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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, celebs, dogrape, violent, voyeur, oral, anal, masturbation.

    This story is a work of fantasy.
    The author makes no assertion that any person named in this story has ever, or would ever, behave in the manner described herein.


    "Yes, it's a weekend off shooting."

    "For me, Mr. Cameron?" Jessica Alba gasped, stared at the famous director whose concept for the hit TV Show Dark Angel had shot Jessica to semi-stardom. "Why me?"

    "Ive decided that you need a little time of from the press attention, to refocus on your acting, its been lets say a little lacking the last couple of story lines," James finished lamely, looking out the open window, reshuffled some papers on his desk. "I assume you can go this weekend?"

    "Well, yes," Jessica said uncertainly, pushing her straight midnight black hair back out of her eyes. "I suppose so."

    "There's a flights at five," James said, The flight plans already been logged and the company jet will take you to the local airport near the ranch, a car will meet you at the airport."

    "Yes, Mr. Cameron. Thank you," Jessica said, and then left his office, feeling very strange about the whole thing.

    Jessica felt uneasy as she got back to the set, of course, one of the reasons James made her nervous her was that she wouldn't date him. Jessica shivered at the thought of the times he'd trapped her in an aisle and tried to feel her tits.

    That Friday night, a very nervous, Jessica caught the flight, a personal jet owned by James Cameron, then she was met at the airport by a young, fresh-faced, brunette-haired girl.

    "Hi," the brunette said, "I'm Lisa, I'm taking you to the ranch."

    "Oh, thanks," Jessica said and sat beside her, throwing her luggage into the back of the 4X4

    "I'm James girl Friday," Lisa said with a giggle, as she drove out of the airport.


    "Mr Cameron; I do everything for him." She giggled again and Jessica saw that the girl's already short skirt was riding up her shapely thighs as she shifted around in the seat. And the top of her blouse was open just a little more than it should have been. Soon they were on a small winding road, and Jessica got nervous all over again.

    "Where is this place?" she asked.

    "Oh, a special retreat," Lisa replied, giggling again. "Out of the way; quiet, you know, so that people can concentrate on what's important. If you know what I mean." Jessica didn't. "What's this all about?" "James makes his own decisions," Lisa said, driving up to a sprawling one level ranch house that was surrounded by tall Douglas firs.

    Chapter 1


    Eventually the sun began to set and the heat of the day gave way too a cool evening breeze and Jessicas exploring was interrupted by a cool breeze, and groggily Jessica returned to the lodge to bathe before preparing for bed properly.

    "It's lovely... lovely!" Exclaimed the Latino beauty, as she walked into the main ranch house through the closed half of the Dutch door.

    "I never would have dreamed that it would be so much beautiful."

    Lisa, smiled. "I thought you might like it, and judging from the fact that you've only been out side for an hour, I can tell that you've only seen a small part of it."

    " It's very peaceful and relaxing"," Jessica answered. Lisa smiled. "You know, if you want, you can stay here for longer than a week. Mr Cameron left the invitation open. it has four hundred and eighty acres of land with lots of open grazing. There's a magnificent wooded area covered in grazing grasses next to a small lake with a little stream running in and out of it. The water in the lake is about six feet deep in the centre. It's clear and cool, but in the warm spring and hot summer months it's wonderful for swimming, and I take every opportunity to visit."

    "I don't know," said Jessica, her voice revealing that she was being tempted to stay forever. "A week is all I could get of from the shooting schedule. And with the press dogging Michael and I about our engagement there were times today, when I thought I would never want to return to LA

    "Don't worry, honey," Lisa reassured her. "I'm sure that after a week here, you'll be bored and dyeing to get back to Michael and the show.

    "I hope so, Lisa," Jessica said thoughtfully. "It's just so... so enchanting out in the woods there.

    Lisa smiled a knowing smile. She could understand what her curvaceous charge was telling her. James Cameron had used his money, a rather substantial sum, to build this ranch in a remote section of the rockies. When it was finished, he loaned it out to various friends and cast members appearing in his films.

    Linda, James ex-wife was in training here, for her reappraisal, of her role in Terminator 2, and you can see how it paid of in her physic and approach to the role of Sarah Connor, James little house definitely leaves a mark on on its visitors

    Cool, hopefully my diet and exercise regime here will work better than in L.A., Jessica replied.

    Oh Im sure your find the training, here life changing Lisa slyly muttered

    Jessica had a heavy mane of dark, curly hair, almost black but shot through with reddish highlights, glinting copper, bronze, rust as the sun fell over her. Her eyes, closed now, were mahogany brown, heavily lidded and lashed. Her cheekbones were high and rather exotic. Her mouth her most famous feature was wide and full and sensual -- the sort of mouth that automatically made a men think of blow-jobs. Her tits were plump and firm, her back was slender, her waist narrow and her belly gently rounded. She was slim-hipped and long-legged, sinewy yet soft, athletic in a very feminine fashion.

    "Well," the young actress said, standing up. "I think I'm going to take a bath. I hope you have hot running water out here in the wilderness," she added with a slight chuckle.

    "We have everything out here," Lisa answered, "James wanted to get away from the rat-race of the city, not the comforts or the saftey, the ranch has a state of the art camera security system that covers the buildings and grounds "

    But what about Privacy

    Well, if you look up here Lisa answered pointing at a well concealed mini camera, Youll notice the small red light on the side of the camera, all you have to do is say, CUT, loudly and the system in that area is shut down, until it is reset by saying ACTION.


    "I hope you're making a large supper," Jessica said. "walking around in the forest can make you as hungry as it can dirty."

    "Oh, go on now and enjoy your bath," Lisa said, "You're Mr Cameron's guest here, so don't worry about things, I am going to make some calls, and love you and leave you."

    As Jessica walked through the lodge, larger and as any stylish modern apartment in LA Jessica had to laugh at Lisa's description of James "little house in the woods," Closing the bathroom door, she turned on the hot water and let it fill the tub. As the steam rose, coating the mirror over the ornate modern sink, she kicked off her sneakers and sat down on the couch in the large bathroom suite, feeling her tired muscles beginning to relax at the mere thought of getting in the hot tub.


    She sighed and began unbuttoning her shirt. With the long car ride and flight and her quick walk around the outbuildings of the ranch, it had been a long, tiring day. Getting in the tub of hot water would make her feel better than she had in weeks, she knew. She jumped slightly as the relative silence of the cabin was shattered by the sound of the kitchen door slamming.

    "Jessica, I'm going," Lisa called out. " The freezer is full and the security system is on automatic! see you next week?"

    Jessica felt a thrill of happiness as she heard Lisa's car disappearing up the small track to the cabin " Solitude... Now... I really can have that bath. "Everything was so pretty here, so relaxing, so free " She could not remember feeling this good in the city.

    Her long, light brown almost matched her evenly tanned skin. Slowly, gently, she lowered her now naked body into the steaming hot water. ooohhh Jessica moaned as she slowly lowered herself into the warm water. Even though the day had been very warm, she sighed as the soothing effects of the hot bath instantly made her muscles unwind from her day's walking.

    All the problems she might have carried with her from the studio and the press seemed to vanish in the warm water, as she submerged her naked young body, delighting in the slightly tickling sensations of the bubbles from the soap she had added to the water. She allowed herself to luxuriate in the delicious feeling of the warm water swirling around her breasts and pussy, before working up a lather with the soap and generously applying it to her breasts, She caressed the fluffy suds over her full, rounded breasts, sensing her tiny pink nipples hardening beneath the water.

    Jessica closed her eyes, and the caressing became kneading, her nipples becoming hard and erect, tingling with sensation from the soap and water. She brushed a huge mountain of suds across her swollen nipples, and a series of rippling delights stabbed through her sensitive loins. Jessica touched her right nipple. Circled it once with her index finger, then tweaked the nipple. The feeling was incredible, her head spun slightly. The nipple hardened, her breast seemed to swell. Jessica bit softly into her bottom lip, a sexy moan rose from her throat.

    She licked her lips and began to rub her soap-lathered tits, which began to swell. She squeezed her own boobs, her fingers making dimples in the supple breast flesh. She used a moisturising soap, so that the white thick soap lather also made her chest slick and smooth. The tit massage felt so good!! She loved the feeling of her own hands on her tits.

    She pushed her tits together, mashing and rubbing them into each other. Then separated them, squeezing each with one hand. Her nipples were aching erect with sensation. If only she could take them into her own mouth! They painfully wanted to be sucked, sucked hard!! Oh how she wanted someone's tongue tracing the curve of her big tits, sliding over her nipples.

    Jessica's pussy began to tingle, wetting itself, her clit grown large with desire. Heart pounding, she sorrowfully released her lather and soap bubble covered mammaries. Grabbing the soap bar she bent at the waist to run the soap up and down her legs. Trails of white soap lather ran along her firm thighs and calves. The moisturising soap made her smooth legs slippery and silky to the touch.

    Kneeling in the tub she ran the soap bar in a circular motion across first one taut buttock, then the other. Then she pushed the soap bar into the crevice between her ass cheeks. Playfully, she let go of the soap, holding it with her clenched buttocks. Quickly her sexy ass crack was filled with white soap.

    Eyes still closed and unaware of the security camera presence, Jessica felt the heat rising within herself, and with graceful fluid movements she leant back in the bath, hooking her ankles over each rim of the bathtub, she slowly slid a hand down across her sleek stomach between her legs. Gently teasing her own lips with the tips of her fingers before steadily applying more pressure in a rapidly increasing rubbing. Her breath now coming in short shallow gasps, Jessica finally slipped a finger into her silky depths. Pursing her lips with pleasure, imagining Michael atop her, one finger became two, working a steady rhythm, each stroke bringing her closer to release.

    With her pleasure building Jessica had to bite her lip to prevent herself from screaming, finally two fingers became three and the heat concentrated between her legs spread out across her breasts now being roughly kneaded and pulled by her free hand. With her three fingers now ploughing in and out of her pussy furiously Jessica was nearly mindless with ecstasy, her writhing movements sending waves of bath water sloshing across the bathroom. Her legs locked around the sides of the bathtub, and raising her hips higher and higher as her climax approached, the security camera finally got a full, unrestricted view of the gorgeous actress succulent soapy pussy and the fingers furiously pummelling into it. Jessica could not remember feeling so hot, so wet, or so desperate to be filled. She raised her hand from her breasts to bite into as a gag, as without even thinking she pushed herself further than ever before and went from three fingers to four, her pussy now making obscene slurping and sucking noises around her hand as her tight young pussy dilated around the intruding digits.

    The security camera steadily filmed, impersonally and was rewarded as Jessica finally folded all her fingers into a narrow fist and impaled herself on her whole hand. Her eyes opened wide, unseeing, her head shaking back and forth as the most incredible sensations flowed through her, her legs reflexively splaying wider as her back arched and finally she screamed into the evening air as the most ferocious orgasm she had so far coursed through her, locking her into a trembling rictus of pleasure.

    After a seemingly eternal moment, Jessica pulled her hand from her pussy with a final sucking slurp! noise and breathlessly collapsed back into the now Luke warm bath.

    Still shuddering with the aftershocks of her intense climax, Jessica shakily and hurriedly washed herself, her mind reeling with what she had just done, her sore breasts and pussy a reminder of her practically violent passion.

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    long but very good love it. thanks

    Dec 15 2008 00:40
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