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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest, teens, oral, anal.

    Your alarm rings as it does every morning. You slowly become aware of the incessant beeping, but then it stops suddenly. The bed bounces as Bruno jumps up and begins to lick your face. You open your eyes to his joyous affection. His tongue licks your lips, and you return his wet kiss, sucking on his tongue and holding his head as he greets you on Valentine's Day.

    "Good morning, Dee." I am watching you and Bruno greet each other. A bouquet of flowers is in my hand. "Happy Valentine's Day, Dee Dee."

    You reach for them and press your face to the yellow roses. "Oh, Daddy, they're so beautiful." I lean down and get a wet kiss just like Bruno's. The dog is rooting his nose in your covers trying to push them down the bed.

    I laugh, "Bruno's looking for something, Dee."

    You giggle, "He's always like this in the morning. He just loves to give me my first cum of the day." Bruno seizes the blankets in his teeth and walks backward slowly exposing your young body. As usual, you are sleeping in a little white baby doll and matching string panties.

    I pat Bruno on the head. "He's a good dog."

    Bruno pushes his way between your thighs and delivers a long lick up your thin silk panties. "Oh God, Daddy, his is!" You spread your legs wide to give our pet room to lap at your wet pussy. I help out by pulling the strings on your panties and giving Bruno access to your bare little cunt. "Oh Bruno, lick me. Good boy, lick my little cunnie."

    I watch as Bruno's long tongue slithers inside your pussy. "Fuck her, Bruno, give her that long tongue." You can see me reach down and rub my hard cock.

    "Daddy, come here. Your cock needs my little mouth." I can see the lust in your eyes that the dog's long tongue is creating. I push down my pajama bottoms and my hard cock jumps up. A small drop of cum hangs from the end. "Daddy, don't let it fall off. Bring me your cum. I want to taste it."

    I kneel on your little bed and brush my cock over your lips. Your sweet little mouth opens and sucks on the head of my cock. "Oh, Dee Dee, you're so good to Daddy—my little cocksucker."

    You mumble something around my cock, and I can see that you're cumming from Bruno's aggressive licking. His tongue is deep in your pussy and his nose is banging against your clit. "Cum, baby. Let Bruno make you cum." You hips buck against the dog's savage licking. I squeeze your little nipples through the nightie, "Cum baby!"

    Your little body arches, and you scream around my cock. I pull out and hear you shouting, "Make me cum, Bruno, lick your bitch's little cunt!" Your body twists under Bruno's assault on your pussy. You freeze and let out a long sigh. You sit up and pull Bruno's face to yours and lick his muzzle soaked in your pussy juice. I stroke my hard cock as I watch you thank Bruno for your climax.

    Your hand moves under Bruno and finds his pink cock hanging down low. You giggle and look at my cock. "Look's like my boys need some relief this morning." I can see your hand jerking on Bruno's cock and the dog whimpers from the pleasure you're giving him. He turns on his side—you have him well trained—letting you lean over and lick his long pink cock. He wiggles his legs as your tongue teases the thick doggy shaft. I move next to you. "Don't be greedy, Dee Dee, Daddy wants some too."

    You laugh brightly, "I know, Daddy, you like sucking Bruno as much as I do!" You push his cock in my direction and let me suck the head. "Suck his cock, Daddy. He loves it." Bruno rolls on the bed as I swallow his fat cock. You leaned down and suck my cock. Bruno sees your little pussy and wiggles over to lap your cunt. Wet slurping sounds fill the room as we pleasure each other.

    You let my cock go, "Daddy, I need my boys' cocks in me!" Your face is a vision of lust. I can clearly see that my Dee Dee needs cock—Daddy cock and Doggy Cock. "Lie back, Daddy, let me get you in me." I move to the middle of the bed, and you climb on top of me. I can see your cunt drip from Bruno's saliva. You lift up and look into my eyes, "I need my Daddy's cock so bad!" I can see your pussy open and accept me inside. My cock slowly disappears as you sink down on me.

    Bruno is impatient. He's pacing on the bed and bumping into us as you try to get all of my cock in you. "He wants your ass, baby!"

    "I know Daddy, he loves to fuck my ass!" You're settled down on me. I can feel your pussy dripping on me. I take some of this moisture and rub it over your ass. Bruno jumps between my legs and licks your pussy juice from your ass. His tongue knows where to go. He stiffens it and enters your asshole. I can feel the wiggly digit inside you. "Daddy, I need him in my ass!" Bruno laps until your back hole is dripping his saliva.

    He stands up and secures his paws around your shoulders. His lock cock bangs into your pink butt cheeks. "Help him, Daddy! He's not finding my asshole." I reach around and find the fat dog cock. My fingers spread your little butt hole, and I fit Bruno's cock to your little pucker. I hear you whimper, "Daddy's he's so fucking big. I think he's going to tear me open!" I hold his cock and Bruno snaps his hips forward driving four inches of pink doggy cock into your asshole. "DADDY, OH MY GOD! He's in my little butt."

    I rub your ass as Bruno brutally drives his cock into you. Ripping open your pink little butt with his stout doggy dick. The dog yips as he hits bottom in you. His cock rubs against mine inside you. You are a limp rag on me as Bruno takes his pleasure. He's an animal and doesn't consider the effects on my little Dee Dee as he plunders her ass.

    You just lie on me for a moment, taking Bruno's vicious fucking. Then I see a light in your eyes, and I feel your hips begin to rock. You look down at me and kiss me hotly. Your tongue works in my mouth as Bruno's cock works your ass. "Daddy, it's feeling good. It's feeling fucking good." I can feel you moving faster on our cocks. We've opened you up and you're now taking long strokes from your boys' cocks. You wrap your arms around my neck and squeal, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck my hot cunt!" Bruno hears your heated cries and pumps harder. "OH, DADDY! Bruno's so fucking big in my ass!"

    Bruno is panting, his hot breath warming your neck. His muzzle is pulled back and his teeth graze your neck. You almost think he's going to bite his bitch when he reaches his moment of orgasm. His knot presses against your ass. "Daddy, his knot wants in!" You know how painful this is, but you also know you can't cum without his bulge inside your asshole. Bruno digs in and thrusts his hips hard and your little asshole expands to take your doggy lover's fat knot. Your screams of pain scare me, but they quickly subside. Then it starts, Dee Dee is approach her orgasm.

    "Daddy, fuck my cunt... Bruno fuck my ass... bury your knot... fuck your bitch... he's so fucking deep, Daddy... I need to cum... fuck me daddy... fuck me Bruno... daddy dick... doggy dick... fucking my... pussy... my ass... here it cums Daddy... I'm cumming... yes... yes... sperm me... you studs... Daddy!... Bruno's cumming... in my... ass... oh fuck cumming... with my Doggy... fuck your bitch, boys... cumming on my doggy's dick... Daddy... you're cumming too... sperm me daddy... cum in Dee Dee's hot cunt... cum in ass... cum in cunt."

    I can't hold back, and I blast into your little cunt. "Cum you slut... take that fat doggy cock up your ass... you little whore... needing doggy cock and daddy cock... oh fuck... I'm spurting my... hot... cum... oh... Dee Dee... Daddy's cumming."

    Bruno howls and slams into your pussy emptying his huge balls into your tight asshole. He drives in deep and locks into place, his knot deep in you.

    You slump on my chest as Bruno tries to pull free, but can't. You reach around and stroke his furry flanks, "Thank you, Bruno, for such a good fuck." He licks your neck and shoulders.

    I kiss my little girl. "Happy Valentine's Day."

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    i enjoyed that
    viv xxxx

    Jul 7 2007 15:44
    i did too
    so very nice

    Sep 27 2009 02:45
    So did i & looking forwared to your next story ok !! ? .

    May 18 2013 18:33
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