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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, domination, reluctance, exhib, oral, anal, watersport.

    I shouldn't have been driving anyway. I'd had one too many at the office party and I shouldn't have let Jim bend me over his desk and fuck me. Now, here I was sitting on a damp spot with a cop behind me, lights flashing. I was in a panic, I didn't need another ticket and I absolutely didn't need a DUI. Hopefully he wouldn't make me blow into anything.

    I pulled over and waited.

    I had to get out of this. I could see him in the mirror through his windshield, he seemed to be young and from what I could see, fairly easy on the eyes. Maybe I could play my way out of this. I clicked my seat back a notch, undid the first three buttons of my little white blouse and pulled my bra back to the side to show a fair amount of my better than average tits. If I had to I'd let him fuck me to get out of this.

    He finally got out of the car and stopped to talk on his little shoulder radio thingy and now that I could see all six feet plus of him I knew I would happily fuck my way out of this. He was young and well built in a really tight, crisp uniform. I eased my blouse open some more and pulled my skirt further up my thighs. He headed up to my car. When he got to the window I couldn't tell if he liked what he saw or not, he had on mirrored aviator sun glasses.

    I gave him my best sad eyes and said, "What did I do wrong, officer?"

    He didn't flinch and said to me, "License and registration."

    I had to reach over the seat and made sure he got a good glimpse of my ass as I squirmed, pretending to search for my registration. Finally I got them and sat back up and handed them to him. He said impatiently, "Wait here," and went back to his car. He was gone for a long time, talking a lot on his radio. I figured I was done, he was writing me up.

    Now he was headed back to my car empty-handed. He didn't have my stuff or his little ticket pad. He got next to the window and paused. I was about to cry as he spoke to me. "I can write you up for reckless driving, improper lane change, failure to use signals, speeding and if I ask you to get out of the car and take a breathalyzer I'd bet my house you're DUI."

    All I could do was whimper a quiet, "I'm sorry. Please officer, I'll do anything."

    There was a tense moment and since I figured I was busted anyway I decided to go for it. I eased open my legs, reached up and ran a finger down the shape of my breast, licked my lips and said in my best sultry voice, "Isn't there something we can do about this?"

    He didn't flinch. I keep up my ready whore thing, being really obvious that he could have it all. He looks at me and says, "Maybe I should add attempted bribery of an officer to all the other charges."

    I'm sure I'm done now and I start to cry. I pull my skirt down and pull my blouse together over my breasts. A few seconds pass and then he says firmly, almost shouting "Stop crying!" I almost jumped out of my seat. I turned to beg him to let me go but before I can say anything he says abruptly, "Don't look at me and stop crying. From now on you will do exactly what I tell you to. Do you understand?" I nodded sheepishly. "Now sit back in the seat and show me your tits."

    I'm feeling better about my situation already and I love being ordered around. I get very turned on by submitting and being controlled. My pussy was already tingling as I sat back, kept my head down, undid a couple more buttons and pulled my bra down lover my tits, which are better tan average and completely natural. He reaches down and bounces them in his hands a couple times, then gives my nipples a hard twist and stands up. My nipples immediately get hard and I can feel my pussy starting to get creamy.

    He says, "Pull your car into that parking lot." I do as I'm told. He follows me, pulling alongside my car. He gets out and comes to my door and opens it. "Get out of the car. Face the car and put your hands on the roof."

    I do as he says, keeping my eyes down. My naked tits are now pressed against the back door window. He rummages around in the car a bit, takes out the keys and my purse and transfers them to his cruiser. He turns back to me and says, "Put your hands behind your back." I do and he handcuffs me. Then with my tits fully exposed he walks me around to the passenger side of the cruiser.

    When he opens the door, the biggest, meanest looking dog I've ever seen lunges at the cage between the seats snarling and baring his teeth. I fall backwards with fear. He stops my fall and is holding me up as he shouts into the car "DOWN!"

    The dog immediately backs down. It seems he knows who's boss. "Get in the car now." I get in, sitting on my hands. The dog is right up behind my head, I can feel him breathing on me.

    He gets in and starts the car but before we leave he leans over and rips my blouse completely open, then roughly bends me over, pulls up my blouse, rips open my bra from behind and yanks it off me. He pushes me back up in the seat, gives my tits a good hard rub and twists my nipple again hard. He starts the car and drives aggressively back to the road. I like a dominant male as much as any girl but this was starting to scare me. For all I know he'll take me to the woods and kill me. I turn but don't look at him. "Officer, you're not going to hurt me are you."

    "Don't talk. Consider yourself my prisoner. You broke the law and you have to pay for it. When you've paid for it in full, I'll take back to your car. The rules again are, don't talk and do exactly as I say, understood?"

    I nodded and kept my head down. Somehow I trusted him. I got over my fear and began to give in to him. I would follow orders and do what he said and ordered me to do. The dog still made me little nervous, he was just inches away from my head, sniffing me and panting on me, just my luck to get stopped by a canine unit. We drove for a long time in silence, my breasts completely bared and bouncing around with every bump in the road. I felt completely vulnerable.

    Soon we turned off onto an unpaved road and arrived at a really nice cabin-like house surrounded by a six foot high chain link fence. Inside the fence, barking and jumping and carrying on are two more huge dogs, one looked like a shepherd and the other was shorthaired and completely black.

    He pulled up and let the dog in the back of the car out and into the gate with the other two. They looked really excited. He opened my door, pulled me out and marched me in the gate. The dogs came running up, terrifying me. I thought they were going to tear me to shreds right there. I don't have a dog and my family never had dogs, I'm just not a dog person.

    We stop before going up the front steps. He reaches down and in single motion pulls my skirt down. The he reaches inside my panties from behind me and roughly rubs and fingers my pussy. I'm wet and still a little spermy from fucking Jim at the party. "Slippery little slut aren't we?" He rips my panties at both sides and pulls them off and throws them to the dogs who start fighting over them and tearing them to pieces, he also throws them my skirt, my bra and my blouse and they all meet the same fate.

    He takes me inside and re-cuffs my hands over a beam so they're over my head. Now I'm completely naked except for heels and my eyeliner and I'm hanging handcuffed in this guy's house. I'm completely at his mercy. The thought makes me excited, I don't think he'll hurt me, hopefully he just treats me like shit and fucks me till I can't take it anymore. Now I'm getting wetter. He comes out of what I presume is the bedroom wearing a t-shirt and boxers.

    His body is better than I expected, strong and well cut. He comes right up to me, jams his hand between my legs forcing them open and starts really feeling me up hard. His fingers are all over in my pussy, he rolls my clit between his fingers, tugging on it. He reaches back and rubs all over my tight little asshole, then he slips just the tip of one his fingers in it and stretches around. His other hand goes to my clit again.

    My body is going crazy, I'm going to come any second. My knees get weak and I just sit my pussy down onto his hands. I'm ready to come and then he just stops and steps back. He bounces my tits in his hands and says, "Let's get these ready." He gropes for a minute or so and then he just hauls and slaps my right breast really hard. "Now the punishment begins you little slut."

    He begins an assault on my breasts, slapping and twisting and pinching them. He slaps them so much they're getting bright red and they feel like they're on fire and all it does is make me wetter down there. Finally he seems to done with them. He goes to the kitchen and comes back with a little chain about foot long with a clamp at either end. He carefully attaches each clip to one of my nipples and then tugs on the chain, jiggling my breasts and tugging at them with the clamps. It hurts but now my tits are completely turned on, and they're his, he can do anything he wants to with them.

    He sets up a TV tray beside an overstuffed chair, turns on the TV, goes to the kitchen, comes back with a six-pack of beer and some cold chicken wings which he puts on the tray beside the chair. Then he goes to the bedroom and returns with a tube of vaginal jelly, also beside the chair. He comes back to me and re-cuffs my hands in front of me. "Remember, do exactly what I say."

    I nod. He pulls me across the room by my tit chain. He sits down in the big chair and tells me to kneel down in front of him. He pulls out a large, fine looking dick from his boxers. "Put this in your mouth and don't take it out until I tell you to."

    I bend over and he helps position me snugly between his legs in such a way that I can't really move or get his dick out of my mouth. He's not completely hard so I start sucking away. I hear him open a beer and I can tell he's eating the chicken wings. This goes on for maybe ten minutes, me gently sucking away and him eating and drinking and watching some cop show on TV.

    After awhile he leans forward and starts feeling my butt and rubbing my asshole. Then the spanking begins. He slaps my ass-cheeks until they're beet red. I'm sucking harder now and can't do anything but moan around his dick, which is growing. After squeezing my burning ass-cheeks he spreads them and pushes his finger into my asshole.

    I've only had anal sex a couple times and it wasn't really pleasant but this didn't feel that bad. If he wanted my ass to get me out of this, he could have it. He worked his finger in and out of my ass for couple minutes and then it was gone. Then I feel something strange pushing on my sphincter and then he shoves it in. It's not really big and knobby on the end, then it hits me, he's pushed a chicken wing bone in my ass. He's flicking it and stroking it in and out of me. He sits back for more beer and I keep up a smooth sucking of his dick.

    I can't imagine how my ass looks poked out into the room with a chicken bone stuck in it. I can hear him eating and pretty soon he's stuffing another bone in my ass, then another one and another one. Now I've got four bones in my ass and he's moving them around and to my surprise my little hole feels really good. Then he reaches back and works an uneaten chicken wing into my pussy. I feel complete shame that this is exciting me.

    "Reach back and masturbate yourself."

    I do and as I'm working my clit he plays with the bones in my ass. I takes me about three minutes for me to really come hard. I'm panting around his dick, which by now is good and hard. I come down a bit from my orgasm and the he starts pulling the little bones out of my ass one by one, then he pulls the wing out my pussy and rubs it all over crotch.

    "Now the fun begins," he says. He slaps my ass a couple times, sits back, takes along draw of his beer and whistles really loud. I hear the dogs come running into the room.

    Now I'm really scared and try to lift my head which isn't going to happen. He holds me firmly in place by my hair. "Just keep sucking bitch. You're going to like this." The dogs are right at my ass and start licking away like crazies all over my ass and pussy. Now I know why the chicken. Their licking is nonstop and is starting to tingle my whole crotch. They work over my asshole with a vengeance and I can't keep it from clenching and opening like an ass spasm. He tell me to reach back and spread my lips and let them at my clit. I do and now I can feel my clit start to swell and soon I can feel a clit orgasm building up and then I'm over the edge.

    "Good girl, I told you it'd be fun. OK boys, you'll all get a turn but Buddy's been working so he goes first." He pats my ass a couple times and says, "Come on Buddy, up!"

    Next I feel the huge dog from the car on my back and I think, 'Oh my god he's going to let his dogs fuck me!' I start squirming and trying to say no. He slaps my head and the reaches down to hold my ass still for Buddy. "Just keep sucking bitch you're not going anywhere."

    The dog's dick is poking around my holes and pretty soon it finds the sweet spot and in an instant I have a good six or eight inches of the biggest cock I've ever felt pounding up into my pussy. Buddy adjusts a bit and then he just pushes his whole dick up in me. God it is huge and now he's humping it in and out of me at incredible speed. I can feel it banging on my cervix.

    I don't know what to think but my pussy does, it's oozing and getting wetter by the second. It's grabbing at the big dick like it's got a mind of it's own and soon I begin to feel the fucking I'm getting start to make my whole body go weak. He leans forward, rubbing Buddy's ears and sides.

    "You like your little piece of human ass? Do you Buddy? She's all yours just fuck away at that bitch pussy. I can hear her pussy bubbling around your big ole dog cock so I can tell she likes it, huh Buddy. Fuck her good and stuff that big knot of yours in there. We're gonna have some fun tonight."

    He sits back to drink more beer and watch Buddy fuck me. I feel totally degraded being offered to his dog but that doesn't stop me from coming. I shudder through another orgasm, panting around his dick. Buddy just keeps going, then I feel my pussy lips being banged at. It must be the knot.

    The dog is really trying hard to get it in me. He reaches down my side and pulls my pussy open from the sides. "Come on Buddy, push into her. Fuck that knot into her hot little snatch. We're going to turn her into a good dog bitch." Buddy is pushing hard and I'm really wet and he's pulling me open and then I feel my pussy stretched unbelievably and then it's in me. My pussy closes behind it. I've never been so full of dick meat, I can feel it up in my gut.

    Buddy's strokes are shorter now and my entire vagina is coming on his giant piece of meat. He sits back to watch Buddy breed me. "Good boy, now fuck her up good and empty your dog balls way up inside her." Just listening to him makes me come again. I'm attached to his dick by my mouth and he's helping his dog fuck me like I've never been this fucked before.

    I feel his dick start to really stiffen in mouth and I know this is turning him on in a big way. Buddy keeps hunching into me, wriggling his dog meat all around inside me. He grips my waist even tighter and I can feel the first hot jet of his dog sperm up inside of me. At the same time I can feel the dick in my mouth start to twitch. The first burst of come shoots into my mouth. "Suck it out of me dog bitch, suck it hard and swallow every drop."

    He didn't have to ask, I'm sucking like a mad woman, his dick is shooting jism into my mouth and I'm trying to suck him inside out. I swallow every drop. He's moaning, Buddy's whining and hosing my pussy with huge amounts of dog come and I'm so sexed I don't know up from down. Soon I'm completely full of sperm from both ends.

    Things quiet down and I'm just panting around his dick and my pussy is spasming all over Buddy's cock. He reaches out and holds on to Buddy, who is slumping onto my back. He knows he can't really get turned so he holds him there. "Good boy. Was it good? This is good little piece of human pussy. Get all your dog spunk up in there? You'll be able to get down in a couple minutes."

    He holds Buddy there for about five minutes, soothing him and talking to him. Soon Buddy's dick softens a bit and he reaches down pulling me open a bit. Buddy pulls back, my pussy really stretches and pulls what feel like an orange out of pussy which feels completely fucked and almost numb.

    There's a minutes rest. He cracks another beer, his dick still in my mouth. After a couple swigs he leans forward, pats my ass a couple times and says " Titan, up." The next dog doesn't hesitate, he's up on my back and his aim is true. On the first poke he lands a good eight or ten inches of dog dick straight up my sloppy puss and we go round again.

    This dog is more aggressive and just fucking jackhammers my hole. By now I've given in and just raise my hole up to get him in good. I feel like a completely dominated dog slut. The humiliation makes me come again, and again. I come three time on this dog before he blows a gallon of dog jism into my belly. I keep up a mild nursing of the dick in my mouth. He sits back, drinking beer and watching TV and watching his dog fuck away at me.

    When the dog is finally done and dismounts he pats my ass again and calls the third dog up. Atlas drills me for about fifteen minutes, knots me up and spews his seed deep in me. There's a huge puddle of dog come on the floor and my pussy is numb from coming. When Atlas is done we all rest a minute. He doesn't let me up from his dick but my mouth is sloppy and I'm hardly sucking anymore. His dick is just lying on my tongue. After another beer he says "Time for the real fun."

    He reaches back and fingers my asshole. Next I feel the top of the lube tube being stuck in my butt and he squeezes a big glob into my anus. Next he squeezes some on the out side and rubs all around my butt hole. I know what's about to happen but I don't care. He's going to have the dogs fuck my ass.

    As soon as I am lubed up he tells me to spread my knees farther apart and bring them closer to the chair. This basically lowers my ass to the right height for fucking. "Good girl," he says. "Buddy, up!"

    Buddy is up on me in flash. He reaches back and helps Buddy's dick find my brown eye. Buddy hunches forward and he's in. My ass has never been stretched this far or had anything this big in it. It hurts, but in my cummed-out submissive state it doesn't last long. Buddy works all of his dick into my ass and starts his pounding. My ass is on fire but the feeling of his dick rubbing along my bowels is unbelievable.

    Pretty soon my ass is clamping his dick and I'm pushing back trying to get more in me. I'm over the edge now, whatever he wants to do to me is good. I'm completely now his dog in my ass whore. Buddy bangs away and I'm back to sucking and he's getting hard again. Buddy's knot bangs up against my ass but there's no way it's getting in, my ass would rip apart.

    Buddy just keeps pounding until he shoots a quart of dog jism way up in my bowels. At the same time I feel the dick in my mouth ready to go again and I suck the come out of it like a mad woman. He helps the other two dogs fuck my ass and I feel like the whole lower half of my body has turned to jello. The last dog finishes and we all rest.

    Finally he lifts my head off his dick and looks at my sweaty face and matted hair. "I think we've found a new dog bitch, boys. Stand up."

    I can't. I'm just kneeling there, come running out of my holes.

    "Let's go bitch." He grabs my tit chain and hauls me up by my nipples, I can barely walk. "Bathroom." He pulls me across the room and into the bathroom and makes me face the toilet and bend over it, my face on the tank. He re-cuffs my hands behind my back. He pulls up behind me and stuffs his fairly hard dick up my ass, which offers no resistance.

    I feel the huge gush of warm piss pushing into me. He's pissing in my ass. "Nothing better than a good beer piss up some slut's ass." He pisses forever in my ass. I can feel the pressure way up my bowels, he's really filling me up. After a moan and a couple last spurts I can tell he's done. He pulls out, spins me around and sits me on the toilet.

    I'm no sooner down than the piss enema in my ass lets go with incredible force. I piss at the same time. It feels like my whole bottom end is emptying out and I have no control. He pushes my head back over the tank, squeezes my sweaty tits together and slides his slippery, ass lubed dick up between them. He proceeds to tit fuck me hard and fast. He's squeezing my tits and working them over his dick while I just give in. He hammers away at my chest for good five minute, never letting up.

    Finally he buries the head of his dick in the middle of my tits and squirts a big load of come. He lets them go and they fall back, covered in his come. After he gets his breath, he jerks me back up by the tit chain. "Time for bed, dog slut."

    He pulls me across the house to a room by the kitchen. It's a special room, there's a drain in the center of the room, the floor is linoleum, and there's a hose on the wall. There are some blankets around the edge of the room and there's a small leather ottoman. Then it dawns on me, this is the dog's room. He's going to leave me here all night.

    I'm scared to be around the dogs without him. I start to raise my head to say no but he jerks my chain really hard hurting my nipples. He grabs my neck and forces me over the ottoman, cuffing my hand to legs. "There you go little dog slut, enjoy your sleep over with the boys."

    He put out bowls of food and water for the dogs and whistled for them again. They bounded in to the room, he gave them all a good scratch of the ears and said "Have a good time with your new little bitch." With that he just left and closed the door. I could hear the TV and the microwave. He was having dinner like it was nothing.

    The dogs ate all their food before turning to me. There was a little scuffling and bared teeth but they soon got the order sorted out and the first one was up on my back. I think they must have fucked me for an hour in any hole they landed in, I was just a wet mess of raised up fuck holes for them. At some point the door opened and he reached in to dim the light. One of the dogs was lodged up my ass. "Looks like fun boys, goodnight."

    The door closed and the long night began. I passed out again and again, but would wake throughout the night as one of the dogs would wake up and plow one of my holes again before going back to sleep. Between the three dogs I think they fucked me twenty times that night. I was beyond coming, I was just a slimy fuckhole for the dogs.

    I don't remember morning coming. The door opened abruptly and there he was in a crisp, perfectly pressed uniform. The dogs, slightly worn out, stretched and roused. He came over and inspected my pussy and ass, red and swollen and dripping dog come. "Good job boys. Anybody for a morning quickie?" The dogs came over for a last sniff and a lick. One of them mounted up and landed in my ass.

    I was too sore and tired to do anything but let him have it. The other two dogs went outside. He came back in eating cereal and watched the dog fuck my ass. The dog finished, dismounted and headed outside. "You're a mess, your ass leaking dog come, your pussy all swollen, I bet you never had a night like that? Well, time to get to work." He undid the cuffs and re-cuffed me standing up to something in the ceiling. I was too weak to do anything but hang there. He went over and got the hose and just sprayed my entire body.

    The water was cold and bolted me back to consciousness. He washed me all over taking special care with my tits. He took off the chain and the clamps. My nipples must have been an inch long. Next he forced the hose up my pussy, douching it completely. Then he walked round behind and did the same to my ass. The water shot out of me and washed down the drain.

    When he thought I was clean enough he got some towels and dried me all over. He re-cuffed my hands behind my back, draped a dog blanket over me and marched me out to his cruiser, putting me in the passenger side. He called Atlas to the car and he bounded in the back and we headed down the road. It was a quiet ride back to my car. He bent me down, undid the cuffs and told me to get out.

    I struggled to keep the blanket around me as I made it into my car. He walked up to the window and motioned for me to roll it down. He handed me my purse. "Consider your self on probation and don't drive through here again like you did yesterday. Understood?"

    I nodded my head sheepishly.

    "The terms of your probation are in your bag. Now get out of here before I arrest you for public nudity." With that he went back to his cruiser and drove away. I opened my purse to get the keys and when I did I saw the tit chain I had worn for the last twelve hours. In the clamp was his card with his name, phone and address. I turned it over and on the back he'd written 'Wear this. Bring beer.'

    This was going to be some probation.

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    This was a good read. I like cop stories like these. I almost envy her the attention she got from both man and beast. Mount_Rose

    Jan 6 2010 01:56
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