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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple, malebeast, dogsex.

    The kids were off to grandma's so they had the night to themselves. It had been a while since they had any real privacy, and at first they seemed lost in the silence that fell like a blanket over their otherwise frantic domain. Matt uncorked a bottle of good wine and suggested that they play a game of backgammon on the back patio and enjoy the sunset and each other.

    While they played, their three dogs romped about the spacious acre of green grass that was their backyard. Beau, the black lab, was Matt's pride and joy. At over 100 pounds, he could bust through brush while hunting and was an excellent dog. Tack was a medium sized mutt that they had acquired when their son was a baby. Tack was a real gentle dog and she was the most playful of the three. Finally there was Spade, the medium sized border collie. He was a real tiger and thought he ruled the roost around the place.

    Playing backgammon, Shelly was feeling relaxed and enjoyed the view. While she was waiting for Matt to make a move, she noticed that Beau was attempting to mount Tack, who was not in heat. She had seen them do this before, but now it was different... Spade was running interference for Beau, keeping Tack at bay so that Beau could mount her. This kind of dog cooperation for a "rape" was new, and Shelly tapped Matt's arm saying, "Look at what your dog is doing to Tack!"

    Matt looked up just as Beau was finding the wet spot his humping hindquarters knew was there. Matt yelled at Beau, who just slowed his attack, but the break in the action was enough for Tack to make her move while the two "Studs" just watched her slip between them.

    "Oh, Matt, let them have some fun," Shelly said, as she slid her hand up the inside of Matt's shorts, finding his cock and balls hanging loosely since he had not worn any underwear this hot July night. His sweat and the heat from his groin had an instant effect on her pussy, sending a chill down her spine to her very core. She had become turned on at the sight of Beau's big red cock thrusting away as the black furry sheath peeled back like a glove. Now all three of the dogs had joined them on the deck, and she was noticing how excited all three were.

    Matt was enjoying the hand job he was getting and quickly forgot about the backgammon. Pushing the board away, he made room on the table to sit on, and standing up, Shelly's hand dropping away, moved over to sit in front of her on the patio table. Licking her lips and liking the more sexual turn their game had taken, she stood in front of him and pushed in between his bent legs, reaching for the back of his t-shirt. In one quick movement, she had him naked from the waist up, the sunset on his muscular chest intoxicating her. "Lets do it right here, right now..." She breathed into his ear, as he fumbled with her tank top. Lifting it over her head, her flushed breasts broke free into the warm evening air, her little nipples poking straight out as hard as they could be. His hands worked back down her back, pulling her nakedness into his chest, where he delighted in the feeling of her tits on his sweaty chest.

    Her hands had wandered down to the front of his shorts, and she was doing her best to unbutton them with her trembling hands. His gentle kisses and nibbles on her neck and ears were sending hot flashes to her cunt, now swollen and oozing her musky juices. Feeling her rushed attempt to make him naked, he reciprocated by easily pulling her elastic waisted shorts and tender white g-string off her perfect tight ass in one swift motion, dropping her last piece of clothing to the redwood deck. She was really hot by now and begged him to lift his ass off the table so she could get his shorts off. He willingly complied, and as he jutted his pelvis forward, his rock hard erection strained against his shorts. Shelly ran her hands down his ass and finally tugged him clear, an audible pop as his 7-1/2 inches of swollen manhood slapped back to his flat belly.

    Matt groaned as Shelly slid slowly down the front of him, licking the drips of sweat that clung to the fine hairs of his chest and belly, until she reached the purple head of his cock, which she sucked into her mouth with a groan of her own. Dropping onto her knees, she had a perfect angle for sucking him down inside her. Opening his eyes, he saw her engulfing his cock all the way, giving him the best head he had received in quite a while. He liked it when she got like this, all wild and insatiable. Perhaps she wouldn't mind the nosing she was about to receive by the dogs, now moving over to investigate this new treasure presented to them.

    Beau was the first to nuzzle her exposed ass and pussy. He obviously liked what he smelled, and Shelly twitched and momentarily lost her stroke down Matt's cock, but with a wicked smile up at him, she just settled back into the rhythm and arched her back more to fully expose herself to the three dogs now actively sniffing her. Matt was shocked but wildly turned on by this turn of events and suddenly his mind went crazy with the possibilities.

    Matt was so hot he was about to lose his load deep inside Shelly's throat, but he wanted to be down on the deck where the action was, so he stood up off the table and dropped to the pile of clothes that now littered the deck where they lay. Shelly grabbed his ripe cock and moved into a sixty-nine with Matt. As she engulfed him, he anxiously started nibbling and sucking on her swollen labia, licking her dripping nectar from her engorged cleft. Her ass was humping his face, and as he watched, Beau came up from behind her and joined Matt's efforts by licking Shelly's puckered ass hole. His long, strong tongue was penetrating her and she was going crazy with this double licking she was getting. Tack had moved down to Matt's legs and was curiously sniffing Matt as Shelly sucked him and fondling his balls.

    Shelly, sensing what was about to happen to their lovemaking, let Matt's cock slip from her mouth and motioned for Tack to come closer. The bitch began by nuzzling Matt's entire groin, from his ass-hole to his pubic patch, which held much that she liked. Her tongue licked Shelly's saliva off Matt's cock and balls, and the sensations were exquisite, if not the same as the sucking Shelly had been giving. Shelly sat back on Matt's face, firmly planting her pussy on his head. She was playing with her tits as Spade moved into the group, licking her sweaty belly and now her pubes near Matt's jutting chin. Matt was enjoying the licking Tack was giving him, but he was humping his ass off the deck as if he wanted more. Shelly reached forward, and grabbed Tacks collar, pulling her onto Matt's prone body stretched out before her. Reaching behind Tack, Shelly spit a gob of saliva in her hand and rubbed it into and all over Tacks swollen dog vagina. With gentle words of encouragement, "Good Girl, Tack... Sit, Sit girl." Shelly had worked Tack into a sitting position on top of Matt's thrusting pelvis. Matt was making wild moaning and groaning sounds under her, vibrating her clit with his noises of encouragement, while Beau continued to plunge his firm raspy tongue deep into her clenching ass.

    With both hands working blindly behind Tack, Shelly grabbed Matt's pre-come dripping cock and pushed Tack back until her tight and quivering vagina was placed at the tip of Matt's ready cock. Smearing his slippery juice around her tight entrance, Matt muffled something that Shelly thought was "Its sooooo hot", but she knew that he was enjoying their experiment. With a gentle word for Tack, and the command "Go for it, Matt." Shelly guided Matt's now forced thrusting up into Tacks hot and tight doggie cunt. Tacks eyes glazed over and there was an obvious look of pleasure on her face.

    Tack moved up a little, but seemed to be enjoying this new cock inside her. And Shelly was hungry with lust, watching as her husband Matt was breeding with the family dog. Matt went wild underneath her and his hips and ass clenched rigid as his mouth forgot what it was doing while he fucked this hot new pussy. Within a minute, he screamed and arched his back up driving himself completely into Tack, pushing her into Shelly, who was holding onto everyone, keeping them all connected.

    Tack got a little nervous as this big cock swelled up inside her and started dumping her full of come, but she was an obedient dog and stayed as commanded by Shelly. Spade had moved away from Shelly and was now nosing Matt's buried cock and Tacks filled vagina as the human dog coupling came to a quivering end. Spade started licking them at their union, taking all the spilled leftovers.

    Shelly watched as Tack sat up off Matt's groin, his glistening cock covered in their juices, Spade followed Tack with his nose buried in her cunt. Tack turned and sat to lick herself clean while Shelly bent forward to lick Matt clean. As she rolled into a more prone position, her now wide open ass was primed for the highly excited Beau, whose tongue had primed Shelly for what he was about to do. Lifting her soaked pussy up off Matt's exhausted face, Beau sniffed and licked her completely, his tail wagging and his now bright red half erection jutting out three inches past his furry cover. Matt's eyes grew wild with the thought of that hard dog cock penetrating his horny wife. He had the best view to witness this event as Beau was encouraged by the Shelly's swaying ass and both her and Matt's encouraging words.

    Finally Beau got the idea and hopped up into place, his butt muscles humping his cock wildly in the air, aimed at the prize of Shelly's pussy, but still a few inches away from the desired target. Matt was quickly regaining his rock hard status in the orgy, and with the weight of Beau now on her back, Shelly reached down and took Matt in her mouth to encourage his growth. This leaning forward caused Beau to pull forward and down onto Shelly, his front paws gripping her waist, his head near her neck. With his tail curved straight out, his 6 inches of dog cock was nearly there, so Matt took his hand and grabbed the furry base of Beau to guide him home. As he grabbed the thrusting hot cock, he felt the spasming of a knot of hard flesh beginning to swell in his hand. Wanting to get a look at what this was, he swiftly pulled the sheath back to expose a quickly enlarging bulb of blood vessel laced flesh glistening at the base of about 7+ inches of rapidly thrusting cock.

    His heart racing and Shelly moaning "Give him to me now...", Matt pulled the tip of Beau's cock to Shelly, her warm slick lips parting at his pushing. That was all the help Beau needed as his body went into autopilot, his back legs clawing into the deck as he quickly pushed all but the knot deep inside Shelly. Matt was amazed at the sight, and the sound of Shelly as she cried out in pleasure. "Ohhhh my god... that is soooo hot and sooo hard. It has a pointy tip, and slipped in so fast, Matt! What are we doing...? Ohhh... he is fucking me good."

    Matt laid there and watched as his hunting dog slammed into his wife's hungry pussy. The knot was too big now to slip fully inside her, and he wasn't too sure he wanted that big thing inside her anyway. "He's trying to bury the swollen bulge into you... be careful. Do you want me to keep him off." Matt asked her. She grunted and groaned but didn't respond with intelligible words, just began humping her body back against Beau. Little by little, she opened wide enough to finally admit the three inch surprise that Beau wanted to give to her. With a motion that was not unlike Matt's when he orgasmed, Beau made one final booming thrust and hammered home his entire cock, locking up with Shelly. Shelly gasped and let out a muffled scream as she plumped up with Beau's meat deep inside her. Matt was nearly crazy and a little frightened at this coupling, his dog locked with his wife right in front of his nose. Beau was coming and his sperm was filling Shelly to the point of overflow. Steady drips of clear runny dog come were slipping out past the bulge, and dripping down onto Matt's face and neck.

    Seeing his wife in the throws of her relentless orgasms, his hunting dog on top of her spasming as he filled her, locked as they were, Matt needed to get some relief. Sliding out from under the mating, he moved to kiss his panting and very satisfied wife. "Kneel in front... of me ...and I'll suck off, baby!" she told him. Matt liked that idea, as hot as he was he would take anything right now. So he got on his knees and moved in front of Shelly, her lips taking him completely in.

    Spade was still walking around the three of them looking for how he could get in on some of the fun. With the scent of sex in the air, he was sprouting a glistening half erection, and his excited pacing between Shelly's ass and her face had him humming with desire. Spade moved to the back of Matt and started licking his ass and balls as he rythmically plunged into Shelly's face. Shelly noticed Matt's cock swell with each licking, and saw how Matt breathed in rapidly and groaned as his ass became the center of Spades loving licks. Beau was finally finished with his orgasm, having been tied with Shelly for about 15 minutes, and his slowly diminishing erection slipped from its trap, as he slid off the back of Shelly. With a shiver and a sigh, Shelly moved to sit right in front of Matt, giving him more attention as his cock pulsed in her mouth. Matt begged her "Lay back and pull you legs up.... PLEASEEEE... I want to see your pussy dripping down your ass!

    Shelly did just as he requested, and it felt good to be on her back. She pulled her knees to her chest and both of them watched as what looked like a cup of come oozed out of her pussy, gliding down the crevice of her ass to puddle on the deck. She was covered. Matt lay on top of her, saying "Hold on, babe, I want the other hole, OK?". Shelly just smiled and pulled her legs farther apart, causing her pussy and asshole to gape open, exposing her puckered rosebud to him fully. Matt was so engorged that as he placed the swollen purple head of his cock at her tight butthole, he had to smear the dog come around so that he was lubed enough to get his head past her tight sphincter. With a grasping of her clenched muscles, she pulled the flared crown of his cock inside her ass, his groans mixing with her grunting as he continued pushing deeper into her.

    Once buried, he held it there, letting her get used to his massive size. Plus, he enjoyed the now frantic licking that Spade was giving to his asshole, balls and her butt. While Beau and Tack lay next to them, resting and licking themselves clean, Spade was getting into this and enjoying the smells permeating up from his master's grinding crotches. Matt thought that since Shelly had allowed an animal inside her, then if Spade was willing, he would try to give the dog a hole to plant himself in as well. Panting into Shelly's face, Matt said, "I'm going to give Spade a treat if it's OK with you... lets see if he'll do this."

    Matt reached down with one hand and scooped up some of Shelly's cunt syrup, and reaching behind him, smeared it all over his asshole, sticking a finger inside to lube it up. Shelly felt his cock spasm and swell as he toyed with his prostate. She was amazed that he was going to go through with this, and was thinking that there was no way the dog would mount her husband's ass. Just as she thought this, Spade got excited at the new smells emanating from Matt's asshole and moved into position over his body. Spade's cock was about three inches exposed, not quite as thick as Beau's, but just as pink and shiny wet. Spade had his two front paws on each side of Matt's waist, and Shelly had to make sure Spade didn't scratch her as he feverishly moved and dry humped the air above Matt's ass cheeks.

    Frustrated and nearing orgasm, Matt grabbed some of their clothes and in one sure motion, lifted himself and Shelly up several inches to slide the clothes under Shelly's ass, elevating their bodies so that Spade could get his humping hindquarters closer to Matt's asshole. Withdrawing a few inches from Shelly, Matt could feel a hot and surprisingly sharp cock pumping at his ass, wildly missing its target but closer now. The feeling of Spades furry coat on his back and butt was a strange yet erotic sensation that he had not known before. Reaching back behind him, while positioning his ass as close as he could, he grabbed Spades hot rod and pulled it to his tight and spasming hole, and with the vision of what Beau had just done to his wife, he relished the rapid movements of Spades humping as the dogs cock finally found home. Slipping inside Matt with a few thrusts, Spade got down to the rhythmic and seemingly frenzied attack, humping Matt like a dog gone wild. This animal penetration was unlike anything he could have imagined and he uncontrollably thrust into Shelly as he was filled with warm, slick cock. Matt resumed his measured penetration and withdrawal of Shelly, taking an effort to keep Spade buried in him. As he picked up the pace a little, enjoying the warmth and fullness of Spade in his asshole, Matt was pushing both forward into Shelly and backward into Spade with equal hard thrusts, riding the edge of an impending orgasm, his body tensing and his breathing becoming ragged. With his sheath fully retracted, Spades knot was still relatively small, only a few inches across, and as he pushed into Matt on one very deep thrust, and Matt knew at once that he had been penetrated by the beginning of Spades now quickly swelling bulbous knot.

    He thought this might split him in two, but his body was suddenly racked with orgasmic spasms, his ass clenching onto the now fully charged and pumped-up bulb of Spades cock as Spade suddenly let go with his own version of an incredible orgasm. There was no way Spade was going to break loose from the lock Matt had on his cock, and though he tried to pull away, he could only stand above his master, buried deep inside him as his balls delivered their heavy load. Matt was furiously pumping all he could into his wife, who had dropped over the edge of sanity in her third or fourth orgasm of the afternoon.

    Although it didn't feel like it, no one was moving very much, with the exception of the rhythmic pumping of their cocks or clenching of their assholes/pussy. It was also quiet now save the heavy breathing and panting of the three of them. Matt was the first to speak, saying "Good Boy Spade.... good boy. Easy, boy. STAY!"

    Spade obeyed and looked like he had no intentions of moving with the long distant stare he had as he continued for at least 15 minutes to fill to capacity Matt's bowels with his spunk. "So how does it feel to be filled with hot cock?" Sherry asked, a wicked but knowing smile on her face. "Now you know how you make me feel when you are inside me." Matt simply kissed her, clenched his ass one last time so she could feel his cock swell and said, "I won't tell if you won't... let's do it again!"

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