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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest, group, blackmail, reluctance, dogsex.

    "Dude, you have got to get over to my house and check this shit out!" came the voice on the other end of the phone. It belonged to my best friend, Phillip Miller who, for some unbeknownst reason to me, was urging me out of my bed at 2 a.m. I wiped the sleep from my eyes as I sat upright in bed, the cordless phone clutched to the side of my face. "Phil, do you know what time it is?" I remarked back. "I have to be up in a few hours to get ready for my classes."

    That was the truth of the matter, even though I would be having only half a day of classes at my local tech college here in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and not a full day as I usually would have. "Casey, you're not going to believe your eyes, man. Just roll your ass outta bed, throw on some clothes and shoes and get over to my house, I'll leave the door unlocked."

    After that was said, I heard a click on the other end denoting he had hung up the receiver. I clicked my portable phone off and set it back on the nightstand next to my bed before contemplating my next move. Should I get up and go to Phil's to see what was so urgent that he had to wake me in the early morning or lay back down and drift off again to the land of nod? I chose the former, as much as I wanted to grab a few more Zzzzz's I figured I had better see what he wanted and maybe if I were lucky it wouldn't take too long and I could be back in bed before I knew it.

    Over the course of the next 5 minutes I dressed and put my sneakers on, then grabbed a light jacket and made my way down the stairs of my folk's home. To tell you a little more about myself before I go on, my name is Casey Meijerson, I'm twenty years of age (as if Phil) and we both have always lived in this small middle-class suburb of Detroit, Michigan with our folks. I've been in a junior college ever since graduating high school in 2000 while Phil, on the other hand, is a mechanic's apprentice at a local garage down the street. We've both known the other since kindergarten and still hang out from time to time like buddies do.

    Something that makes that much easier is the distance factor: Phil's folk's house and my folks live directly across from one another and that makes my trip to his place a whopping thirty seconds at the slowest.

    Before I left the house, our labrardor retriever, "Senator Pugsly" brushed his cold nuzzle to my hand, searching for a few rubs and scratches before I exited the place. I leaned down, rubbed his neck and stroked under his chin a few times, telling him what a good boy he was before closing the door behind me and locking it, just to be on the safe side.

    The porch light was on, providing a bit of illumination as were the streetlights, which ran down either side of the subdivision road. Across the way, the porch light at Phil's was on also, just awaiting my arrival. I then turned, looked both ways to see no one was coming ( I had doubted they would at this dead hour but wanted to make sure), then darted across the road and up to Phil's door.

    Before I could knock though, the door swung wide open, creaking on its hinges as it did. "Dude, glad to see you made it, you are so not gonna believe your fuckin' eyes when you check it out man!" Phil spun on his heels and led me down the hall, then down the stairs to the basement where he had his room. I wasn't sure what he wanted to show me, but he sounded eager and apparently it was something, which he thought I needed to see.

    Phil continued to walk, first past his couch and television and then on to an adjoining room where his bed was. As we made our way in, his body blocked my view of his computer, which he was now standing directly in front of. On the walls behind it he had posters of Nirvana, Creed, Stone Temple Pilots and a few other bands. My eyes wandered around his room for a few moments as he began to talk, some of the things here I had seen since we were kids and some looked like he had just gotten them recently like a bass guitar in the corner. When he nudged me I turned back around to see something, which I never had imagined I'd see on his computer.

    There on the screen was a site called and what appeared to be my 49-year-old aunt, Sarah with her legs crossed sitting in a chair, in a black teddy. "Dude, I found your aunt on the internet, she has her own porno site!" exclaimed Phillip, with a sound of glee in his voice. My first reaction was total shock and disbelief. No way could this be my aunt on the screen. My mind began forming reasons to dispel what I was taking in: everyone had a twin in this world, right? It just had to be a woman that looked a little like her.

    That was it, someone who just looked a lot like my aunt. I turned from the monitor to look at Phil and remarked, "Man, that's not my aunt, that's just someone who resembles her somewhat." Phil immediately began to shake his head from left to right and remarked, "No dude, that is your aunt! Look, she has more pics and a bio on herself." He grabbed the mouse and clicked on the this little box that had biography on it.

    After that was done the computer pulled up another page and a picture of this woman that appeared to be my aunt Sarah from the shoulders up, smiling. I read the bio which stated she was born and raised in Detroit, the name of her cats (sparky and surly), her other hobbies, etc... but mainly it listed her sexual fetishes and how she enjoyed sleeping with groups of men, other women, anal and so forth. I now had total proof that my seemingly innocent aunt, Sarah was little more than a computer whore!

    "I told you, you'd wanna see this shit, Casey!" Phil said as he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Look I even found more pics of her!" He clicked the mouse once more and clicked a link saying "free sample pics".

    The computer first pulled up a picture of her with a black bikini on, though the top was missing. I knew I shouldn't be looking but a part of me couldn't turn away from the screen. This was my aunt who always baked cookies for me as a kid, took me to movies, and who lived the life of Suzy Q. Homemaker. Someone who was a very integral part of my life and now it appeared she had a very secret life within a life going on, on the side.

    I knew I shouldn't have been looking at her breasts, this was my aunt for fuck's sake but she had such a gorgeous set of tits. Each breast was small, firm and round and capped off with a small pink nipple, which jutted out. I moved closer as the pic below it opened. This one was with her legs spread wide and only the thin fabric of the bikini covering her mound. You didn't have to peer hard to see it hugged her lips and conformed to every nook and cranny of her vagina.

    In between my legs I felt my cock spasm a little. I felt it was betraying me, seeing my aunt in this fashion looking oh so slutty and wanting to see more. As the pics opened I exclaimed to Phil, never taking my eyes off the monitor, "Where the fuck did you find this at anyhow!?" He sounded almost as excited as I felt when he replied, "Dude, I was surfing for porn on when I ran across this shit! Well you know how I like older women, right?"

    Indeed I did. We were both only twenty but when we were 14, Phillip was involved with a 36 year old friend of his mom's (unknown to her of course) and at 18, dating a 44 year old teacher on the side. He continued on, "Anyhow I was looking through these pics of older women and it brought up samples from this site. I about jizzed in my shorts when I saw it was your aunt Sarah, dude!"

    Now it was my turn to jizz my pants, when the next pic revealed the bikini bottoms were now gone as well and she had her legs in the air, fingers pulling her pussylips open as wide as possible. One small, tan line remained and it barely concealed her pussy when the bottoms were on her, apparently. "Look how wet your aunt's pussy is, Casey! She's just begging to be fucked and fucked hard, dude. I didn't know if I should tell ya or not but decided you'd want to know."

    "I appreciate you telling me, Phil, it's just a bit surreal seeing my aunt like that with her legs spread eagle and all. I'm having a little difficulty wrapping my mind around it, ya know?" Phil gulped and said, "Really am sorry dude, I know she's your favorite aunt and all and this totally like would put her in a new light and all."

    He was right, part of me was a bit nauseous and sickened by her lewd display. It seemed from her biographical info she'd about do anyone, anytime and anywhere. But the other part of me.. the male side... was intrigued and fascinated, even a little turned on with this newfound information. Here was my very attractive aunt baring herself for everyone to see and it was a bit provocative.

    "I better go now, man. I have to get my sleep and be up tomorrow in time for school. I'll call you sometime tomorrow evening and we'll talk more then. Have a good one brother, I'm out for now." Phil didn't reply, with either words or body language, merely went back to his computer as I let myself out of his folk's house trying to be as quiet as possible.

    After getting back home and into my own bed, I lay there for a while uncomfortably shifting under the sheets. My hands clenched my pillow tightly as I replayed the whole scenario in my head, first with Phil calling, then me going over and finally seeing Aunt Sarah and her adult web site on his computer. The more I thought about it, the more I shifted about and the more I shifted, I realized, the more my cock was beginning to swell. I then did the unimaginable and reached between my legs, stroking my semi-erect cock and imagining my aunt in my head as I did perverted things to her.

    The thoughts ranged from kissing her deeply to sucking her taut breasts to licking her cunt as her juices coated my lips and face. Before I realized it, my cock was emptying its load on my stomach, hands and the bed sheets. I once again got out of bed and went to my bathroom to clean up my mess, then came back and crawled under the soft blankets once my mission had been completed. As I lay there restlessly I couldn't help but think that my folks and grandparents couldn't have a clue as to what my aunt was doing. They were very respectable people in our community and devout Christians and here Aunt Sarah was showing her goods for the world to see.

    I didn't think Grandpa and Grandma had any inkling, nor did my dad who was Aunt Sarah's little brother. My grandparents lived in the house next door to the right of ours while Aunt Sarah lived down the block with her husband, Wesley. She had married last year after being with him a year after she and Uncle Steve split up. Even though this guy Wes was my uncle by marriage, I still refused to acknowledge him as anyone other than my aunt's friend.

    I then began to think how normal things were with Uncle Steve even though they did split, so they change in Aunt Sarah's behavior must have came from her association with this loser, Wesley. I never did like that guy and even though there was no real upside to them being together from my vantage point, he was gone more often than not for his work out of town as a consultant.

    I played different scenarios again and again in my head pertaining to my aunt and her newly discovered sex life before sleep overtook me and I once again began to dream. It seemed like only minutes I had been asleep but the alarm sounded at 7 a.m., so I slept just over three hours give or take. After dragging my weary frame out of bed, I shaved, showered, brushed my teeth and combed my hair before making my way to my first class. During the course of the entire day I had aunt Sarah and her sex life on my mind. In fact, it was such a distraction that I almost ran a red light and into another car on the way home but my fast reflexes kicked in and saved me.

    When I got home, my black lab, Senator Pugsly once again greeted me by jumping up onto my chest and demanding I stroke him behind the ears. I did as he wished, giving him a few rubs and a pat on the head to boot before going to the kitchen and grabbing a tuna sandwich before once again returning to my room.

    I quickly kicked off my shoes, changed out of my blue jeans and long dress shirt into t-shirts and shorts and made myself comfortable in front of my own computer. I turned it on, connected to the 'net and then logged onto to see my those same pics greet me which Phil showed me last night. As I looked the same word kept popping up into my head: "Unbelievable!"

    I scoured the entire site and found some other pics I hadn't seen before. A few looked like they were taken somewhere on a beach while others I recognized from inside my aunt's home and her bedroom. I'm not sure why then but I began to save her pictures onto the C drive, then saved them once again onto floppy disc.

    I found every sample pic of her I could find, then went to a search engine and typed in "wayward wife/samples" and it pulled up a few more pics of Aunt Sarah that I hadn't seen before. These were mainly her and another woman engaging in oral sex with one another. I saved them as well onto the hard drive and floppy disc, then took the disc back out and placed it into it's holder.

    I didn't know it then, at least not consciously, but knew more would come of this. Aunt Sarah's pics were incredible, this tight bodied blonde haired woman of 49, who had no children of which to speak and was 5' 2" 110 or so and nicely tanned. Also, leading a double life which her family wasn't aware of, or which I'm sure she didn't want us to be aware of anyhow. It was then I began to formulate a plan. Why should Aunt Sarah fuck all of these strangers and here her own sexually deprived nephew wasn't getting anything out of the deal? It wasn't sitting quite right with me and I thought we needed to make a few changes.

    After thinking about what I wanted to do and daydreaming for a few more moments the phone rang. When I picked it up, Phil was on the other end. "Hey bro, you doing better today?" he asked sounding genuinely concerned for my well being. I surprised him by sounding much better than I had the night before when I was confused, "Yeah man, much better now that you ask. I found more pics of Aunt Sarah on the web earlier." My voice no doubt contained sounds of glee in it as I said that. Phil was caught off guard and replied, "Oh really? So what are you gonna do, plan on telling your folks?" I laughed out loud and it took a few moments before I regained my composure before I remarked, "I don't think so, I think I want to fuck Aunt Sarah instead, how would you like to get in on that action too?"

    "Fucking eh, dude! It sounds like you did a 180 degree spin from where you were last night! What changed your mind?" Phil said sounding as pumped now as I was. "To be honest, I'm not sure. Something just clicked in my head I guess. I was disgusted at first but the more I thought about it, the nastier the thought became and now it's like, why not fuck my aunt, she's hot and horny and I know you and I both are horn dogs, too. Just seemed natural I suppose." Phil shot back, "Well dude, I have to admit I like the way you think. I guess that's why we're best friends, Casey. Anyhow, I have to jet for now, I'll holler at you again soon and we can get this ironed out." With that the phone went dead on his end and two seconds later, I hung it up on mine.

    After I did, I laid back onto my bed and stretched out, hands clasped behind my skull and fingers locked tightly together as I gazed at the ceiling. I laughed out loud at my wicked thoughts and how, one way or another, I'd get my aunt to fuck myself and my best friend. I knew tomorrow that Wesley would be back out of town for two weeks and then decided that after school I'd drop in on Aunt Sarah for a surprise visit. She hadn't seen me in over a week so I was past due.

    I then did my homework, had a nice normal conversation with my folks about how my schooling was going and watched some NCAA basketball with my dad on CBS before heading back to my room and turning in for some sleep. Tomorrow would be a busy day and I needed to catch up on the sleep I had missed out on the night before. Senator Pugsly lay at the foot of my bed whining for a bit, then falling asleep right before I did as I last recall.

    In the morning I did my ritual again of shave, shower, brush teeth and comb hair before heading out for classes. It was now Friday and I had an entire weekend free to see if I could get into Aunt Sarah's pants one way or another. All through my classes my mind never was on the subject matter at hand. I was too busy fantasizing about my petite aunt and the fun I wanted to have with her. In my economics class, I had another blonde girl in there with me named Lois. She was about 21 years old and the same build as aunt Sarah. I imagined how if she were my aunt I could come up from behind her and spread her legs easing my cock into her pussy and then slowly pumping my hips back and forth.

    I snapped out of my daydream when the teacher, Mr. Dukat, turned to me to answer his question but I feigned as though I didn't hear him. When he repeated it I thankfully gave the correct answer before resuming my incestuous thoughts. Before I had realized it, the bell had sounded and my last class was over with. I then quickly made my way to my car and headed to Aunt Sarah's place. My heart was beating like a trip hammer the entire time as I made my way there and I had to consciously ease off the gas pedal and keep it under 55 so I wouldn't get a ticket.

    Things were going just as according to plan by the time I arrived. In my jacket's breast pocket I patted the disc, reassuring myself that this would all work out just fine, then hopped out of my car and made my way to the front door. I knew Aunt Sarah was home because her Chrysler was parked off to the side. Wesley's car was no where in sight, just as it should have been, or rather, should not have been.

    I made my way to the front door and turned the handle, surprisingly it was unlocked and as I entered I shouted, "Hello, Aunt Sarah are you here?" I didn't get a response and continued farther into the house yelling aloud as I went. She suddenly appeared out of a guest bedroom, placing her hand over her heart and replying, "Damn Casey, you about scared me to death! I had no idea you'd be dropping in like this, how have you been?" She then leaned up and hugged me as I, who am 6' 1" and about 180, leaned down to hug her back. As I hugged her tight this was the first time I ever held my aunt and had a thought, which was something other than, pure. Her breasts pushed into my chest and I relished them being there, so soft and warm.

    As she leaned back I coughed to clear my throat, apparently I was more nervous than I had initially thought I was. "I'm doing well, Aunt Sarah, I just got back from classes a little bit ago and wanted to see how you had been." Actually I had a good idea how she had been, no doubt fucking up a storm with strangers while putting on this miss innocent routine to the rest of her friends and family. "That's great, Casey I knew you were a smart cookie, can I get you a coke or a mountain dew from the 'fridge?" she replied.

    "Yeah, a cold coke would hit the spot, thank you!" I stated. "Nothing is too good for family, and if my little nephew wants a coke, he's got it." I waited on her couch as she went to the kitchen to retrieve my drink while thinking to myself, how right she was about the family remark but I wanted more than just a cold coke.

    She returned moments later and handed it to me, the top already opening, then sitting down opposite of me in her chair. "There you go, Casey. Now classes are going well already huh? Just about finished?" I sipped my coke while bobbing my head up and down in reply at the same time. "That's great! And what are you doing this weekend? Any big plans like a date or hanging out with your friend Phil?" I almost laughed so hard when she said that that coke went up my nose and I had to make sure I didn't dribble any on the carpet.

    "Are you alright?" My aunt said sounding concerned. I nodded once more and when my coke was no longer in any danger of being spilled or running out of my nose I said, "Well I have a few things in mind I'd like to do, though nothing set in stone yet." Before she could ask me to be more specific I continued, "Mom and Dad are going away this weekend also down to Indiana to see Mom's cousin. What will you being doing this weekend, Aunt Sarah?"

    She smiled widely and replied, "I'm thinking of meeting with my friends from down the block, you know the Webbers? I may go for a visit with them and hang out since Wesley isn't here."

    As soon as she said that, in my mind I thought, translation: I'm going to have a three way with this guy and his wife and suck as much cock and lick as much pussy as I possibly can before being fucked silly. I smiled widely back at her and said, "You know that sounds like a lot of fun!" Then continued, "My computer is down now, Aunt Sarah, I hate to bother but would you mind if I checked my hotmail on yours?"

    She hesitated for a few moments as though she had something to hide, then replied, "Sure you can, Casey Just give me a few minutes ok?" She then took off to her computer and closed the door to the room. I thought she was no doubt hiding the pictures and mpegs she had on her hard drive, probably making some new file called, "tax info" or something else equally just as boring on the off chance that I accidentally got off the beaten path by accident. One thing I had to hand to Aunt Sarah is she's not a typical blonde and is a very computer savvy lady. Still though, that wasn't going to save her from getting fucked by her nephew.

    "Alright, Casey you can come in now." She said as she opened her door and poked her head out into the hall. As I got up and entered her room with my coke in hand, I saw on the monitor that she had already pulled up the hotmail screen for me to type in my name and login. She really seemed to not want me to to accidentally stray, though if I hadn't known now what I did know, I would have thought she did that just to be really sweet.

    As she stood over my shoulder, I logged into my hotmail account to find 2 new emails, one of which was a spam message for some herbal weight loss plan and the other was jokes that were forwarded to me. I clicked onto the jokes and began to read them. "Let me take your empty coke can, Casey, I'll be back in a few moments." She then leaned down, took the can from me and went off to the kitchen to rinse it out.

    I knew then that was my cue to initiate things with Aunt Sarah. As soon as she exited the room I typed into the browser and pulled up the page, then entered and waited for her to return. Moment's later she came back and I heard her say, "Hey Casey would you like a bana... " her words them immediately stopped.

    I turned to see her standing behind me with a complete look of shock on her face as she saw that I had pulled up her page. There on one of the pics I clicked were two men whom I never had seen before, one fucking her mouth and the other fucking her asshole as deeply as he possibly could. "Oops, I think I clicked on the wrong link." I remarked, sounding as innocent as I possibly could. She walked up to me and said, "What the hell is going on here Casey?"

    I leaned back in her computer chair and spun it around to meet her, then leaned back a little pushing back with my feet. "Just a little something Phil found when he was surfing the 'net. Sorry if I shocked you, Aunt Sarah, trust me, it was as big a shock to me when I saw it as I'm sure it is to you to know that I saw it too."

    She stammered, "Casey.. that..that's really not something that's like, a major part of my life. I don't want you to have the wrong idea about me. God, I never had even imagined .. had hoped and prayed that no one in my family would ever see this."

    "It's doubtful Grandpa and Grandma ever would, you know they don't own a computer and hell, mom and dad don't even own their own. I wouldn't have known about it either unless Phil hadn't told me." I replied.

    Aunt Sarah's brown began to knit together in an angry look and her lips tightened as she mouthed the words, "Fucking Phillip Miller!" It seemed she'd either cry now or explode in a verbal barrage but neither came. She just stood there and replied, "So now what? You won't tell anyone about this will you Casey?"

    I shook my head from left to right indicating that I wouldn't, "Of course not, Aunt Sarah I won't tell anyone else..." then paused for a few moments. A look of relief washed over her face until I added, "for a price." Immediately she had that look of uncertainty and anger on her face as she studied mine. "What do you mean, for a price? Are you blackmailing me, Casey?"

    I shook my head and remarked, "Blackmail sounds harsh, don't you think? I'd like to think we're negotiating for something we both want."

    Aunt Sarah replied, "What is it you want? Money? I can't believe you, you little bastard, I've helped raise you since you were a baby and treated you like you were my own son! You're my nephew, I can't believe that I'm fucking hearing this!!" I shook my head from left to right once again, "I'm not after your money, I want something else." She had a doubtful look on her face as to what I meant, she wasn't naive but certainly had no idea I wanted to bang her I'm sure. "I'm not sure what you're getting at, Casey! If you don't want money, what is it you want from me?"

    I replied nonchalantly, "I want what you give everyone else, get it!? You get my silence and complicity to help you hide your dark side from mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, aunt betty and uncle milt and everyone else in our little corner of the world. In return I get to fuck your brains out and have sex with you anytime I wish, and I want you to fuck Phillip also."

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