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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest, teens, orgy.

    Chapter one: The Surprise

    I arrived home early; the swim team meeting had been cancelled due to a problem with the pool pumps, my sister stopped at the bottom of the drive to talk to her friend Carrie.

    My sister, Erica and I are twins, born five minutes apart; we both attend the local college and are members of the swim team.

    Anyway back to the story, I let myself in through the back door, grabbing a drink I headed for the stairs. I was passing the living room door when I heard a noise, glancing through the partially open door I stopped in my tracks at the sight that I beheld.

    My Mom was kneeling on all fours naked; my dad sat at her head as she sucked at his cock. The biggest surprise however was that Buster our Great Dane was mounted on mom thrusting his cock into her pussy. I stood there transfixed, both shocked and yet turned on by the sight before me, I didn't hear Erica enter until she gasped in shock as she saw what I was looking at.

    Dad had grabbed mom's hair and was thrusting into her mouth moaning in pleasure, "That's it baby suck my cock!"

    We watched transfixed as we saw the knot of Buster's cock push into mom, she cried a mixture of pain and pleasure and we realised they were all cumming together. It took about 10 minutes or so before Buster pulled his cock from mom's snatch, during this time mom was licking and sucking dad's cock. Once Buster had pulled free mom turned round and pushed him to the ground, holding him down she started to lick and suck his cum coated cock as dad replaced him, thrusting his hard dick into mom's pussy.

    We were mesmerised as dad fucked mom while she gave Buster head, deep throating his now hard cock.

    "That's it honey! Oh god that's so hot, suck that doggy fuck tool!"

    Dad lent forward slipping his hands under mom to massage her swaying breasts and rub her erect clit. Mom's muffled groans filled the room as dad pounded his hard cock into mom.

    "Oh god baby I'm cumming! Oh yes I'm cumming, I'm CUMMING!"

    As dad's cries filled the room mom raised her head from Buster's cock and screamed as her own orgasm crashed upon her. As she orgasmed she jacked Buster off with her hand until he shot doggy cum all over her face and breasts.

    Mom and dad flopped down together kissing passionately their faces smeared in dog cum.

    Quickly Erica and I retreated into the back garden to sit out of sight of the house; we were both stunned and shocked by what we had seen.

    Erica was the first to speak, "My god, how could they do that, it was disgusting, I mean mom and dad OK, but with Buster?"

    "I don't know, I guess they like that sort of thing, but it was rather sick."

    "God bro, don't lie you enjoyed the show, I saw you staring, I almost had to peal your eye's off mom."

    "I can't help it, mom's pretty hot you know, anyway you could've walked away, but you were fascinated by it all as much as I was. I saw you checking out dad's package and for that matter Busters."

    Erica threw a punch at me, "Was not!"

    "Yeah right, look me in the eye and tell me you didn't find it a turn on?"

    "Your sick John."

    Erica started to stand and so I grabbed her arm to pull her back down, "We can't go in yet, give em some time to sort themselves out."

    As I pulled Erica down beside me she lost her balance and fell onto me, we lay there for a second, a tangle of arms and legs. I was acutely aware of my aroused state, my hard cock pressing into Erica's stomach.

    "My god you did find it a turn on didn't you, what's the matter brother, need some hand relief?"

    Erica made no move to climb off me, in fact if anything she pressed closer to me.

    "Why are you offering?"

    "Don't be sick, I'm your sister."

    I don't know what came over me but suddenly I found myself seeing Erica as a woman rather than my sister. Still lying together one of my legs lay between Erica's thighs and I realised I could feel a moist patch on my jeans. I pressed my thigh against Erica's pussy, she responded by pushing herself against my leg and thrusting her hips slightly. I slipped a hand down her back and across her arse, before sliding it under her skirt and between her thighs.

    "What do you think your doing?"

    "What do you think?"

    Her knickers were soaking from her arousal; pushing them aside I ran a finger down her wet slit causing her to gasp.

    "No don't do that John, for god sake we're brother and sister!"

    Although her mouth said no her body was responding to my touch as my finger slid along her cunt lips her hips thrust at me.

    "John we mustn't!"

    "Tell me no and mean it and I'll stop."

    "Someone will see!"


    "I don't know mom and dad, or the neighbours."

    "No one overlooks the garden and we're far enough from the house and hidden well enough by the trees."


    "Shall I stop?"


    Again her words belayed her actions as she pressed against my hand, then her mouth closed on mine and our tongues met in a lust filled kiss.

    We pulled apart, but only long enough for Erica to remove her knickers and open her blouse revealing her breasts to my lust crazed mouth. I licked and sucked her waiting breasts, the nipples hard and erect, while also pushing my pants down to my ankles. A hand wrapped around my hard seven-inch cock as Erica opened her thighs guiding me to her hot cunt.

    "I can't wait John, fuck me now, FUCK ME!"

    Even in my lust filled state I didn't want to hurt her and so tried pushing slowly into her waiting pussy. However Erica wouldn't wait, wrapping her legs around my back she thrust her hips upward while pulling me downward, burying my cock in her pussy in one swift thrust.

    "Oh god bro, that feels sooooo good, fuck me fuck me hard, fill me with your cum!"

    I needed no further encouragement and started to ram my cock into her, reaming her pussy with my hard fuck-tool. I had to force myself to hold off from blowing my load straight away, wanting Erica to enjoy this as much as I.

    I didn't need to worry too much though as the events of the afternoon and our own teenage lust soon pushed Erica into a body shaking orgasm.

    "Oh yes John fuck me, I'm cumming, Oh god I'm cumming, fuck me hard brother Oh yes yes YES!"

    Erica's pussy seemed to contract around my pounding cock, the muscles seeming to suck the cum from my balls. As my jism shot from my cock I fired it deep into Erica's waiting womb and her body shook to a second orgasm her mouth closed on mine and our tongues danced together.

    Chapter two: The shower

    We lay locked together as our bodies relaxed from our mind-blowing orgasm, my cock was still hard buried in Erica's tight pussy. We kissed looking deeply into each other's eyes; our hips started to move together re-igniting our lust. It wasn't long before I was pumping a second lowed of jism into Erica's orgasming pussy. We lay together before slowly pulling ourselves together and straightened our clothes, then standing and making our way to the backdoor. As we let ourselves in I called out

    "Hi Mom, dad we're home."

    Mom's voice drifted down to us from upstairs, "You're home early is something wrong?"

    "No swim practice was cancelled, there was some problem with the pool."

    Making our way upstairs we caught a glimpse of a naked mom as she disappeared into the bathroom. I headed into my bedroom, dropping my bag I headed down the hall to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

    "Yes what is it?"

    "Sorry mom, just wanted to know if you'd be long cause I could do with a shower after you."

    "I'll be out by the time you get undressed."

    I should let you know that my family has never worried about nudity, we were brought up to view walking around the house naked as natural. I've never thought about any of my family in a sexual way until that day, Oh I guess in the odd erotic wet dream but what teenager doesn't.

    So stripped naked I headed down the hall not really thinking of anything much, passing Erica's room I glanced through the open door and she smiled at me. Reaching the bathroom door I knocked,

    "I'm finished come on in."

    Opening the door I was greeted by the sight of my mom drying herself, the sight of her nude body brought back images of her being fucked by Buster and my dad. This had the embarrassing effect of causing my cock to jump to full erection. I quickly tried to cover it with my hands as I tried to dive into the shower. Unfortunately my Mom was standing right in front of the shower door. I realised she was looking at my erect cock with a strange gleam in her eyes.

    "My you've certainly grown."

    I tried to hide my embarrassment and my erection, but to no avail, she continued to gaze at it.

    "I better let you get a shower."

    As I moved past her to get into the shower her hand brushed against my erection causing it to jerk in pleasure. She just smiled at me before turning to leave the bathroom.

    Once in the shower with the hot water running over my face I slid a soapy hand down to my cock and started to masturbate, my head filled of images of my mom and sister. Soon I could feel my balls tightening as my cum started to pump up my cock shaft, it was at that moment that the shower door opened and my mom lent in.

    "Did I leave my bracelet in here?"

    The words were no sooner out of her mouth than the first load of cum shot from my cock to splatter her hair and the side of her face. The next shot hit her now turned face splattering against her cheek and mouth, while the next covered her breasts.

    Without saying a word she scooped up a dollop of cum with her fingers and licked it up. I flushed a mixture of embarrassment, shock and lust at the sight of my cum covered mom.

    As I watched she wiped a glob of cum from her cheek and then licked her fingers, "Mmmm, mom's big boy's made a mess, I'd better shower again."

    With that she climbed into the shower beside me, looking at my still hard cock she smiled. "Let's see if we can find a better way to relieve your pent up needs."

    Stepping towards me she smiled, her eyes burning with sexual desire and need, "But first I think you should show mom how good a cunt licker you are"

    With that she pushed me to my knees before leaning back against the wall and spreading her legs.

    I needed no further invite as I gazed at my mom's beautiful pussy; thoughts of the afternoon swam through my head. Mom and dad, mom and buster and now it was gonna be mom and me. Slowly I ran my tongue over her pussy lips to her clitoris, which I sucked between my lips to bathe it in my saliva. I tongued her open cunt tasting her juices as they flowed into my mouth. Her hands grabbed my head, as her hips pushed her snatch against my probing tongue.

    I worked on her pussy and clitoris with my tongue, enjoying the taste of her juices.

    Suddenly my head was pushed away, "Fuck me John, I can't wait any longer!"

    Standing I lifted my petite mom into my arms, I reached down and guided my cock head to her waiting pussy. As she wrapped her legs around my waist, I lowered her onto my fuck tool, burying it balls deep in her hot, tight pussy.

    "Oh fuck Johnny that feels good. Now show your mom how good a fuck you are!"

    Resting her against the wall I started to ram my cock into mom's tight cunt, bringing grunts of pleasure from her with each thrust. The knowledge of how wrong what we were doing was seemed only to drive us on, filling us with animal lust. I was pounding my cock deep into mom's hot tight snatch as her hips met my thrusts, her fingernails clawing my back.

    "That's it baby fuck me hard, plunge your cock into my pussy. Oh fuck I'm cumming baby, mommy's CUMMING!"

    Her cunt muscles seemed to clamp down on my cock as she orgasmed, bathing my cock in her juices. Moments later my sperm fired from my cock to flood deep into the womb that had given me life. We held each other close our tongues entwining as our bodies relaxed from our orgasms.

    As my softening cock slipped from her pussy in a gush of juices, mom lowered her feet to the floor. We looked at each other, a mixture of guilt and pleasure in what had happened. Finally mom smiled and kissed me on the lips,

    "I better finish in here otherwise your father will be wondering what's happened to me."

    "Mom I-I--"

    "Shush, don't say something you'll regret. You don't think that now I've discovered what a great cock you've got I'm going to forget this do you?"

    Reaching out she ran her fingers over my cum coated cock, "We'll have to do this again some time."

    Quickly we washed the evidence from each other's bodies, before heading to our own rooms.

    Chapter three: Strange threesome

    Mom and dad went out to a party that evening; Erica was in her room doing homework while I sat downstairs watching TV.

    It was about nine o'clock when I decided to see what Erica was doing, wondering really if she wanted to continue what we'd done that afternoon. Reaching her door I was about to walk in when I heard her talking to someone and then she moaned, a moan of definite pleasure. Wondering whom she was talking to I eased the door slowly open.

    Erica was lying naked on the bed, while between her spread thighs stood Buster with his snout buried in Erica's pussy. I'd realised the sight of Mom and Buster had turned her on, but I hadn't expected her to try it herself. The sight before me had certainly turned me on and by the look of Buster's erect red cock the taste of Erica's pussy juice had turned him on.

    Standing in the doorway I undressed as Buster's long tongue drove my sister to her orgasm. As I watched Erica rolled onto her hands and knees, Buster needed no further offers and quickly mounted her. Gripping her waist with his paws he stabbed his cock towards Erica's hot wet fuck hole. Reaching back she guided his cock to her pussy, once his cock head entered he pushed the rest in, groaning in doggy delight.

    I stood and watched my sister get fucked by the family pooch, while I slowly masturbated. A hand job is all well and good but I wanted more, entering the room I climbed up onto the bed. Erica looked at me in shock her face turning white in fright, when she saw it was me she blushed in embarrassment.

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    What a wonderful story. Would have loved to been there to enjoy it with you. Would you let us know more as it happens.

    Mar 21 2007 16:29
    great story do another and let us know more what happends with this 1

    Mar 22 2007 11:11
    Fantastic story hopr you write more

    Mar 26 2007 09:06
    Hot story- more please!!!

    Mar 26 2007 10:45
    Great hot and .... story . Do write more of this kind . Please!

    Jul 24 2008 07:52
    Very Very sexy hope you write some more.

    Aug 17 2014 16:30
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