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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, couple, dogsex, anal, malebeast.

    It was a wet and gloomy Sunday morning in KL when my sweet gal started to stir beside me. We always enjoy our morning romps and my hard throbbing dick was awake with expectations so this morning was not going to be very different, at least that was what I thought.

    She was a pure Asian beauty, not the usual skinny type but with a well-proportioned shape, her lumps and bumps in all the right places just the way I liked them and a set of boobs that were firm and tight and made to be eaten, she loves her nipples to be sucked and licked until she begs for me stop and wants me to start working on other important parts of her body, and best of all we were engaged and ready to spend the rest of our lives together doing what we do best on a Sunday morning.

    As I lick her soft nipples to errection, she stirs with a smile on her face, which slowly spreads and with the sweet smell of her body, she has me hard and waiting, and with the start of a small glistening drip appearing at the head of my throbbing member. (7" for those that are interested in size) I stop and she drifts off back to sleep and I then proceed again with my soft touches and licks which starts her dreams off, if only I could read her mind while she is in that state it would be so exciting to make her cum in her sleep pretending to be her secret lover... she has always had a secret desire for another gal to lick her nipples and pussy... I struggle to hold back my animal urges to jump her bones and make powerful love to her, but this is our Sunday morning ritual to be soft and caring and hold and cuddle each other for extended periods of time and finish with sensual gentle lovemaking... .we have other times to growl and grunt with each other... .as I continue to tease and excite her but trying not to wake up, she starts to slowly move and gyrate with my touches and as the moisture between her legs start to glisten in the gloomy morning light my taste buds start to scream for me to eat her lovely pink pussy, gently lapping at her lips they start to fill with a pulsing surge and her hole slowly opens up to the new day and my active tongue, her hood slides back and as I increase my pressure the small bud of all her pleasures awakes, so does she, with that shit eating grin upon her face... "oh hunny I love you so much please make me cum"... what's a man meant to do? As she slowly relaxes and her breathing returns to normal we lie in each other's arms smiling with confidence that our trust of each other's love is so strong that we will have every Sunday morning together for the rest of our lives.

    Her mom calls out from downstairs to say they are going out shopping and the dog is inside to keep him out of the rain, she calls out to say ok and we will meet up with them for lunch latter, much latter, as l slowly roll over to position myself to enter the soft folds between her legs she relaxes and accepts me with ease... but with a full bladder she is feeling a little uncomfortable so I excuse her to release the pressure, knowing that I to need to release my pressure from deep within my balls... as she is standing there with the morning light behind her my love for her grows again... how lucky can this old man be... 47 years old with a 32 year old gal that just adores me... money just can't buy this feeling... slowly sliding back into bed beside me she lowers her lips to the wet head of my dick and enjoys the taste of her own juices as well as the steady flow of my precum... oh my this cannot go on for too long before I explode so I gently lie her down and as I enter her we become one and melt into each others body, not moving just letting our internal muscles feel the sensations and reacting accordingly... how I wish every day was Sunday...

    As we lay joined together lost in our own worlds of erotic heaven I have the sensation we are not alone and then the feeling of a wet tongue at my arse hole... wow what an electric shock and my sudden movement jolts she back into grinding her pussy up and down my dick unaware of our guest who is driving me wild, suddenly my arse is empty and the foreign tongue glides down my shaft to the wet folds of my lovers pussy eager to lap up the succulent tastes of my gal's juices mixed with mine... it is her turn now to suddenly jolt causing her muscles to tighten around my shaft causing me to explode without any warning deep within her... wow what a sensation... never felt anything like that before but sure want to feel it again...

    Tig our black labrador was licking up my hot gushes of cum leaking out the sides of my gal's pussy with every pump I made, being pinned down by me, she couldn't move to stop tig licking her and as she relaxed and started to react to these new sensations l slowly slid my still rock hard member out of her wide open pussy just in time for tig to fully extend his tongue deep inside her pulsating pussy walls which made her scream and twist and buck with the most powerful orgasm I have ever seen her have... I couldn't believe my eyes, here was the sweetest most innocent gal writhing around on the bed having multiple cum explosions with her dog.

    I was sure that she would react very differently once she realised it was her dog making her cum so I quickly lay down beside her to hold her close, I wanted to comfort her and tell her that it was ok and it really turned me on but to my surprise she was holding tigs head and moaning and calling out for more so I rose up and placed my cock head at the entrance to her mouth which she greedily sucked in causing me to release almost immediately, all the time while she continued with her one continuous orgasm.

    Looking down at tig I could see his lipstick poking out and thought that if she loved sucking my cock so much what would happen if tig got involved... . picking tig up and placing him further up the bed so his dripping red hot poker was only inches away from her mouth I could see the look in her eye, that getting licked out was one thing but sucking a dog off... hmmm... so I used my initiative and started the ball rolling by giving him the first lick... yum, that was different and I then sucked him deep into my mouth tasting this new flavor while the whole time she was just staring at me with a look on her face that I have never seen before, and then her movement forward to have a closer look, she was going to join me in the licking, and then as I let tig pop out of my mouth she took up the position to let tig's dick slide between her lips and then we were both taking turns to suck tig together... wow... could this Sunday get any better... I then placed her hand around his shaft letting her feel the growth with every suck and lick until to my amazement his cock had grown to over 9" in length, very fat, and his pulsing knot turning a deep purple in color, tig was now humping and filling she's mouth with more of his doggie cock, soon to explode I thought but she slowed it down ad started exploring more of this strange shaped penis, feeling the huge ball of muscle halfway down the shaft and the way it was pulsating, squirting precum at a great rate of knots deep down her throat.

    Where was this day going to lead, so far it was down a path that was not in my wildest dreams or fantasies but it sure was starting a whole new world for us to explore and to create new dreams and fantasies on this fantastic Sunday morning. Reaching down and feeling the very wet gap between her legs I drew my finger up to taste the nectar that was spilling from her and I gave tig a sniff too which he readily lapped up giving me an idea to coat my cock in she's juices and let tig suck me off while she sucked him off... unfortunately tig has teeth and he started nipping at the tip of my very sensitive head so we had to stop as the day was going too well to be spoiled by the head of my cock being bitten off... LOL...

    We shooed tig away and fell into each other's arms embracing tightly, feeling so relaxed and comfortable with what we just experienced, the urge to finish our Sunday, gently making love seemed perfect as we moved our bodies in harmony reaching new heights... but... tig had other ideas, his need to release was much greater, and before we new what he was up too, I was feeling his weight on my back, pushing my cock deep inside she and then it struck me that tig was forcing his burning hot poker around my arse... and before I could react he found his mark and slipped deep inside me... ooh ooh ooh, he was inside me and reaching deeper with every thrust, and with every thrust pushing me down and further into she, crushing and grinding her pussy... (what happened to our nice soft cozy sexy Sunday morning, it was now being turned upside down with the kinkiest twist)... .which was having its affect, her moans and grunts picking up in tempo in tune with my mine, when I told her where her dogs cock was I think she exploded almost immediately around my throbbing member... oh what a feeling to make your gal cum with such intense power, this old boy still had a few good years left him yet... she managed to wriggle out from under me to come and see the real action which was now hotting up deep within my bowels and with the pressure on my prostate I had to tell she I could actually feel his cock massaging my cum out of my cock without the feeling of cumming... I was cumming but I wasn't, such a strange feeling... she couldn't believe it, hot strings of cum were stretching from the tip of my cock to a pool of the creamy liquid on the bed, and as I pushed back to allow her access to my cock I started to feel the pressure of tigs cock pumping harder at my rear, the feeling of his hot prick expanding me and pushing me to a new limit of pleasure, then as she wrapped her hand and lips around my throbbing member it happened, his knot slipped in and the rest of his 9" filled me to what I thought was my limit, stars started swimming before my eyes and the feeling of an all over body orgasm spread through out me exploding with a climax to end all climaxes deep inside her throat making her gag with surprise at the power of each spurt.

    Tig was now in his doggie heaven having fully entrenched himself within me, pumping hard and fast, my arse now so full and my cock still pulsing with every thrust of this powerful dog, in the mean time she was sitting there with an amazed look upon her face watching my hole being stretched, slipping her hand around to feel her dogs cock and balls pumping away, I couldn't imagine what was going through her mind but I was sure that we would be talking about this for a long time to come... and then I felt tig start to tense and new he was about to make me his bitch.

    Her hand was moving all over my balls and cock with the mixture of juices that was escaping from all of our holes it was so like having an oil massage but in the most sexual style, and then tig let go filling my inner bowels with the most intense thrust of doggie jetsam, expanding my stomach with burning hot liquid... now I was full and needed to release the pressure but tig was having none of that holding onto me tight, his huge knot expanded to tennis ball proportions firmly holding his juices within me trying to impregnate me with his seed. She watched his cum as it started to leek down the inside of my thighs, rubbing and spreading the juices with her hands all around my balls and cock... the feeling was sensational and I didn't want this to stop but as tig decided that his job was done he started to pull out only to start new sensations within my tender arse, stretching my ring to the extreme, how was he going to get out of me without ripping my arse in two. I was about to find out and to my surprise the feeling was starting to intensify with a thrilling experience that of course was so new to me.

    She was closely observing and with fascination studying every angle, manipulating her hands all around my arse and groin area, massaging my arse cheeks as tig was attempting to disengage, seeing my ring expanding with each pull of tigs cock, oh what a feeling, was this ever going to stop and then as I slowly relaxed my ring muscles it started to happen, the feeling of intense fullness released and he slowly slid his knot past my gaping hole, with over 8" of hot doggie cock following... . how good was that and then as he fully left me, my gaping arse let the river of torrid dog cum, and surprisingly my own arse juices, flow freely.

    I couldn't believe what she did next, placing her slippery fingers inside my wide open arse and stirring the juices that had reduced to trickle by now, she then added more and more until I felt my muscle tighten around her wrist, fucking hell, how much closer could we be together when she rolled me over to my back, still with her tight fist implanted deep within me, she wrapped her lips around my very wet and sticky cock, sucking me deep while all the time opening and closing her fist within me. Tig had done a good job of stretching me but she was sending me over the top with yet another new sensation and when I thought I could take no more she opened her hand and started to explore deep inside me reaching my inner sanctum, which then released another gush of tigs juices from within me... . the stars were starting to swim in my eyes again and she new she was going to be rewarded with another load of my own juices, although small in quantity but high in sensitivity, a cum to finish off the last of my energy levels and as my body slowly melted into the bed she reached one more time to fill my arse with her whole arm up to her elbow, and then slowly twisting as she withdrew to again leave me with a gaping hole that was feeling the cool air deep within my very red and sore, a nice sore mind you, arse. I was glad that my ring was returning to normal after 30 odd seconds, and as she crawled up beside me and wrapped me in her arms we both melted into one hot sweaty and sticky mess.

    Tig licking us clean in all the sensitive places brought us back from our sleep and as we hugged and patted him we new that Sundays were never going to be the same again...

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