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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gangbang, bisexual, dog sex, monkey sex.

    'Obviously the woman had been well fucked by her husband,' Bo thought to herself.

    So she added another finger, then a third. She began fucking her fingers in and out of Julie's warm love tunnel. All the while she would be using her thumb on her guest's clit.

    Julie could not help but gasp in excitement as she came. Bo could feel the woman's cum soaking her hand.

    She allowed this to continue for a few more seconds and pulled out her hand from her friend's pussy. She brought her cum covered hand to her face and licked the female juice a bit.

    "Mmmmmmh!" Bo luxuriated in the flavor. "This is nice."

    Julie was getting jealous at Bo now. She pulled Bo's hand to her own face and licked her own juices from the blonde's hand. She surprised herself when she found that she actually enjoyed the taste of it.

    The next thing that happened pleased Bo immensely. On her own volition, Julie bent her head down and sucked on one of Bo's stiff nipples. She tilted her head back as she absorbed the feeling of those soft female lips sucking on her.

    'She's almost there,' Bo thought to herself.

    Glancing over to Bruiser, who was still licking at Julie's panties, Bo could see that his cock was also ready for the next step.

    Reluctantly, she pushed Julie away from her breast. The brunette looked up questioningly at the starlet. She thought that maybe she had done something wrong.

    Bo wasn't displeased with her. In fact, she wanted to make things better. She pulled Julie down to the ground so that she found herself lying on her back, facing up to her. Then Bo straddled herself on top of the brunette in the classic 69 position.

    Julie was totally unfamiliar with this position. She never even tried this with her husband. In fact she had rarely sucked on a cock before and never a pussy.

    Bo realized that she would have to show Julie how to proceed next. She dipped her head down to Julie's open legs and to her pussy. Julie gasped aloud at feeling Bo's tongue against her pussy lips. She had never felt anything like this before. The sensitivity, the sensuality of the moment was beyond her comprehension.

    Bo was pleased at Julie's reaction, but she wasn't being serviced herself. She would have to do something about that.

    To get her new lovers compliance, Bo lowered her own pulsing pussy closer to Julie's face. Julie could only stare helplessly as those reddened cuntlips came closer and closer. Then her nose picked up the unmistakable scent of the aroused starlet.

    As that scent began to overcome her, Julie licked her lips sexily. Her mind was reeling at what she knew was about to happen to her. She finally conceded and lifted her head and tentatively brushed her tongue along Bo's pussy lips.

    Bo closed her eyes and returned her own mouth to Julie's excited cunt. The two women buried each other into the others pussy and sucked on their pussies and clits.

    Bo lowered her body on top of Julie's and crushed each others breast against their bodies. They continued this way for a good fifteen minutes until Bo decided that the next step was upon them.

    While in the midst of their frolicking, Bo rolled their bodies over each other and rolled to the center of the large master bedroom. When they finally stopped rolling, Bo was below and she was now straddled by Julie Moran.

    Bo knew that she now owned Julie's sexual will. As the brunette, now in the position to free herself, made no such effort. But just to make sure, she wrapped her legs around Julie's head.

    "Oh, God!" Julie moaned. "I've never felt anything so good before."

    And she returned her face to Bo's crotch. Bo never allowed Julie's pussy to leave her lips. But she did manage to tie her legs around the unsuspecting reporter. Now with her head and legs trapped by the horny Bo Derek, was the right time for the next big step. She then glanced across the room to Bruiser. She had to figure out a way to attract his attention.

    It dawned on her that she should do what she usually does to get her attention. With that in mind, she gave a loud slap to Julie's butt. Which, by the way resulted in a surprised yelp to escape the brunette's pussy stuffed lips.

    Bruiser's head snapped around at the sound. He recognized the upturned ass of a woman in the middle of the room. And from his past experience with his mistress, he knew what was required of him.

    Part Seven

    Bruiser, Bo Derek's large brown and white St-Bernard, strode across the master bedroom towards the two clenching woman.

    He didn't know who this other woman was that was exposing her pussy for him. But he knew what he had to do. He stuck his cold wet nose at Julie Moran's pussy and proceeded to lick her, in unison with Bo Derek who was beneath the brunette reporter.

    Julie's head snapped up in surprise at the cold contact. When she tried to look back, she found that she couldn't because Bo's legs remained securely clasped about her head.

    "Bo?" Julie mumbled back. "Wha... what's going on? What's happening back there? Is there someone else in the room?"

    The ET reporter was panicking a bit now. What if one of the ranch hands snuck into the house and was now trying to rape her. She hadn't noticed anybody enter. But then again, she was rather preoccupied. And what if there was more than one in the room with them. And why didn't Bo answer her.

    "Why aren't you doing anything?" Julie pleaded. "Why are you letting this happen to me?"

    She gasped aloud as she felt not one but two tongues stroking her pussy lips, Bo's and Bruiser's.

    She surrendered, since there was nothing else that she could do, to the ravishment of the two tongues on her cunt. Once that was accomplished, she saw no reason not to return her attention to Bo's hot pussy.

    After a few more swipes of her tongue on Julie's succulent pussy, Bo backed her face away and looked on to enjoy the show that was about to unfurl.

    Bruiser's wide tongue licked energetically at Julie's overexcited pussy. She knew that her dog would do what was necessary to please the brunette.

    To help things along, Bo decided to use her hands in a more productive fashion. She reached up and pulled open Julie's love tunnel to allow direct access to her dog. She watched fascinated as that large doggy tongue seemed to disappear deep inside the reporter.

    "Oh! Yessss!" Julie cried out.

    She never could have believed that a tongue could go so deep. After all was done, she just had to meet this man that was sucking her so expertly. It felt like a live snake was swirling around inside her womb. The way that tongue was moving seemed so unnatural to her limited sexual knowledge.

    The licking went on for another fifteen minutes before Bo decided that Julie was now ready for the ultimate sensation of this night. She slapped the trapped brunette's bum once more. This was Bruiser's signal to mount the bitch.

    The huge dog stepped back a pace and leaped forward, landing heavily on Julie Moran's back.

    When Julie felt the dog land on her back, its added weight made her back sag slightly. She immediately pushed herself back up. Then it suddenly dawned on her. This man was covered in fur. Thick soft fur.

    'Oh my god!' She screamed in her mind. 'It's the dog. It's the damn dog.'

    Desperately, she began to struggle to try and escape Bo's entangling limbs. But it was useless. The added weight of the St-Bernard removed any hope of freeing herself.

    She could feel the rubbery pads of the dog's paws as it maneuvered itself on top of her. He was shuffling forward so that his cock could reach her exposed vagina. She could still picture in her mind the image of the size that would soon invade her private neither region.

    Bo looked on lustily as she observed her Bruiser getting closer to the goal. She kept her hands at Julie's pussylips to make it that much easier for him. He was only a few inches away now. Bo couldn't wait to see Julie Moran's bestial deflowering. She had never seen this from this perspective before, since she was the one usually getting fucked by the beasts.

    Meanwhile, Julie's panic had the adverse effect on her of adding to her sexual excitement. Her nipples were harder than they had ever been before and accordingly they were much more sensitive.

    When Bruiser's cocktip touched, only to briefly, her pussylips it triggered and immediate orgasm in the brunette's body. She felt her body shaking from the explosive climax. She could feel her own cum spraying out of her held open pussy.

    Bo opened her mouth wide to catch as much of the womanly juices that she could capture in this particular position. Hopefully next time there will be no need to restrain the ET reporter.

    When Bruiser's cock actually began entering Julie's pussy, Bo released her friend's pussylips. She knew that the brunette would enjoy the fuck so much more if her pussy was clasping Bruiser's hot cock.

    "Oh shit," Julie exclaimed. "That feels nicccce."

    "Go for it honey," Bo told her. "there's nothing better than a good hard fuck."

    Julie was beginning to realize that herself. She instinctively humped back at bruiser which drove another few inches past her clenching pussy entrance.

    Bo smiled broadly as she now knew that Julie Moran was now slave to Bruiser's cock. She reached up and took hold of the dog's hard cock and began to manipulate it like a dildo. She began pushing it harder and deeper into Julie's sucking cunt.

    Julie exploded in yet another orgasm as she felt the hard cock being driven deeper inside her. She couldn't help herself, she just had to hump back. The wide cock was going deeper into her and she was enjoying every loving inch.

    Meanwhile, Bo couldn't help herself. With all the fucking going on above her head, she just had to get into the act. She lifted her head up and licked along Bruiser's cock, then back down to Julie's pussy. She licked along the junction of her pussylips and the St-Bernard's stuffing cock.

    She could see that Julie had already taken in at least eight of Bruiser's twelve inches. That wasn't enough. Bo wanted her to feel every invading inch, as well as that cunt stuffing knot of his. She forced in another two inches into the brunette reporter's cunt.

    "Oh yessss!" Julie cried out. "Get it deeper. Harder. Do it to me doggy. Fuck me like the bitch I am."

    Bruiser increased his tempo and fucked harder. Without any further assistance from Bo's hands, he was driving more and more of his cock into the sexy reporter. His forepaws were wrapped securely around her now willing waist.

    Bo now felt confident that she could release her grip on her friend so that she could relax and watch the show above her head. It was an amazing sight. To see that mass of cockflesh disappear in a woman's pussy like that. Now she knew what she must look like to John as he watches her bestial acts.

    She saw that the knot was just an inch away from impact. She was debating if maybe she should restrain Julie again.

    Bruiser took that decision out of her hands. In his next forward thrust, the knot hit Julie's vaginal entrance. The woman must have assumed that this was all that there would be. She didn't have anything to complain about. Her husband had a decent sized cock, but it only measured nine inches, and was nowhere as thick as what she had presently.

    So Julie Moran settled down for a hard fuck from the heavy dog on her back. With each thrust that hard obstruction would hit her pussy, almost painfully. But she didn't care anymore. She just wanted that doggy to empty his load in her womb.

    Harder and harder Bruiser kept on surging forward. His cock was well imbedded in the brunette's cunt and he just kept on fucking forward. He too wanted to bury his knot in the bitch's pussy, as was expected of him from his mistress.

    Bo looked on as she was witnessing Julie's vagina start to give way to the onslaught of Bruiser's knot. She figured that another few more hard thrust and the deed would be done.

    Her assumption was correct. Three more thrust and she heard Julie Moran scream in agonizing pain as the wide doggy knot gained entry and tied her to her canine lover.

    She could hear Julie sobbing in pain as her body tried to get used to the softball size knot that was now holding her in place with Bruiser. And now that she was satisfied that Julie wasn't going anywhere for a while at least, Bo slid herself out from under the inter-specie couple.

    She stood up and looked down at her accomplishment. The famous ET reporter was shaking her head from side to side as she was being fucked by the large St-Bernard. Her, previously, well coifed hair was hanging disheveled over her face. Bo couldn't see her expression, but she expected that it would be one of ecstasy. It not right this minute, then soon.

    Julie wasn't even aware when Bo left the room. She was gone for about ten minutes. And during that time, Bruiser never let up. The pain had finally subsided and she was now truly enjoying her first doggy fuck once more.

    When she heard the door creak open, she looked up and saw Bo Derek reentering the room. But she was followed by two large German Shepherds, Bud and Dodger. But she didn't panic this time. Actually, she was kind of looking forward for what was to happen next.

    Part Eight

    Bo Derek approached the still locked couple and smiled down at them. Julie Moran, reporter for Entertainment Tonight, returned the smile but was continually distracted by Bruiser's thrusting at her backside.

    "So?" Bo asked. "How do you like my little secret?"

    "Mmmmmmh!" She replied. "It's just the... Ugnh! The best."

    "Ready for some more?" The starlet asked of the reporter.

    "Mm, mm" she answered simply.

    "Bud! Come her boy," Bo called out. "I want you to meet a new friend of ours. Julie, this is Bud. He's one of our guard dogs. Have you ever sucked cock before?"

    "On... only a few times," she answered, fearing where this was leading to.

    "That's okay," Bo smiled down at her. "Today you're going to suck off my pal Bud here."

    Despite what had happened to her so far this night. Between lesbian sex and Bruiser fucking her at the present. The ace reporter wasn't sure if she was ready for this.

    Bo could see the reluctance in the woman's eyes. This would call for a bit of extortion she guessed. She took out her 35mm camera and began snapping away at Julie Moran getting fucked by a dog.

    "Wh... what do you think you're doing?" Julie shrieked.

    "Simply making sure that I get your undivided cooperation," she told her. "Now then. If you do as you're told you get the negative. If not. I'll send it to the tabloids and let them take matters in their hands. And you know how nice they are. Especially when they have the cold hard facts in their grubby little hands."

    "Alright, alright," the reporter surrendered. "I'll suck his fucking cock. But I want the film now."

    Uh! Uh!" Bo shook her head negatively. "Only tomorrow morning when we're through."

    Julie knew that she was in no position to negotiate. She agreed.

    Bo brought Bud forward and had him facing the now submissive Julie Moran. But before things would go further, she decided to make things even more interesting. She grabbed hold of Bruiser's collar and pulled him off of Julie's back.

    She wanted him turned around. She wanted him butt-to-butt to the tied woman.

    Bruiser was familiar with this situation, but Julie was taken aback by it. How could a cock twist around in her pussy as it was presently doing. It felt so strange, but also so good.

    After a few more tries Bo finally managed to turn Bruiser completely around. Julie and Bruiser were now butt-to-butt. She then returned her attention to Bud who remained obediently seated in front of Julie face.

    "Okay sweetheart," Bo instructed her. "Now you can take care of Bud her. Play with his balls a bit to get him going, then I want to see you suck him off."

    Julie obeyed Bo's instructions and reached forward and rubbed the German Shepherd's balls. She was only playing it for a few seconds before she noticed the pinkish cock start peeking out of its furry sheath. She glanced up at Bo and saw that she was still aiming her camera at her.

    She returned her attention to Bud. The more that she rubbed Bud the faster his cock would surge out. Within a few more seconds, eight full inches was out.

    "Okay Julie," Bo told her. "You take that juicy morsel of cockmeat in your mouth now. I want to see you suck on it like your life depended on it."

    Julie bent her head down and kissed the cocktip lightly. Gazing upwards she could see Bo's disappointing glare. She reluctantly took in the cockhead past her lips and began sucking on it lightly.

    Bo smiled. She figured that it would only be a matter of a few minutes before Julie would fall under the spell of sucking doggy cock.

    It took even less time than that. As soon as her tongue made contact with the slimy cockshaft Julie Moran was hooked. Taking a deep breath she shoved Bud's entire length down her gullet.

    Bo started snapping away with her camera. If the tabloids weren't going to get them, maybe she could save them for her own future enjoyment.

    As Julie continued sucking on Bud's cock, his full ten inches had reached its full length. Bruiser was still doing his own thing in her pussy, as they were still tied. That left only Dodger to take care of.

    Bo had her own ideas on that. She was feeling particularly devilish this night.

    She lay her camera down and knelt next to the third dog. She began by playing with his balls, the same was as she had instructed Julie. Soon, Dodger's cock peeked out. Bo bent down and sucked it in her mouth.

    By the corner of her eye Julie could see Bo sucking on the other German Shepherd.

    'At least I won't have to do anything with him," she thought to herself.

    She resumed sucking on Bud's cock as she kept humping her ass against Bruiser's cock. She was finding this whole experience beyond her wildest fantasies. She never could have imagined something like this to ever happen to her.

    After a few minutes of sucking, Bo was satisfied that Dodger was now ready for action. She looked over at the ET reporter and was pleased to see that she kept on sucking voluntarily. It was quite an erotic picture before her. Bud in her mouth and Bruiser in her pussy. And Bo could clearly see that she was enjoying every single inch inside her. She was as hooked on sucking doggy cock as she was at fucking one.

    She grabbed Dodger's collar and guided him to the threesome. When they were parallel to Julie's body, Bo placed Dodger's forepaws around Julie's waist.

    In this position, Dodger began humping wildly against the brunette's side. But there was no hole for him to bury his cock.

    Julie was also confused as to the happenings next to her. She tried to turn her head to the side to see what was going on. What was Bo Derek planning for her now, she wondered.

    Bo grabbed hold of Dodger's hindlegs next and placed them across Julie Moran's buttock. The third dog was now above Bruiser's pussy stuffing cock. Bo then reached between Dodger and Julie's bodies and was trying to guide his cock to the last available hole that the entertainment reporter had remaining. Her asshole.

    By the time Julie figured out what Bo was planning it was too late. She could feel the third dog straddled over her back and the slimy feeling of his cock being guided to her bunghole. She was about to be gangbanged by three very horny dogs.

    As soon as Bo found Julie's sphincter and guided Dodger's cockhead to it s entrance, she let Dodger take over. He humped hard and fast into her.

    "Arrrggghh!" Was all that Julie Moran could yell.

    Once satisfied that the final deed was set in motion, Bo returned to her camera and began snapping away again. She had already gone through two rolls of film and she need to reload.

    On the floor before her, Julie was being savagely fucked by the three virile dogs. Dodger was fucking at a lightning pace into her ass. She was virgin there and it was by far where all her pain was coming from at the present.

    Instinctively, she kept humping back at Bruiser, while at the same time she kept sucking on Bud's raging hard-on. No Dodger was the only one that was worrying her.

    Bo kept moving around the foursome. Trying to find the best angle or the most interesting shot. She would lift Dodger's tail so that she could get a clear shot of the two dog cocks stuffing her rear. Then move back for a close-up shot of her sucking Bud.

    It took a while, but Julie's ass muscles were starting to relax enough so that she was now actually beginning to enjoy the feel of a cock there. Better yet was the sensation that ran through her innards a Dodger's and Bruiser's cocks seemed to be rubbing against each other through the thin membrane that separated the two entrances.

    Another few minutes and Bo could hear Julie moan in pleasure as orgasm after orgasm started hitting her in rapid succession. Bo smiled in satisfaction for a good nights work.

    Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Julie felt Bruiser shooting deeply inside of her vagina. He came and came and came again. She could not believe how much cum he must be filling her with.

    "Mmmmmmmh!" Julie mumbled in ecstasy around Bud's cock shaft.

    Of course, Bo knew that for Bruiser this was but his first load. He was at least good for two or three a night. But she had fucked him hard the night before, so she suspected that he might be good enough for a second shot, no more.

    Julie thought that at least she was done with one dog. Imagine her shock when she discovered that Bruiser's cock was showing no sign of shrinking. A smile crept across her cock stuffed lips. She was now totally committed to this doggy lifestyle.

    Dodger kept on with his own mission of the night, as he fucked hard into the reporter's ass. And Julie made sure not to ignore Bud's cock that she was sucking lovingly now. She slipped a hand down to Bud's balls to get him to shoot faster. She was now desperate for the taste of doggy cum.

    Bo continued snapping frame after frame of film at Julie's depraved new sex life. Each time she would take a picture of the reporter sucking on the Shepherd's cock, she would try and get a clear shot of her face so that there would be no mistaking who the woman in the picture truly was.

    Julie didn't care anymore. She would help along by turning her face slightly sideways to give Bo a nice clear shot. And Bo would reward her by tweaking the brunette's hard nipples, or squeeze those beautiful breast of hers.

    Suddenly, sperm began flooding her throat. Julie spat out Bud's cock gagging. He had caught her unprepared for the sudden flood. But as soon as she regained her breath she stuffed the spurting cock back in her mouth and began swallowing in earnest.

    The scene was not missed by Bo's camera. She had caught at least a dozen frames as Bud's cum was spraying Julie's face as she was catching her breath. And every moment afterwards.

    Just about then, Dodger howled as he too came in her ass. Luckily, his knot couldn't tie in such a confining hole. But Bo knew that he was shooting in her and she could see her body shuddering as she suspected that Julie was probably in the throes of one major orgasm. Of course she was right/

    "Oooooh!" Julie howled herself. "Mmmmmmh!"

    She never lost her mouthy grip on Bud's squirting cock. Meanwhile, Bruiser was starting his second round in her pussy. Julie also could feel this second coming and began humping her ass back to fuck herself on Bruiser's cock once more. This time she was looking forward to receiving his cum.

    When Julie finally released bud's cock from her mouth, she found herself being french kissed once again by Bo Derek. The blonde actress was trying to get some of Bud's jism for herself. And who was she to refuse. She returned the kiss and their tongues swirled as she passed on whatever jism was available in her mouth to Bo.

    Dodger had emptied his balls and was struggling to jump off of her back. This caused a number of visible scratches on her back. But she no longer cared.

    She kept kissing Bo as she kept humping as hard as she could into Bruiser's cock.

    This went on like this for a good thirty minutes before Bruiser finally shot his load. And as Bo expected he was done for the night. His knot began shrinking a few minutes later and he popped out loudly from her sore cunt.

    Julie promptly collapsed in exhaustion, her face landing squarely in Bo' crotch.

    Bo smiled in satisfaction of the nights events. She placed a pillow under Julie's head and left the room with her photographic equipment. She headed straight for her darkroom. She wanted the film developed before Julie Moran awakened.

    She had six full rolls and it took the better part of the night to get the prints done. She looked at them and was very pleased at the results.

    When she returned to the room she smiled broadly as she observed all three dogs licking Julie's unconscious form of all their jism.

    Bud and Dodger were trying to clean out her pussy, while Bruiser was busily licking her ass clean. Occasionally, Julie would moan softly as if dreaming from a sexy dream.

    With her, she carried two manila envelops containing over one hundred shots of Julie Moran's escapade with her three canine lovers. One set she put away in her night dresser, the other was to hand over to Julie as promised. It would be for her personal use.

    If she chose to destroy, that was okay. But Bo suspected that she would want to keep them as a reminder of how wonderful this night was for her. Bo could see it in her face and eyes that she did in fact enjoy the experience.

    Once all of this was done, she looked down at the slumbering brunette and settled herself next to her on the floor for a nights sleep. Bo lovingly caressed Julie's sleeping body, careful not to wake her. She eventually fell asleep herself with her hand cupping her friend's breast.

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