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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, gangbang, teens, lesbians.

    Chapter Four

    A few days later, Kathy made it a point to visit her friend Annie Hutchins. She said hello to the handsome Tyler when she saw him, somewhat amused by his shocked expression when he first saw her there.

    She then made a point of telling Annie that she was planning to go to the park the next day to play some Volleyball while Tyler was within earshot.


    The next day the two sixteen-year-old girls finished playing a little Volleyball in tight shorts and were heading for the trail to walk back home. Kathy had seen Tyler in the park, throwing a football with a couple of his friends. As Annie picked her way through the raspberry bushes at the start of the trail, Kathy looked back and saw Tyler, Richard and his dog Thor, as well as another boy with a German Shepherd on a leash heading in their direction. She smiled to herself.

    'I'll have to find an excuse to get Annie to stop at the clearing,' she thought to herself.

    She could hear rustling in the bushes alongside them as she and Annie continued on their way. Her friend remained oblivious that they weren't alone. Then a plan crept into Kathy's head.

    "Tag!" she yelled as she slapped her friend on the back and ran down the path.

    Annie quickly took chase of her friend trying to catch her before she got too far ahead.

    As Kathy broke out into the clearing that she was looking for. She intentionally fell to the ground, scrapping her knees slightly.

    "Owww!" she yelped, faking injury.

    Annie came rushing out of the bushes towards her injured friend.

    "You okay Kathy?" she asked in concern.

    "I... I think I pulled a muscle," Kathy said, rubbing her thigh.

    The three boys had made their way hidden from sight and stopped when the two teenaged girls stopped in the clearing. Jim, the boy with the German Shepherd, wanted to rush right in, but was stopped by Tyler and Richard.

    "No, don't," Tyler whispered to him. "Give 'em a chance to get settled. Then we'll let the dogs loose."

    So they found themselves a hiding place in the bushes and lay in wait.

    When Kathy didn't see the guys pop out, she figured that they must be looking on in hopes for some entertainment first.

    "Damn Annie, it really hurts," she complained feigning still. "Why don't you massage it and see if that'll help."

    Not thinking anything ominous about her friend's request, Annie began rubbing her hand along Kathy's thigh. She was working her fingers up her leg to the edge of her friend's shorts, then work them back down.

    "Ooooh yeah Annie," Kathy moaned loud enough for the guys to hear. "That feels nice. But I think you have to go higher."

    "Okay," Annie complied innocently.

    Tyler's beautiful, blonde-haired sister, proceeded to massage Kathy's thigh right over her shorts. Kathy then grasped her friend's hand and guided under her shorts so that Annie was rubbing her near her crotch.

    "Ooooh Annie, that feels really gooood," Kathy moaned. "Don't stop now. Keep going deeper."

    Annie was fascinated at the reaction she was causing to her friend. She then decided to go even further on her own volition. On the next stroke under Kathy's shorts, she caressed her fingers across Kathy's pussylips.

    "Oh wow Annie!" Kathy exclaimed, making sure that the hidden boys could hear. "Touch my pussy again!"

    Not knowing about the audience behind her, Annie followed Kathy's request and slipped her slender fingers back past Kathy's moistening pussylips. She had played with herself before, but she hadn't fooled around with anybody before this. Not even a boy. She was a true virgin by every essence of the word.

    "Let me taste myself," Kathy asked as she pulled her friend's moistened finger up to her lips.

    She sucked on it sexily, tasting her own juices for the fist time.

    "Mmmmmh!" she moaned. "You want a taste?"

    "N... no, I don't think I should," Annie stammered. "I... it's not right."

    "Aw c'mon," Kathy pouted. "What harm is there. It's not like anybody is watching or anything."

    Annie peered around to make sure that nobody was around, though she was sure that they were in fact quite alone, then sucked Katy's juice off of her finger. The taste was the most exciting thing that she had ever tasted before.

    "Wow! That is nice," she smiled down to her 'injured' friend.

    "You want to taste it right from the pot?" Kathy asked daringly.

    "Wh... what do you mean?" Annie had a confused look on her face.

    "You know," Kathy said. "You can suck my pussy with your mouth."

    "No way Kathy!" she yelled back. "Tha... that's sick!"

    "No it isn't," Kathy tried to settle her friend down. "Tell you what. If you lick my pussy, then I'll lick yours. How does that sound?"


    The three boys hiding in the nearby bushes had pulled out their cocks when they heard Kathy's proposal to Tyler's curvy sister. Even though they heard her object to the idea, they were sure that Kathy would be able to convince her to go ahead with it anyway.


    Annie gave Kathy's idea a long moment to consider it. Then, she felt that if Kathy was willing to try it, then why not.

    "Okay," she finally said softly. "But you have to promise not to tell a soul."

    "Promise," Kathy said, fighting to keep a straight face.

    "Ho... how do you do this then?" Annie asked.

    "How about if we take our clothe off," Kathy said, after a moment of thought. "Nobody around to see."

    Everybody watching could see Annie's face flush red in embarrassment. The idea of being seen naked, even in front of another girl was all new to the teenager.

    To get the ball rolling Kathy pulled off her tight shirt, exposing her naked breast for all to see. Annie gasped in surprise at seeing her friend exposing herself so freely.

    "C'mon Annie," Kathy said. "Your turn now."

    With some trepidation Annie pulled her own short up and over her head, tossing it down next to Kathy's discarded shirt.

    "You got nice tits Annie," Kathy told her friend.

    "Than... thanks," Annie replied shyly. "Yours are nice too."

    "You want to suck my tits?" Kathy offered, holding one tit up invitingly.

    "I... I couldn't," Annie stammered.

    "C'mon Annie," Kathy said in frustration. "Loosen up. Nobody will know."

    Hesitantly, Annie kneeled next to Kathy and lowered her head to her friend's chest. Kathy reached her hand behind Annie's head and guided her to her already stiffening nipple. As soon as she felt Annie's lips purse around a nipple she crushed her against her chest.


    "Man, I don't believe your sister's sucking tit Tyler," Jim whispered almost too loudly.

    "Shhhh!" Tyler and Richard warned him.

    The three guys returned their attention to the two teen girls in the clearing as they stroked their already hard cocks.


    "Mmmmmmmmmmh!" Kathy moaned. "That feels nice. Lets take off our shorts now."

    Annie's inhibitions had been reduced to a quivering mass as she could feel her own quim moistening under her shorts. As she pulled away from Kathy, they both urgently pulled off their shorts. In seconds, both teenaged girls sat there naked except for their socks and shoes.

    "What... what now?" Annie asked.

    "Well, we could 69," Kathy suggested.

    "69? What's that?" Annie asked naively.

    "Let me show you," Kathy told her. "Her you lie on your back and I'll get on top of you. Then you can lick my pussy while I get to lick yours."

    It only took them a moment to assume the position as Kathy had described. Annie quickly saw how practical this was. She was now staring up at Kathy's moist pussy, and she figured that Kathy was staring down at hers.

    Not waiting to give any further instructions, Kathy lowered her face into Annie's crotch and began licking her friend's pussylips around the edges. Annie instinctively reacted by arching her back, almost lifting Kathy with her.

    "Oh wow Kath," she moaned for the first time. "I've never... never felt like that before."

    "Well, don't forget about me," Kathy complained.

    Building up her courage, Annie lifted her head and tentatively kissed Kathy's pussy. The sensation wasn't too unpleasant, so she repeated it again.

    "Don't just kiss it silly," Kathy told her. "You have to lick my pussy with your tongue. Like this."

    With that she lowered her head again and lapped her tongue across Annie's labia.


    Out in the bushes, the three horny guys watched intently as Annie was being introduced to lesbian love making.

    "You never told me that Kathy was into girls too," Jim whispered.

    "We didn't know either," Rick said, grinning.

    Tyler was sporting a wide grin himself. The idea of watching his kid sister licking another girl had him really turned on. He couldn't wait until Kathy got her primed for the dogs.


    By now Annie was feeling turned on herself. In many ways this was her first sexual experience of any kind. She now regretted having settled for her hand alone all this time. She was sucking Kathy's pussy now, not just licking the outer lips.

    Kathy had felt the change in her friend. She could feel Annie's tongue push past her pussylips and into her cunt. Now was the time to go ahead with her true intentions for her friend.

    Kathy began rocking side by side, taking Annie along with her. After a few more rocks the two girls began rolling over each other.

    The three peeping-toms watched intently as they rolled one over the other. They began wondering what Kathy had in mind with this.

    After a little more of this, the two intertwined girls stopped rolling. And when they did, Annie was the one now on top and Kathy was lying on her back. Kathy wrapped her legs around Annie's head and held her there in her crotch.

    As Annie kept up her licking of her friend's pussy, Kathy peered over to where she suspected the boys to be hiding. Sure enough she saw their heads pop up with wide grins on their faces. She gave them the okay signal with her fingers and signaled them to release the two dogs.

    They ducked back behind the bushes and let the two dogs go, but not before giving them instructions to go find the girls.

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