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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple.

    Bruno called me and told me he had a surprise for me. It had been a long time since we were able to get together, and I really looked forward to seeing him. He said to meet him at the motel in the city, the one we had gone to the day we first met. I was on my way there, trying to stay within the speed limit, looking for people I knew, making sure I got there in one piece, but got there quick. I called his cell phone as I neared the motel. "What room are you in?"

    "Our room, the first one. You remember how to get there don't you?"

    "How could I forget." I breathed seductively. I parked the car between his and the fence so it couldn't be seen from the street. I looked all around before getting out. This was exciting, but I wasn't going to be any less cautious. Bruno had seen me coming and was there at the outside door to let me in.

    "So what's the big surprise?" I asked as he pulled me into his arms.

    "You'll see." He kissed me, smiled, and pulled me up the stairs. When we got to the room, he unlocked the door and let me in first. As he closed the door, I grabbed him by the hand and fell on the bed, pulling him with me. I kissed him deeply, inhaling all of him: his smell, his taste, his touch. Something was different. Not bad, just different. Then, I heard a steady "thump, thump, thump" that startled me and got my heart pounding... was it my husband? The cops? Management?

    Wait! The bathroom door was shut, and the noise seemed to be coming from there. Bruno got up and opened the door, and out came a handsome Labrador Retriever! He came right up to the bed, put his head next to me, and licked my face before I could do anything about it. I sat up and sputtered from the dog licks.

    "Babe, this is Manny!" I was nonplussed!

    "Hi Manny." I sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to pet him, rubbing his ears and his head. He put a paw up on my lap and leaned into me, panting.

    "You said it was your fantasy!" Bruno stood there smiling.

    "I know but...." The look on my face must have been something, because Bruno just about split a gut.

    "It'll be ok, Baby. He's gentle, and I'll be right here to help."

    Bruno began to kiss me. God, I love his tongue! He gives the best kisses, and I was melting in no time. Then I felt hot breath pulsing in my lap. I opened my eyes and found Manny with his head between my knees, his nose at my crotch, staring up at me. The thought of actually doing it was making me very wet. Manny must have smelled me because he wouldn't leave me alone. He kept sniffing, licking his chops, and smiling.

    "Here, let me help you out of those clothes," Bruno said. He led Manny back to the bathroom and closed the door. Kneeling on the bed, he pulled my shirt and pants off me and pushed me down for a few more warm up kisses. "You ok Hun? You don't have to... if you... don't... want... to." He kept kissing me on my neck, on my ear, down to my breasts. I laid there with my eyes closed imagining the dogs cock.

    "No, it's ok. Let's try," I said as calmly as I could, trying to hide my excitement. I got on the edge of the bed and Bruno went to get Manny. He led him to the bed and had him stand next to it. I pet Manny and he wagged his tail joyfully. Just then I noticed the tip of his cock starting to emerge from its sheath. A wave of excitement blew through my brain... it looked so hot. I reached out, took it in my hand, and gently stroked it. It felt incredible, like an already well lubed cock, one that had been in me already and come a few times. I had told myself I never wanted to put a dog's cock in my mouth, but this thing was making me so hot. The fact that Bruno was behind me playing with my tits made me all the more aroused by this protruding pink puppy pecker.

    I encouraged Manny to put his front paws up on the bed so I could get a closer look. His cock was slipping in and out of the sheath with the rhythm of his breath. I stoked it some more and got very, very close to it, so close I could smell the wetness of his flesh and almost feel the warmth. I closed my eyes, stuck out my tongue, and took a quick lick. I felt sickened, but at the same time strangely excited. I slid my hand down, exposing more of the glistening flesh. A moment later, I had the pointy tip of that dog's cock tickling the back of my throat. I slid it back out of my mouth and felt the head brush over my tongue and teeth. I looked down at it and wanted more. I sucked it back in and slurped it deep into my throat, getting hotter by the second.

    I pushed Manny off the bed and repositioned myself so that my ass was hanging off the bed and my feet were on the floor. I had Bruno stand next to the bed so he could guide the dog to me and, if necessary, away from me. I wasn't worrying about that now, though. I wanted that dog's cock inside of me.

    "You doing ok, baby?" Bruno inquired. He was always looking out for me, but right then, I wasn't interested in that.

    "Yes, I'm fine. Would you please get him up here?" I said impatiently. Bruno just smiled and lead Manny between my legs. Manny wasn't interested in mounting me. He smelled something tasty... or nasty... whatever dogs go for. He pressed his nose against my pussy and began to lick. The first swipe was like a bomb going off in my head. The direct contact of his rough tongue was so intense I could hardly stand it. But even if I wanted him to stop, I was in such a state, I couldn't hope to utter a plea for relief. He kept it up as lightning flashed from my clit to my brain. I must have come five times just in that short period that seemed like forever. Finally, I was able to beg Bruno to pull Manny off my pussy. Damn, that was intense! I caught my breath, but I wanted more.

    "Help me get him in me," I commanded, only slightly less demanding than before.

    "I'd be delighted." Bruno just kept on beaming, taking it all in. He took Manny by the paws and lifted him up so that one paw was on either side of my waist. "Hold these, please." Bruno had me take hold of both paws. Then he went away, only to return a second later. "These will keep you from getting scratched," he said, holding up two well worn woven gloves. He slipped Manny's paws into them and set them down. He then reached underneath from behind and stroked Manny's cock himself. Carefully he placed the pooch's pecker against me while the dog urgently fucked his hand. Manny took two steps further, and instantly I was catapulted into waves of streaming orgasms rippling through my whole body.

    I thought Manny was nearly finished, but then his dick swelled up and knotted within me, taking me a quantum leap higher into bestial bliss. I knew immediately when he knotted up. I could feel the girth of this thing triple inside me. He was panting up a storm and began to hump me wildly. With that big knot pumping like a piston, waves of pleasure just ripped through me with each stroke.

    "OH, good doggie! GOOD... Doggie..." I stammered between breaths. I looked up at Bruno to see him beaming and stroking his cock in my general direction. I leaned over and gave it a lick, but could only lick between humps as Manny continued to pummel me. Bruno got a little closer and I was able to take him into my mouth.

    I was in a state of divine shock. I couldn't believe I was actually being fucked by a dog! It was insane, and I was LOVING IT! Bruno's cock in my mouth definitely added to the excitement. I felt like a very, very naughty girl, a whore, an innocent being violated. Was I in complete control? I HAD NO CONTROL AT ALL! This dog was humping me hard and fast and I could do nothing but hold on and enjoy the ride.

    Finally, Manny's unrelenting humpfest wound down and I was able to regain my composure and catch my breath. I was still highly aroused and sensitive, and Manny was still knotted up within me. I kept my legs wrapped around his haunches so that he wouldn't try to dismount, pulling the knot out of me and ripping my lips off. (Ouch!)

    Bruno had enjoyed my sucking, but I just couldn't give him much attention with this mutt in my muff. It was too all-consuming. I looked up just in time to see Bruno jack a huge load of come out of his perfect dick and onto my tits! Oh, how beautiful the sight of that silver rain shooting down onto me. It was hot and slippery and made me start to come again, but what really set me off was when Manny started to lap Bruno's load off my tits! His rough tongue raced to lap up every bit of it, like it was an ice cream cone that some kid had just dropped on the sidewalk. He grazed that wet sandpaper across my nipples several times, sending lightning through me once again. Now it was ME that was bucking hard! I could hear myself screaming in ecstatic pain, but felt like I was somewhere else watching this all unfold before me.

    After Bruno's cum was gone and Manny quieted down, we just hung together for what seemed like hours, waiting for his knot to loosen up. I petted him and talked to him. Bruno got me a drink of water and wiped my forehead with a wash rag. Finally, we were able to separate. I was relieved and elated, reliving every moment, every stroke. I watched Manny as I cleaned my bruised pussy with a wash rag and thought of how we had been just moments ago. Incredible! Manny ushered forth with an audible yawn. Apparently, we were keeping him from his afternoon nap.

    Bruno kissed me and looked into my eyes. "You doing ok, Babe?" he asked, still beaming.

    "I'm fine. I'm just fine," I said, beaming back and giving him another long, luscious kiss. My mind was numb from pleasure overload.

    I was sore for a day or two after my encounter with Manny, but let me tell you, for the whole week afterward, I was playing it over and over again in my brain. The whole thing was just so totally overwhelming! I know it may seem too strange for a lot of people to consider, but I have been won over to the ranks of the puppy lovers! I just can't wait to do it again!

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    WOW...........that was just great,and I know how she felt.Yes I have,and it is just beyond discribing you just have to try it, and as the lady said"just loving it"ummmmmmmmm yessssssssss.

    May 10 2006 16:55
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