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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, group, dogsex, horsesex.

    As the weekend approached Carol began to tell me about a party that she had been invited to and she had asked if I could attend also which was granted. Carol said that Camper and I were invited to a party in the country where all my wildest dreams would be coming true and then some. As we got ready Friday afternoon I spent time shaving my pussy so it was totally bald as did Carol. We got our stuff together and along with Camper got in the car and headed to our destination, which was about two hours north of the city. Once we arrived we drove up the long driveway to the large house and as we left the car Carol took Camper to the side of the house to let him into the backyard where she said he would have a great time playing with the other dogs. The woman that answered the door, had to be the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen and her name was Karen and she was the hostess of the party. Carol introduced me to Karen as we walked down this long hallway to a gallery area, where there were a small group of people talking and laughing. Karen asked what Carol and I what we would like to drink and then walk away to the bar. I just stood there and watched Karen as she walked across the room to fix our drinks. Carol leaned over to me and said she tastes even better and she the most gorgeous looking pussy too. Karen worked her way back to us and as she handed us our drinks she proceeded to introduce all of the party members. There was Tony and his wife Lynn along with Frank and his wife Tracy, and there was Ed, Karen's husband.

    Karen suggested we all move into the next room and as I entered I felt a tingle between my legs as my eyes noticed the many different props sitting around the room, which all could be and would be used to just not have sex, but great sex, with a variety of animals. Karen came over to me and said that because I was the new guest that I would have the honor of being the first as she placed her hand on the back of my head and pulled me to her open lips.

    I felt the heat of her body as her tongue began to explore my mouth and her hands began to gently caress the outlines of my body. I placed my hands around her and pulled he to me and could feel her breasts as my arms hugged her deeply. Karen moved her tongue across my lips and across my chin as her hands messaged my ass as she worked them around and up to my pussy. I moaned into her mouth as her fingers worked there way up the elastic of my panties only to just tease me. Karen began to move me backward and as we moved together we began to undress each other. As my dress fell to the floor so did hers as we left a trail of clothing as we moved across the room. Karen then asked me to sit back and as I turned I saw the most fascinating chair I had ever seen, which was only a couple of feet off the carpet. As my back settled into place and there was a place for my arms and were two struts that were like stirrups but longer that were adjusted for the length of my legs. The whole chair was so comfortable and as I lay my head back onto a soft pillow and began to feel Karen's mouth beginning to work her way across my breasts, stopping for a few minutes to caress and suck each nipple before she began her journey to my bald pussy. As Karen reached my pussy I could feel my legs floating as she took hold of the and spread them apart and as they reached there maximum I felt the soft touch of her tongue as it worked its way across the lips of my pussy. With my legs spread so far apart Karen then took hold of the lips of my pussy with her fingers and began to message them as her tongue continued to explore me. I could hear the sloppy sounds of Karen sucking the juices from my wet pussy as she began to place her fingers into me. I moved my head up and could see just Karen's and eyes and the top of her head as she used her lips and tongue to continue to explore me and moaning with each swallow. The way the chair was designed gave little or no room to thrust myself against Karen's mouth, but in the position that I was I really didn't need too as my head fell back onto the pillow. Karen stopped for a moment and told me I was about to see what the chair was really designed for as her lips fell back against my pussy once more. I looked at the mirrored wall and saw Carol leave the room and once I heard the door open again I saw Carol walk back into the room with Lab, but it wasn't Camper.

    Buff was his name and as he approached Karen moved to one side as Carol unhooked the leash from his collar. Buff moved directly between my legs and began to lick me like only a dog can, with his sloppy tongue moving in every direction. Before I could move my head to see I felt the warmth of Karen's pussy as she began to lower down against my mouth. Her lips were slick as my tongue began to dig deep and I began to swallow continuously as the mixture of my saliva and her juices built up within my mouth. Karen began to rock herself against my lips as my tongue would move from her asshole to the tip of her clit. Karen the settled down and I felt the weight of her body against mine as her tongue was added to Buff's. I tried and tried to move my legs but the struts were locked in place and my legs were now strapped against them also. I then heard Carol tell me how Buff's cock was getting larger and larger and then suddenly Karen moved off me and I could feel Buff's body move up mine.

    I looked in the mirror and saw Karen pulling Buff up my body till his cock was only inches from my mouth. I became dizzy with excitement, now I new why the chair was built like it was and was going to use it to its fullest. I only had to raise my head so slightly and could feel the rough texture of his cock begin to slid across my lips. His cock began to grow and grow as a small lake would form under my tongue of his juices, which I would swallow. I could feel the gentle shots coming from his cock as they hit the inside of my cheeks as I began to move my head back and forth to take more of him. Each time I would take more and more till my lips were pressed against his knot and I would quickly take my tongue and lick its base before moving my head back. Karen looked around saying she had heard I loved dog cock, but know could believe all that Carol had told her. Buff tasted so sweet as more and more of his juice collected in my mouth as I sucked him. I then began to feel yet another tongue working on my pussy and new it was another dog, but who?

    As my mouth worked on Buff, Karen moved him off me and as his thigh past my face I looked down to see yet another dog named Hunt and he was a beautiful Mastiff. Carol then took hold of his collar and moved him into place just above my open mouth. His cock was so beautiful and I moaned as it disappeared into my warm mouth. Unlike Buff, Hunt began to shot more quickly filling my mouth and he too was so sweet as I continued to collect his juices under my tongue and then let it slid down my throat. I could see his knot begin to grow, but couldn't take enough of him to reach it with my tongue. The feeling of his hot cock in my mouth and the continuous shooting of juice against my tongue and throat was unbelievable. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Karen move over and take hold of Hunt and a move him off me and watched as she moved him around. I felt his soft fur as his hot body moved up me and began to press again my chest. I looked to one side and saw Carol take hold of one of his paws and place it into a cradle and then the other. I then felt the tips of his cock at the entrance of my pussy as it became wet with his juice. As his cock moved deeper and deeper into me I felt to soft texture of his stomach as it moved back and forth against mine. With my legs so far apart Hunt had more then clear access to my pussy and I could her the moans from the people around as his cock pulled the lips of my pussy apart and disappeared. Karen held on his knot as she helped him along, making sure I took all of him each time. I could feel our juices begin to drip occasionally from the base of my pussy as his cock would move out slowly. With each thrust I felt frustrated as Karen's fingers would stop his knot at the entrance of my pussy. I began to feel drops of sweat roll down my side as my body got hotter and hotter. Carol and the other continued to comment on the erotic spectacle as they watched his cock slid in and out of my bald pussy. Carol said you could see a light film beginning to develop around my lips as his cock continued its journey within me. The feeling of his cock as its rough texture slid past the entrance of my pussy and the way it expanded my lips more and more put my mind in a cloud. Carol then told Karen to let go of Hunt so we all could watch the show and with that I felt what I craved, his large knot. As his cock moved in and out of me I could feel his knot press against my wide open hole and with the mixture of our juices flowing from me I was so wet that each time his knot would push just a little more. I could feel the inside of my pussy being pushed inside as he attempted to push his knot into me and as I closed my eyes even tighter I hoped this time he would make it all the way in. I didn't need to hear the moans of my spectators to know his knot had passed my outer lips and slide deep inside me.

    My eyes opened wide as it slid past my opening and I had never felt myself being opened so wide. It only lasted for a couple of seconds, but the pleasure of his knot passing through me was mind blowing. I looked to my side and began to see Karen as she had most of Buff deep inside her mouth and Carol moving down to get a taste. Hunts motion quicken and only lasted for a very few minutes when I felt him stop and knew what was next as I felt his knot grow. The inside of my pussy began to expand as his knot grew so slightly and with a torrent his cum shot against the walls of my pussy. The combination of his knot growing and his cum deep inside pushed me over the edge as the wall of my pussy contracted and hugged his cock and knot. I knew that I would be in this position for a little while and as I watched Karen and Carol work on Buff's cock Karen stood up and as Carol turned Hunt around place Buff's cock into my mouth. I looked up and could see Karen's tongue playing with his knot as I moved my mouth back and forth down his cock. With a little whimper and to my surprise I felt a quick shot against the roof of my mouth and as he came I began to feel Hunt's knot begin to leave it warm and very wet home. Then there was another and another, then one against the back of my throat as I move my mouth back. Again and again his shot his cum and as he finally stopped filling my mouth I felt a pair of lips press against my wide open pussy. I rocked my hips the best I could and yet again heard the moans of my spectators as Karen began to clean my well fucked pussy. I could feel her tongue as it pushed deep inside and lick my pussy at the base trying to scoop up the fuck mixture that had been deposited there.

    With my mouth still full of Buff's cum I moved myself away from Karen and took hold of her face and pulled it to one side. I could smell the mixture of my juice and Hunt's cum on her face and in her breath as I let a small amount of Buff's cum begin to seep from my lips and onto her extended tongue. I could feel my pussy twitch as a large drop of cum slipped across my lips and dropped into Karen's mouth. The glaze in her eyes told me all I needed to know as her lips shut and her head tilted back and I watched as her throat contracted as she swallowed the present I had given her.

    I moved my lips to her chin and licked the final drops that she had missed while watching the others in the mirror. Carol began to explain to the others how she wanted a turn on the chair as Karen and I both moved away to get cleaned up a little. We were not gone that long and when we returned to the playroom we noticed that Carol had yet another different pet to play with. His name was Dutch and he was a German Shepherd and Carol was all ready under him or should I say he was over her and she was taking her time. His cock wasn't as large as the others that I had seen, but it was still beautiful as Carol would take him deep inside her mouth. I moved back and sat down in a chair to watch the show as Karen moved herself down to Carol's knee and began to kiss her way up between her legs. Carol helped things along and opened her legs to allow Karen's tongue and mouth to reach her desires and we saw Carol's pussy open up as her legs spread wider and wider. We all watched as Karen's tongue licked up the moisture that had seeped out of her hole as she sucked of Dutch. We could see Karen's fingers pulling the lips of Carol's pussy open so she could reach deep inside her and tongue fuck her before moving down to her asshole, which she would lick and fuck with her tongue also. Carol continued to suck on Dutch's cock taking him deep in her mouth and licking his knot with her tongue as she reached it. I watched as Carol's throat would contract as she swallowed all of Dutch's juice and moan so softly as they both worked on her together. Carol began to rock her hips towards Karen's mouth as Karen began concentrate on Carol's clit, which only made Carol move faster over Dutch's cock. Carol's moans increased until we all watched as her hips shook and we heard Karen moan as Carol came in her mouth. We then watched as Karen moved off the carpet and pulled Dutch from Carol's mouth and move him over to where the chair was and asked Carol to come over and get comfortable. As Carol moved to the chair she positioned herself on her stomach as Karen then attached the straps to her legs. Karen then move the struts apart until we all had the best view of Carol's pussy and asshole and then moved Dutch into position as he jumped onto Carol's back and began to hump her. Karen took hold of his cock and placed it at the entrance of Carol's pussy and we started to watch the show as Dutch began to fuck her like only a dog can do.

    As Dutch continued fuck Carol's pussy, Tony and Frank who had had their cocks out for some time moved to the front of the chair. Carol opened her mouth and first took hold of Tony's cock as he placed his hands on her head and began to fuck her face as his cock disappear into her throat. Tony picked up the pace a little and the moved over so Frank could get some lip service all the while Dutch is fucking Carol as fast as he could. Karen moved over to help out as Dutch kept falling out and as Karen placed his cock at the entrance once again, Carol released Franks cock and asked for Karen to put him in her ass and then went back to Frank. Karen wanting to please all took hold of Dutch's cock and placed it at the entrance of her ass and we watched again as his cock disappeared but this time deep into her asshole. Carol's moans could only be heard slightly as Frank continued to fuck her mouth and then with a grunt Dutch had pushed his knot deep inside her ass. As it disappeared Frank moaned as he watched it in the mirror and looked down at Carol and pulled his cock out and watched as his cum shot onto her tongue. Tony wasn't far behind and before Frank had finished Tony placed the head of his cock at the side of her mouth and began to shot his cum into her mouth. Dutch's movement had picked up and then suddenly he stopped as Carol screamed that he was cumming in her ass. Tracy then stood up and moved over to Carol and placed her mouth below Carol's mouth and we all watched as she let the twin mixture slowly dribble across her lower lips and into Tracy's mouth. Tracy stood up and showed both Frank and Tony their loads and then bent her head back and swallowed them both. As we the cum moved down her throat Dutch started to move off of Carol and as his cock left it warm home Tracy moved around and placed her head between her legs and all that could be heard was the sucking sound as Tracy began to suck everything that Dutch had left.

    Tracy stood up and showed both Frank and Tony their loads and then bent her head back and swallowed them both. As we the cum moved down her throat Dutch started to move off of Carol and as his cock left its warm home, Tracy moved around and placed her head between her legs and all that could be heard was the sucking sound as Tracy began to suck everything that Dutch had left.

    We all watched as Karen continued to lick and suck and with an occasional moan clean Carol. This was the party of a lifetime, beautiful setting, great people and of course a great supply of pets. As I looked to my left I noticed that both Frank and Tony had made their way back to the sofa and commented on how horny Karen was tonight. Not to be out done by the others, Lynn jumped up and said she was ready and needed some attention. Lynn was small, 5'2" and couldn't have weighed more then 100 pounds, with nice firm small breasts and nice tight ass. Lynn moved over to Karen and Carol and move herself over Karen's back and began to move her hands along her shoulders, moving around to cup her breasts as she lowered herself and kissed the back of her neck.

    Carol moved forward onto the carpet as Karen settled between her legs and continued to lick the inside of her thighs moving between them to her pussy. Lynn moved herself off of Karen's back and knelled over Carol's face and then lowered her pussy onto Carol's extended tongue. We watched as Carol took her fingers and pulled the lips of Lynn's pussy open and as her tongue entered her pussy, she began to rock back and forth against it, faster and faster, fucking her lips and tongue. Lynn moved forward to Karen's face and began to lick the back of her neck and as she move around to her face, she lifted her face from Carol's pussy and kissed her deeply. Their tongue played deep inside each others mouths, then Lynn pulled away and began to lick Karen's cheeks, chin and back to her lips, trying to taste all that Carol had given her. Ed then stood up and moved behind Lynn's ass and as he positioned himself behind her, Carol stuck her tongue out and began to lick his balls as he placed it at the entrance of her pussy. Lynn moaned deeply as Carol's tongue played with the lips of her pussy as Ed's cock slipped into her. Karen pulled back and sat just in front of them all and as she sat back, Lynn moved her face in place of hers. I moved to one side and watched as Lynn pulled Carol's legs up around her and as her legs moved underneath her arms she took her hands and pull the cheeks of ass apart and began to first kiss her ass then lick it, trying to probe it with her tongue. While her tongue played with Carol's asshole, you could see the juices from her pussy dropping on Carol's face as Ed fucked her pussy. I didn't notice that Karen had slipped away and suddenly noticed that Camper in the room, running around jumping up and looking for attention.

    As they continued with their playing, Karen began to rub Camper's belly and move her hand down to his cock, which had just started to expose its self from it sheath. As his cock began to grow, Karen moved herself down and placed her lips around him as he began to rock his hips back and forth. He was so excited she was having a hard time keeping him in her mouth as he hips began to shimmy. Camper began to settle down and you could begin to hear the moans coming from Karen's mouth as his cock began to grow larger and larger in her mouth. Suddenly Ed pulled out of Lynn's pussy and moved over to the chair and laid back to get ready. My thoughts of why ended quickly as he told Lynn to come over and sit on his cock and bring Camper to him. Lynn walked over and spread her legs and with her back to his face, dropped herself back onto his cock.

    Karen then moved herself from the floor and moved Camper over to Ed and we all watched as Ed raised his head as Camper approached and took his cock in to his mouth. Lynn began to spread her legs wider and wider and as the lips of her pussy opened up even more, Carol moved between her legs. Carol moved her tongue up the inside of Lynn's thighs to her pussy and began to lick her lips and Ed's cock as they fucked each other. At the other end Ed was taking more and more of Camper's cock into his mouth, until his lips were pressed against his knot. I could see Ed's throat contract and new he was swallowing the juices as they sprayed from his cock. Lynn began to rock faster and faster, her moans louder and louder as she suddenly stopped and Ed pushed deep inside her and Carol clamped her lips around her clit I could see her body tremble as she came.

    As Lynn moved off Ed's cock she turned around and took him into her mouth. We all could see as she took more and more of him till her tongue was playing with his balls and you could see his cock pushing against her throat. Ed began to thrust his hips and fuck her mouth as he in turn began to move his mouth back and forth letting Camper fuck his. It was hard to hear with Camper's cock in his mouth, but Ed seemed to be moaning louder and louder and swallowing more and more. Lynn began to lick her way down Ed's crotch to his asshole and began to first kiss it then suck it moving her fingers up and pushing one then two then three into him. Karen then moved over and took hold of Camper's collar and moved him off of Ed and pulled him around to the base of the chair. Lynn felt the heat of Camper's breath as his tongue licked the side of her face as she continued to finger fuck Ed's ass and lick the base of his balls and Camper's tongue sloppily licked the both of them, Lynn's face and Ed's cock. Lynn then turned and as Karen moved Camper around she took hold of his cock and pulled it up to her mouth. You could see the clear shots of Camper's juice shooting out of his cock and hitting her bottom lip and her cheek as her lips passed around the tip and his cock disappeared in her mouth. Lynn then slipped down and moved his cock to Ed's ass and you heard the moans from him as she moved Camper back and more and more of his cock disappeared into his asshole. Ed's ass opened up as Camper's cock stretched it more and more till his knot pressed against the entrance.

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