who humped forward once more. But it could not go any further inside her mouth. Bo's throat could never accommodate something so wide. Nonetheless, the horse's added excitement must have been a sign that he was fast approaching his own climax.

    For the second time Bo felt the hot fluids of Bud's jism shooting in her pussy, at the same instant as the first powerful jet of horse cum flooded her mouth and throat. That single ejaculation was enough to completely fill her cavity. So much so, that it squirted out the corner of her mouth and even escaped through her nose.

    Bo spat out the horse cock, gagging. A large puddle formed from the escaping cum of her mouth. She gagged momentarily as she tried catching her breath. A second splash of horse jism shot over her face and body. Cum was dripping from all over her body. Bo also climaxed along with the two beast inside of her.

    Once she recovered from the initial shock of the amount of cock, Bo returned her lips to the horsecock and resumed sucking on it. Despite the gagging effect that was inflicted on her, she found that she loved the flavor of Geronimo's jism.

    She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. But despite her reputation as a master cocksucker, Bo still couldn't keep up with the huge beast. With each new ejaculation, there would always be some that would escape despite her best effort.

    After what seemed like gallons of cum being shot in her stomach, it finally appeared to be subsiding. She sucked for a few minutes more before releasing the cock from her lips. By this time, Bud had also finished with his business and had dismounted her a few minutes earlier. He had skulked away to lick his cock clean.

    Bo collapsed in a heap on the sandy beach. She was covered in horse jism, despite her best efforts and doggy cum was still leaking from her wasted vagina.

    Exhausted, she crawled towards the lake to wash up. She was too exhausted to be able to walk over. Once at the water's edge she began to wash off as much as the equine jism as she could. It was a sticky mess to do so, but she had to be at least presentable before returning home.

    When she was satisfied as to her appearance, she laid on her back and floated leisurely in the cool water. She stayed that way for a long while before her strength returned to her sufficiently.

    She raised herself out of the lake like the goddess she would appear to be. She strode steadily towards Geronimo and mounted his back for the ride back. Like Lady Godiva of old, she rode her stallion back to where her clothing were hidden and dressed for the final leg home.

    The trio came out of the woods as if nothing unusual had happened on this nice sunny day. She waved at the ranch hands as she rode past them. Nobody seemed the wiser when she brought Geronimo back to the stables and gave him a nice refreshing rub down.

    She strode at a fast pace back to the main house. She wanted to avoid having to have any long discussions with anybody for the moment.

    She walked through the main entrance and climbed the staircase, two steps at a time. The house staff simply assumed the she wanted a refreshing bath before dinner was sounded.

    A relaxing bath was also on her mind, but not for the reasons assumed off by her staff.

    Part Five

    That same night, Bo disclosed her new bestial conquest. At first John was revolted at the notion that his beautiful wife had gone so far with a horse. That is until he saw the excitement in her eyes as she recounted every sordid detail. He found himself with a raging hard-on which Bo was only too pleased to take care of for him.

    His mind was reeling at the images that were flooding it. He could picture his wife's horny face stuck on the end of a giant horse cock. Now he was wishing that he had been there to witness the event. But for now he would be satisfied with the feeling of Bo Derek's lips sucking lovingly on his cock.

    John was fast becoming a devotee of bestiality himself without even realizing it. His mind kept wandering to imaginary images of his wife, Bo, fucking various breeds of animals. Even his thinking for movie screenplays were imperceptibly drifting towards animals.

    For the next few weeks, Bo and John experienced and played with every animal they had on the ranch. They would get one of their many dogs in the bedroom to join them every night. Occasionally two would be brought in.

    But amazingly, Bo was getting actually bored for lack of diversity. It was at this point that their animal collection began growing. You might have noticed this when Entertainment Tonight would conduct interviews at their ranch.

    On one such interview, Bo managed to introduce Julie Moran into her world of bestiality. She was in the middle of the interview when she noticed the brunette reporter staring at one of her dogs protruding penis. It happened to be her St-Bernard, Bruiser.

    Bo smiled at her and coughed slightly to gain miss Moran's attention. When Julie returned her attention to her interviewee she was blushing profusely. They had to tape the interview over so that make-up could be applied to her reddened cheeks.

    After the interview, while the ET crew were packing their gear in the trucks, Bo approached Julie.

    "Miss Moran. Mind if I call you Julie," Bo said to the brunette. "I want to apologize for the distraction that Bruiser created back there."

    At remembering the incident Julie began blushing again. She couldn't get over the size of the penis that the dog exhibited.

    "Uh! Oh, don't worry about it miss Derek," she replied.

    "Bo. Please," Bo tried to break the ice. "Miss sounds so... fuddy-duddy."

    "Only if you call me Julie," the ET reporter smiled back.

    "OK, Julie," Bo went on. "Why don't I make it up to you. Will you stay for dinner. John is out of town, and I really would like the company."

    Julie thought about it for a few seconds and agreed. She had her own car, so the crew didn't have to wait for her. The two beautiful women walked back to the ranch house and settled in the main living room while waiting for dinner.

    Julie asked to use the telephone so that she could let her husband know that she would be late coming home and why.

    Bo left her alone for this an was planning her next steps.

    The housekeeper appeared at the doorway and announced that dinner was ready. They headed for the diningroom and enjoyed a succulent lobster dinner along with a nice bottle of wine.

    Afterwards they returned to the livingroom and just had a pleasant girl talk conversation. Bo dragged it out as long as she possibly could.

    When Julie looked at her watch it was already past midnight.

    "God! Where did the time go," she said.

    This was what Bo was hoping for.

    "It's much too late for you to drive back tonight," she told her guest. "Why don't you stay the night and make an early start in the morning. There's plenty of rooms."

    Julie thought about this proposition for a minute, then decided that it would be a good idea. Of course she needed the phone once more to call her husband and explain things to him. This did not present a problem as their marriage was on solid ground.

    Since she was now staying the night, Julie saw no reason to cut the girl talk short. They resumed their conversation. Now all Bo had to do was steer the discussion to Bruiser.

    "Again I'd like to apologize for Bruiser's behavior," she said. "He always seems to act that way around beautiful women."

    Julie smiled at the implied compliment. She also had to admit to herself that she was a bit attracted to the blonde movie starlet herself. Even though she had no lesbian tendencies herself. She couldn't explain why the attraction existed, but it did nonetheless.

    "Really," Julie replied. "Isn't there something that can be done about it."

    "Well, the vet explained that its because his needs aren't being met," Bo bluffed. "He suggested that when something like this happens that I should... um... help him."

    "Help him," Julie quizzed. "Help him how?"

    "Oh, I don't want to bother you with details," Bo acted innocently, with that shy smile of hers.

    "No, tell me," the reporter asked. "I'm curious now."

    "Well," Bo hesitated. "He said that he would need to ejaculate to settle him down."

    Julie had a shocked expression across her face. But behind the shocked mask, she was very curious as to where this was going.

    "And how are you supposed to accomplish that?" She asked the blonde beauty.

    "Now don't be shocked," Bo answered. "But he needs to be jacked off. You know. A hand job."

    The trap was now set. Would the brown haired reporter bite the bait.

    "Ho... how can you do something so... so wicked," Julie asked.

    Putting on her best acting performance she replied to the reporter.

    "A... at first it was embarrassing to do something so vile," she shrugged. "But after a while it wasn't so difficult to do."

    Her curiosity aroused, and her panties getting soaked, Julie pushed onward with the conversation.

    "But you didn't do anything like that for him today," she asked. "Did you?"

    "Well," Bo paused. "I couldn't really do it in front of you. Now could I?"

    Pausing for a long moment before the words could leave her lips, Julie Moran's curiosity was about to have the better of her. Just as Bo had hoped.

    "Yo... you shouldn't make him suffer," the reporter said. "Just because of me. Actually, I'd like to watch if you don't mind. Strictly off the record of course."

    Triumph. Bo feigned thinking about it before giving her 'victim' an answer.

    "If you're absolutely sure you want to," she finally conceded.

    Julie smiled back as she nodded silently in the positive.

    "Alright then," Bo went on. "But I think we should move to the bedroom. It was hard enough to explain this to John. I don't need the staff to blab about this. You know how the tabloids would blow this out of proportion."

    Julie accepted this blindly. It seemed like a reasonable precaution. And she had to agree with the blonde movie star that the tabloids would have a field day with something like this. They might even twist it into a story of bestiality.

    Little did she realize that she was about to walk into this world herself.

    Bo got up off the easychair that she was sitting on and headed for the door. Julie followed suite and followed her towards the main hallway.

    Bo then stopped at the bottom of the stairwell and turned to her beautiful houseguest.

    "Why don't you go up to my bedroom," she said. "Its the first door at the top of the stairs. The one facing us. I'll go get Bruiser and meet you there in a few minutes."

    Julie accepted this innocently enough. She started walking up the stairs slowly. Bo paused momentarily as she watched the sexy stride that the ET reporter was displaying.

    Then her mind snapped back to the present. She needed to find Bruiser for her 'guest.' She fully expected that his cock would have subsided by now, and in order to convince the brunette waiting in her bedroom that his condition needed 'treatment' she would have to arouse him again before taking him upstairs.

    It took a few minutes for her to finally locate the St-Bernard. He was snoozing near the house kennels. His huge head snapped up when he heard his mistress call his name in the dark.

    When she approached him it was as she expected. His cock had receded back in its furry sheath. She would have to do something fast to get him excited again. And from experience, she knew that nothing would get him aroused faster than a quick blowjob.

    She knelt next to him and gave him a few quick hand-strokes to get things started. When she felt the tip of his cock beginning to protrude, she ducked under him and wrapped her lips and began sucking.

    The virile canine didn't take long to regain his full length and rigidity. Now they were presentable to her 'novice' guest in waiting. She guided Bruiser back to the house and they both made their way up the stairs to the master bedroom.

    When she entered the bedroom, Julie was looking around the large room. She was at the dresser looking at her collection of braids. When she heard the door open behind her, she turned and gasped. She had almost managed to drive the image of Bruiser's cock from her mind. But there it was before her once more.

    All twelve inches of hard, vibrating and glistening cock.

    'Was it shiny like that earlier,' Julie asked herself. 'I don't think it did.'

    "Make yourself comfortable," Bo told her. "There's a chair over there where you can sit and watch."

    Julie settled down and tried to relax. She was shuffling in her seat as she watched Bo and Bruiser approach closer to her. She just couldn't take her eyes away from that cock though.

    Bo noticed that immediately and smiled to herself. She now needed to proceed with her plans. She began removing her clothing slowly, seductively before the brunette.

    "Don't be alarmed," she reassured Julie. "I've learned from experience that this can be rather messy. You should have seen the first few weeks. It was safer to buy a new wardrobe than explain the stains on my clothing. Since then I find it more... economical to do this naked. You don't mind, do you?"

    "I leave it to you," Julie answered back. "You're the expert."

    When Bo removed her shirt and exposed those godly breast, she heard Julie's breath catching. This was going to be much easier than she had anticipated. Next she peeled herself out of her tight fitting lycra pants. Her blonde bush was awash with her own wetness, which she didn't mind showing off to her guest.

    Julie noticed the glistening effect of Bo's pussy as well, and that got her aroused a bit as well. Again she had to convince herself that she was not a lesbian.

    Next would come the actual exhibition for her newfound friend. Bo called Bruiser to her. The huge brown and white St-Bernard trotted over to his mistress and gave a tentative lick of her breast with his wide slobbering tongue.

    Julie was fascinated at the impressive size of Bruiser's tongue. But her attention was drawn back to his cock.

    Bo had him roll over onto his back so that his huge head was just between Julie's slightly parted legs. She felt that in this position, Julie would get the best possible view of Bruiser's cock, knot and eventually his cum.

    "Now the vet explained to me that its just like doing it to a man," Bo explained nonchalantly.

    As if giving instructions on how to operate a piece of machinery, she took hold of the dog's large penis and began to manipulate it. Stroking in slow and steady motion.

    Bo could hear Julie's breath increasing slightly. This was a good sign that her plan was working.

    She grasped the dog's cock harder yet and squeezed it in her nimble hands. This caused the head to bulge from the added blood pressure.

    "Oooooh!" Julie exclaimed under her breath.

    Bo smiled inwardly and continued manipulating the cock. She switched hand and reached out towards Julie with her doggy slime covered hand.

    "Could you hand me a tissue," she asked Julie. "Its right next to you."

    Julie complied and reached for a tissue. But when she tried to hand it to her, Bo intentionally missed and slimed the brunette's backhand.

    "Oh! So sorry," she excused herself.

    "Tha... that's alright," Julie stammered, feeling the warm slime on her hand.

    Bo used the tissue to wipe her hand clean for the intention of her guest. She resumed stroking Bruiser, again feigning ignoring Julie.

    Julie's curiosity got the better of her, as Bo had expected, and raised her hand to her nose and sniffed the doggy slime that was on her hand. From the corner of her eye Bo could see the ET reporter do exactly has she had hoped that she would.

    Julie, oblivious to Bo's plan, was sniffing contentedly on the fragrant aroma on her hand. Then, without thought, she licked the slime off of her hand. She found the taste most pleasurable. When that was done, she returned her attention to the blonde beauty and the dog.

    Bo's plan was working out perfectly. Julie Moran, ET reporter, was getting a taste for doggy cum. She knew that it wouldn't take much more to get her into the act.

    She returned her attention to Bruiser's cock. She continued rubbing her hand up and down along the full length of the huge St-Bernard, for Julie's benefit. She want the dark haired woman to get the full view of Bruiser's virile cock.

    Having gotten a taste of the dog's slimy fluid, Julie's excitement was mounting. With no conscious thought her legs were beginning to open and close by their own volition. Her body was trying to rub her pussy without actually touching herself. This did not go unnoticed by Bo, who was almost smiling openly now. And with her attention fully preoccupied by the vision of the dog's cock, Julie wasn't even aware of her action or Bo's smile.

    Julie was amazed at the incredible stamina exhibited by the dog. Bo had been stroking him for twenty minutes already and he still hadn't cum. Her panties were getting soaked from excitement and she finally had to admit to herself that the whole thing was very arousing.

    Bo could feel Bruiser's balls tightening just then. A sure sign that he was about to blow his load.

    'Finally,' she said to herself.

    Julie was bending forward slightly for a closer look of the action before her. Her legs continually open and closed by their own volition, rubbing her soaked panties and pussy lips together.

    Bo's arm was beginning to ache from this long handjob. But she had to keep up the act until she got Julie truly hooked. But she suspected that it wouldn't take long now.

    While continuing to stroke the cock, she surreptitiously raised it slightly. Aiming it between Julie Moran's slim, dark stockingued legs. Then Bruiser reached his bursting point.

    A powerful stream of jism began shooting out of his cocktip and sprayed forward. The first jet hit Julie's face and she instinctively pulled back. The following shots were spraying the inside her legs with some landing in her crotch.

    She squealed in excitement. Her tongue was trying to lap up the jism around her lips.

    Bo smiled broadly now as she watched Julie lapping up Bruiser's cum. Her submission was almost complete. But there was still more to accomplish before victory could be achieved.

    "Oh! I'm so sorry," Bo apologized (wink). "Here let me help clean that up."

    Julie didn't even have a chance to object. Without waiting for an answer she began wiping Julie's thighs with tissue, reaching 'innocently' under the hem of the reporter's short dress. That cause the dark haired beauty to catch her breath when Bo's hand brushed against her soaked panties. Bo also confirmed her suspicion. Her guest was wearing a garter rather than pantyhose.

    "Th... that's alright," Julie stammered. "Accidents will happen. Y... you don... don't have to do... this."

    Bo smiled with satisfaction seeing the reaction that she was having on her new playmate.

    "Its not a problem," Bo answered. "It was all my fault anyway. Its the least I could do."

    Julie's eyes closed in ecstasy as she felt Bo Derek's hands rubbing in between her legs. She hadn't even noticed that she no longer had any tissue in her hands. Bo was simply rubbing the doggy cum into Julie's stockings so that the warm fluid would make contact with her skin.

    Her arousal was rising beyond her control. Within a few minutes, her hands reached up to her own voluptuous breast and began rubbing them sensually. All the while Bo continued rubbing her thighs harder. Her hands were snaking their way slowly towards the soaked panties until she made contact.

    Julie groaned again at the contact against her excited panty clad pussy. She opened her legs wider, invitingly. For which Bo took advantage of. She ran her fingers along the outline of Julie's inflamed pussy lips that were visible through the wet fabric of the panties.

    Part Six

    By now Julie was hooked to what was happening to her. She gazed down at the kneeling Bo and smiled.

    "Maybe I should take these off," she said. "Before they stain."

    "That would be reasonable," Bo agreed.

    Hesitantly, Julie Moran, crack reporter for Entertainment Tonight, stood unsteadily to her feet and began to unbutton her sweat drenched silk shirt. She removed it delicately and laid it over the back of the chair. She was wearing a flesh colored bra over her voluptuous breast. Bo couldn't wait to see those melons exposed to her.

    Julie then reached behind her and unfastened the skirt, which slid to the ground unaided. There she stood in all her glamour. She posed seductively for Bo wearing only her underwear. Bra and panties, which were completely soaked by now, and her long stockinged legs in garter. Bo also enjoyed the fact that the brunette was wearing four inch heels. This accentuated her calves as it does for most women.

    Reaching to her back once more, she unclasped her bra and removed that as well. Her bouncy tits popped out of the tight confines of it, to Bo's pleasure. When she tried to remove her stocking clasp of the garter, Bo's hand reached up and stopped her.

    "No," Bo spoke out. "Don't take them off. Just the panties."

    Julie smiled and slipped her panties down to her ankle and kicked them away across the room.

    The somehow forgotten Bruiser trotted over to the soaked panties and began licking and munching on them. The taste of female cum on his tongue would revive his staff for the next round.

    Meanwhile, Bo was stroking Julie's long slender legs and pulling her down to her knees by her asscheeks. Julie offered no resistance. She soon found herself face to face, breast to breast, and cunt to cunt to the sexiest woman on the big screen.

    Bo approached her and kissed her deeply. To Julie, this was her first experience with another woman. Even back in school, when her friends experimented in this, she refrained from doing so. Now she found herself openly kissing this ravishing beauty before her.

    Bo slipped her tongue past the brunette's lips and began frenching with her. Their tongues soon found themselves intertwined as the kissing continued. Julie returned the kiss.

    Bo's hand then reached her hand up and cupped Julie's breast and tweaked on her nipple. Julie gasped in Bo's mouth as she luxuriated in Bo's apparent expertise. She returned the attention and cupped the blonde bombshells breast as well.

    She was amazed at how firm they were. There was no evidence of sagging that most women experience as they aged. She tweaked those firm nipple nubs just as Bo had done for her.

    This went on for a few minutes more before Bo decided that it was time for the next step. Her hand moved away from Julie's breast, despite her objection, and slid down to her pussy.

    When Julie felt fingers brushing near her crotch, she spread her legs apart a bit more to allow better access to her female companion. Bo accepted the invitation and slipped a finger into the reporter's willing vagina. She got it down to her fist knuckle.

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