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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality.

    I have spent a little time in amongst the chat areas of the Pet Lovers and was involved with one girl that had spent some time on the net reading all the stories about women and dogs! Her imagination had been pumped up and her libido was strong enough that she was interested in coupling with one of my dogs! I have two very big dogs... Both are mixed breed and very clean and friendly, I had advertised that fact in one of the Dog lover forums and that what had attracted her eye!

    Anyway, this woman had gotten ahold of me because of my interest in the dog forums and wrote that she would like to, if I didn't mind, "try" my dogs! I wrote back and told her that I had absolutely no objection! In fact my mind raced forward imagining such things as her fucking the dog and me getting a good blow job at the same time! And then we went into the painstakingly long process of her getting to know me and then "meeting" me for her adventure! She had explained that she was a submissive and had fantasized being "taken" by both dogs while she was "tied up!" She wanted to be taken by both dogs, one right after the other! If you're familiar with D/s it basically revolves around the Power exchange! It was quite an education for me! But her fantasies revolved around the masochistic idea of being helpless with no control or rather having given up control and being under the control of another person! The idea is for her to really be dependant on the other person for her safety and well being.

    When she arrived we met at a local coffeehouse where we had coffee and made small talk until she felt more comfortable with me. She finally accompanied me to my house where my dogs were to meet her!

    At the house both dogs ran up to us as we arrived, very playfully jumping and running around us! We stopped outside and I introduced her to them by catching them one at a time and while holding them with my arm, told her their names and a short narrative about them with a few facts and stuff so she could get to know them! Then we "all" went inside!

    Inside the house we sat on the couch and I brought out some coffee and cookies for us to munch on and also some "treats" to interest the dogs with! She petted the dogs and fed them some of the treats and we talked at length about her fantasy! I wasn't as familiar with D/s as I would have like to be in this instance, ... but she said, more or less that "the sexual aspects of the d/s lifestyle are the icing on the cake, and in that regard she was quite willing and eager to experiment... however, it's the psychological exchange of power that really appeals to her... why?... well, for one, the roles of each individual are so clearly defined from the very beginning... there is no struggle for control... the sub is the one that, by virtue of her nature submits to the will of her Master... in most things... The Master, in turn cares for the emotional and physical well being of his submissive as well as that of their relationship... the charge focuses on her Master's happiness, doing all she is capable of to insure it... and there are as many variations as there are couples... but in this instance I was expected to take control and "guide" her as it were through the introduction process to my pet dogs! :-)

    None of the above means that either is denied interests outside of their relationship but the focus should be on each other's needs... the Master's needs for control are met, and the sub has the luxury of relinquishing control!

    My thoughts on this are that most women are submissive... or at least have inclinations in this respect! Or at least my experience has borne out the facts that women like the man to be the decision maker and lead the way and "take" control! Most women look up to their counterparts and are "proud" of him! I say that in the respect that they have elevated him on some sort of pedestal. There are so many ways that a woman may indicate her submissiveness, without declaring that they are submissive by nature! Anyway... I digress again!

    As we talked and got more comfortable with each other "I" decided that it was time to try out her fantasy! We went downstairs to the rec. room, which is fully carpeted and blindfolded her! She had told me that in looking forward to her adventure she wasn't wearing any panties, she had put them in her purse for later! Other than that she was fully dressed in a short skirt, bra and blouse... and Oh, yeah, ... She was wearing hose! She appeared very sexy in her casual yet chic apparel and we had decided that it would be appropriate if we just left her dressed and her clothes would act as a buffer between her and the dogs!

    We took the leather Velcro bracelets and anklets that she had brought along that had little ropes and rings attached to them to facilitate proper bonding and bound her wrists to her legs right about where her knees are. This placed her in a kneeling position with her weight causing her to topple over onto her head. I took a small footstool with a pillow in top of it and placed it under her mid-section for comfort. This left her blindfolded and her head about 4" off the floor. Now she was blindfolded and kneeling forward on the floor with her ass up in the air. But to complete the bondage so as to make her totally helpless I took a rope from each Velcro strap on her leg and tied it to something so that when it was tightened it would spread her legs even further! I stopped when her knees were about 30" apart and put her skirt up around her waist exposing her ass and pussy!

    I couldn't resist the temptation to play with her pussy a little when she was in this position and was surprised to find her already wet! The act of bondage, of tying her up, had enough of an aphrodisiac affect that her cunt was sopping wet! The dogs were downstairs and they were watching with interest as I played with her pussy. The smell of sex was starting to permeate the air and the dogs wandered over to take a closer look.

    With her legs spread, her ass up in the air she was presented to the dogs as very vulnerable!

    I called the dogs over and tried getting them interested! If you ever believe those stories about how the dog just jumps right on... you are very naive! Especially if they aren't familiar with the person they are expected to mount! If you have a dog that you are having sex with ... I'm sure that he knows what is expected, but when you introduce new players... the rules change! I called the Shepherd over and tried to get him interested in sniffing, licking or mounting... I played with her pussy to get her wet and she was definitely excited and wet, but the dog really didn't show as much interest as I thought he should! But, after a bit he sniffed at her pussy and started licking her pussy and ass and showing the kind of interest I thought he should! She squirmed as he licked her ass and at one point he actually had his nose up inside her pussy while he was tonguing her! He seemed like he was trying to get way up inside her. She moaned a few times when the dog licked the right spots and I could tell she was enjoying it!

    The dogs slick red cock was starting to poke it's way out of his sheath as he continued to eat her out and I played with the dog and got him a little more excited and he started to hump my hand! I had to help him mount the girl, by actually putting his legs around her hips holding him so that he wouldn't fall off! We had to put him back up there about 2 or 3 times! He kept getting down! I think that it was because he didn't know her that he felt like he didn't belong there! Then when he started thrusting I helped guide him into her! At first it seemed to be difficult but when he was positioned correctly it went in with no trouble! After that I had no trouble with getting or keeping the dog interested!

    Now even though he is a fairly large dog ... his cock is about 8" in front of the knot and about 1" in diameter and is sorta pointed and because it's very moist anyway from his own lubrication ... it slid right in! He started humping her rather enthusiastically! At first she didn't appear to be enjoying it much... but when his knot started to slip in and out of her ... she started to, not really moan, but uttered, ... oh,... oh... Ohh! And at first I thought there was a problem, but as I looked on I saw her "push" her ass back into the dog so as to get "impaled" even more and have her first orgasm! She took a deep "sudden" breath as the knot went in all the way the last time, the dog hesitated for a few moments and his cock swelled up insider her and they became tied! The dog started cumming! She said that it was at this time she could actually "feel" the dogs cock swelling up insider her! After they became "tied" the dog really stopped most of his humping motions and just sorta "stood" there! She told me later that when he tied with her she could feel the pressure inside her uterus and the knot was very stimulating! Anyway the dog got down off her back and turned so that he was faced away from her but they were still "tied" together! God! Watching all this happen was too much for me! I couldn't stand much more of this and took off my pants and sat down in front of her with my legs on either side of her head and offered her my throbbing hard cock! She hungrily gobbled it right up! There was no hesitation as she sucked on me! I figured that I was adding to her fantasy! She sucked and sucked and as she was sucking on me she had a "powerful" climax! Soon after she climaxed, I did! ... God, it was great! :)

    Afterward we talked about it and she told me that it wasn't as good as she thought it was going to be until the knot started to "bump" it's way in and out of her! She said that was one of the highlights and then when they were tied, each movement that he made caused his knot to pull against the inside of her rubbing her "G" spot and that is when she climaxed! She admitted that she "loved" the experience, and that she will probably do it again... She normally isn't muti-orgasmic and considered this experience one of her "better" experiences and couldn't understand why she came so many times! She decided that it had to be the knot! But her fantasies were satisfied and I waved goodbye to her as she drove out my driveway! We've written to each other several times and I look forward to a repeat performance! And I "think", so does she!

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    I thought it was a fantastic story, until towards the end there wasn't enough excitement to the end!!!

    Jul 7 2013 11:57
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