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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, lesbians, teen, masturbation, group, oral, hairy, dogsex.

    I would like to thank my new editor in chief BriUK for the inspiration for this story. He gave me the sketch of it from a real experience he had as a young man. A BIG thank you to him for the idea and opening my eyes to a whole new erotic spectrum!!

    I would also like to thank SOL for having a site like this. Because of them, I met BriUK. He is one of the most wonderful men I have ever 'met'. If there weren't 3000 miles and an ocen between us, I know we could have a love very few people ever experience. As it is, we have a relationship through e-mails, chats and the occasional phone call that many may envy. I love him heart, mind, body and soul. Thank you SOL, for this incredible gift of love and acceptance that grew only because of an atmophere of openess and honesty where none of us need hide our darkest thoughts, fantasies and desires. I love you BriUK!!!! I will be forever in your debt, SOL.

    The Lady Morgaine

    That said... on to the story!!

    Summer was weighing on us in a little town about 150 miles away from London, and my best friend, Chris, and I were looking for something to do. We found out about a short trip to a Albina, on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. We were raring to go and sure this would be a trip to remember. A couple of young guys in an exotic location, pussy was sure to follow, right? Well, not as expected.

    The "Luxury Hotel" was a concrete box, crumbling away at the corners. It had partitions for the rooms, and the local "Hot" night action, consisted mainly of "exciting" folk dancing. Not exactly what we'd had in mind. Here we were, looking to score and all we were doing was the do-si-do.! Our only alternative was to hang out at the hotel bar, where we were at least able to pay for sex. It was better than going home, and saying that we hadn't been laid the entire trip. After a few nights sampling the local offerings, the barman, who'd we had gotten to know pretty well, pulled us to one side. He said there was to be a party at his home village on Saturday, which was only 2 days later. He'd pick us up, take us there, wait till the party was over, then drive us back to our hotel, and all for £15 each! It seemed like a good idea, and since we'd already fucked all there was to fuck in the bar, we didn't have a lot of alternatives. We agreed and were picked up on time.

    After about an hour, and fifteen bumpy miles later, we arrived at a small vineyard and farm way up in the hills. Behind the farmhouse was a big grassy area, where the guests were gathered. Out of the 40 or so people, there were only 4 other English people as far as we could tell, and they happened to be two young married couples...

    We'd seen them around but hadn't really gotten acquainted. After greeting a couple of the local girls, with whom we had spent some time "getting to know", we went to the bar and got a few drinks.

    Beer and wine were plentiful and soon the party was in full swing. Everyone was friendly which led to a lot of bumping and grinding on the dance floor. The local girls really knew how to dance, and after a while, Chris and I both had hard-ons that we were rubbing against any girl who would come near. The girls were all hot, and I felt more than one pussy rubbing against my hand and thigh, because many weren't wearing panties! I groped more than one willing cunt, and one girl in particular danced with me a few dances. She began innocently enough, smiling and laughing at my hesitant jokes. She was beautiful. A local, she had all the curves most pale white English girls did not.

    Heavy breasted and full hipped, she was a sight for sore eyes, and after our first nervous dance she loosened up and we began to grind into each other. She pressed her pussy into my crotch, raised her hands above her head, and closed her eyes, swaying to the music. I grabbed her hips and pounded right back. I could feel the heat of her cunt through her thin sundress, and my cock jumped. She smiled, and after opening her eyes and looking right at me, grabbed my hand and led it under her dress. She was of course "sans panties" and her cunt was so wet, that I had no trouble burying a finger in her hot box. She moaned, raising her arms again and leaning into my hand.

    My cock was lurching by this time, and I rubbed it into her thigh while I fingered her.

    Looking around, we were not the only ones busy. There were other couples grinding, fingering and otherwise jerking each other off. The 2 English girls had ripped off their tops and were dancing together on a tabletop, rubbing each other's tits and mashing them together, as they kissed each other viciously. Their tongues glistened in the light as they gyrated together, pulling on each other's nipples until they were long and red. One went down on her knees and took a nipple into her mouth. She sucked and bit, hard from the looks of things, and ran her hand under the girl's skirt. She shoved her fingers in and out of her cunt, and everyone could see the juices on her fingers, each time she pulled them out and put them to her mouth to suck them clean. We all watched, fascinated, as she finger fucked the helpless woman, who had stopped pretending to dance and just stood there, head back, mouth open, and eyes shut. She began to tremble. The one on her knees moved her mouth to the waiting girl's pussy, and she lapped it up like she was starving. Faster and faster she went, and her hand was fucking her so hard and quick, that she almost pushed her off the table.

    The girl standing up took hold of her own nipples, pinching and pulling on them, as her moaning got louder. She grabbed and mashed her tits together, harder and harder, as the girl at her cunt ground her face in her pussy and fucked her for all she was worth. The girl with me, ground her cunt into my hand as we watched. I shoved another two fingers up her pussy and flicked her clit with my thumb. She grabbed my cock through my pants, and wanked it as our eyes were glued to the scene. The girl's moans grew louder and she started to shake. She threw her head back and her knees buckled, causing her to collapse. A few guys behind her had been ready for this, and held her up. She screamed as her orgasm shot through her. The girl at her pussy gagged slightly, trying to swallow the flood of cum spewing from her, licking and sucking, and still fucking her so fast with her hand, that it was a blur. My dance partner's breath was racing, right along with the other girls, she turned to me and kissed me savagely as I rammed my fingers into her, over and over. I thumbed her clit like it was a guitar string, and felt the sudden heat of her pussy lips as they engorged on blood. She whimpered against my mouth, and jerkily rubbed my cock so hard it hurt! She purred and moaned against me as we masturbated each other. She panted, and clung on to me as I fucked her with my hand, as fast as our positions would allow. She finally shuddered against me as she came. Her mouth devoured mine as she drenched my hand in hot sticky cum. She smiled against my lips, looked into my eyes, then turned and walked away... leaving me standing there alone with probably the biggest hard-on in my life. I was confused, highly "turned on" and seriously pissed off.

    The party had degraded to an orgy, with bodies everywhere, in different stages of undress or fucking. Some had already cum, like my darling dance partner, and others were looking for a partner to get into the fun. Somewhere a bell was rung, and everyone stopped what they were doing and headed for the barn. I was confused and had lost Chris in the crowd, but figured what the hell! and went with the others to the barn. Once I entered, I was blinded for a moment by the bright lights but after I could focus again, I saw a large area roped off from the crowd and strewn with hay and a couple of wired bales in the center. A curtained off section was on the far side. There were no chairs, so we all mingled among each other, some picking up where they had left off outside. Most seemed to know what to expect, but there were others, like me asking what was going on.

    The natives either didn't understand English, or wanted to keep the secret. I saw Chris and started in his direction.

    "Tonight, we offer a rare opportunity to be observing a site few have had pleasure of viewing," Said a heavyset local man in broken English. "Please enjoy." He then repeated it, I assume, in the local language. He bent in an awkward bow, and walked back behind the curtain. Siding up with Chris, we looked at each other and shrugged. After the party outside we had no idea what to expect.

    A woman stepped from behind the curtain. She was tall, beautiful and completely naked. Her bush was as hairy as I'd ever seen and her tits were so large, they hung ammost to her navel. She smiled a seductive smile at the entire audience, as she paused just outside the curtain. She proceeded into the center of the area leading three dogs. Two were German Sheppards, and the other was a Great Dane. All of them, with their tongues hanging out and seemingly oblivious to the large crowd of excited onlookers proceeded to follow the woman with complete attention. She walked them around so everyone could get a good look at the dogs and her. She seemed to be in her early 40s but in great shape.

    She had evidently done this before, as she handled the dogs like an expert. They were obviously not amateurs either, because, by the time she'd sat on the floor in the middle of the room, their pink dog cocks were already peeking out of their sheaths. She masturbated them in turn, until their cocks were long and thick. They were drooling and started fighting each other for her attention. Just then, two other women came out from behind the curtain. One of them was about the same age as the first woman, but the other was just a girl.

    She could have been no older than 17 or 18. Her pussy was hairless, so maybe she was younger. She was beautiful, with small perky breasts, and a still slim waist. Her ass was pert with heart shaped cheeks. She was the only one who seemed unsure of her role but the other ladies helped her.

    They laid her upon her back on the central hay bale. One woman knelt between her legs and began to gently lick her young cunt. The young girl half sat up and looked at what the woman was doing. She began to breathe heavy and lay back down closing her eyes. She rolled her head back and forth whispering words we couldn't hear. The second woman led a sheppard over to the prone girl and he pushed his snout into the girl's pussy. He began to lick as the first woman moved away. The dog lapped at her with a hunger as she began to hump into his face. His cock dripped slimy dog cum as he dug deeper and pushed his tongue right up into her tight pussy. She gasped as he rammed deeper into her, her hands clenching and unclenching.

    The first woman went to another bale and called the dane over. He was such a tall dog that she was able to lift his front paws to her shoulders, and bend over, taking his monstrous cock into her mouth. He hunched his hips into her face, while she protected herself from his length by holding him far enough away so he wouldn't ram in too much. His cock glistened from her spit and his leaking cum. His drool dribbled onto her back, where it ran off and ran down her jiggling tits to drip off of her swollen nipples. I looked around and no one was moving. Every eye was glued to the spectacle in front of us. No one seemed to be breathing; everyone holding their breath waiting, excited by what was to come, but horrified by it as well.

    The girl was whimpering and moaning, as the dog dug into her cunt like he was digging a hole in a backyard. The woman with her, pulled the dog back and the girl sat up in shock wanting more. The woman smiled at her and pushed her on to her back again and motioned her to turn over. Once on her stomach, the woman lifted the dog's front paws and put them on either side of the girl's body. He began hunching before he was even seated in the girl's pussy. The woman took the thrusting cock head in her hand and led it to her opening. With one long thrust he entered her. The girl cried out. It was quite a shock to realize she must have been a virgin! The dog humped her without mercy and her pain quickly became pleasure as she began to move back onto the dog's cock. She moaned as his huge cock fucked her over and over, harder and harder. His droll was streaming onto her back, and cum squelched from her stretched pussy with every plunge. It ran from her cunt in long shoe lace like strings.

    The woman with the dane had had enough of the dog's cock in her mouth and she motioned the free woman over as she turned and presented her ass for a solid doggie fuck. Because of the dog's height, she had to be up on her hands and knees on the hay bale. The woman helper lifted the dane onto the first woman's back, and the dane connected himself with one forceful lunge. He bucked and slammed into her hot pussy, and she threw her head back with a big smile on her face. She had obviously enjoyed the danes cock before. She moved back into him as his enormous dick pummeled her hungry cunt. She groaned loudly as he frenziedly ploughed into her.

    By this time almost every guy had his own cock in his hand, including Chris and I. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Two beautiful women being doggie fucked was just too much.

    The working girls were circulating, giving blowjobs as they went. None of them were free for more than a second or two before another man, or woman, grabbed them and forced them to their knees.

    The girl was ready to cum. She was shaking and her nipples were hard, and at least twice the size they were before, and were coated in dog drool. Her pussy was soaked in her own and the dog's cum. She was practically screaming and meeting the dog on every thrust begging for more. Just then a girl came by and whispered, "Need a little help with that, sweetie?" Pointing to my swollen cock. I just grunted, and grabbed the back of her head, roughly pushing her down and slamed my cock down her throat. It felt so good, I wanted to close my eyes and just feel her tight throat and hot wet mouth, but there was no way I was taking my eyes off of the girl and dog. As my own cock rammed the willing mouth, the dog sped up and pummeled the girl's tight cunt. Her whine rose to such a high pitch, I knew this was her first orgasm. She threw her head around and thrashed and then, in an instant... she became still... and then she screamed. Her body went through a deep shudder and her chest and tits turned an amazing shade of red. She literally drooled uncontrollably down her chin because she was so absorbed in what was going on in her pussy. The dog hunched a time or two more, but the girl's contractions when she finally orgasmed, was obviously too much for the dog to take. He stopped and for a second, nothing happened. Then suddenly, a torrent of white liquid began to gush from the girl's inflamed and swollen pussy. A mixture of dog and little girl cum poured from her cunt, since there was no more room for anything else, she was so filled with cock. She whimpered some more as the orgasm left her and she felt the aftershocks of it. She opened her eyes and seemed to look right at me. That's all it took, her eyes showed the recently attained lust she'd never experienced before, bewilderment as to how it happened and even a little innocence that may have been left in her. All those things, the cum flooding from her pussy, and the talented tongue sucking me off, made me shoot load after load into the hungry throat that held my dick. She swallowed it all and stood in front of me smiling with her hand out. I don't even know how much I gave her, but she gave me a big smile and a peck on the cheek. She moved off, and after only a couple seconds she was on her knees again and lost in the crowd.

    The girl stood up and took a shaky bow, as the crowd applauded her performance. She walked back to the curtain and disappeared. Everyone turned to the woman with the dane.

    She was moaning like a professional and the dog's cock kept pummeling her. I had never seen a dog's cock before tonight and I could not believe how big his was. It had to be 10 inches long and at least 4 inches around. It was bigger than almost any man standing around with his dick in his hand. The woman seemed to enjoy looking around at all the cocks being wanked to her performance because she rarely closed her eyes. She scanned the crowd constantly as the dog hunched and slammed his massive cock into her drooling cunt. Watching it was amazing. He would withdraw almost completely and then shove into her with so much force her whole body was shoved forward. Only her firm grip on the hay helped her stay in place. His cock was so wet it shined in the harsh light. It was red as a beet and his stamina seemed to go on forever. She smiled at a man in front of her and nodded to him. He had his cock in his hand and when she nodded, he looked around and then back to her pointing to himself asking if it was him she wanted. She nodded again and he entered the arena still wanking as he walked holding his pants up with his other hand. She said something to him in a low voice no one but he could hear. His cock jerked and he smiled and nodded back to her.

    We were all wondering what was going on till he walked up to her face and she licked her lips. There was a masculine moan that rose momentarily from the crowd as she took him in her mouth. She began to suck off the man while the beast still forcefully fucked her from behind. She had to do very little as she let the dog's slamming time her sucking and let the dog move her body back and forth on the lucky guys cock. Now with a cock in both ends of her she looked obscenely marvelous. The dog's head was practically in the guys face over the woman, but neither seemed to mind. The man watched the dogs cock pound into the woman over and over. He tentatively leaned over and felt her ass for a moment. When neither seemed to mind, he reached further and touched the woman's cunt and the dog cock pounding her. That's all it took for him, after only a moment of feeling that long wet dick shoving itself into her body he exploded down the woman's willing throat. He let go of her cunt and leaned back shoving as muck of his cock into her mouth as he could. She smiled around his dick and we could all see her swallow mouthful after mouthful of his cum. They were both smiling as he pulled his now limp pecker from her mouth. She blew him a kiss as he left her and melted back into the crowd.

    A line quickly formed and she was game for all of us. She sucked off at least 10 guys before it was my turn. None had lasted very long since every one of them had fingered her cunt... feeling the dog's cock plunging into her now immensly swollen and red pussy. Since I had recently cum, I figured I could outlast them all and planned on impressing this well experienced woman. She smiled up at me, cum from the others dripping off her smeared and glistening face, and my cock jumped again making me wonder just how long I would last. She took me in her hot slippery mouth and I couldn't resist doing what all the rest had. I leaned over her and felt her tightly streatched cunt taking the brutal beating from the huge dog. It was amazing.

    Though she had been fucked for a good half hour to 45 minutes her cunt was still so tight. The dog's cock was harder then I had thought it would be, too. I couldn't believe I was here, getting sucked off by a beautiful sexually deviant woman watching from close up a dog's cock slamming her so hard she was burried in my crotch. It was too much and before long I knew I had to cum. The dog's hunching got faster and I tried to hold off... wanting to be the one here in her mouth when it finally came in her sloshing cunt. I watched as the dog slammed harder and faster, feeling the woman's tongue wrap itself around my cock, her mouth sucking so hard I thought my eyes would implode. Finally, what we'd all been waiting for was going to happen. The dog's whining got louder and I could feel the woman's moaning around my rock hard prick. She was ready for it. The dog slammed one last time and it's cum flooded out of her cunt. My hand, still stroaking her hole, was soaked in the mixed juices of woman and canine and I blasted off in her mouth. It was absolutly amazing how much I came after cumming so soon before. It felt like she was sucking every drop out of my balls.

    The dog pulled off of her and the other woman took it away. I helped her up and held her hand while she curtsied to the crowd. The applause was so loud, the rafters seemed to be shaking and she smiled, waved and walked away, with cum matting her cunt hair and still running down her legs. The crowd had fallen on each other, pairing off by twos threes and fours. I sat back and watched the action, too tired to join in. My last thought before I fell asleep was that this was one fantastic vacation.

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    loved every minute of the story emptied my balls twice

    May 22 2010 08:05
    Amazing story, only wish I was there to join in :o)

    Jul 10 2010 13:36
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