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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple, incest, group.

    Sonya and I awoke to a very warm breeze blowing through the sliding screen door and smiled as our eyes met. We knew it was the weekend and knew that we would two days to play and enjoy each others sexual treats and those that Sonya learned earlier in the week that included King and Bosco. We continued to lay there, naked, our hands already starting to explore each others bodies and soon we were rolling around, fingers probing openings and hands graspings tits and cocks. Our giggling and laughter caught the attention of King and Bosco who now were both standing at the foot of the bed, sniffing the air and I said, "Look honey, your new lovers are here wanting to play too." Sonya blushed as I saw a lusty gaze cover her face as she recalled the intense fucking she had received while sunbathing on the back deck. My left hand was now pumping in and out of her overheated pussy as she laid back, moaning with lusty desire. As I continued to look into her eyes I saw her lust building and knew that she was about to cum. My hand now pumped harder and harder into her and I felt her vagina tighten around my fingers and squeeze me as her cum flooded over my hand and arm. Sonya lost total control as she began to thrash around and began to pee. Her urine was hot as it sprayed freely from her. I moved closer to watch as her urine continued to spray like a geyser from the tiny opening of her urethra. This excited me as I lowered my face still closer, allowing the warm urine to spray against my face. Once her orgasm subsided I moved back up to my beautiful wife and kissed her, my tongue probing deep into her throat. We both shared the taste of her urine and then pulled apart looking at each other.

    After several moments I asked Sonya if she was ok and she smile saying, "Yes darlin, that was a wonderful way to start the weekend." I smiled knowing that this was only the beginning to some new sexual adventures to come.

    King and Bosco were now whimpering and prancing around the bed as their nostrils were filled with the scent of sex. I knew that they would not be satisfied with just the teasing of scent so I asked Sonya to lay across the bed. She looked at me and saw the wicked smile on my face as she slowly rolled around and got into the position requested. I moved astride her and said, "Now honey, King, Bosco and I can all play with your luscious body." Sonya did not quite understand how all three of us were going to enjoy her body, however she did not have to wait long to find out.

    Our two loving pets must have been planning on a way to join us also and still allow me the opportunity to enjoy my wife with them as King moved around to the side of the bed where Sonya's legs laid spred wide open, her wet pussy glistening there in front of his huge dripping tongue. Bosco too had moved but he moved to the side of the bed where Sonya was resting her head partially off the bed. This allowed Bosco to raise up like had done on the foot of the bed and present his now exposed scarlet spear to her. Sonya moved her head slightly saying, "Do you want me to suck this hot dog cock honey." All I could do was not in affermation as she moved back toward the cock and sucked in the pointed tip. I groaned as she sucked that cock in, knowing the pleasure that Bosco was about to receive from her wonderful sucking mouth. I then heard her moan deep inside and turned as King was now probing her wet pussy with his huge tongue. I knew that she would not be able to postpone another orgasm to long with the cock in her mouth and that magical tongue probing into her wet pussy and I was right. Her body tensed as first one then another orgasm gripped her body.

    King licked Sonya's pussy for several minutes after she had cum all over his thick tongue then raised up to mount her. His cock was huge and dripping beastly pre cum as he began to lunge towards her. His cock missed the opening to her pussy and I reached down, guiding it to her opening. Once the tip found the hot entrance he lunged again and now his cock slid easily into her womanhood. Sonya was now skewered between the two magnificant beastly cocks that were slicing into her. King showed no mercy as his cock ripped into her tight pussy. Thrust after thrust his cock tore into the depths of her womanly cunt and pushed her sucking mouth deeper onto Bosco's rigid cock. Sonya was gagging and sputtering as King and Bosco fucked her into oblivion. I thought that she would choke and have to be pulled from this torid scene but she kept on gagging as more and more of Bosco's cock disappeared into her gullet. I continued to watch as both dogs knots formed and moved towards the openings that they were penetrating. Kings knot moved into Sonya's pussy and the sheer size locked her to him. Now his thrusting slowed as his cum began to spew inside her stuffed pussy and I watched as she opened her eyes. She saw the huge knot of Bosco just outside of her mouth and I told her to grasp that huge cock right behind the knot. She did this and Bosco also slowed his thrusts. Sonya now began to gag as she felt the cum flooding from Bosco's cock. She sucked and swallowed all she could but there was a copious amount drip from her lips and roll across her lust contorted face and drop to the floor. I smiled as my wife continued to suck and fuck our two loving beasts until they both moved away from her.

    Sonya now lay there, dog cum covering her face, pussy and legs as I lowered my lips to hers. We kissed passionately and then both turned our heads to the open sliding screen door to see our 19 yr old son and his girlfriend both standing there with lust contorted faces. Brian had his hand wrapped around his hard cock while his girlfriend Amanda hand her skirt pulled up and her fingers ramming into her wet pussy. Sonya and I smiled at the two young lovers and invited them in.

    Both were like statues as they moved into the bedroom with us. Sonya said, "Brian, do you want to fuck your young lady." All Brian could do was nod. Sonya smiled at him saying, "well then darling, go ahead, bend her over, she is ready, just lift her skirt up and drive your dick into her pussy." Brian moved behind Amanda like a robot but followed his mothers directions. He gently pushed Amanda forward, lifted her mini skirt up and then moved closer to her, driving his average sized cock into her tight wet pussy. Amanda moaned as Brians cock entered her. Now Sonya moved closer to Amanda and unbuttoned her blouse and loosened her bra allowing her ample breasts to sway free. Sonya then asked, "Amanda, do you like sucking cock?" Amanda moaned and saying, "Yes I love sucking Brian's cock." Sonya asked her if she wanted a cock to suck now while Brian was fucking her and she said, "Yessssss." Sonya looked back at me saying, "Honey if your cock hard." I smiled at her saying, "Yes darling, it sure is." Sonya now became the instructor into our new adventures as she directed me to lay in front of Amanda and let her suck my cock. I did as my wonderful wife instructed and let this nineteen year old vixen suck my manly cock. Amanda did a good job but was not as talented as my beautiful wife. I did however love it that she put so much effort into sucking my cock and tried to get all of it into her throat. I said, "Amanda, I don't think you will get it all into your mouth but thank you for trying." After allowing Amanda several minutes to suck my cock Sonya said, "Ok Amanda that's enough and instructed her to pull free of my cock." I looked at my wife and then saw that she had King laying on his back on the floor and his cock was hard and erect. I smiled knowing that Amanda's next feat would be to suck that impressive dog cock while our son continued to fuck her. Sonya now instructed Brian to help Amanda to her knees and then move toward that beastly cock. Brian still mezmerized by all the hot sexual events he had witnessed and become a part of could only obey his mother.

    Now Brian and Amanda were on the floor with Amanda's face mere inches from that huge beastly cock that Sonya was offering her. Sonya said, "Take it bitch, you know you want to be this dogs bitch as well as my sons bitch." Amanda looked up at my wife and a wicked smile came across her face as she slowly lowered her open mouth to that scarlet cock and sucked about half of it deep into her throat. She sucked with renewed vigor as Brian continued to fuck her. Sonya moved back and surveyed the lusty scene of her son fucking his strawberry blonde girlfriend while she was sucking Kings huge beastly cock. Sonya again moved about the room and brought Bosco over to the young couple. She let Bosco smell the union where Brian's cock fucked into Amanda and this excited the beast. He began to lick at the union and taste the sweetness of the young womans secreations. Bosco became excited as his cock now appeared. It crept out of its hairy covering and soon was fully erect. Sonya now instructed Brian to pull free of his girlfriends pussy and sit on the edge of the bed. Brian moaned as he looked at his mother but did as instructed. Now Amanda's ass was bare as Sonya moved Bosco into position to fuck this hot little bitch. Bosco did not waste any time in mounting that upturned ass and was able to drive his huge cock into her on his first thrust. Now Amanda was skewered between Bosco and King like Sonya had earlier been when the two teenagers had walked up and saw the the sex that hypnotized them. Brian moaned again as he watched his girlfriend being fucked by the two pets that he had helped raise. He had no idea that they were his moms lovers all this time.

    Brians cock was still rock hard as his loving mother moved to him and sucked it deep into her mouth. She pulled free only long enough to say, "Son, I want you to watch your hot little bitch, become a woman who will allow you to do whatever your heart desires with her afte this day." Brian could only sit and watch the torrid hot sexual action there on the floor before him. Meanwhile I moved behind my beautiful wife and drove my steel bar of man flesh into her tight unyielding ass and fucked her hard and fast like King had done earlier. Now my cock was ready to explode and I screamed as my cum shot deep into my wifes bowels. My cock slipped out of her tight sucking anal opening and I was content to lay there and watch as King filled Amanda's sucking mouth with his cum, Bosco tied with that with strawberry blonde covered pussy and Brian filled his moms mouth with his cum.

    This was an exciting new adventure at our house and once we all regained our composure we went at it several times again during the day. I will save that for later but for now, enjoy your day and do not forget, take advantage of every sexual adventure that cums your way.

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    Aug 29 2010 06:02
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