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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, oral, teens.

    Chapter One

    It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is walking through the park near her Colorado home. The sixteen-year-old was on her way back home after spending most of the morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house swimming in her pool. She was cutting through the park to a trail that leads through the woods to her neighborhood as she usually does, and was enjoying the warm summer day. There weren't very many people in the park today. After all, it was a weekday and not yet 4 o'clock.

    She was hoping that the rest of her summer vacation could be this nice and relaxing. Swimming, sunning, walking in the park, no homework, not a cloud in the sky. Just another long, beautiful summer in Colorado to enjoy before heading back to classes at the end of August.

    She was walking along the edge of the park until she finally found the path that she was looking for. It was a little overgrown with raspberry bushes at the opening and she had to step carefully through to avoid getting her legs scratched up. The path was fairly well-worn, as it is used almost daily by at least one person. The path became clear once past the entrance, and easy to follow from that point on.

    About four hundred meters into the mostly hardwood forest, the path opened up to a clearing. The clearing was a little larger than her family room at home. There were charred remains of a fire in a circle of stones and several beer cans littering the tall grass. Local youths frequently used this clearing for small gatherings and clandestine drinking.

    Kathy looked up in shock as something bounded out of the woods on the far side of the clearing. Her fear vanished almost instantly when she identified the interloper as a neighborhood dog. He was a friendly and energetic Chocolate Labrador she recognized.

    The dog pranced up to her playfully. Its tail wagging fiercely.

    "Hello, boy," she said, bending low to greet the dog.

    The dog dropped down on its belly, tail wagging energetically. A seeming smile on its face.

    "What's up, boy? Do you want to play?" she asked, smiling.

    The dog bounded up, licking her face.

    "Okay, down boy," she laughed.

    She bent down dropping her bag that held her bathing suit and towel and picked up a stick from nearby. The dog's body lowered, tail wagging. His eyes tracking the stick, ready to spring after the stick. She tossed the stick to the far side of the clearing, and the dog was off like a shot, catching the stick after one bounce. He ran back, circled the girl and sat patiently in front of her, his tail wagging.

    She grabbed the stick and again tossed it out. He quickly grabbed it and brought it back, sitting before her again. After several more tosses, she pretended to throw the stick. The dog took two quick steps in the direction of her throw and stopped in his tracks. He looked at her, tail wagging.

    'Smart dog,' she thought as she tossed it for real this time.

    He again retrieved it. When he returned he circled the girl. She grabbed at the stick and he bounded back playfully. He backed away a few feet and dropped it at her feet. When she bent to pick it up, he snatched it up and ran behind her.

    "Now who's playing games?" she asks him, smiling.

    He approached again and let her take the stick from its mouth. She continued to toss him the stick for several more minutes. The dog returned again, dropping the stick several steps away.

    "Are you done playing?" she asked the dog.

    Kathy then bent over to pick up a stick for him to chase when she suddenly felt his cold wet nose thrust up between her thighs, underneath the short skirt of her summer dress.

    "Aaaaaahhh!" The surprised young girl yelped aloud as she jumped forward from the shock. "Hey, now wait a minute," she says. "I know that's how dogs get to know one another, but as you can see or smell, I'm not a dog."

    But the dog went directly ahead with his rude sniffing, thrusting his huge head demandingly up between the young girl's tender young thighs from the front, his tail wagging. She giggled as she felt his cold, wet nose against her upper thighs. His nose pressed squarely against her panty-covered crotch causing her to jump back a bit in modest surprise.

    Kathy automatically started to push the animal away from her genitals when she suddenly felt the hot, swiping lick of a long animal tongue moving wetly between her thighs to slide over her panty-covered crotch.

    "Oooohh!" exclaims Kathy in shock, both at the act and her pleasurable response to it.

    Before she could get a grip on herself, the brutish animal repeated his lewd act.

    "Oh, no, no, dog," Kathy said as she pushed against the dog's nose.

    But he quickly ducked past her hand, diving his head back under her short skirt.

    "Now what're you playing at?" she asked playfully as the dog continued wagging its tail as enthusiastically as ever.

    Again his head swooped under her skirt to press and sniff squarely against her crotch. She expected it this time, but was slightly surprised by her pleasurable response to the pressure against her covered crotch. His nose pressed around her thighs and crotch, sniffing eagerly.

    She allowed the dog to sniff at her, feeling oddly, but strongly excited by his insistent contact with her crotch. She was beginning to feel quite risqué, alone in the secluded glen like this with the excited dog. With the sun shinning pleasantly upon her skin, allowing this dog to explore beneath her skirt, her libido strongly aroused. She felt so naughty, so ribald to be allowing the dog to probe beneath her skirt like this. But singularly aroused at the same time.

    Suddenly the dog's cold nose began rubbing maddeningly at the outskirts of her pussy. His tongue was taking long, swiping hot licks that flashed wetly along her inner thighs. Only to slap in between, and finally circle in like a drill to churn hotly over the covered entrance of her tingling cunt.

    She could feel his warm furred snout brush excitingly against the trembling insides of her thighs. Suddenly, her tingling cunt felt as if it was a well gushing forth spring water. She couldn't remember when her vagina had ever moistened so quickly. And all because of a dog!

    "Oh! Oh, doggy... you mustn't... oh no! It's wrong. Oh God! Oh God!" the confused young girl murmured ineffectually as the big animal continued to lick and slaver at her.

    Kathy felt a delicious and sensuous warmth begin to steal over her tingling young body. Rippling over her flesh in electric waves with each further swipe of the dog's long, hot tongue.

    It occurred to her that she was alone here with the dog, and that whatever happened here between them would remain more secret by far than anything she might do with a human male. Whatever happened here today would remain their secret, foolish or wise or silly. No one would ever know. No one will ever know.

    Kathy blushed nervously. She had the most terrible guilty feeling in her fluttering belly. What on earth was she thinking of? The most terrible feeling of abandon was flowing over her, making her already quivering breasts rise and fall in heavy gasps.

    And with that, the dark-haired young student slowly spread her legs apart as she stood there before the large dog. She slowly pulled aside the moisture- soaked crotch band of her white nylon panties, baring to the animal's eager gaze the gleaming wet furrow of her expectantly waiting little cunt.

    With bated breath the young woman watched as that huge head slowly moved forward toward her eager pussy. Little shivers ran up and down her thighs as once again that cold wet nose brushed against her naked flesh, tickling the first wispy curls of her pubic hair.

    Then suddenly, without warning, the dog's long, wet, animal tongue slithered out of its mouth and splayed wetly over her shuddering cuntlips.

    Then, making a bold decision, she pulled off her panties and sat back on the ground spread-legged in front of him, knowing that she was about to embark on an unforgivable act. An act so lewd and perverted there could never be any forgiveness for it. Her imploring blue eyes meet the soft brown ones of the dog, and for a moment the pleading girl thought that the dog was not going to do what she wanted him to.

    But then, the long hot tongue snaked out again, stabbing deep up between the waiting girl's quivering thighs. Mercilessly splaying aside her cuntal lips. Sliding up over the wetly flowering vaginal opening and then digging like a fiery knife into the tiny pink button of Kathy's clitoris.

    "Aaaaahhh!" the girl moaned in helpless submission before that burning, pleasure-giving tongue.

    Her softly flexing thighs spread farther and farther apart in a mindless attempt to open her body to the maximum. Begging for the dog's darting tongue to drive deeper, deeper up inside her.

    And it did, again and again and again. The dog ardently stroked his hot wet tongue up into that glistening pink cuntal slit. His own loins beginning to burn now as the scent of Kathy's rising female passion floods directly into his senses.

    "Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Darling," Kathy moaned over and over again.

    Her hips now starting a slow revolving motion up against the slaving dog's furiously licking tongue.

    "God! God! Keep licking... licking. It feels so good," she moaned. "I'm going to cum in just a minute. Faster, faster, darling... Aaaahhh! God! Don't ever stop! Oohhh! Oohhh! Oohhh!"

    The helplessly inflamed student's mindless ravings fell into a kind of delirious chant, keeping time to the dog's continuous ravings of her desire-moistened cunt.

    The dog licked more eagerly, wanting to taste the intoxicating perfumes which poured so copiously from the moist tender orifice up between those silky young human thighs.

    Since her vagina was opening up more and more with each nerve-shattering lick of the dog's big tongue. The happy animal was able to thrust the tip of his wet fleshy organ a little distance up inside her warmly seeping cuntal passage. Kathy arched her back with the unexpected shock of that hot unnatural penetration. Her hands dropped down to take the dog by the ears and draw his furry head even deeper up between her shivering thighs.

    Kathy could sense that she was nearing orgasm. Desperately, the hopelessly inflamed girl draws her legs up high off the ground, holding her knees back tight against her flattened breasts with her straining hands so that her obscenely widely-splayed pussy was offered up in defenseless sacrifice to the slavering animal above her.

    'Yes! Yes! That will do it,' Kathy thought to herself as the dog took full advantage of her lewd position, driving his scorching tongue ever deeper into her quaking cuntal flesh.

    Yes, she was going to cum soon now. She could feel the fragile bubble growing deep up inside her already spasming belly. Yes, just another few seconds.

    The dog somehow sensed this as well. Her excitement communicating itself to him savagely and luring his penis from its furry sheath. Gradually it expanded from its hiding place. He recognized the girl's burning need, drawing him to lap even more hungrily at the warm moist folds of her open pussy.

    Breathtaking waves of pleasure hammered through her as her muscles clenched and her cunt convulsed around the obscenely eager thrashing of the dog's tongue on her juicy cunt. She cried out loudly as the orgasm tore through her, leaving her momentarily weak and incoherent.

    The gasping girl lifted her head to gaze at the beast that had given her such a delightful orgasm. She couldn't fail but to notice the dog's great cock. It had swollen into eager hardness from the wild, sensual stimulation the licking of this young human female had given him. Kathy froze, as her eyes fastened in hungry awe on his glistening red penile length.

    "Oh, my Christ!" she gasps. "Holy Christ!"

    The sight of his long cock overwhelmed her. The image of his cock would be burned into her brain forever. Although the young girl had seen several male penises in her short lifetime, there was something about the tapered dripping cock being slowly bared before her that caused her to almost stop breathing.

    Combined with the throbbing sensations from her desire-inflamed pussy was the obscene fact that she was looking with such transparent lust at the cock of an animal. A cock she knew she could have if she wanted to.

    The unnatural, sinful, salacious thoughts that she was picturing numbed the girl's spinning brain for a moment as she lay spread-legged before her slavering animal companion. Little fingers of lewd sexual expectation plucking at her fevered insides.

    She sat forward slowly and stroked his smooth back, her body trembling. Warm fuck juice bubbling inside her virgin cunthole.

    "Ohhh, You're just like a guy. You got a hard-on!" She was amazed, unable to tear her eyes away from his magnificent prick. "Jesus, boy. It's so big."

    His cock was reddish-pink, thick, glistening with natural fuck oil. The tip pointy, seeping a white sticky cock juice. She petted him gently calming him for what she was planning to do.

    "Easy, boy. Easy," she said softly, trying to keep the animal calm. "I'll take care of you."

    What she was planning boggled her mind. Trembling, she pet his flank, rubbing under his chest. Getting closer and closer with each passing moment to his long red cock. She gulped back a lump in her throat.

    "Easy, boy," she soothed him. "I... I want to do something for you too. Would you lie down, please. Lie down boy."

    The dog, unsure of her commands, confused and fearing a possible reprimand whined nervously, his cock retreating back inside its sheath.

    "That's all right, boy, you've been a good dog," she went on. "Now just lie down and Kathy will see that you never forget this day."

    And with that the naked young coed gently pushed the animal down, saying once again.

    "That's it boy, lie down."

    Then the dog was lying on the grass, his head flat between his paws. The girl almost had to laugh at the expression of childlike hopefulness on his face as he looked up at her with his big brown dog-eyes.

    "Roll over, boy. Roll over," she commanded, giving a little shove with her hands that pushed him over on his side.

    The dog lifted his head, squirming. His hind legs wide apart, whimpering like a puppy.

    "Easy, boy," she whispered huskily. "I'll take care of you. I'll do it just like the boys in school do it to take care of their cocks."

    She giggled nervously. The dog rested his huge head on her lap. His tongue was on her thigh, spit dribbling off. His brown eyes staring up expectantly into the teenager's beautiful face.

    She looked down hungrily toward the now flaccid sheath that hid the dog's temporarily dormant penis.

    'Yes,' the gasping girl thought.

    She wanted to bring that giant red shaft of lustful animal hardness out of its secret hiding place once again. She wanted to make the handsome dog cum with her own hands. To see his hot sperm jetting lewdly up from those fur-covered balls and out the pointed tip-end.

    The depraved nature of Kathy's desires added perversely to the already tremendous thrills chasing one another up from her twitching cunt. Kathy slid one of her hands up over the dog's hairy belly, letting it glide sensuously deep down into the soft pit of his loins before finally moving her questing fingers up over the lewdly bulging sheath and squeezing firmly at the vestigial hardness beneath.

    The dog whined sharply as the hot stimulation of his young human companion's touch causes his penis to jerk uncontrollably deep up inside his belly. The increasingly excited girl slides her other hand up to join the first and together they start to press and kneed at the dog's furry cock-sheath.

    With a feeling of lustful triumph Kathy could feel the hidden shaft inside begin to stir and grow. The young wanton girl waited breathlessly for the first appearance of that oddly exciting tip.

    To speed its appearance, she reached back with one hand to her canine lover's flaccid testicles and scratched lightly with her nails over their sensitive surface, bringing another sharp yip from the surprised and pleased Labrador.

    Kathy kept up her obscene massaging of the dog's loins, her own loins churning with illicit excitement. She could feel a strong surging under her caressing fingers now and knew that it would only be a matter of seconds before she saw the first pink evidence of the dog's arousal.

    'Oh God, yes,' the lewdly aroused young woman thought to herself. 'Here it comes now!'

    And almost with a rush, the dog-penis she had been bringing back to life shot smoothly out. It glistened in a deep red under the clear daylight.

    The staring young girl watched in round-eyed fascination as the throbbing organ grew and grew under the pressure of her hands until it had reached a truly unbelievable size. It was a moment before the aroused young woman could bring herself to place her fingers directly around the naked scarlet dog-flesh.

    Overcoming what fear she had, Kathy plunged forward in her desire to experience everything and anything she could with this handsome Lab. She wrapped her fingers around the dog's thick meaty cock and found it hot, wet and slippery to the touch. It seemed to be lubricated with its own juices. His prick throbbed energetically in her hand, making her pussy ignite into flames.

    With a look of unnatural fascination the raggedly breathing young student seized the throbbing organ directly and began to slide her hands slowly up and down its burning length. Once again the dog whined loudly under the girl's lewd ministrations.

    Many times before the precocious young teenager had engaged in what she had at the time considered lewd and forbidden acts. But the very obscenity and depravity of what she was doing now, of actively caressing the penis of an animal, filled the panting girl with wicked feelings of sheer sensual lust.

    Her eyes fastened on that swollen red animal member trapped so tightly between her pumping fingers as she rhythmically pulled and jerked on the shaft. Sliding the moist scarlet flesh back and forth over the rigid hot core beneath.

    With Kathy's fingers wrapped around his prick, the dog went into a frenzy. He fucked his cock through her fist, yapping and jerking as his balls rumbled painfully. His tail thumped against the ground loudly. He lifted his head, then dropped it back with a thud as Kathy's fingers tightened around his cock.

    "Oooo!" she sighed, her blue eyes bulging.

    The throbbing of his cock was driving her crazy. She loved it. Loved the power she knew she had over this giant beast.

    The dog was humping faster now. He squirmed, rolling from his back to his side, his rump in constant motion. His tongue was hanging out pantingly. His eyes wide and glowing. The Lab's prick swelled suddenly, ready to explode.

    Kathy, curious and hot, watched her hand hypnotically. She stared at his pisser, watching the white jism seep from his hole. Her mouth drying up with each passing moment. She knew something was going to happen, and happen very soon.

    There was only one thing that she wasn't quite sure about, are dogs the same as boys? She intended to find out for herself soon. She jerked the huge animal cock eagerly, wanting to be able to see that hot canine sperm jetting forth.

    'What color will it be?' she wondered. 'How much of it will come pouring out? Will it look like a man's?'

    All these salacious exciting questions burned in the young woman's lust-crazed brain as she pumped madly on that massive stalk of flesh.

    Kathy began to pump her hands even harder at the dog's massively swollen cock. She wanted to see it spurt forth its own hot juices.

    Yelping, his balls ready to blast, the dog rolled to his back and fucked his prick through her clinging fingers. He squirmed, his front legs thrashing, his head jerking on Kathy's lap. He was ready.

    Kathy felt his cock swell in her hand.

    "Oooo, boy. You gonna cum? Huh? Huh?" She was dizzy, her own passion running rampant through her virgin body. "Oh, yes, doggie. Cum. Let me see your cum!"

    Kathy felt the near-bursting dog-cock in her hands begin a violent trembling and jerking. Kathy squeezed and milked at it with both hands. She was actually able to feel the first scalding rush of thick milky sperm rushing the full length of the spasming member until it finally jetted forth in an erotic fountain. The dog's cum spraying in sticky trails through the air to lewdly cover her naked thighs. Sharp yelps of painful pleasure coming from the dog's throat.

    "Holy shit!" Kathy screeched as the first spraying load of doggie-cum splashed against her hot sizzling white skin. "Holy shit!"

    The dog continued to jerk and thrash like a deranged beast. More cum spurted from his cock, spattering Kathy's sizzling flesh in white gooey globs.

    His yelping grew louder, more shrill. The muscles in his powerful body tensed, all working toward the goal of emptying his balls.

    The hot doggie-jism spattering her body only serve to inflame her pussy further, making her dizzy. Her hand jacked up and down his exploding prick. She felt each pulsing squirt shoot through his cock, watching cum squirt from his pisshole, feeling his warm jism hit her body. She was out of her mind, never expecting the things that were now happening.

    The dog became a raging howling beast. His entire body jerked, thrashing, twisting, and shaking. Kathy's hands were torturing him. He howled, the whites of his eyes showing as his eyeballs floated back into his skull. His ears drawn back, and his tail whipping loudly against the ground.

    Kathy, her legs drenched in doggie-cum, continued to whack her fist up and down the dog's thick spewing prick.

    "Oooo, doggie!" she cried out.

    The dog squirmed, his prick about empty. His balls almost drained. His rubbery lips drew back, baring his teeth. Yelping sounds came from his throat.

    Kathy was mesmerized, totally involved with jacking her fist up and down his prick.

    "More, boy," she moaned. "Cum!" She was greedy, her blue eyes glazed, fixated on the hole of his pisser. "More, doggie. Cum some more for me!"

    The dog continued fucking through her fist, a thin spray of jism shooting from his prick. It sprayed her face. Kathy squealed with surprise. The dog howled in ecstasy. She squeezed his prick tighter, jerking his cock faster.

    The dog yelped, twisting his giant body, grabbing at her wrist with his mouth. He tried pushing at her hand holding his cock, anxious to be free of her tormenting grasp.

    Kathy gasped, coming out of her trance. She dropped his prick and watched as he licked his cock clean, giggling as it began to shrink back into hiding. Kathy then stared down at her body, seeing the dog's cum as if for the first time.

    "Ohh, my God!"

    Her flesh sizzling, her pussy burning from excitement. She quickly reached over and grabbed her backpack, drawing out her towel. She used it to wipe the sticky, white syrup off her face and legs.

    She was suddenly aware that she was no longer alone with the dog and jumped to her feet in alarm.

    Standing about ten feet away, just inside the clearing were two young men. She recognized them as seniors in her highschool. Graduates who would be heading to college in the fall. Her eyes dropped down to their shorts.

    Both of the young men had their zippers down, hands gripping hard, excited cocks.

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    Makes me want to walk through the bushes when I go to the park ! Sounds like you never know what I'll find ! VERY HOT story! Thanks for writing!

    Nov 17 2006 17:12
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