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    Story's fetishes: zoophilia, bestiality, teens, incest.

    Jeremy always went into the woods when he wanted to jerk off. They started at the edge of his back yard and went back for miles. It was great because the deep forest gave him privacy from his parents and his sister Francine--who were always walking in on him at home. He'd learned from a few embarrassing confrontations and a hundred more near-misses that it was a BAD idea to jerk off in the house. Besides, he never knew what to do with the sperm, afterwards. When he was outside it didn't matter.

    He lived in a small Eastern-Ontario town and the land around his house was the Canadian Shield--all trees, rocks, and sudden steep cliffs. After weeks of casual searching he'd found a private spot surrounded by walls of rock on all sides. It was protected from above by the green canopy of a grove of birch trees which grew in the centre and to get into it he had to crawl through a thick wall of brush. The place was perfect and he called it his den--like a bear's den. As far as Jeremy was concerned it was totally hidden, totally safe, and he was the only one who knew about it.

    Today Jeremy had been fishing with his dog Jackie back at the lake. Early on Jackie got bored and wandered off into the woods. Jeremy didn't think anything of it: Jackie was a big German Shepherd and knew enough not to get into any trouble. He'd go home if he felt like it, or he'd come back. It didn't matter.

    Jeremy caught several fish and threw them back. They weren't worth eating. After a while, he decided to visit the den and walked back into the woods. One part of the floor of the den was covered with thick spongy moss and he was thinking about lying naked in it, kneading his cock while the shadows of the leaves above played over his skin and the birds sang around him. Because he was coming from the lake, he got to the cliffs overlooking the den first. When he was close he quite clearly heard someone gasp from below.

    He immediately froze, holding his breath and not daring to make a sound. He heard a girl groan and it sounded a lot like Francine. Jeremy put down his rod and tackle box and moved slowly forward, being careful to place each step so it wouldn't make a sound. At the edge of the cliff he crouched down, held his breath again, and peered over the side.

    It was hard to see through the waving leaves, but Jeremy could make out the black-brown fur of Jackie's back. The dog was standing in the middle of the clearing and his rump was pumping furiously up and down. A gust of wind parted the leaves another way and he saw the back of Francine's head, her blond hair down around her bare shoulders. He saw Jackie's head, ears pressed flat, resting on her bare back. He stared for a few seconds, trying to make sense of it. Then, he suddenly realized that his sister and the dog were having sex. It was the grossest thing he'd ever thought of--but all the same he felt his cock rapidly swelling into a hard-on.

    The wind died down and the leaves covered his view. Swearing under his breath he walked as quickly and quietly as he could around the edge of the cliff. He didn't dare run. It took him over five minutes to make his way down the side of the big rock and through the brush at the entrance to the den. He was losing his hard-on and was sure his sister would be finished by the time he got to see her again. To his disappointment, Jackie had already climbed off when he finally got the two of them in view, hiding under a spiky hawthorn bush.

    Francine was lying down on the rock with her legs spread to let the cool air at her pussy. Jeremy forgot his disappointment when he saw that. Jackie lay beside her, panting, every so often putting his head between his legs and licking his bright red cock. With one hand scratching Jackie's back, Francine reached down and pulled her pussy open, rubbing the fleshy lips with circular motions of her fingers. The pink walls of her vagina were smooth and slick. Watching from the brush, Jeremy almost went crazy. His cock was so hard it hurt and all he could think about was ramming it into Francine's wet crevice, rubbing it over and over against that tender flesh. A small part of him felt guilty, she was his sister after all, but he really didn't care. Not right then.

    Jackie got up and walked around in front of Francine, his big black nose snuffling at her crotch. His wide pink tongue darted out to lap at her cunt, licking away the salt and the flavour of his own jism. She reached in and pulled her slit open, inviting him to lick deeper, savouring the waves of pleasure as his flicking tongue brushed against her clitoris. The waves quickly bunched together, building into a throbbing climax that made her groan loudly. With her orgasm came a flood of vaginal juice which Jackie lapped away with great vigour, his bright red erection jutting from the black sheath of his penis. He tried climbing onto her again, his paws awkwardly trying to pull her to him, but she pushed him away.

    Instead she got up to her knees and pulled the dog's paws up onto her shoulders. She took his protruding cock in one hand and pumped it, sliding the flesh over the long, hooked bone. Francine had been surprised to find out that Jackie's cock actually had a bone in it--a long thin tube with a little hook at the end. Jackie quickly got the idea on and started humping, sliding his penis back and forth in her hand, quickly working himself into a climax. Just at the last moment, as his motions became frantic with his building orgasm, Francine bent her head down and let the dog's hot semen spray over her face and into her open mouth. All the time she was careful not to let the dog's thrusting cock poke one of her eyes out.

    Finally sated, Jackie climbed down and wandered away. Jeremy was in the bushes, lying there with his hand down his pants, already slippery with semenal fluid, his mind going in circles. He so badly wanted to have sex with Francine right then he felt sick with need--but she was his sister at it just wasn't a good thing to do. Finally, as Francine started to gather up her clothes he decided not to think about it any more and stood up.

    She screamed when she saw him. Jackie started to growl out of sheer instinct, then saw who he was and ran up to him, tail wagging.

    "Get away," she shrieked at him, pulling a shirt up to cover her breasts. Jeremy never thought too much of them, anyway. They were too flat, the nipples too dark and out of shape. He ignored her and continued to stare.

    "Come on, Jeremy, get the fuck out of here. I never stop and stare at you!"

    That shocked him. What had she ever seen him do? When?

    "I'm going to tell mom and dad," he said quietly, not exactly sure what he was trying to accomplish. Francine turned white.

    "You better not. I'll tell them about you coming out here all the time."

    "They won't care, Francine. Guys are supposed to jerk-off all the time. There's nothing wrong with it. They're going to freak when I tell them about this, though. No wonder Jackie's been humping everything all of a sudden." It was true. The dog had been humping everything lately: chairs, the coffee table, dad. Their father swore that pretty soon he was going to get Jackie fixed. Francine had always tried to talk him out of it. Now Jeremy knew why.

    "You little bastard," she hissed. "If you do I'll kill you."

    "Let me touch your pussy and I won't."

    "Oh fuck off!"

    "No, really. If you let me feel your pussy I promise--I swear to God--that I won't tell anyone, ever."

    "No. That's sick."

    "Oh come on! You give the dog blow-jobs and you call me sick for wanting to touch your pussy."

    "That was the first time I did it."

    "Come on, just let me touch it for a little while. It won't hurt you--not considering what you let Jackie do."

    She glared at him a moment with real hatred.

    "You better not tell anyone you little shit," she said. "I'll wait 'til you're asleep and cut your balls off."

    Triumphant, Jeremy walked over and sat down beside her. She spread her legs and looked away in disgust. He reached out to touch her and then hesitated, suddenly full of doubt again. He sat there for a moment, unsure, until she sighed and grabbed his hand and shoved it between her legs.

    "You fucking wimp!"

    Her cunt was very solid, more solid than he thought it would be. He could feel her pelvic bone just under her skin, under the coarseness of her pubic hair. He slid his fingers down and prodded the fleshy mound of her pussy. His cock had worked its way out of his underwear and strained against the coarse cotton of his jeans. The combined sensation of that and his fingers on her vagina made him tremble. He looked up and their eyes met. She had a strange expression on her face.

    Turning his attention back downwards, he finally slid his fingers through the slit. She was hot and wet inside, her flesh smooth--almost silky. He found the firmness of her clitoris and stroked it with his finger. He jumped when she put her hand on the bulge of his cock. Things were getting way out of control, but he couldn't force himself to stop it.

    She slowly unzipped his fly and his cock slid out by itself. She looked at it for a moment, then took it in her hand. The touch made Jeremy shudder and he let out a ragged gasp. The feeling was partway between a tickle and the warm liquid pleasure of an orgasm--like the feeling the first time he'd consciously touched his cock to masturbate, but much more intense. He'd long forgotten that feeling as masturbation had become a regular habit and his own touch no longer excited him. That one touch brought more pleasure to him than his self-made orgasms had in years.

    Almost expertly, she used her thumb to slide his foreskin in small, quick circles around the head of his cock. Jeremy shuddered again, and was filled with the raw, aching need to have her in his arms, to make thrusting motions with his pelvis, to feel her warmth against his naked skin. The bright redness of his erection jutted from the dark sheath of his penis. He tried climbing onto her, his arms awkwardly trying to pull her to him, and she didn't push him away.

    Instead she rolled over onto her hands and knees, inviting him to take her from behind the way Jackie had done. He didn't care; he didn't even notice. Barely remembering to shuck his jeans down, he mounted her. By instinct, his cock found her vagina and he drove it home, feeling it slide through the slit and down the slick walls of her cunt. Almost without his needing to will it, his buttocks pumped, thrusting him into her again and again. He held on to her desperately, pressing the side of his head flat against her bare back. The warmth of an orgasm started in his belly, working its way through his ass and the ridge of flesh between his legs. It worked its way up the shaft of his cock, increasing in intensity until his humping motions became frantic. Then it burst from him, erupting in wave after wave of hot, frantic sperm. Francine found the whole thing very familiar. With a gasp of relief he climbed off her and collapsed into the soft moss.

    Jackie wandered over to lick the wetness from Jeremy's cock and Jeremy repeatedly had to push him away. Francine watched this intently, an idea forming.

    "Why don't you let Jackie fuck you?" she said at last.


    "Why don't you let Jackie fuck you?"

    "That's sick!"

    "If you let Jackie fuck you I won't tell mom and dad you raped me."

    "I didn't rape you! You let me do that! I never asked you to start playing with my cock!"

    "I never told you you could fuck me. You did it without even asking. That's rape."

    "Come on, Francine..."

    "If you let Jackie fuck you I promise I won't tell."

    "If you tell on me I'll tell on you!"

    "They'll think you're lying. They won't believe I'd let Jackie do anything like that--but they will believe you raped me. They'll just have to look at you and they'll know. You know what a bad liar you are."

    "You bitch!"

    "Come on, let him fuck you."


    "You know how," she replied, savouring the cruelty in her voice. "Up the ass. Guys do it to each other all the time, right?"

    "I'm not a fag and neither is Jackie. He won't even want to do it."

    "Then let him try if you're so sure."


    "Fine then." She started pulling on her bra. "You'd better think about what you're going to say to mom and dad."

    Jeremy looked at her with intense hatred for a moment. How could she do this to him? Of course Jackie wouldn't fuck him. What kind of dog did she think he was? He got on his hands and knees and called the dog.

    "Look. See? He's not interested. I told you--" Jeremy never finished the sentence. Jackie was only too happy to prove his theories about what he would and would not fuck totally wrong. It hurt a lot.

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