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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, pigsex.

    Gina was 19 when she went away to college in Iowa. Until this point in her life she had been living with her grandparents who lived on and ran a hog farm in central Iowa. Gina was glad to get away from the farm, even though she loved her grandparents dearly. She was now on her own and was enjoying college and all it had to offer.

    She was in her junior year when the news came. Her grandparents had been killed in a car accident and she needed to return home. Gina was devastated at the news, after all she had lived with her grandparents since her mother ran off she was an infant. Gina needed support and her friend Sue gladly went along home with Gina.

    Gina and Sue arrived after a long drive and were met at the homestead by the neighbors, whom had been running and caring for the farm. Sue and Jean were overwhelmed by the concern that the neighbors had shown during this tragic time. Many of the neighbors were like Gina's aunts and uncles, since she had grown up with them.

    Gina now needed to make some decisions regarding the family farm and it's operations. She had nothing and knew that her grandparents would want her to continue running the hog breeding operation. After all, Gina and her grandparents had discussed this in quite detail before she bounded off to college. Gina knew this day would come but it had come sooner then she had anticipated. Gina met with a couple of the neighbors who told her they'd gladly help her get on her feet and get things going.

    Chuck and John were the two neighborhood men that lived closest to Gina and they had agreed to help Gina raise her pigs and teach her the operation. They were both unmarried and in their mid-twenties. Both men had been around Gina growing up and they seemed to like her. Gina and Sue jokingly made comments about both of them, comparing the men to some of the characters from the TV show Green Acres.

    It was during this period that Sue also made a decision to stay with Gina and help out. Gina pleaded with Sue to return to school, but Sue told Gina that she could always return and that she just needed time away to clear her head. Gina knew what it was like to need time and temporarily agreed to let Sue help out.

    Soon the two new farm girls were learning everything about the hog operation, from breeding, feeding, and furrowing. Soon it was time for the breeding season and the boars were turned loose with the sows. Sue and Gina would stand there with Chuck and John watching as the boars would jump the sows. It seemed that the sight of a boar fucking a sow was more embarrassing to the men then the girls, as the guys would turn red when looked at.

    It was one night after the girls had watched the breeding all day that Sue and Gina were relaxing and drinking wine. Gina looked at Sue and joking remarked that she wondered what it would feel like to get fucked with the corkscrew cock like the boars fucked with. Sue and Gina laughed and both freely admitted that the sight and sounds of the mating made them wet. With that both continued their conversation and pushed it out their minds.

    Later in the year the sows had given birth to a large litter of piglets and many were running around the pastures. John and Chuck showed up one day and told the girls it was time to nut the small piglets. Gina and Sue looked horrified as the guys explained that the male pigs must be castrated or they would be fucking anything that walked as they got older. Well the girls reluctantly agreed as they all headed into the barn where the pigs were. Gina then saw John take out a pack of razor blades. Gina shrieked as John told her he had to cut open the pigs scrotum and cut out the testicles. Gina had always had a soft spot for animals and there was no way the guys were going to do this.

    Gina and Sue looked at the guys and told them they were fired. John and Chuck now got real pissed off and looked at the two and yelled, "We fucken knew it. You two are fucken lesbians aren't you?"

    Gina then slapped John across the face and told the guys to leave. John looked at Gina and said, "You'll fucken pay for this bitch. You'd better keep the boars separate from the females if you aren't going to cut them. You'll see dumb bitch. You'll beg me to come back and fix this fucken mess."

    With that John and Chuck left.

    Soon stories were going around town that the two women were lesbians and that they made love all day long in the front yard. It was just typical bullshit that a small town would do because two asshole guys made things up. Sue and Gina tried to ignore most of the stuff but at times they were called names in public and harassed.

    Well six months had passed and Gina did heed the advice of keeping the boars separate to avoid inbreeding. But when she and Sue would go into the barn and feed them, they boars, which now numbered 15, would be riding each other around like they were breeding. Their corkscrew cocks were pulsing in and out as they rode around, trying to stuff it in each other's asshole. The girls just laughed at this and would remark, "Well it's better then no nuts!"

    One evening the girls were awakened by a loud banging in the barn. Sue and Gina decided to investigate where the sound was coming from and ran into the night with just their nightgowns. As they neared the barn they saw the door to the barn was ajar and a flashlight was seen inside. They girls ran in and tuned on the lights. There was a large hand painted sign now displayed that read, "Lesbian Hog farmers!"

    Sue and Gina both grabbed the wooden sign tearing it from the beam to which it had been nailed. Both had forgotten that someone was just there before they ran in. Sue and Gina, were now grabbed at the same time from behind and a hood was placed over each of them. The girls screamed and they heard laughing as they struggled to fee themselves. Then they heard the voice. It was John, "I told you cunts you'd pay and now you will!"

    Then Chuck, laughed and said, "We told you to nut them but no you wouldn't listen! Now you'll see you fucken whores!"

    Sue and Gina struggled and fought to no avail. Chuck and John had tied their hands in front and were leading them around with the hoods on. The girls were powerless to do anything but cooperate and hope they'd be freed soon to call the sheriff. The girls were led over near the boar pen and tied to the fence to keep them from running. They could not see anything but heard the guys banging and making something out of wood that way laying around the barn.

    Soon the pounding stopped and Chuck was heard telling John, "Yea, that'll support them."

    Sue and Gina were now lead from the fence into an open area that contained furrowing crates. Their hoods were removed and the girls saw two crates that had been fashioned into a bench for them to lie on. At each side there were large amounts of straw making the constructed bench low on the sides but at regular height on the backside.

    Both Sue and Gina were lead over to the benches and thrown across them on their stomachs. This position made them take a position commonly known as hands and knees. They were tied now and their asses rose into the air as the fronts of the bench was lowered. Sue and Gina struggled but as they did the knots that held their hands tightened. Soon both realized that there was no escape.

    John and Chuck were now laughing at the girls as the girls cussed and screamed. John looking at the girls smiled and said, "You'll soon know why we told you to cut those pigs."

    Sue looked puzzled at this statement, but Gina knew what they guys had in mind. They were going to let the boars loose with them. Gina then told Sue what they had in mind and Sue laughed saying, "That's impossible! Pigs won't fuck a women!"

    Chuck and John now took a knife and cut away both nightgowns that covered the girls cuntal mounds. This exposed two of the most beautiful cunts surrounded by loads of dark think hair. John said, "God It's a shame to waist these to cunts!"

    Chuck laughed and said, "Yea, but they need to learn to listen to us!"

    With that, Chuck walked over to the boar pen and opened the gate!

    Two medium boar pigs, pure white rushed out and Chuck closed the gate. The others in the pen had become restless and were riding each other around trying to shoot their nuts off onto each other. There was a strong musty smell in the air as the pigs got worked up. Chuck now herded the pigs towards the tied women. Both Sue and Gina could only bend their heads to look back as the boars came closer to them with Chuck following.

    Sue was the first to be approached by the bigger boar. He sniffed her pussy mound by sticking his snout into it. He lifted his nose and was now making a smacking sound with his mouth as white spittle ran onto the ground. He began to grunt and make sounds that Sue and Gina had heard around mating time as the sows were bred. The boar again stuck his snout into Sue's cunt area and spittle ran down onto the hair surrounding it.

    Gina was now watching the boar behind Sue and she could see that its cock was hanging down and screwing in and out like she'd seen the boars do before they mounted a sow for breeding. Gina yelled, "Sue lookout he's gonna mount and fuck you!"

    Sue screamed and as she did the boar mounted up. His pink corkscrew cock began to twist in and out and twirl as he walked his hind legs towards Sue's waiting cunt. Sue struggled but could do nothing as the boar walked his twisting cock closer to her cunt. Suddenly, he lurched forward and his cock found its mark. It slid past the pink outer cunt lips, twisting and spinning its way in. Pre-cum ran back out of Sue's cunt as it spun deeper into Sue. Sue pushed as far forward as she could to keep from being bred. It was fruitless as the boar grunted and his cock twisted inside her. Sue could feel it screwing deeper into her, squirting and throbbing. Soon the boar grunted, slamming his ass forward driving his spinning cock into the hilt. He grunted again and farted as he lurched again. His cock now stopped spinning and began to straighten deep inside Sue. The horny boar now was breeding Sue as his cock began to spew piggy cum.

    To Sue it felt like a hose had been turned on filling her insides. She could feel the hot watery cum spurting out, filling her. She was now a brood sow whether she liked it or not. Soon her insides were flooded with white watery cum that began to run out her cunt lips like piss. It ran down her legs and onto the ground. The boar remained on Sue for about five minutes as he drained his huge balls into this waiting cunt.

    While Gina watched Sue, the second boar, a small red one began to nose her cunt mound with his snout and he too made a smacking sound with his mouth as spittle ran down her hairy cunt. With a grunt the boar mounted up and Gina felt his spittle running down between her shoulders. The boar grunted as he walked his twisting cock toward Gina's waiting snatch. She felt his massive weight upon her as his cock twisted and twirled against her cunt lips. Gina felt the twisting cock now slide into her hot hole. The boar knew that he had found his fuck hole, because he grunted and slammed his cock forward with a thrust. He jumped as he did and nearly knocked the wind from Gina. He slammed again and farted as his cock twisted and turned inward, looking for a place to deposit his seed. Suddenly he held still and his cock stopped twisting. Gina could feel hot watery cum being squirted into her. It was the hottest feeling that she had ever had as it squirted deep inside her. The boar now began to fart and prance his hind legs back and forth as he unloaded his balls into Gina, he was squirting all he had. She too was now a breeding sow powerless to do anything but accept cock.

    John and Chuck now stood by laughing as the girls struggled helplessly to free themselves. John looked at Gina and said, "See bitch, I told you you'd have trouble. Now you did!"

    Gina looked at John and began to whisper something that John couldn't make out. With that he bent down toward Gina's face and she spat right in his face. John was now really pissed off at the girls as he yelled, "You fucken piggy whore! Let's see you really get bred like the sluts you are!"

    John now walked over to the boar pen and opened the gate. The others had really now been worked up into a fuck frenzy after smelling the others breeding and watching through the fence. Each boar was mounting anything that stood still including his feed pail.

    With the opening of the gate, they all rushed out, running towards to two helpless women tied before them. The air turned musty as the scent of boar sperm began to fill the air, making the women even hotter. Sue and Gina were now looking toward each other as the first series of boars made their way to them. There soon was the sound of squealing pigs as the boars began to fight over breeding rights between the two women. The girls could feel many snouts being pushing into their cum filled cunts as the boars fought for position.

    John and Chuck stood near by laughing at the women as the two were being fought over for breeding rights. Just then a black and white boar mounted Gina and lurched his spinning cock forward. It entered easily as she was draining piggy cum from her first fuck. He lurched forward and farted as his cock spun into Gina. She could feel it screw deep into her cunt as it began to squirt watery cum into her. Gina now found that the sensation of the pulsing and screwing cock was more then she could handle. She found herself sexually excited, thinking of watching the pigs in breeding season. Visions of her in the place of the sow filled her head as the boar pranced from foot to foot trying to find the right spot to deposit his seed. Then it happened, Gina began to push back trying to take the boar's cock deeper. Gina was now turned on to being piggy fucked. She soon found her breathing rapid and her clit longing for the feeling of the twisting cock as it entered her.

    Gina, now began to moan and push as the boar's cock stopped twisting and began to empty his load deep into her. Piggy cum ran from her pussy like piss. It was white and milky and smelled strong and musty. Gina moaned, "Oh fuck me... Breed me. I want your cock! Ohhhhh yes!"

    The boar then dismounted leaving Gina squealing for more. Gina was now a sow in heat needing piggy cock.

    A small red boar now mounted up on Sue as she lay there watching Gina. Sue soon felt the twisting cock pass the folds of her dripping cunt. The boar lurched forward and his cock twisted into the hilt. Sue screamed but not with pain but with ecstasy as the boar found its mark. Hot cum began to flow into Sue's cunt, running back out like milky water. The boar pranced from foot to foot as he too deposited his seed into Sue, as if she were a sow needing breeding. Soon the boar dismounted leaving Sue's cunt draining piggy cum. Sue found herself wanting more cock as she yelled, "Please fuck me. Yes, I want boar cock yesssss."

    With that John and Chuck looked at each other in amazement. John ordered Chuck to cut the girls loose and run. Chuck and John argued over the fact that the girls would tell on them and they would be arrested. John finally was able to convince Chuck to cut the women loose. John looked at Sue and Gina and said, "They ain't gonna tell anyone because no one will believe them".

    With that Chuck cut the ropes off Sue and Gina and the guys were running from the barn like mad men.

    Gina and Sue lay there for a few moments looking at each other in disbelief. Before either could move, they were both mounted by a new set or boars that had waited their turns in the breeding frenzy. Sue and Gina both screamed as the corkscrew cocks penetrated their oozing pussies. Now they were free to move but could only think of being fucked by the horny boars. Both began to push back taking as much cock as they could, screaming, "Fuck me....!"

    Sue and Gina both went over the edge together as the boars pranced from foot to foot, then farting as they breed the two.

    Soon the boars dismounted and Sue and Gina were in a world of haze. Stuck between reality and fantasy. The remaining boars fought behind them wanting their right to breed the newfound cunts. They looked at each other and lay there as each of the boars one by one mounted and fucked them. Soon the sun shone through a crack in the barn door, just as the last boar mounted Sue. Soon after the last boar dismounted, Sue and Gina fell into a deep sleep sprawled out on the breeding racks.

    Gina dreamt about pigs and breeding as she slumbered away. Several hours passed as the women slept only to be awoken by being mounted by the first two boars that had recuperated. Gina and Sue looked at each other knowing that they were in for another round of fucking. They were now merely breeding cunts for a raging herd of horny boars hell bent on shooting their rocks in these two women who now stood still like sows in heat. Sue and Gina had become pig breeders in more ways then one.

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    hot story. but a little wrong. it usually takes a boar about 15 mins to cum, and the precum is watery, but then it gets a little thicker like a milkshake, and the last of it is about as thick as jelly. generally a pig cums about 2 cups also. but other than that, hot story.

    Jul 14 2007 22:44
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