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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, rape, slave, BDSM, interracial.

    Chapter 1

    Cynthia Palmer looked up at the clock on the wall again for the umpteenth time in the last hour. It was getting close to midnight and here she was still not finished with her final Chemistry Lab experiment. Tomorrow was the last day of class and her graduation. She had to finish everything tonight or she wouldn't graduate as she planned. Cynthia hoped that the experiment would work this time. This was the fourth time that day that she had to do it. She kept making mistakes and having to start over. She wasn't normally so distracted but the last few weeks had been hell for her.

    Three weeks ago the beautiful nineteen year old, blue eyed, 5 foot, 3 inch, 110 pound redhead was on top of the world. She was on track to graduate from college two years ahead of the other graduates. She had graduated high school at the remarkable age of fifteen. She was a prodigy and graduated in the top five of her class. She took 26 — 30 credit hours each semester during college, including taking a full load during Summer School. As a result she was graduating after three years of college.

    Her goal was to graduate and get into medical school. She had already interviewed and was waiting for a reply. She felt real good about her chances of being accepted with the grades she had and the recommendations she received from the doctors at the hospital she volunteered at the last five years. One of the doctors was on the board of the medical school and he had almost guaranteed her that if she did well on the interview and had at least a 3.0 grade point average that she would be accepted. As it stood now she had a 3.8 GPA and everything looked right on track for her final semester to be a 4.0 so that would only make her grades better.

    Then she got the phone call that totally devastated her. The state patrol got a hold of her late one night at her dorm room and notified her that her parents had been killed in a car crash. After collapsing in total disbelief she finally managed to get it together enough to go home and take care of everything. She contacted all of her professors and explained the situation to them and they all gave her extensions, but they required her to have everything in to them by the end of the semester or she would get incompletes on her grades.

    Cynthia managed to make it back home and help her older brother Dave take care of the funeral arrangements. She naively let her older adult brother handle all of the particulars of the estate. What she didn't know was that he had a gambling problem and owed over $100,000.00 dollars to his bookie. She was so devastated at the loss of her parents and at the thought of not graduating on time that she didn't pay attention to much of anything. If she had, she might have noticed the two big thugs that were always present in the area checking her out.

    These were the bookies collectors and they were the ones that had arranged the little accident that had killed her parents. They hoped that Dave would sell the estate and be able to pay off his debts.

    Cynthia spent a week and a half until the funeral was over and things had settled down enough for her to return to school. She got back to classes with only a week left to finish everything up. She worked around the clock all week and had everything finished and turned in but the chemistry lab.

    She shook herself out of her funk and looked at the clock again. It was now after midnight and her experiment had just a bit over fifteen minutes left before it was finished and she could record the results.

    She looked at the end of the counter she was working on and admired the single red Chrysanthemum in a large beaker that her boyfriend Rob had brought her. She thought about how great he had been to her through all of this. She knew she wasn't ready to get married or anything but she hoped that he had feelings for her like she had for him. She had been saving herself for her future husband and had about decided that Rob was it. Time would tell. He had been patient with her so far and had showed none of the impatience that all of the other boys seemed to have about wanting her to put out to them.

    Again Cynthia turned to the clock and saw that she had about five minutes now. Her thoughts turned back to the phone conversation that she had with her brother earlier that afternoon just as she was starting her experiments. He told her how their mom and dad had basically hocked everything and cashed in their insurance policies so she could go to college. He told her how even after everything was accounted for and sold off that they were still in debt by about seventy thousand dollars. Then he told her about his gambling debt and how he owed over a hundred thousand dollars. He told her that he thought that the bookie had ordered their parents killed in the hopes he would inherit enough to pay them off. He explained that without the money, he was likely to end up the same way before the next twenty four hours was up. He was scared to death and begged her forgiveness.

    Cynthia had tears in her eyes as she looked at the clock again. She didn't loose track of the time like she had all of the other times. It was this constant lapsing into thought about everything that had happened that kept causing her to let the experiment go too long on the previous tries. She had just a few more seconds and she would be done. She thought how great it was that she was finally going to be able to finish the experiment and turn in her work so she could graduate. That was at least one thing that was going to work out all right for her.

    The time was finally up and she dutifully recorded the information from the experiment and wrote up her conclusions. With everything finished she cleaned up the lab and put all of the results of the experiments that she had recorded dutifully together in a large envelope. She left the lab, turning out the light and locking it. With her full book bag on her back, the envelope with the results of the experiment in one hand and the beaker with the chrysanthemum in the other she headed out of the building. She stopped by her professor's door on the way out and slid the envelope under it so that he would get it first thing in the morning.

    She finally left the vacant building and got in her car. She decided she needed a drink to celebrate finishing every thing so she went to the bar where her boyfriend worked as a bartender at night to pay for school. This was his last night at work too because he graduated the next day as well. She went into the bar and walked up to the counter and asked Rob for a beer to celebrate finishing everything. He congratulated her and gave her the beer on the house. Neither one noticed the two goons that had come in the door close behind her.

    One took a seat next to Cynthia at the bar and ordered a couple of beers. The other one went over to the area around the pool tables. It wasn't but a couple of minutes later that there was a fight going full throttle at the pool tables. Every patron in the bar was looking in the direction of the fight and no one noticed the guy sitting next to Cynthia slip a mickey into her drink. It had a couple of things in it. One was a potent aphrodisiac and the other was a hit of ecstasy.

    The bouncer quickly broke the fight up and threw out the partner to the guy that had slipped the mickey into Cynthia's drink. He got up without a word and took his beer with him along with one for his partner. He knew it wouldn't be long before she started feeling the effects of the drug once she drank her beer.

    Cynthia was already tired and anxious to get home to bed. It was now after one in the morning and the graduation ceremony was at ten. She finished her spiked beer and gave Rob a kiss goodbye and left for home.

    Cynthia's house was only about ten minutes from the bar. By the time she was half way, she began to feel strange and unable to concentrate. By the time she pulled up and parked in the driveway to the rental she shared with three other seniors, she was high as a kite. She attributed it all to the stress, the late hour and drinking the beer in such a short time. She had no clue that she had been drugged.

    She thought 'At least I'll have a quiet night, or morning of sleep.' She giggled as she fumbled with the keys. She knew that her roommates had decided to go on home and skip the graduation ceremony. They had their degree and that was all they cared about. If she hadn't had to finish her Chemistry Lab, she would have probably skipped it as well.

    Just as she opened the door, a large hand came around and covered her mouth while the other wrapped around her and picked her up. She was quickly forced into the house. When they were inside the guy whispered into her ear, "Your brother has a debt he couldn't pay. So you are going to be his payment, not that he'll ever get any benefit out of it. Now if you make a sound, you can count on joining your parents six feet under. A place your big brother is going as soon as we find him. 'heh... heh... heh' Do you understand?"

    Cynthia's eyes were round as saucers in fear and she shook her head yes that she understood. She felt the guy put her down as she heard the door to the house close. As she turned around she saw two big guys that somehow looked familiar. She couldn't place who they were, but she knew that she had seen them around. They both were dressed up like typical crooks with the knit stocking cap rolled up on their head. They both looked mean and sinister and they both wore blue jeans and a gold T-shirt. Then she noticed that the guy that had just closed the door had two big dogs with him. She had always had a love for Labrador Retrievers and they had the biggest pair of male Lab's she had ever seen. One was a black lab and the other was a golden lab.

    Cynthia was now looking at the guy that had been holding her. She asked, "What is it you want? I don't have any money. I know my brother has told you that there was nothing left in my parent's estate."

    The guy laughed hysterically and evilly as he said, "Yeah we know. That's why we're here for you. You see, you're going to be the payment for your brother's debt. As for what we want? That would be your total obedience to every order we give you. If you cooperate, then you just might survive and live a long life, though I'm quite sure it won't be the life you expected to lead. If you don't cooperate, you will end up buried beside your parents and your big brother. Now what's it going to be missy?"

    Cynthia knew she had no choice. Tears were streaming out of her eyes and down her cheeks. The future life that she had planned on flashed before her eyes and was quickly gone. She knew that if she wanted to live, she had to cooperate. Maybe some day she would be able to pursue her dream again. She stammered out, "I... I... I'll cooperate."

    The guy that had explained the facts of life to her was obviously the leader. He got a sinister grin on his face and said, "Let's see just how much you mean that." He pulled out a dog collar and put it around her neck and then continued, "I want you to strip out of your pants and panties and kneel on the floor and lay the upper part of your body over that nice coffee table over there."

    Cynthia was crying almost uncontrollably now as she begged, "Please don't rape me. I... I... I've never been with a man before."

    The two guys both let out a loud whoop of celebration. The leader finally said, "That'll make this even better. Now get busy and cooperate." He pulled out a large six inch hunting knife and held it to her throat as he continued, "Or we'll end this right now and you can go say hello to mom and dad."

    Cynthia was shaking with fear as she noticed that the guy with the dogs had pulled out a small camcorder and was getting it ready to use. She slowly started undoing the clasp to her pants and shimmying them down her hips. She reluctantly removed them and threw them on the couch. Then she removed her panties just as slowly but steadily and threw them on top of her pants. When she was done, she got on her knees and knelt across the glass top coffee table as she had been instructed. She folded her arms across each other and laid her head down on them and began crying in earnest with deep heart felt sobs.

    While she had been undressing, both of the guys had lit up and started smoking a cigarette as they enjoyed the show. They enjoyed watching as Cynthia sobbed her heart out with her most private areas, never before seen by man, exposed. The dog handler with the camcorder began to feel her ass cheeks and stroke them gently. He ran his finger through her untouched nether region several times trying to make her more and more excited. The aphrodisiac that she had been slipped, along with the ecstasy, were starting to really have an effect on her. She was getting very aroused from all of the stimulation.

    By the time the two had finished their cigarettes, the dog handler was satisfied that she was ready. He looked at his boss that was now sitting on the couch in front of Cynthia and said, "She's as ready as she'll ever be. Let's get the show on the road."

    The leader of the two shook his head yes and ordered, "Great! Let's start with Goldie then. I'm sure he's up for a little fun. Give me the camera and get him started while I catch it on film."

    The guy's partner handed him the camcorder and he stood up in front of Cynthia. The handler picked up the leash to the gold lab and brought him in front of Cynthia. He had him put his front paws on the table on either side of Cynthia's head. She was so absorbed in feeling sorry for herself and crying that she didn't notice the dog. The guy kept hold of the dog's leash with one hand and reached under the dog and grabbed Cynthia's hair, pulling her head up. He ordered, "Suck that dog's nice cock good and hard now missy. Remember, cooperate or join old mom and dad."

    Cynthia swallowed hard and reached up and slowly began to massage the golden lab's sheath. Shortly she saw the red tip of his cock begin to emerge. After about five more minutes, it had extended most of the way out and she leaned forward and tentatively licked it. She noticed that it tasted a bit musky, but otherwise was bearable. It was almost like giving her boyfriend a blow job when he hadn't taken a shower. It wasn't something she liked, but she could tolerate it. She opened her mouth and moved it over as much of the dog's cock as she could take. She began to suck on it and could feel it begin to grow rapidly. The cock had just begun to hit the back of her throat and cause her to gag a bit when all of a sudden it was pulled away. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times like a fish before she closed it tight.

    Cynthia laid her head down on her arms again on the coffee table. She knew what was coming. She hoped it wouldn't happen, but knew it would. It was just a few short moments until she felt the weight of the dog land on her back. What she didn't see was the dog's handler reach under the dog and align his cock with her nice wet pussy.

    All of a sudden Cynthia felt the dog ram his big hard member in all the way, ripping her virginity from her in one quick lunge. She screeched in pain from the sudden intrusion. She had imagined many ways of losing her cherry before, but none of them had even come close to losing it to a dog.

    The leader handed the camcorder to his partner and grabbed Cynthia's arms so she wouldn't try to move away. When the dog had ripped through her cherry, she had lurched up and almost thrown the dog off. He pulled her back down saying, "The worst of it is over now. The first time always hurts. You'll start feeling good real soon. Now calm down or you'll scare the dog. A scared dog is unpredictable. He may just decide to bite you if you don't calm down."

    Cynthia grit her teeth and leaned back down on the table as she felt the dog begin to jack hammer his long member into her moist cavern of love. After a few minutes of steady fucking, she started to feel aroused. Then she felt something big begin to pound against her nether lips. Each time it hit a little harder and went in a little further. Finally she felt her lips expand outward and allow the monster in. She wasn't familiar with a dog's anatomy and therefore had no idea that she had just taken the three inch knot of the dog's cock. She could feel its effect though. It was perfectly aligned with her G-spot and as the dog ramped up its in and out movements, she quickly built up to the most amazing and powerful orgasm in her life.

    Cynthia had just come down from her plateau of ecstasy when she felt a flood of warmth inside. The dog howled in release as she quickly launched into an even more massive cum. She screamed out in pleasure from the glorious feelings washing over her. Finally though, all good things must come to an end. The dog finished cumming and as dogs do he lifted his leg over her and turned around facing away from her. His knot had swollen up to a large five inches and was stuck tight in her vagina.

    The leader lit up a cigarette and smoked it as he looked at his partner and asked, "Did you get that on film. That was one of the most amazing things I've seen in a long time. I think we have a good one here. We just might make a little money out of her."

    His partner answered, "Yeah boss. I got it all recorded. The big boss will make a fortune with just the tape alone. Do you want me to get Blackie started?"

    The leader spoke up and said, "Go ahead and have her get him ready."

    The dog handler brought the black lab in front of Cynthia and had him get up in front of her so she could reach his cock. She didn't need to be told what to do. She reached up and began massaging the dog's sheath. She guessed that they were going to have her suck the dog off since the other one was still stuck in her vagina. She never imagined where they were going to have the dog fuck next.

    It didn't take near as long to get the black lab ready as it did the golden lab. He was already excited from the sex that had been going on before. This wasn't the first human he had mated. He was trained to like sex with humans. After a few short moments he was hard enough and the handler pulled him away and led him behind Cynthia. He helped the dog lift its hind leg over the back of the other dog so that he was straddling it. He connected the dog's collar to the one on Cynthia's neck with a short six inch tether that had a D hook on each end. He looked at his boss and asked, "Are you ready boss?"

    The leader answered, "Give me a second. She'll need to be held for this next part."

    He put his freshly lit cigarette down on the ash tray and reached forward to grab a hold of Cynthia's arms. When he had a good hold of her he ordered, "Okay now put it in."

    The dog handler grabbed the black labs cock and lined it up with Cynthia's most private little rosebud. All the dog knew was that he felt the tip of his cock against the tight opening of his mate. He rammed in with all of the force instinct had given him. His cock rammed in about half way on the first lunge.

    Cynthia couldn't believe it when she felt the handler behind her line the dog's cock with her ass hole. She had just taken a breath to protest when the dog lunged and sank in half way. She let out a blood curdling scream and ripped her arms out of the leader's hands. He quickly reacted and grabbed a hold of her right hand in front of her breasts with his left hand and her left shoulder with his right hand.

    The leader pulled her back down to the table as he sternly ordered her, "Quiet bitch. If you scream too loudly, you'll wake the neighbors and they'll call the cops. I know that you hope that happens but rest assured that before they can get here, you'll be dead and we'll be long gone. Now grit your teeth and bear it."

    Cynthia quickly shut her mouth and clinched her teeth as he held her just above the table. She still squirmed from the pain of the double dog fucking she was receiving. She looked over her left shoulder to see if she was being filmed. Each time the dog thrust in she screamed through her clinched teeth in pain. She hoped that the handler wasn't there with the camcorder. It was bad enough to be filmed having sex with one dog, but two at the same time was just too much. If anyone she knew ever saw the video, she would never be able to stand it. She didn't see him there, but when she looked over her right shoulder, there he was behind her with a shit eating grin. He had the camcorder held up in front of his face pointed at her and the dogs as he watched the view finder showing every second of her humiliation as the camcorder recorded it for posterity. She turned her head back away so she could imagine just for a moment that she was being filmed, still gritting her teeth in pain.

    Cynthia Palmer's New Life (cont'd) By redlegtiger

    Cynthia knew then without a shadow of a doubt that this was just the beginning of her humiliating journey. She turned back around and laid her head on her arms and cried her heart out. She still screamed in pain through clinched teeth with each thrust into her bleeding, burning ass that was made that much smaller due to the large knot stuck in her Pussy.

    It wasn't long before she felt the pounding of the dog's knot at her most private entrance. Her screams of pain were getting louder with each lunge the dog was making. The leader leaned in and whispered in her ear, "You better get control of yourself missy. You're getting a bit too loud for our comfort. I'd hate to waste a pretty thing like you, especially when we have such great plans for you in the future. Ole Blackie here is about to push that nice big knot of his up your nice sweet ass. You better find something to bite down on when it goes in or you'll end up screaming loud enough to bring a whole army here. I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Think about them finding a nice dead coed with two dogs stuck in her. Sounds like a great picture for the front page, doesn't it?"

    Cynthia had continued to scream through her clinched teeth with each hard hammering of the dog's knot against her small rosebud. Each pounding widened the rosebud just a bit more. She knew that if she didn't bite down on something, she would scream out when the knot entered. She thought briefly about biting the wrist of the leader where he held her shoulder. But she knew that he would probably kill her in anger if she did. She knew it would go in soon and so she laid her head back down on her arms on the table and tried to relax as much as possible. She opened her mouth and clamped it over her forearm. She no sooner had her mouth in place when she felt a searing pain in her ass as the dog's knot finally slammed in to her all too small asshole. She bit down hard as she tried to stifle her scream. She bit down so hard that she drew blood. The pain in her arm though distracted her from the more serious pain in her ass. The soft tissue of her forearm also silenced the scream and kept the noise level low.

    After the dog's knot had entered her ass, it wasn't long before Cynthia felt the burning flood of his cum filling her intestines. Cynthia didn't achieve orgasm this time because of the pain. She could tell though that if the dog had continued, she would have had an orgasm pretty soon.

    Her thoughts ran to her parents and her brother as she waited for the dogs to pull their knots out. She then wondered about her boyfriend and if he would miss her. She silently cried now at her lost future. As she was feeling sorry for herself, the leader grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. She immediately saw his huge, hard cock sticking out in front of her. He gave a quick command, "Suck it!"

    This was something she had done for her current boy friend and so didn't hesitate. She opened her mouth and sucked his cock in. She began twirling her tongue around the head to get it over with as soon as possible. She sucked with a passion that she had never used on her boy friend. This wasn't passion out of love though. It was out of desire to end the most horrific night of her life as soon as possible. She was successful at it too. He came in less than a minute. He grunted out in pleasure as he shot stream after stream of cum down her throat.

    When he pulled out, he was quickly replaced by the dog handler. She brought him off in about the same amount of time as she had the leader. She again found herself swallowing the nasty cum from her captors.

    When the handler was done, he put his cock back in his pants. As he was doing that, the leader ordered, "Go search the rooms and see if there is anything of value to take. Let's make it look like a typical burglary. No one will raise a stink about her coming up missing now. Her family is gone and her boy friend won't be a problem either. I saw him with one of her room mates yesterday. I heard them saying they were going to the lake to camp out after graduation. It seems he decided to give up on getting anything from this bitch. It's too bad for him. She sure is a hot one. Now go. It's almost 3 am. I want to leave by 3:30."

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    I may be a Romantic, but I love a happy ending. A very good story. Wouldn't mind, reading about more about Teddy, Cynthia, and Rob.

    Jan 6 2010 23:13
    love ahappy story want hear more please

    May 21 2013 21:10
    gee it all worked out good , a bitch for ever that would be fun!! Made me wet and loved it please write more!! TY

    May 14 2014 05:50
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