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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, hetero sex, SM, torture, teens.

    She was kneeling in front of his chair, her knees widespread, her firm, young body bent backwards, her arms behind her, forcing her taut, white breasts to thrust out from her heaving chest. Her long, blonde hair was in disarray, and beneath it her black silk blindfold could be seen. Her knees bore signs of rugburn, and a thick slime was oozing from her hairless cunt. A splatter of cum, his cum, was dripping from her tits. He smiled down at her. He had just witnessed her fuck his dog, a carnal display of animal lust that so excited him, he had ejaculated on her chest before he could get his cock into her mouth. The dog was across the room, licking it's receeding organ, and he had just taken her from her position on all fours to the position she was in now. She was still breathing heavily, her face a deep red that burned with shame. The unnatural union was the culmination of a week of lustfull acts commited on her young body, commited almost hourly during this past week that he had owned her. Well, posessed her, really. He didn't actually own her, he had kidnapped her. He smiled at her shame, feeling his cock stirring again. His cock ached. He had cum more times in the past week than he had in probably the last three or four years. To have a young captive at his mercy, to be able to enact all of his brutal fantasies, was exciting beyond belief, and he had not been wasting any time. He knew he would have to let her go eventually, and he was going to make sure he did everything he had ever wanted to do to a captive female.

    He had stumbled upon her quite by accident. He was checking on a rental house he owned in the East Bay, and he was passing the Greyhound bus station when the teen's thumb shot out. He pulled over on a whim and she ran up to his car. He smiled at her,

    "Where ya headed?", he asked.

    "I'm trying to get to Frisco" she said. He inwardly winced. People from San Francisco hated hearing it called Frisco.

    "Far out, that's right where I'm going", he said, "hop in!" She threw a backpack into the backseat as she opened the door and sat down. He looked in the rear view mirror as he pulled away from the curb. Noone around

    "Good thing I came along", he said, "lotta weirdos around this part of town."

    "You got that right", she said, "I've only been in Oakland a day and I can't wait to get outta here. I hear Frisco's cool though."

    "Yeah, I've been there a couple of times, on business, that's what I'm doing now", he lied. "I live in Tracy, way east of here, out in the sticks. You got friends in, um, Frisco?", he asked.

    "Nah, not really. I just hitched down from Seattle, but I know a gal that came down a few weeks ago. She said she'll be hanging around the Park. I'll find her."

    His mind was racing as he checked her out. Dirty Levis, low on her hips and full of holes, a thin top that exposed her belly, and her pierced belly-button. Her skin looked warm and soft. She was wearing a black Oakland Raider's windbreaker in the foggy, chilly night.

    He pulled onto the approach of the Bay Bridge as he hatched his plan.

    "Hey, tell ya what. I've gotta get a motel room tonight. Wouldn't mind a bit if you want to crash there. I could take you to the Park tomorrow so you can look for your girlfriend. He smiled at her.

    She gave him a long look

    "No funny stuff", he laughed, "I'll get twin beds if you want."

    "Yeah, well that might be cool, but don't get any ideas!", she said.

    "Nah, you can trust me, I'm harmless", he laughed. He already had plenty of ideas.

    He could see her relax. "So, what's your name, anyway." she asked.

    "Um, Gary," he said. "Gary Cooper, like the movie star."

    "Never heard of him," she replied. "I'm Tina."

    "Good to meet you Tina", he said, and he took her small, soft hand and shook it.

    He pulled into a Motel Six a few blocks from his house, and pulled into a parking place, far from the office. He requested a ground floor room, and signed the register Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cooper with a sardonic smile, and laid out the $38.50 in cash. It only took a minute.

    He opened the door to the room. "See, twin beds, like I told ya!" he said cheerfully. She was obviously relieved. He smiled again. She had probably fucked every pimply-faced kid from here to Seattle, but he had to play this just right. She threw her backpack on a bed, walked over and turned on the tv. He was still standing in the doorway.

    "Go ahead and use the shower", he said. "I'll grab us some burgers," and before she could say a word he was closing the door. He raced to his house, grabbed a suitcase and threw in the items he thought he might need. A few lengths of clothesline, a roll of duct tape, some rags. As an afterthought he took the collar off of his German Sheperd, and grabbed his leash too. He threw some of his underwear and a few T shirts on top of the items and closed up the case. As he passed by his wet-bar he stopped again, re-opened the case and threw in a bottle of bourbon and a few cans of 7-Up. 'Every little bit helps,' he thought, and he was off to McDonalds.

    She was in the shower when he got back, and he opened his case and put his items under the pillows of his bed. He grabbed the ice bucket and filled it up at the machine down the hall.

    The bathroom door opened. "Glad I had a clean shirt left," she said. She had on a plain white T shirt that came down to mid thigh. She was obviously naked underneath it.

    "Wow," he said, "you look great." And she did. Her nipples started to get erect in the cool room. 'Goddamn,' he thought as he stared, 'she's got nipple rings in her tits.' She sat down at the small table, giving him a flash of white ass-cheek before she pulled the shirt back down. They wolfed down the burgers, and he started to make himself a drink.

    "Cocktail, Tina? he asked.

    "Oh, fuck yes," the little cock-tease replied. He grabbed his glass and sat on the edge of his bed. She stayed in her chair, fiddling with the remote control, crossing and re-crossing her legs, giving him quite a show. He made them another drink, and then another. He sat on the edge of the bed, and she was backing up between the beds, changing channels. She stopped with her back to him, the shirt hanging on her naked body like a short tent, just inches away. He reached under the pillow, a hand on the rope. With the other hand he reached under her shirt and stroked her thigh; it was now or never.

    "Oh, Gary, that feels good. I thought maybe you didn't like me," she cooed. He smiled. He had planned on taking her outright, but, 'what the fuck,' he thought, 'no harm in sampling the goods first.'

    She turned and stood between his knees, her hands on his head, as he stroked his hands up her thighs, cupping her ass cheeks and squeezing them. She moaned when he slid a hand up her inner thigh to her moist crotch. 'Goddamn,' he thought again, 'her cunt's shaved!' His probing finger found her slit, and sure enough, the little slut had a ring in her clit hood, and he played with it, her cunt moistening as she twisted on his finger. He stood up, grabbing the bottom of her shirt, and lifted it off of her. Damn, she was gorgeous, the body of an athlete. He paused long enough to suck each of her nipples into his mouth, his teeth gently clamping around the nipple rings, tugging on them. She moaned again, and he pulled her around and laid her down. He quickly got naked, and she lifted her knees and spread them as he crawled up between them. He spread her sopping, teen-aged cuntlips apart with his thumbs, and inserted his cock-head. She gasped as he slid it into her, her long legs wrapping around his back as he began to fuck her. She was close to cumming, and he pulled a piece of the rope out from under the pillow. He was on his knees, still firmly implanted in her sucking, young cunt.

    "Give me your hands," he said. She opened her eyes, gave him a wicked smile, and put her wrists together in front of her, and he looped the rope around them, securing them tightly. He held her bound wrists above her head, and continued to fuck the girl, and they were both groaning in their mutual orgasms. He laid on top of her, her cunt still grasping his cock in spasms. She opened her eyes at the sound of the ripping duct tape. She opened her mouth to say something, and he shoved a rag in her mouth and slapped a piece of duct tape across it. Her eyes widened in terror and she brought her bound wrists down as if to hit him in the head. He simply tucked them down between their two bodies, reached around behind his back and grabbed one of her kicking feet. He slid it up to where, with her knee bent, he could reach it, and secured a rope to her ankle. He pulled her wrists out from under him and secured the ankle rope to the one that bound her wrists. The rest was easy. He got off of her, her one un-bound leg kicking at him, and he grabbed it and secured it the same way.

    She had tears streaming down her face and she was blowing snot out of her nose, trying to breathe. He took a tissue from the bathroom and cleaned her face, smoothing her hair, talking softly, telling her to calm down.

    "It's ok, Tina, it's ok. Everything's ok, relax now." She calmed down to where she could breathe, but her eyes were still wide in fear.

    "We're going to have some fun, Tina. Well, I am anyway. If you co-operate completely, I'll let you go when I'm done. Do you understand, Tina?" he asked.

    She nodded quickly.

    "Good, good. 'Cause if you don't, I'll hurt you terribly. Understand?" Again the girl nodded frantically. Now, just so we understand each other, I'll give you a taste of what's to come." He flipped her over on the bed, her hands trussed up against her tits, her knees up close to her tied hands. He could hear her sucking air through her nose as he pulled his belt from his pants on the floor.

    "Spread your knees, Tina, as wide as you can." She didn't move and the belt struck her in the middle of the crack of her ass. He saw her ass clench as the pain registered, and she rolled to her side, pleading with her eyes.

    "Bad girl, Tina. Bad girl." He rolled her back onto her knees. "Now, spread those fucking knees, slut. She spread them as far as the rope would allow.

    "Much better, Tina. Now, I'm going to give you ten more, Tina. If you roll over again, or try to put your knees together, you get ten more, and we'll keep doing it 'till you get it right. Got it?" She nodded her head, and he could see her tensing for the blows. Ten stinging blows of the belt followed, all of them along the cleft of her perfect little ass. She crouched there, taking it, straining to not close her knees. Kneeling behind her on the bed, he laid the belt across her back, then got between her spread knees, fingering her cunt, already wet from their earlier fuck, now exuding fresh slime as she squirmed on his finger, trying to relieve the stinging in her ass.

    "Good girl, Tina." He grabbed her hair and pulled it back, pulling it tightly, inserting his rock hard cock into her. Her hot, wet silkiness was unbelievable, and he was in her to the hilt. He leaned over her back and whispered in her ear,

    "Whipping you excites me, Tina," His cock was so hard he thought it would explode as he fucked into the moaning girl. "Oh, yes, I'm going to whip you many, many times." He let go of her hair and pushed her shoulders down into the bed, fucking her savagely. He felt her cumming, and as he shot into her, her cunt was squirting and farting as it sucked his cock in orgasmic spasms. He pulled out of her, scooping the cum that dripped from her, and rubbed it on her burning ass cheeks.

    "Oh, you liked that, didn't you slut?" She nodded her head again, afraid of not answering. "Good, that will make it much easier for you in the next few days."

    Days? she thought, fucking days? Oh, god no, she must not have heard him right, he said he would let her go, he can't keep her for days. He rolled her onto her back, and let her blow her nose, and wiped the tears from her eyes. He got dressed.

    "Here's the deal, fuck toy. I'm going to untie your legs. If you fight me in any way, I'll tie you up and whip you all night." He looked down at her, she nodded, and he smiled. He untied her legs, leaving her wrists bound. He then tied a three foot piece of rope between her ankles; enough to let her walk, but not run. He stood her up. He put two small rags on a piece of duct tape and taped it around her head, the rags firmly in her eye sockets.

    "Now, if you're good, I'll take the tape off when we get where we're going. If you're not..". .he left the statement unfinished. She stood there naked, listening to him as he moved around the room, stuffing her clothes and bathroom things into his suitcase, the bottles, the glasses, the duct tape and leftover rope, everything. He took some tissue and wiped the inside doorknob with it. He picked up the dog collar and buckled it around her neck, and using the last hole, it just fit. He clipped the leash to the collar and stood there for a moment, admiring his prize. The only item left in the room was her Raider jacket, hung over the back of a chair. He put it around her shoulders, snapping it up the front, letting the leash dangle from the space between the top two buttons. Extinguishing all the lights in the room, he opened the door with a tissue. She could feel the cool, wet night air, and she shivered. He looked outside. It was a typical summer night in San Francisco, everything enveloped in a blanket of cold, grey fog. The lights of the office were just a hazy glow in the distance. He saw no other people as he stepped to the car, opening the passenger side door, sliding the seat all the way back. He stepped back into the dark room, took the leash, and told her,

    "This way cunt, we're getting in the car." She shuffled out to the tug of the leash, the pavement ice-cold on her bare feet. He stopped her at the open car door.

    "Lean in and put your elbows on the seat." He guided her elbows down until they touched the seat, then grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs into the car, turning her to face the seat. She was kneeling on the floor, her face on the seat between her bound wrists.

    "You will stay just like that, slut. Do not even move. We will be there soon."

    He closed the car door, took a tissue from his pocket and wiped the motel room doorknob clean and closed it. He got in the car, turned on the radio, and drove out of the parking lot. Even though he only lived a few blocks away, he drove around the city for about a half an hour, circling around the city in countless turns. At one stop light, a S.F.P.D. patrol car pulled up next to him. He made eye contact with the officer and gave him a smile and a friendly wave. The cop acknowledged him with a nod, and sped off as the light turned green. His captive was silent and motionless. He gave her a pat on the head.

    "Almost there, Tina," he said cheerfully. Her coat was up around her waist, her white ass sticking out, the traces of her belting almost gone, and he felt himself getting hard again. As he drove down his street he was real happy to see that none of his asshole neighbors had blocked his driveway. He punched the button on his automatic garage door opener, and it was opening as he pulled in the driveway. He waited for it to close before he got out of the car.

    That had been a week ago. He had originally planned on only keeping her a few days, but he was enjoying this so much that he called work and took a weeks vacation, with the option of taking another one if he needed it. 'Family emergency' he told them. During that week he put his sadistic fantasies into reality. He tied her on her back on the first day, spread, bound, and gagged on the coffee table, positioned so she would be the first thing he saw when he returned from the fetish shop. He brought home an assortment of whips, crops, clamps, canes, gags, and dildos of varying sizes. Shit, he'd spent a small fortune on the things, and he was determined to get his money's worth. She was whipped while standing, while kneeling, while tied on her back, her tits jumping as the whip caressed her flesh. She was caned, her whole body, even the soles of her feet and the sides of her face. The next day the crop, all over, but especially her tits and the insides of her thighs. He even made her stick out her tongue, and gave her a stinging blow there. But always, every time, he would be consumed with lust, and he would untie her, and fuck the moaning girl with his hot, steel-hard cock. He enjoyed laying on the floor after whipping her, his cock a flag pole, making her put her tied wrists on top of her head, and impaling herself on it, while he slapped her bouncing tits with the crop. The drool would ooze out around her ball gag and drip on her tits, and he would crop her until the hot leather burnt the spittle dry, then again, and again. He could do this for hours, ejaculating, softening in her cunt, then getting hard again, listening to her moaning at the whipping, and at the rising cock in her inflamed cunt.

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