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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, furry sex.

    There was a terrible booming sound as a tree was split in two by lightning, bathing the whole glade in blinding light. Sparks twirled up and away, blown by the rising wind that would soon carry the pouring rain from the heavy black clouds above.

    Artemis walked up to the middle of the open ground, her very loose tunic flying in the wind. She breathed fast, her whole torso lifted up and down with each breath. She had shoulder thrown back, her whole body slightly arched backwards. Her clothes didn't really cover much at all, and the lightning showed her six tits and most of her belly, covered in short fur like the rest of her body. The sash still hung mostly around her thighs, waving wildly in the strong gusts.

    The virgin huntress turned her head left and right, covering the range of trees with her gaze. Seemed like all the denizens of the forest had fled the storm. She felt like howling. She slid a paw down her back. Her tits rose up slightly as her nipples got hard. Her teeth and eyes gleamed in the twilight. The turmoil of her urges has obscured her senses, because she was unaware of a presence in the forest behind her. A bulky shape shifted in the bushes beside a large tree. It was at least 9 feet tall, though it standing was hunched, with legs bent in an effort to make out the shapes of the forest through the half darkness.

    Chêne had wandered blindly in the forest for an hour, trying to find his way, with each moment passing he grew more frantic and filled with fear. Then he stumbled upon this clearing, but something held him back: there was something there. He stepped back in terror when he recognized the huntress. He wasn't weak, he was strongly muscled from his hoofed feet to his large neck, and he had never lost a combat...well, except the last one, and the damage to his great antlers (who used to be magnificent) was a witness to his defeat. He expected Artemis to turn around at his intrusion, and probably kill him, but she didn't. He tried to stay still. She hadn't sensed him. His terror receded as he began to think: maybe she wasn't so perfect a huntress after all. As he stared at her body, his cock started to slide out; it was swelling, hardening. He wasn't afraid anymore. The storm troubled him as well as Artemis, and in the midst of this inner flare his anger began to flare.

    Chêne stepped in the clearing, at long but slow paces on his big hoofed feet. He stood almost totally upright, his muscled shoulders slightly vaulted and his muzzle pointed down, his huge black cock standing hard towards the unaware Artemis. She shivered in the wind as he began to charge, with all the anger that had boiled up inside him. His hoofs pounded on the ground as he ran on Artemis, and as she heard the sound she turned her head. She quickly jumped sideways, but Chêne threw his neck to the right too, and his antlers hit her in the side as she was in the air. He spun in the air, blood flew and she crashed down top the grassy ground.

    Chêne stopped and turned, crouching, the monstrous length of his cock parallel to the ground. Breathing strongly, he looked down at the shivering form on the ground, and wasn't sure if it was the want to kill that excited him. He shook that thought aside and moved forward to destroy the huntress. She was trying to get up, and lifted her head up at the colossus. She got her eyes to focus, and detailed his hulking shape in the twilight. He was standing just next to her, above her now. He groaned, and moved around her, looking at all of her and then at the forest. He circled her once, observing her at all angles. Bending down to smell her. That smell. As she collapsed once again from her efforts to lift herself on her arms, he pushed with his hand, making her roll on her back. She made a plaintive sound. He stared with curiosity at her body. He roughly poked his fingers at her, roughly touching, rubbing at her tits. He turned to her other side once more, as she painfully heaved at every breath she had. His eyes fell on her side, where her fur was plastered by her blood that trickled down in the grass. He cried with rage and threw his arms up. Artemis lifted her head in fear.

    He seized her shoulder with his large hand. Grasping her strongly he lifted her off the ground. Her head fell on the other side, as he got her to the level of his chest. His angry snarl revealed his teeth in the flash of the lightning. He dashed her back to the ground again, and cried out to the sky. He lifted his hoof over her, and stomped it down, but she rolled away and the mighty hoof stomped only grass. He moved against her again, lifting his arm to strike her, but something jumped out of the bushes and unto him. The impact was enough to unbalance him and send him to the ground on his back with a loud noise. The critter jumped back and landed on his feet, and looked to the stunned Artemis. He was about 5 feet tall, completely naked, with what appeared to be very short gray fur covering almost all of his lean body. He had a sloped muzzle, not to large black eyes and a pair of small barely curling horns on his head. He exhaled strongly and turned his gaze back to Chêne, who was on his back, grunting. He was already getting to his knees. The goat-boy was standing firmly in front of him, fists clenched, but fear could be seen in his eyes.

    "Who are you to stand in my way?" managed to say Chêne in a low rumbling voice. Without even waiting for an answer, he stepped forward arms apart to crush the goat-boy if he wouldn't step away, but from behind the latter pounced Artemis, and her fist hit the colossus in his belly, and he bent on it, then falling to his knees. From above broke out the rain.

    Rain poured down steadily and within a minute all of Artemis', Chêne's and the goat-boy's fur was soaked. Chêne was on his hands and knees, hunched over the grass, breathing heavily, eyes shut. The goat-boy touched Artemis' shoulder, which was barely standing on her feet and asked her: "Are you alright?"

    She held a paw to her side where she had been wounded. The goat leaned to touch there, but the huntress whimpered in pain. "Follow me, he said with his nasal voice" and on this he strode steadily on his hoofed legs into the woods. Artemis followed, passing in front of Chêne. Something saw them going from the bushes and moved after them.

    As they walked between the large trees, on the thick humus covering of the forest floor, the goat-boy often looked back at the huntress, to better see her. He was concerned with her safety, yes, but also he had grown curious of the female he was guiding. Her fur, like his, was plastered down by the rain' though she was still holding to her clothes. He would feel safer home. Colchid liked the forest more than the others of his kind, but with the rain, and it's current shroud of gloom, he was hurrying to get out of it. They cleared the woods into a plain with widely spaced trees, the sky entirely dark gray, rain still pouring abundantly. Near the woods there was a very large tree, but not as tall, with a hut built among the roots. The tree constituted one side of it. There was light at the small round windows on the half circle of the other side. Colchid went to the stout but strong-looking wooden door and opened it. Beyond was a circular room, with an arched but low ceiling. Artemis followed Colchid and found herself walking on a warm layer of stray that covered the floor. In corners there were many cushions and blankets, and in the far left side, a face peaking from above under on of the latter. It was a sheep's, with an undeniable resemblance to Colchid's, but with traits softer, and without horns. Artemis crossed her gaze as she got to the center of the room, shivering. Both her and the goat were dripping wet, and he helped her down to a bed of stray, and covered her with a wool blanket. As soon as she laid down her head on a cushion, she drifted into unconsciousness.

    Artemis slowly opened her eyes. The blanket had slid off her and only covered her from the waist down now. The sheep she had seen earlier was bent upon her, her large eyes upon her exposed body. While she was out, Colchid had tended to her wound, and her side was bandaged.

    When she lifted herself on her elbows, the sheep started. "I. I'm sorry... I didn't... I didn't mean to bother you", she softly said. She was about the same size as Colchid, but had soft white wool instead of the short fur of the other. "Hi, I...people call me Saph", she paused a second, then: "I'm Colchid's sister!" She was as naked as her brother (who was nowhere to be seen) was. Her four tits were small and round, as was her firm behind. Her muzzle was less pronounced as her brother's, her gray eyes and her ears larger. Artemis noticed her right hand was between her legs. Artemis sat up, holding the blanket to her waist. "I'm Artemis", the huntress said. "I know who you are", responded the sheep. "Well, then, you should be more careful". Having said that, Artemis got up, still holding the blanket. As she tried to walk, a terrible pain tore in her side, and she almost fell down. Saph, concerned, bent to help her and put one hand to the huntress' behind, the other to her right arm. She could feel her warmth as she helped her down. She held her thighs close together and bent to try to hide the best she could how she was aroused. Artemis had her hand on Saph's back, and pulled her down with her. "Thank you, Saph". Then she put her paw to the back of the sheep's head and pulled her firmly closer to her own.

    Saph felt her hot rapid breath on her face. She was more than just a little scared, and she was shaking a lot. Artemis licked her nose and muzzle and she shut her eyes, making a plaintive little sound. Artemis brought her to her side, kissed the top of her woolly head, then her mouth, licking inside. Saph jumped, but kissed back soon, licking the huntress' tongue. Artemis drew her head back, giving a last lick to the sheep's nose. Then looked in her eyes. She slid her hand between her now parted thighs, and found her slick with desire. Her paw went along her cunt, rubbing. Saph trembled more. Artemis hand was moving under the blanket as she breathed faster and harder. Saph moved on top of her, one of her hoofed leg on each side, in a little painful split. They kissed again, the huntress nose rubbing on the sheep's muzzle. Saph hunched herself over Artemis, her hands caressing her teats all over. Pressing, rubbing them. She bent further and put her mouth to one nipple, taking it in, sucking. Artemis other hand moved to Saph's rump, feeling it. Saph sucked harder, and Artemis expired noisily. The sheep caressed herself between her legs fiercely as rain hit the windows of the hut as the wind turned. It could be heard howling through the walls. Artemis bent her neck and put her jaw around Saph's throat gently. She turned her on he back, and climbed up on top of her, holding the blanket wrapped around her waist. She kissed her again, then licked her shivering body, passing her rough tongue on her udders, on each nipple. She went lower, between her thighs, which she licked hungrily around the sheep's glistening and parted sex. Then she lapped at it strongly, making the sheep close her eyes and bleat. Outside, Colchid came back toward the hut. The rain hadn't diminished at all, far from that: it fell even stronger. The falling rain, the clouds obscured everything, and the forest was only distinguishable from the sky when lightning flashed in the horizon. Colchid was soaked to the bone and cold, and hurried to the door. While he passed in front of the window he saw his sister and Artemis. He stopped. He put his hands on the little ledge of the window and put his head closer. Artemis was on his sister: they were kissing. Colchid watched with eyes wide open, water trickling down the side of his muzzle and his breath making steam on the glass. Looking at both their bodies he reached down to his sex, which was already swelling and started stroking it in the cold rain. Colchid heard a sound in the darkness towards the forest and twisted his head in that direction. He couldn't make out a thing in the darkness and rain, so he turned around and strode to the door. He was careful in opening and closing it, and the looked at the two females on the stray. They didn't seem to have noticed him. Artemis had her behind turned to him, and her sister had her eyes closed. The huntress had her muzzle buried between Saph's legs, and Colchid thought maybe that she was biting her. His cock was rigid now, and he felt burning. He went to a corner and sat, his hoofed legs spread and only his shoulder blades against the wall. He curled his hand around his cock and stroked it on all its length, looking at Saph and Artemis.

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    Jul 14 2009 19:48
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