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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, dog sex, lesbians, bbw, oral, anal, orgy.

    All Candi could think about on her way home was how glad she would be to see Rex.

    Candi was so horny! She pushed aside her panties after leaving the Kit Kat Klub so she could finger her pussy on her way home. Candi began by stroking her inner thighs, then her outer lips, then slowly working her way through the folds to the dark pink labia within.

    Candi teased her clit at a stoplight, wondering what the people in the car behind her would think if they knew what she was doing. She rubbed and kneaded herself the rest of the drive home, stopping just short of climax as she pulled on to the country lane that led to her cozy cottage.

    Hurrying inside, Candi dropped her purse on the sofa.

    "Honey, where are you?" she called.

    A stirring in the bedroom alerted her to Rex's whereabouts.

    "Stay where you are lover, I'll be there in a minute," Candi giggled.

    Candi hurried into her dressing room and peeled off her light cotton dress. She was a plump, busty temptress: a big beautiful woman with a lush hourglass figure. From her huge tits to her chubby bottom, Candi's body was so luscious that she had done very well as a specialty-act exotic dancer at the Kit Kat. Even the men who came to watch the regular strippers had to admit Candi's plentiful charms excited them in an urgent primal way the slimmer girls didn't.

    Candi's big bottom rolled enticingly as she moved about the room, her plump bottom cheeks straining against the confines of her black lace panties. Her huge breasts jiggled in her black lace bra as she stepped from the closet to a full-length mirror.

    In the reflection Candi's long dark hair framed a lovely face, square and full but with deep warm eyes. She admired herself in the mirror, running her hands over her body. She slid her palms down her soft belly and back across her wide ass, then up to cup her big breasts. She loved feeling the heavy weight of them, and she brushed her wide brown nipples through the sheer fabric, delighting in the sensation when they stiffened. She couldn't wait to feel her Rex's hot wet tongue all over them!

    After a touch-up to her makeup Candi strolled into the bedroom. She stopped short at the doorway and felt a wave of lust overtake her. There was Rex, laying on the bed in all his glory.

    Rex was a German shepherd.

    Rex was lying on Candi's bed, his black and tan fur contrasting with the red satin bed spread. Candi saw the tip of his pink cock just beginning to show out of its fur sheath and his swollen balls hanging out between his back legs.

    "Oh Rex, it looks like you need it as much as I do," Candi cooed.

    Candi crawled onto the bed, rolling her big hips sexily. She lay down on her side and curled up behind her dog, hugging him and rubbing her nearly-naked body across his back. Candi's erect nipples brushed against the dog's sleek coat through her bra. The sensation sent waves of pleasure coursing through her and the plump girl could feel her lust starting to boil. Hot juice from her wet cunt began to seep through her panties as his stiff fur teased her pussy.

    Candi pressed her pussy against her dog, causing her lips to spread and his fur to caress her throbbing clit through her thin panties. Candi's love juice mingled with his animal musk and the scent drove her wild. The horny girl was too excited to tease herself for long -- after a minute of this sexy squirming Candi rolled the willing canine on to his back.

    With a giggle she crawled on top of him, straddling him below the ribs in the process. Then, bracing herself on the headboard, Candi lowered her enormous breasts down towards the dog's muzzle.

    "I know what puppy wants," she cooed playfully. "Puppy wants to lick Candi's big titties."

    Rex responded with an eager whine, panting hot breath into Candi's deep cleavage as the plump stripper rubbed her big lacey tits across his muzzle. The dog loved big breasts!

    Candi sat up, then reached behind her back and undid her bra.

    Candi's huge breasts bounced free: round and creamy and capped by wide brown aureoles. The horny girl leaned forward again, sighing with pleasure as Rex's hot wet tongue flashed out to slurp across one huge breast, then the other. The dog licked like a thirsty puppy. Candi gasped as his rough pink tongue passed over her big brown nipples, each stroke sending thrills of pleasure through her body. Rex squirmed and lapped greedily at Candi's big tits, growling deep in his throat.

    "Oooo, you love my tits, don't you boy?" the slutty girl purred.

    "Aaaah, your tongue is so hot on my nipples."

    The dog loved the taste and feel of Candi's tits on his tongue. Again and again Rex lashed his long tongue up the underside of Candi's big breasts and then swirled it around her stiff nipples. Watching the erotic scene in a bed-side mirror, Candi shivered with delight at what she saw: with every lick at her big tits, the dog's pulsing erection grew longer and stiffer.

    "Yeah!... lick 'em, boy!" Candi purred lustily as the dog's tongue teased.

    "Are my titties giving you a big boner, baby? Do they make you want to hump?"

    Now Candi reached behind her and began stroking his hard cock and fondling his ball sack.

    "Ooooh, Rexy!" Candi teased. "What a nice hard cock you've got for me!"

    The dog responded with a growl and began to thrust upward with his hips, seeking to bury his long erection in the sexy girl. Candi gazed in the mirror at the dog's glistening boner: it was at least nine inches long from tip to base, pink and pulsing with erotic need. Candi lifted her tits away from the lapping dog and quickly dismounted him.

    As horny as he was, Rex knew enough to stay put.

    Candi bent down and kissed the tip of the dog's cock, her tongue emerging from parted lips to tease the hot shaft. She pressed her lips to the tip, gently sucking the head, and the dog wiggled as his balls tightened in her hand. Candi released the head and began lightly licking up and down the shaft, bringing even more growls and whimpers from Rex's throat.

    Squirming between her dog's back legs, Candi sucked his ball sack between her lips, rolling each firm testicle around in her mouth. Now drops of the dog's pre-cum had begun to trickle out of his boner. Candi moved back up to the head of his cock and plunged it all the way into her mouth, letting it bulge out in her cheeks as she bobbed her head.

    Candi bobbed her head up and down, fucking the dog with her mouth. She squeezed his balls lightly, while running her tongue around the whole of his rod. Even more of his pre-cum sprayed out and Candi savored the taste of her pet's hot jizz, moaning while she sucked. Candi's head bobbed up and down as she tongued and teased her horny pet's erection, savoring the meaty tang of his burning prick. Finally the plump stripper tightening her lips around the base and slowly, sluttily, slid the dog's boner out of her mouth like a naughty schoolgirl sucking a lollipop.

    "Mmmmm!... Mommy could suck your dick all night," the plump girl moaned. "But I really need that hot doggy dick in my pussy!"

    Candi reached behind her and slid her panties down. The black lace stretched over her wide hips and bottom before rolling down over her thighs. A few wiggles and a girlish flick of her toe sent the damp undergarment over the side of the bed. Ordinarily Rex would have raced after such a tasty treat, but the dog knew far better things lay in store.

    Straightening herself up, Candi straddled Rex again, forcing his back legs apart with her lush thighs.

    Candi let out a long sigh of pleasure as she guided her juicy cunt down onto the dog's hard boner. The sensation of it's pointy head parting the folds of her pussy sent a chill through her, and then the plump brunette moaned in depraved pleasure as his hot shaft eased all the way up, balls deep. Her pussy lips squeezed his shaft as she settled her chubby ass down.

    Rex's boner felt like a bar of hot iron, the head of his penis throbbed steadily in Candi's womb as her pussy sucked as his shaft. Candi loved the feeling of Rex's swollen balls squishing under her springy ass cheeks. It wouldn't be long until Candi teased and squeezed a hot juicy load of semen from them, and she wiggled her plump ass against Rex's balls in anticipation.

    "Ooooo... good doggie!" Candi wailed. "You're gonna make Candi cum so good!"

    The busty girl began to ride her dog's cock. Candi slowly raised her big bottom. Peering over her shoulder in the mirror she could see her plump pussy lips clinging and sucking at the dog's quivering erection as the shaft emerged. When just the head of Rex's cock was inside her Candi paused. She bowed her back sexily and eased herself back down onto the fleshy pole, sighing with passion as all nine inches slowly sank into her hot juicy cunt.

    Up and down, up and down... Candi teased her panting dog with long slow strokes. Rex's hard penis stirred the lust in her belly with each thrust and she began to pick up speed. Candi switched between long down thrusts, delighting in her plump ass squishing his canine balls, and short quick strokes that rubbed his cock-head against her clit.

    Each thrust sent hotter and hotter waves of heat through her loins. Candi could feel her sweet pussy juices flowing out of her cunt, further lubricating the dog's hard pole. Rex's boner was ticking madly, his squirts of hot pre-cum tickling the walls of Candi's swollen pussy.

    Candi lowered her fat tits down to the dog's muzzle and Rex began to slurp and lap at her nipples once again. Candi squirmed up and down on top of Rex, swinging her heavy breasts across the dog's flashing tongue. Rex was lost in a haze of doggy lust, hovering deliciously on the edge of cumming.

    Candi's big nipples slid and teased across his tongue, making his aching doggy dick quiver with lust. Her soft bottom rubbed and bounced on his big balls as if to squeeze his cum out, and every thrust of his steely boner into her cunt sent waves of lust through both of the bestial lovers.

    "Aaaah Rexy, your boner's so deep in my pussy!" Candi moaned. "Ooooo, you're screwing me so good, boy!"

    The bed began squeaking in a lewd rhythm as their pace increased. Candi watched herself in the mirror, loving the way her curvaceous flesh bounced and jiggled as she rode her doggy's hot dick. Rex whimpered under his mistress as she rolled her hips, working her pussy around his cock like a juicy nut on a bolt. Candi rolled her big bottom, bouncing it on his swollen balls -- she wanted her doggy to cum!

    Suddenly Rex let out a strangled yelp. The dog's spine stiffened and his boner twitched. He squirmed and thrust under Candi's lush body and his balls finally exploded. The dog's wet tongue slurped greedily all over Candi's breasts as his boner spat out a thick spray of hot jizz. Candi wailed with pleasure and bounced her ass on the dog's swollen balls until she'd squeezed all his cream out.

    Candi sighed happily and dismounted, then rolled over beside Rex. The two lovers rested together for a few minutes, but the plump brunette wasn't done yet. Neither was Rex! Candi soon sucked her dog's cock into another hard erection and then got on to her hands and knees.

    Rex hurried behind Candi as she leaned forward on the bed, her huge tits squashed against the red satin bed spread. Candi drew her legs tight together and bowed her back sexily; her beautiful plump ass pushed upwards toward the horny dog.

    "Come and get it, Puppy," she cooed with a slutty smile.

    Candi wiggled her wide hips. A second later Rex was on her, his stiff cock ticking madly as he lunged at her bouncy ass. The dog's hot erection slid up a cheek, then against her thighs, then finally between Candi's plump pussy lips. Candi squealed eagerly and bowed her back even more as Rex gripped her hips. The dog strained forward and sank his long boner into the plump stripper's juicy cunt.

    "Ahhhhh! " moaned Candi, her eyes closing with pleasure.

    Rex hunched over Candi's chubby ass, his long red cock pumping in and out of her. Candi's big tits squashed out beneath her as she rocked back and forth. She pushed her ass back onto Rex's boner with every thrust, then squeezed her pussy around his glistening shaft as the dog withdrew; both of them loving the feeling of his hot shaft slithering between her pussy lips.

    "Ohhhh!... Rexy! Your cock is so long! It's so hot in my pussy, boy!"

    On and on they screwed, the dog's lustful panting matching Candi's own delirious moans. The big dog gripped Candi's narrow waist, pumping her pussy deep and slow. He quivered with delight, his furry loins straining and corkscrewing against Debbie's plump bum as he urged his long boner into her again and again. The bed squeaked over and over, faster and faster until both of the lovers came again. Candi's pretty toes curled with pleasure as Rex gripped her hips and squirted her pussy full of hot doggy-cum.

    Part 2

    Rex was now a fully grown dog, but it was only last summer that he had been a frisky pup. Cleo, another dancer at the club, had begged Candi to look after him for a few weeks. A week few weeks had turned into a month, then two. By then Candi had fallen in love with the growing pup and begged Cleo to let her keep him. Not long afterward her special relationship with Rex had begun.

    Late one night Candi had been at home watching TV. Candi was alone and horny, struggling hard to keep her mind off her lust and on the movie she'd rented -- she had smoked some pot to relax and now faced a long night of masturbating herself into a frustrated slumber.

    The stripper's solitary reverie was broken when a soft lapping sound startled her. It was Rex licking his cock. Candi tried not to notice but soon found herself fingering her slit as she watched the tip of the young dog's red cock peep from its furry sheath. Intrigued by Candi's moans and the scent of a female in heat, Rex sauntered over and began to sniff her crotch. Candi was stunned at how much the young dog's hot breath aroused her.

    Unable to stop herself, Candi opened her robe. She raised her plump ass and slid off her damp panties. Right away Rex began gently licking her plump pussy, his tongue spreading her fat lips and working up towards her stiffening clit. Thrilled, Candi let him lick. Candi watched his long pink tongue slapping into her hot pussy again and again, over and over until coming in a violent rush, she moaned with pleasure and fell back in a daze. It was the best, juiciest come she'd had in years!

    The young dog stopped licking but didn't move from between her lush thighs, and Candi soon found out why. When she sat up Candi saw Rex was sporting a throbbing erection! Candi gazed at the dog's obscenely bobbing boner for what seemed an eternity. Then, her face flushing with depraved excitement, she slowly reached down and began stroking his young cock.

    It was long and slim, hot and slippery with pre-cum. Candi was thrilled by the way it throbbed so urgently in her hand. She hadn't held a cock in her hands for so long that she suddenly found herself aching with a dark need. Not daring to let herself think, Candi threw off her robe and coaxed her horny dog into the bedroom. Candi quickly turned out the lights and lit a few candles to enhance the mood, while Rex eagerly paced about the room.

    But what to do? As horny and high as she was, Candi just couldn't bring herself to let the young dog fuck her. It would be too dirty, too depraved. It would be... terribly exciting!

    But no, she just couldn't! As she sat on her bed struggling with her conscience, Candi felt her stoned mind slipping toward thoughts too naughty to be considered. Letting Rex accidentally lick her pussy was one thing, but stripping naked and bringing the horny dog into her bedroom to let him... do things... was crazy. Wasn't it?

    Despite her frustrated desperation, Candi's conscience got the better of her. She was about to shoo poor Rex out of her bedroom when the eager dog took the initiative: hopping up on his hind paws, he sprang forward, clutching Candi's leg!

    Candi squealed in surprise. She was about to push her doggy off of her when she caught her reflection in the bedside vanity mirror, and a lurid image burst into her stoned and horny mind. Candi couldn't help but admire her own figure – her huge jutting breasts, her big nipples, her long lush legs. And squirming closer was her dog, his long hot erection just inches from her thighs! Candi legs were long and beautifully curved, shadowed sexily in the candlelight -- and they were making Rex horny!

    Growling with lust, Rex shuffled closer to Candi. A moment later she felt his dog-cock, like a hot slippery branding iron, bounce off a plump thigh. A dark erotic thrill rushed through the girl and all at once her resistance gave out. Candi sat down again on the edge of the bed and pushed her leg out for the horny dog.

    It had been her fault the young dog had gotten so excited in the first place, Candi reasoned -- the least she owed him was his first orgasm. And it would be so exciting to see the young dog shoot his cum, even more exciting to feel his eager jets splashing on her hot flesh! Candi's pussy began heating up again just at the thought of it. She worked two fingers into her cunt and began frantically rubbing her swollen clit as Rex wrapped his paws around her leg and squirmed against her.

    Candi hissed excitedly as the young dog began thrusting. His slim cock stabbed out frantically, jabbing her plump thigh over and over. With every thrust Rex's hard cock squirted a jet of watery precum -- Candi's thigh was soon slippery with it! The stoned stripper stared openmouthed, panting excitedly as her pet fucked against her. Candi's thigh began to jiggle as Rex fucked faster and faster, his hot slippery boner stabbing and sliding excitingly against his mistress's soft flesh.

    "Oooo, it feels so dirty!..." Candi moaned. "Do it puppy!... Do it... Fuck Candi's thigh!"

    It was so naughty! Rex's hindquarters were a blur now and Candi rubbed her pussy furiously. Candi loved feeling the dog's hot cock against her leg, loved his eager whimpering and thrusting as he worked to relieve his swollen balls. Candi could feel the dog's hot pre-cum trickling down her calf and hoped it wouldn't be long until Rex blew his doggy cum all over her! She rubbed faster and faster, the candle-lit room spinning as her orgasm built. Her fingers worked furiously in her hot juicy pussy and she felt Rex begin to quiver as his animal lust peaked.

    "Oooo... do it Rexy! Shoot your cum!... Cum all over me!" Candi gasped as her second mind-numbing orgasm shook her.

    As if by command her horny dog let out a yelp of pleasure. In the mirror Candi saw the dog's long red cock swell even larger for a moment -- and then his balls burst! Candi squealed with pleasure as jet after jet of hot doggy jism splashed her thigh.

    Rex humped against her, cum splattering his mistress's soft flesh! The young dog was in canine heaven – nothing he had experienced in his short doggy life came close to the pleasure of squirting all over Candi's sexy legs. And it was a pleasure he would come to know well! Rex's thrusts slowed, the faltered. A few more jets and his bottomless balls were finally emptied.

    Overcome be her own pleasure, Candi flopped back on the bed. She rolled her head from side to side as the last of her orgasm washed over her. Rex dismounted and staggered to his matt in the corner of the bedroom. On the bed, Candi rubbed her thighs together, luxuriating in the deliciously slickness of her anointed flesh. Blobs and splashes of young canine lust trickled down her thighs and calves.

    What she had done was perverted and depraved – and she had loved it! And so, what began as an erotic accident between woman and beast bloomed into a deeper relationship. Despite Candi's misgivings, it wasn't long before her horniness betrayed her again.

    The next day Candi couldn't get Rex out of her mind. She barely noticed the appreciative hoots and hollers of the crowd as she danced and gyrated up on the Kit Kat's stage. All she could think about was Rex's erection, how hot and stiff it felt against her leg... and how exciting it was to feel his hot semen squirt on her thigh! By the time Candi got off work late that night, she was so horny she couldn't wait to get home. The plump brunette smoked a joint during the drive home to calm her nerves, but the marijuana only intensified the lusty glow in her body.

    Usually when Candi got home she cooked herself dinner and watched a little late-night TV before going to bed. But tonight would be special – she wanted to give herself and Rex a deliciously dirty treat! Rex greeted Candi as she walked in the front door. The dog growled happily and dancing around his sexy mistress as she took of her coat and kicked of her shoes.

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    great story

    Aug 28 2010 09:12
    Interesting, exciting,moreish.....

    Sep 2 2011 19:29
    Hi a great story & it sound like it should carry on & there should be more ok .

    Oct 16 2011 07:59
    Great story can't wait to read the rest of it there is so much more that needs to be explored and shown in detail. Keep iting no pun intended !!!

    Nov 29 2013 11:05
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