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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, incest, teens.

    After exhausting ourselves with Brian and Amanda we lay there breathing heavily. Our pulse was rapid and our sexual fires were blazing out of control. Sonya and I held each other as we looked from Brian who was sprawled out on the bed, his legs still hanging over the edge, and cum dripping from his now manly cock. We surveyed the room and saw Amanda a few feet away, her mouth and face covered with the remnants of Kings massive orgasm and her pussy, still stretched wide from the assault it took from Bosco's long thick scarlet spear. There was also a milky white fluid leaking from deep inside of her stretched pussy and Sonya smiled up at me saying, "Honey, why don't you go lick the little bitch clean." I smiled back at my wife saying, "No honey it's your turn, I haven't got to see you have any fun with her yet." Sonya's eyes were clouded with lust as she moved slowly over to the young girl that was laying there, sprawled out and breathing deeply. Sonya did not waste any time in lowering her sucking lips and driving her tongue through the wide open gap were the doggie cum flowed from. Amanda moaned as she felt the oral stimulation at her pussy but did not move her body. It was apparent she was still racked with the intense feelings she had just experienced and wanted to ride out the new ones that Sonya's tongue stirred in her. After a few minutes Sonya had her body centered between Amanda's legs and had pulled her knees up under her and was in a semi kneeling position. This allowed Sonya to pull Amanda's buttocks up onto her knees and hold her there. Sonya now began to feast on Amanda's pussy, showing no mercy as the young girl began to writhe about, screaming for her to stop, or she would cum in my wife's mouth. I moved over toward Amanda's head and saw Brian now sitting on the edge of the bed. I lowered my now semi hard cock into Amanda's open mouth and instructed her to suck. I then instructed Brian to join me and he did. At this time I told Amanda to open her mouth wider and suck his cock at the same time. Amanda was so sexually excited by Sonya's sucking that she would have done anything we wanted her to. Brian's cock sliped into her sucking mouth and together we fucked her face until our cum mixed inside her oral cavity. She gagged as our cum flooded into her however she swallowed every drop. Sonya's tongue was now slapping against Amanda's sensative clit as she held it between her teeth and Amanda cried out as a series of orgasms overtook her wanton body. As Amanda's orgasmic peak cresendoed, Sonya let the tight grip on the young girls body go and watched as she spasmed to the floor into a seathing ball of sexual flesh.

    Sonya now, rejuvinated moved over to Brian and me. She sucked my cock into her mouth and began to stroke her loving sons cock with her right hand. It was now Brian's turn to moan with pleasure. His mom was treating him like he would never expect a mother to treat her son. Sonya pulled her sucking lips from my cock long enough to say, "Hello Christina, come in and join us." I turned my head in shock as I saw our youngest daughter leaning against the bedroom door, her skirt pulled up around her belly, her panties around her knees and her right hand dripping with her virgin pussy secreations. It was obvious that Christina had been there for some time because she was flushed and her fingers and hand were covered with a shiny coating that had leaked from her pussy. Sonya again said, "Christina come in and join us." Christina moved towards us and when she reached us Sonya sat up and reached out with her left hand and touched our 18 yr old daughters hand that was still probing into her pussy. All the while Sonya's right hand continued to jack Brian's stiff cock. I looked at my wife who was now staring at me, smiling. I could sense that she was ready to initiate Christina into the art of Sex. Not just any sex, but bestiality, incest and lesbian sex. I smiled back at my beautiful wife and watched as she pulled Christina's hand from her pussy and licked her young tender fingers. Christina's eyes were fixed on her mothers sucking lips as she slowly lowered her body to the floor beside me. Sonya looked at her asking, "Christina, are you ready to become a woman and loose your cherry." Christina nodded as Sonya told her to lay back.

    Now Christina was laying on her back with her legs spread wide. Sonya said, "James, lick this young bitches wet pussy for a few minutes while I get her brothers cock ready to deflower her." I moved between Christina's spread legs, lowering my face to her wet virgin pussy. Her taste was sweet yet pungent and I knew that she would be an excellent lover to whatever man, woman or beast, whoever or whatever was able to get their tongues or cocks into her. I licked her hard clit and probed into her tight vaginal channel as I watched Sonya sucking on Brian's cock, preparing it to fuck into his young sisters virgin pussy. After about 5 minutes Sonya said, "Ok honey, Brian is ready to take his sisters cherry and we are going to watch." I moved away from Christina and watched as Brian moved between her legs. His body fit nicely there and his cock rubbed against her wet slit. Sonya moved her hand to Brian's cock and told him to thrust his hips. He did and an inch or so entered Christina's virginal cunt. Sonya told him to lunge again and he did, driving more of his cock into her. Sonya felt the cock nudging against Christina's hymen and smiled. She looked at me saying, "Now Brian, drive your hips into her and rip her cherry apart." Brian lunged forward with great force and Christina cried out as the young man spear ripped her maidenhead, making her a woman. Brian now began to pump his cock in and out of his sisters cuntal opening and Sonya moved over to me. We knew that Brian would be able to last a while since he had just cum and we wanted Christina to enjoy her first sexual encounter to its fullest. Sonya said, "Christina, Brian, King, Bosco and even Amanda will get to make love to you this time. Later today, me and your father will take you and fuck you into sexual bliss." Christina could only nod her head at her mother as her brother continued to fuck into her.

    Now Amanda was stirring and Sonya told her, "Come here bitch, I have something for you to lick." Amanda moved over to Sonya and Sonya grabbed her strawberry blonde hair and pulled the young womans face to her thick wet pussy. Sonya held Amanda there, instructing her to lick her clean and make her cum. Amanda licked Sonya's pussy and as Sonya shifted her weight licked at Sonya's tight anal opening. Amanda tried to pull away when her tongue probed Sonya's ass but she found no escape as Sonya intensified her grip on the young womans head saying, "Push your tongue into my ass you little bitch. If you want to fuck and suck my son and become part of this family you will do as I say each and every time I say or you can get lost, do you hear me bitch?" Amanda could only nod as she understood what Sonya was saying and then Sonya asked, "do you want to be part of this family?" Again Amanda could only nod. Sonya then asked, "Will you do everything, each and every time I tell you to do something? Amanda, now feeling the intense sexual pleasures building again in her pussy nodded in affirmation. Sonya relaxed her grip on Amanda who now was probing her tongue deeper and deeper into her anal opening. Sonya looked over at me and smiled, knowing that she was still the queen bitch and would be giving the orders to all these young succulent sexual chics for years to come.

    I smiled at her saying, "Baby, I think its time Christina learned how to suck cock and Amanda learned how to take a cock up her virginal ass." Sonya smiled back saying, "yes it is darlin, which one, king or bosco?" I told her it didnt matter which one fucked Amanda in the ass because I was going to teach Christina how to suck a mans cock. Sonya smiled at me saying, "Thats it darling, teach your young daughter how to suck that 10 inch man cock and I will suck King off while Bosco fucks Amanda. Again I smiled as I rubbed my rock hard cock. Slowly I moved over toward our daughter who was now rocking her head from side to side as her brother continued to fuck into her. Brian was also watching his girlfriend licking and tonguing his moms ass and this was having its effect on him. His rhythm was increasing and he drove his cock into his sister in earnest. My cock was not touching the tip of Christina's nose and she opened her eyes. She had a glassy look on her face as the mushroom shaped head of my cock lay waiting for her to suck it into her mouth. Christina did not understand what I wanted and I said,"Open your mouth baby, suck daddies cock into your mouth." She looked at me as her tender lips opened. She tried to suck me inside however she hand to lean her head back and stretch her jaws open wider. My cock now slid into her and it felt warm. Christina did not move except from the thrusting of her brothers cock and this gently moved her lips up and back the length of my cock. She gagged a few times as the thick head of my cock closed her throat however she did not pull away.

    Now I watched as Bosco moved behind Amanda's up turned ass. Sonya guiede his exposed cock to the tight anal opening and held the pointed tip against her constricted rose bud. Sonya had a sadistic smile on her face, knowing that Bosco was about to ravage that tight virgin ass and he would not show her any mercy. She looked at me saying, "Stick your tongue deep into my ass bitch and hold on, Bosco is about to ram his cock into you." Without hesitation, Bosco felt the tight grip of Sonya's hand loosen and he lunged forward. A muffled scream escaped Amanda's lips and Brian turned his head to see what was happening to his girlfriend. He now smiled too as he saw Bosco's cock slithering into her tight anal channel. I said "Brian, You will get to fuck that hot little bitch in the ass too any time you want after today." Brian looked up at me and smiled, all the while fucking his sister without mercy. This went on for several more minutes until my cock lurched and began to spew my thick man cream into my daughters constricting throat. Christina sucked me until I was dry and I watched as my cock slipped free of her lips. She licked her lips, capturing any remains of my manly orgasmic juices.

    I now laid back and watched as Sonya called King over to her and had him straddle her face. She sucked his semi hard cock until it was all exposed then instructed me to move this huge beast over to Christina. I sat up and guieded King over Christina's mouth and she too sucked that beastly cock into her oral cavity. I then said, "Brian, Fuck your sister and fill her with your cum." Brian focused on his sisters sucking mouth and the tightness of her now spasming cunt. He could feel Christina cumming and this triggered his own orgasm. His cock now spewed his cum into the depths of his siblings pussy. His hips continued to pump into her as she screamed around Kings massive cock that was now pumping into her throat. Brian now, satisfied moved off his sisters sweaty body and lay between her and his mom.

    I watched as Sonya said, "Amanda, suck his cock now you little bitch, suck Brians cock and get it good and hard again." Amanda pulled her tongue from Sonya's ass and moved over her boyfriends wet cock. She lowered her face to it and smelled the remnants of Christina's cum. She however did not pull away but lowered her lips and captured Brians cock, sucking it deep into her throat. Bosco was still ramming his K9 cock into Amanda's upturned ass and it was obvious to us that she was enjoying it. Sonya now sat up and moved over to Christina. Christina was sucking Kings cock for all she was worth, trying to suck his cum into her mouth but Sonya had other plans for our young daughter.

    It did not take me long to figure out her plans either. Sonya said, "Honey, pull King behind our beautiful daughter as she rolls over onto her hands and knees." I did as instructed and then watched as Christina got onto her hands and knees and Sonya pulled her into the same position that she had earlier had Amanda in. Sonya sternly said, "Ok you little bitch, if your anything like your mommy, you will lick my pussy and suck my ass while that huge dog fucks you." Christina had the look of fear on her face as Sonya pulled her face down to her wet cunt saying, "I think you will enjoy this more than you did your brothers cock fucking into you." Sonya now held Christina's face at her pussy, not letting her escape and told her, "Lick me you little cunt, do you hear me, lick that hot wet cunt of mine and suck my tight ass." Christina always wanting to please her mommy did as instructed and began to pleasure her mom. Sonya nodded at me and I moved King up to Christina's upturned ass. He did not need any coaxing as he mounted her and began to thrust. His cock continued to miss its mark so I guieded the thick scarlet spear to her wet vaginal opening and watched as King skewered her young body with one lunge. Christina's initial scream from the intense pain of that huge dog cock was muffled as she continued to lick her moms pussy and ass. Now Christina was sandwiched between her mom and Kings enormous cock. There was no mercy shown to her as her initiation into the dark world of sex continued.

    Bosco now began to whimper as his cock expanded and stretched Amanda's ass and his knot moved forward. Sonya and I watched as that beastly knot moved up to Amanda's stretched anal opening and tried to enter her. We knew that since this was her fist time to take a huge cock up her ass, that Bosco would not be able to knot with her however it was fun to watch her try and get the knot into her. She was now Bosco's and Kings total bitch. She shoved her ass back against that huge beastly cock, trying to get more and more into her and we knew that she would be back for more and more every damn day. Sonya said, "Honey, I think that Bosco and King now have two new bitches to fuck when ever they want." I smiled saying, "Any you have three new servants that will lick your pussy and ass any time you want, dont you darling?" Sonya and I chuckled as we watched King fucking into our daughter until his cock filled her with his beastly cum and Bosco filled Amanda's bowels with his. Sonya continued to hold Christina's face to her pussy until she drank all of her motherly cum and then we all laid there watching as Amanda sucked her young lover, Brian to an intense oral orgasm.

    Christina moved over to me and kissed me deeply, sharing her moms juices with me. Our tongues danced and as she pulled her lips from mine, she said, "Next time Daddy, I want you to fuck me in the pussy while I sit on you and have Brian fuck my ass." I smiled at her saying, "Like mother like daughter." Then our daughter surprised us by saying, "Mommy, your pussy tastes better than my sisters, Briana, Amy and Jennifers."

    Well thats another story so you will have to wait. If you took time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it.

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    yes adopt me to family stories and better if they are true...kisses

    Jun 28 2010 18:52
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